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What is meant when saying Website Design?

• Are you actually selling something on the site or are you advertising your business/services? • Are you looking at capturing your visitors Name and Email? • Are you going to provide an educational component to your site? • Are you looking at having a membership component to your site?

• But before we rush in MWM will conduct a FREE consult with you to ensure that the Design you have in mind is workable. There are a number of aspects that must be considered to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your potential customer.

• As you would know, when building a house, the first and most important part is the plan. If you do not know what your outcome (the plan) should be, you will make many changes along the way. These changes can be very expensive.

Stopping Spam • These days Spam seems to take up more and more space in your email account and it is a big waste of time and space. MWM has a policy of encrypting all email addresses used on your web site. This ensures that the “Harvesters” (Small programs that skim Web Pages looking for email addresses) can not get your email address. Meaning if the email address is only used on a MWM produced site you will never receive any spam for it. • This is a powerful method of ensuring your site is above the rest and your time is not wasted by deleting Spam emails.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Surely you will want your website design to rank highly in the Generic search results on Google. With this in mind our SEO team will ensure your site is Search Engine Optimized to ensure high ranking. • Once your Design brief has been submitted our SEO team will select your Niches most profitable, high traffic keywords to be included in your Website Design. This is termed “On Site” SEO and is very important when looking for a high “Quality Score”. • Off Site” SEO is also a critical part to any marketing campaign. MWM provides services for Press Releases, Google AdWords Campaigns, Web2.0 link generation and Backlink Audits to mention a few Article Marketing.

What is meant when saying website design?  

Not all these design features are appropriate in all cases. There are always exceptions, and there are lots of bad examples of these feature...

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