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pring is here! As greenery grows so goes the idea of sharing scenes of the season. Pocono Mountain Regional EMS is delighted to address ways of encouraging community interaction, sharing public safety points; plus, facts from medical professionals.

While, an invitation to support our nonprofit also comes through with a view into ways to save; a new opportunity goes green on course with a golf scene. Let’s not forget a colorfully egg-cellent public holiday party you won’t want to miss! Read ALL about it and make plans to be a part of PMREMS Spring things.

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An Egg-cellent Invitation


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MAY 31 2019


Announcing an amazing opportunity to join Pocono Mountain Regional EMS on course to achieving another successful initiative geared toward fundraising for our nonprofit while interacting with an awesome network of corporate and private participants May 31, 2019 at Buck Hill Golf Club! Enjoy a luncheon, time with your team of four on this beautiful course, and an amazing dinner after.


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SHARE Communicating preventive Public Safety points is the responsibilty all Emergency Responders work as a team to distribute. Pocono Mountain Regional EMS PUBLIC SAFETY SHARE is where we will bring messages to the community from our fellow professionals for YOU.. . What is the first thing you think of when you hear “distracted driving”? I would be willing to say that 99% of you thought of texting or cell phones. Well, distracted driving comes in many forms that you may not be aware of.The definition of distracted driving is any activity that takes your attention away from driving. Examples are: Eating and drinking; Smoking; Changing radio stations, navigation or GPS; Putting make-up on; Shaving; Combing your hair; Other passengers; Being Tired or drowsy; Being emotional; Reading; Pets; Road Rage; Getting dressed; And yes, cell phones- talking, texting, social media...Did you know that just talking on a cell phone takes 37% of your brain power away from driving? That’s over 1/3 of your brain focusing on the phone call. In Pennsylvania for 2017, there were 15,659 crashes that involved some type of distracted driving. Of those, 58 were fatal. Crashes involving just cell phones, there were 1,131 and of those, 13 were fatal. In 2017, Daniel’s Law was enacted in Pennsylvania to make penalties stiffer for distracted driving. A driver that seriously injures someone while texting and driving will receive an additional 2 years in jail. A driver that kills someone while texting and driving will receive an additional 5 years in jail. Are those penalties something you could live with, just to text?

So, what can you do to avoid distractions? Plan ahead, plain and simple. Eat and drink at home or at the restaurant. Smoke before you drive. Set your radio, navigation or GPS before you start your trip. Get plenty of sleep. Get up earlier to make sure that you have time to dress, shave, do your hair and put on make-up. Keep pets in a crate, pet seat belt or gated section of the vehicle. Don’t drive while emotional or engage in road rage. If you have distracting passengers ask them politely, to be quiet while you are driving. As for that cell phone, keep it turned off, download an app that will answer to people that you are driving, put it in the back seat or glove box and if that doesn’t work, put it in the trunk. Simple, if you want to use your phone, pull off the road far enough that you are not a hazard and put your 4-way flashers on or pull into a parking lot and use your phone. Please, just don’t use it while you are driving, because you will need to live with the consequences if you do.

All you need to do is JUST DRIVE! REMEMBER


Tracy Fox Traffic Safety Coordinator


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Ask the Doctor Midwives

Q: What is a Midwife? A: Daying Zhang, MD Congratulations on your pregnancy. You’re asking a great question, and I’m thrilled to hear you’re thinking about using a midwife. Modern medicine has made child birth a safe process, but has somewhat minimized the joy the majority of women with a low-risk pregnancy can experience when giving birth. Midwifery gives you safe care and a joyful birthing experience. Midwives use special theory and coping methods to make contraction pain more manageable and help patients like you enjoy the birthing process. They also know when to intervene and get help from a physician to ensure mother and baby are healthy. At Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono and our physician practices, we have four certified midwives who have delivered 700 babies this past year alone. All midwives are registered nurses who have worked in Labor and Delivery for quite some time before advancing their education. Continued Care for Mother and Baby Through Delivery Midwives are first-line providers which means they see new patients at their very first office visit. They’ll follow your care and see you through multiple

Daying Zhang, MD, is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She trained at Hebei Medical University and did her residency at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. She is accepting new patients at the LVPG–Pocono OBGYN practice located at the Health Center at Bartonsville on Commerce Boulevard in Stroudsburg.

prenatal visits. They also are the first provider you will see when you go into labor. Your midwife will give the first evaluation and, when you go into labor, determine if you need to be admitted or not. When you’re in labor, your midwife will manage the labor process by closely monitoring the fetal heart rate, your contractions and more. You and your baby will be in wonderful, caring hands with any one of our midwives. Their focus is to help decrease your anxiety and help you cope with contraction pain during the birthing process through comfort measures. When you need bedside coaching to push, they are with you every step of the way. They help create a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for mother and baby. A midwife can intervene by ordering pain medicine like nitrite oxide or calling anesthesia for an epidural. They also have the education to care for women with high-risk pregnancies and the skills to identify concerns or abnormalities during labor and delivery. If everything goes well, the midwife will deliver the baby. After delivery, your midwife will visit, observe and eventually discharge the baby from the hospital. When necessary, our midwives will consult a physician and are first-assist certified to assist with a cesarean section.

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Pocono Mountain Regional EMS March 2019 Newsletter  

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS March 2019 Newsletter