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This edition shares a glimpse of the great big thank you across the Pocono who, what and where’s we appreciate Mountain Regional EMS community, including links to look through a few past regionalresource publications we’d like to extend our appreciation to all those who’ve contributed to our with videos on more! nonprofit. We’re also introducing even more accessibility to PMREMS resources Defining generosity through finanlike our 2018 Subscription Drive and cial, time and talent contributions survey inviting all to share where we stands to be of the utmost relevance can continue success in addressing to our existence. community needs.


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Understanding the importance of illuminating key components often unseen or understood as a pivotal part of Pocono Mountain Regional EMS, starts this edition with a group of men and women whose role is crucial to operations–our board. Consisting of representatives from member municipalities the Borough of Mount Pocono; plus, Barrett, Coolbaugh, Paradise, Tobyhanna and Tunkhannock townships, each add insight and professional skills to PMREMS. As a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), interpersonal correspondence with public officials, in addition to responsible fiscal management and fundraising is critical to our functionality. The conclusion of another year reminds us all that taking a moment to thank those who selflessly devote their time and talent to organizations that aid our community remains as important as thanking those who have chosen community service as a profession.

(Front left to right) Lisa Hutchins, Coolbaugh Township Member at Large; Donna Iversen, Tobyhanna Township Member at Large; Heidi Pickard, Tobyhanna Township Supervisor; Alma Ruiz-Smith, Coolbaugh Township Supervisor; (back left to right) Denise Doremus, PMREMS Director of Operations; Steve Malaico, Tunkhannock Township Supervisor; Lee Rosato, PMREMS ALS Coordinator; Logan Evans, Paradise Township Member at Large; Mark Lemley, PMREMS BLS Coordinator; Peter Gonze, Paradise Township Supervisor; Nick Dewitt, PMREMS (not photographed) Joyce Onsted, Coolbaugh Township Member at Large; Lois Dickey, Barrett Township Member at Large; Benjie LaBar, Barrett Township Supervisor; Fred Courtright, Mount Pocono Borough Mayor


e c r u o s e regionalr re

Missed one or two regionalresource newsletters this year? Here’s a few sharing details plus views into things like our first annual Regional Roundup at Skytop, equipment acquisition and its impact on EMS, plus more.

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Animal lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as Pocono Mountain Regional EMS has acquired pet oxygen masks to aid our furry friends thanks to Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center. As emergency responders, dutifully providing life saving techniques for all literally leaves no living being unattended; though maneuvering masks intended for humans onto pets was a difficult task. Recognizing frustration faced by these professionals, Dr. Nichole Danova and her team at Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center set out to extinguish the problem. Holding a September event intended on addressing the matter, this Clarks Summit center purchased then distributed kits to more than 40 different response agencies including PMREMS.

Describing exhausted and “stressed out” EMTs arriving with cats and dogs suffering smoke inhalation, VREC’s Angela Powell explains, “We [Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center] saw the need for it.” Emphasizing the importance of community support for first responders; from emergency medical services, to fire companies and police, she concluded, “We [VREC] should make sure all responders are better equipped.”

Photo above provided by Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center Ace the Border Collie demonstrates receiving oxygen from Michael Schuman, Commonwealth Health EMS and Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center Photo left Michael Schuman presents pet oxygen masks to Pocono Mountain Regional EMS Director of Operations Denise Doremus

Questions for the Doctor


As an expecting mother, I feel like the information regarding substances and pregnancy are so controversial. Is it actually okay to have alcohol like some research is now suggesting? What about other substances? A: In short, no, it’s not worth the risk. While there may be research suggesting that alcohol in small amounts could be okay, there is no research that defines what is considered a safe amount of alcohol. By consuming any amount of alcohol during your pregnancy you are putting yourself and your child at an unnecessary risk. Everyone metabolizes alcohol at different rates, so what may have no effect on one pregnant woman and her child could negatively affect another. This makes it difficult to recommend that alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, will not create complications. It’s important to note that what you consume will pass to your baby through the placenta. The baby will receive the alcohol in the same concentration as in the mother. In addition, the fetus cannot clear alcohol from its system as

effectively as mom, resulting in the alcohol remaining longer in their system. This opens the window for a multitude of adverse effects. Research shows again and again that the consumption of alcohol causes adverse effects on pregnancy, which include physical changes such as smaller eye openings, low-set ears and a flattened area under the nose. In addition, behavioral and developmental problems can occur, such as lower IQ, poor coordination and poor hand-eye coordination. Since alcohol consumption is not necessary in pregnancy, and a safe amount to consume varies between people, it is best to not consume any alcohol during pregnancy to avoid complications in the baby. To answer the second part of your question, other substances, depending on what they are, can be just as harmful -- if not more so. Even some over-the-counter medications are proven to affect pregnancy. A common over-the-counter medication for pain is Motrin. Studies suggest that taking Motrin in the first three months of pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage. Also, later in pregnancy, it can decrease the amniotic fluid around the baby. This can cause multiple complications, some of which are compression of the umbilical cord, stunted growth

Dr. Mirra is Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She practices at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Pocono.

and physical malformations. It can also cause high blood pressure in the baby’s lungs at birth. This occurs by causing early closure in a pathway that the baby uses to bypass its lungs to breathe while in the amniotic fluid. Another hot topic is marijuana use during pregnancy. As we are seeing more widespread legalization of marijuana for recreational use, this may imply to some that marijuana cannot affect their baby. During the pregnancy, the use of marijuana causes an increase in substances that decrease oxygen to the baby. This can lead to impairment in the growth of the fetus. Early use in the pregnancy has also been found to increase the risk of miscarriage. Later in life, it has been found that babies who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy have increased learning and behavioral issues. Thus, it is not as benign as some would think and can affect their child for a lifetime. It’s important to avoid any potentially harmful substances during pregnancy that are not necessary, as you never know how issues may present themselves. Again, I remind expectant mothers that none of it is worth the potential risks and they should be in contact with their physician with any concerns or questions.

An overwhelming amount of support for Pocono Mountain Regional EMS continued throughout the year with area businesses and community organizations encouraging others to follow suit now and into the future. Lehigh Valley Health Network has been an asset supporting our regionalresource newsletter both as a sponsor and key contributor. Sharing valuable insight on preventive health and more, the organization and it’s professionals play an important role in our goal of providing information for the community. Surrounded by fellow area emergency responders, Coolbaugh Township Volunteer Fire Company and Pocono Mountain Regional Police, Pocono Mountain Regional EMS accepted an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from area business owner, Robert A. Laubscher of Laubscher Insurance. The Mount Pocono agency presented another AED to CTVFC and $1,500 to PMRP K9 Unit. “I make my living in the community [and] policyholders live and vacation in this community,” he reasoned.

Robert A Laubscher (center) presents an AED device to Pocono Mountain Regional EMS professionals (left to right) Lee Rosato and Denise Doremus along with Nick Dewitt and Mark Lemley

Pocono Mountain Regional EMS board member Alma Ruiz-Smith (left) accepts A Pocono Country Place’s donation from General Manager Cathy LaBosco

Reminding, “More times than not they’re not appreciated until they are needed,” he urged others to “pay it forward” and invest concluding, “It’s a good thing and it’s needed.” Alma Ruiz-Smith also accepted A Pocono Country Place’s $500 donation during the Community’s board meeting following a similar contribution to Coolbaugh Township Volunteer Fire Company. Agreeing to the significance of supporting emergency responders each shared appreciation. While Lamar Advertising continues to provide year-round support for Pocono Mountain Regional EMS, as well as Pocono Mountain Regional Police illustrating ongoing efforts to raise funds along our roadways. As these are but a few who contribute to Pocono Mountain Regional EMS, suffice it to say we will spend every day extending our gratitude the way we do best by providing exceptional emergency medical response to those in need.

A familiar Route 196 roadside reminder for our Subscription Drive from Lamar Advertising


ined Re b m so o C


thanks gracias merci beaucoup


Pocono Mountain Regional EMS would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Paradise Township and Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company for assistance as 11-3 station underwent extensive repairs. This phenomenal combined agency initiative, illustrated an empowerment of community resources. Paradise Township Board of Supervisors and Road Crew came through devoting hard work toward accomplishing 11-3 remediation. Allowing PMREMS to base a unit out of their Paradise Valley station, Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company provided our emergency medical response professionals the ability to provide uninterrupted exceptional care to residents in our community.



Embracing the need for a combined effort to support area causes found a familiar Pocono Mountain Regional EMS face, Denise Doremus, taking part in Pocono Arts Council’s 5th Annual Starving Artist Mac & Cheese bakeoff at Renegade Winery. Up against 15 professional and amateur chefs participating with more than 230 taste-testing attendees, she seized 3rd place honors.

She considers pride in helping to raise over $2,600 for Pocono Arts Council a savory success stating, “This was an amazing event for a great organization.”

Insisting her recipe remains a secret, an admition of intentions to join in next year’s fundraiser came with a smile, “It was a lot of fun.”

Thank you to Pocono Arts Council for sharing congratulations to the winners of this year’s Annual Starving Artist Mac & Cheese Bake-Off (l-r): Edy Provitera & Susan Rubin (2nd place amateur), Denise Doremus (3rd place amateur), Buck Hill Catering (1st place professional), Krisann MacDougall (1st place amateur), and Café Corona (2nd place professional).

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December 2017 Pocono Mountain Regional EMS newsletter  
December 2017 Pocono Mountain Regional EMS newsletter