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Hosting Solutions For Everyday Needs

Hosting Made Simple • Whether you’re just getting started with your first website or are an IT Professional, you’ll find a solution with the features you are looking for within our hosting plans. You can manage all aspects of your web hosting from one easy to use Control Panel. Our website hosting solutions are targeted to the needs of beginners right up to professionals within the online web market. Do you have a domain name you need to park and simply want to use your emails without making a site? We have a plan for you also. Take a look at your solutions below and pick the one that is right for you.

• This affordable Starters Pack caters for the Brochure style of website. Perfect for those just getting their Business online ensuring you have sufficient Disc Space, enough Email Accounts and Bandwidth.

• Designed for: • People that are getting an online presence for the first time • Ensuring you have personalized Emails for your Business Cards • Ensuring you have simple Customer Contact and Feedback Forms • People that have a Brochure style site, meaning some pictures and mainly educational/marketing text for your business.

Intermediate Pack

• This hosting pack caters for people that are looking at launching a dynamic website with World Wide traffic. Ensuring you have adequate space and bandwidth to handle the potential, volume.

• Designed for: • People that are getting a Dynamic online presence • People that are promoting their website to the World Wide Market • People that have a need for additional email accounts • People that are able to generate additional traffic via marketing (Articles or Press Releases, Google AdWords Campaigns, etc:)

Premium Pack

• Designed for: • People that will be running a membership style of educational website • People that will be using Direct Response Marketing to generate additional Traffic • People that have a need for additional staff email accounts • People that are customer focused and are developing a Rich-Media, Interactive or E-Commerce site

• Our Premium Pack is caters for High Traffic Interactive websites such as Educational sites that use Videos, Membership sites or any Business that has a Rich-Media or ECommerce website.

Hosting Solutions For Everyday Needs  

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