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I Found Me – Life Changing Tips For Overcoming Low Self Esteem


• Most people face difficulties in overcoming low self esteem. Though many desired to endure the process that would help them improve their sense of self worth, only few of them succeeded in doing so. This process works gradually and requires a lot of practice, patience and determination. And enduring this might be tricky and perplexing. Because the more you struggle to fight against low self-esteem, the arduous it will be for you to get rid of your old self-provoking thoughts.

• It had not been so long ago when I started my battle against low self-esteem. I used to be one of those girls who were not happy and comfortable with how they look and feel about themselves. I had suffered from a terrible emotional stress of low self esteem because I was obese. It triggered all the negativities I had in me and used it to destroy and consume all my self-respect and self-efficacy.

Constantly Motivate Yourself • There were countless times when I felt exhausted of overcoming low self esteem. And I say to you, it was very tempting to stop trying. Being an enemy with your own self is arduous but you always have to try and find ways to keep going. You can motivate yourself by writing your goals in a journal and read it every day to constantly remind you to believe that something wonderful is waiting for you behind all the hardships you will be going through. And trust me; the hard work will all be worth it.

Build Your Confidence By Taking A Few Improvements • I used to think that I can never lose weight. But knowing myself more each day made me think maybe I can. And so I started taking a close look at my diet. I started eating healthy and eventually, I started losing weight and I felt good about it. Improvements will establish a strong sense of confidence in you as it did to me. They act like hints to let you know you’re half way to beating low self esteem.

Be yourself • “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.”-Edwin Elliot Being yourself is the most genuine thing you can do with your life. Practice not to pay attention to what others think you should be. You cannot please everybody because you are different. You might not be perfect, but you’re perfectly being you.

I Found Me – Life Changing Tips For Overcoming Low Self Esteem  

This was one of the hardest yet the most relieving tip I had on the list. Letting go of the people you have been with for years is really ha...

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