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October 26’s PMREMS Halloween Party Fun with Jeanine Schutz as the Cowardly Lion

falling for community



ith loads to do across the area in October, Pocono Mountain Regional EMS’s commitment to community fun tookover. Featuring two top to-do’s, crews combined ideas to stir up friendly competitive and creative spirits sharing a thankyou to hosts and attendees.

From Chili Cookoff competitors and host Lake Naomi Mountaintop Lodge; to costumed party participants and Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company sharing space, festive fun was all over the place.

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Friendly Competitive From igniting a Chili Challenge charge; to sharing sweet Halloween celebration festivities, Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services created October situations set on uniting the community. Starting with stirring up competitors for an October 19 1st Annual Chili Cookoff hosted by Mountaintop Lodge at Lake Naomi, 10 challengers created flavorful recipes to see who would win a Kalahari overnight stay and waterpark play. While taste-testers paid $5 to sample the goods; many would have wanted all to be the top chili though Kurt Cummings’ “ChillLaxin” came out ahead. Chris Steinmetz shared “Satan’s Sweet Kiss” spicy family recipe for 2nd place honors.

Cummings 1st Place Kurt ChillLaxin’ Chili

With Beth Benner bringing on her “Bethy’s Blazin’ Bean” taking 3rd Place for the Mountaintop Lodge team. Moving on (to let taste buds simmer), PMREMS invited families and friends to dress up in their coolest

& Creative


costume and spend October 26 at Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company’s station in Mount Pocono for the nonprofit’s 5th Annual Halloween party. With a Wizard of Oz theme, guests followed a faux yellow brick road as EMS costumed pros helped with treats, games and pumpkin decorating; along with clever cauldrons carrying caution signs daring participants to get the feel for creepy contents. “We’re a part of the community and just as businesses and residents forward contributing to our nonprofit; Pocono Mountain Regional EMS is dedicated to going above and beyond providing exceptional emergency response by creating events for everyone to come together,” smiled Denise Doremus, PMREMS Director of Operations.

Steinmetz 3rd Place Beth Benner 2nd Place Chris Bethy’s Blazin’ Bean Satan’s Sweet Kiss

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prevention a message from fellow emergency

Be prepared

firefighters across the region agree with being prepared reasoning when talking fire safety. all too often these tragedies could have been prevented. Stressing simple steps could save a life, tobyhanna township Volunteer fire Company’s assistant Chief ed tutrone tallied a few do’s and don’t’s tips to share. learn more at

How you measure up? Cleaning out the fireplaCe Do you:

toss ashes in a Bag

Make sure everything’s cool then metal can it

plugging in outletS Do you:

load’em up

use a ground fault power strip

outdoor firepit Burning Do you:

Set it anywhere... those marshmallows can’t wait no s’more

Steer clear of fallen leaves & twigs

outSide lighting Do you:

Situate the bulb tucked in close from the cold




face bulbs & hot hot bases away from places & clear out any critter nests

you see..Here’s THe Key

if you checked off all answers in column two, you’re right


Ask the Doctor Identifying Sepsis


My grandmother recently had minor surgery and I’m worried about the likelihood of sepsis since she’s much older.

A: Steven Zanders, DO, FCCP First, let’s discuss the definition of Sepsis. The definition for sepsis has recently been refined and currently we are in a state of modification as the medical community “polishes” the designation. This is to bring uniformity and conformity to a complex disease. Basically, Sepsis is the body’s prodigious response to an infection whereby body organs and, ultimately, life are threatened. The severity is often governed by the patient’s dysregulated (out of control) immune system in an attempt to control the infection. One of the unfortunate reasons for the excess mortality in sepsis is that signs and symptoms are often covert and therefore, treatment delayed. Patients don’t present with a chief complaint “I have sepsis”. They are often un-like patients with a heart attack who present with a complaint of chest pain. The screening tools we use to look for symptoms and signs are also in revision but we look for certain issues: • Infection – in order to have sepsis you have to have an infection somewhere. This could be as simple as a urinary tract infection or as significant as bacteria in your blood stream • Patients prone to infection • Elevated respiratory rate (breathing fast) • Mental status changes • High heart rate • Low blood pressure – lower than 90-100 mmHg • Feeling faint • Fever or very low body temperatures. We often see “cold” temps in older patients. The key point is that an infection has to be found in parallel with above descriptors. To keep this in perspective, I could run up and down the stairs and have a high heart and breathing rate but I obviously do not have sepsis.

Steven Zanders, DO, FCCP, is a Critical Care Specialist and Directs the Critical Care Services at Lehigh Valley Hospital– Pocono. He has 19 years of experience in Critical Care and Internal medicine.

Often, patients present with these signs but an infection is not found immediately. Because the mortality for sepsis worsens each hour appropriate treatment is not given, we often treat with broadspectrum antibiotics and IV fluids then de-escalate or scale back as we obtain more information. Individuals prone to sepsis include anyone with a defining predisposition: elderly, patients in medical facilities like nursing homes, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, previous sepsis, cancers or those on immune modulating drugs like chemotherapy and monoclonal therapy. However, even the healthiest person can become susceptible to sepsis if they have an infection that goes untreated or their immune system is dysfunctional. There are levels of severity for sepsis and although you can recover from each tiered severity, as the condition worsens so does the likelihood of a poor outcome. Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono has begun an education program which will be disseminated to “at risk” individuals. Treatment for Sepsis The Centers for Medical Services (CMS) reviews and monitors what we do and has come up with prescribed guidelines and timeframes for what needs to be done in patients diagnosed with sepsis. The CMS monitors these and requires these measures to be completed within 3-6 hours. This is essential—mortality increases each hour by 7-8% if appropriate treatment is not rendered. As with sepsis definitions, these times are under revision. We believe in timely treatment so in an effort to save lives, we have adopted the mindset of the “golden-hour”. Get treatment quickly within the first hour of presentation. We came up with a unique plan here at LVH-Pocono to exceed the guidelines and provide more timely care for patients. Much like education for heart attack and stroke symptoms has facilitated earlier diagnosis and treatment, we are involved with educating the local communities, EMS and clinicians to recognize signs/symptoms for potential sepsis. The earlier sepsis is recognized and treated the better the outcome. This is paramount as the overall mortality rate can be as high as 40 percent depending on how the disease presents. The paradigms of treatment are timely recognition, and source control, giving IV fluids and rapid antibiotics – all within an hour. When To Seek Medical Help You need to seek medical help immediately if you’re not feeling well. Sepsis is an infection that affects the entire body and it is an emergency situation. Go to the hospital’s ER rather than risking what could become a lethal situation.

e r ’ You Invited 

Hosted by Pocono Mt. Regional EMS

Coming s i a t n a S to Town!

Pocono Mt. Regional EMS’ Annual Breakfast with Santa event is fun for the whole family! Join Santa and his elves for breakfast, crafts, and holiday fun!

Saturday, 12/21/19 | 9am – 12pm (Snow Date Sunday, 12/22/19 12/22/19–– Check at the Pocono Mt. Volunteer Fire Company 20 Murray Street (right off of Route 611) in Mt. Pocono Adults: $5 | Children under 12: FREE!! | Pictures with Santa: $5 Tricky Tray 


Goody Bag for the Kids from Santa

Menu to include: Pancakes (gluten-free upon request), sausage, juice, coffee, and tea

*Please note: This function is not associated with the school district. This function is held in conjuction proceeds benefit pocono mountain regional ems with your local ambulance company and all proceeds will benefit Pocono Mountain Regional EMS*

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Pocono Mountain Regional EMS October 2019 Newsletter  

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS October 2019 Newsletter