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Do you have a Reputation Marketing Strategy, which works?

• As a business owner you will understand that you need to have a direction and a way to measure your progress for everything you do. It is only with tracking and measuring that you can adjust to ensure you stay on track towards your goal. This can be a lot of work for the already busy business owner hence a lot of marketing methods we see being conducted by businesses are fairly scattered.

• We here at Melbourne Web Marketing will ensure that you can spend time working on your business not in your business to ensure your ROI. The following video will provide a brief overview as to what Melbourne Web Marketing calls your Reputation Marketing Strategy.

Ask Yourself these two quick questions. • Q1. How many more customers could you get for your business if you had Google recommending your business? • Q2. How much credibility does that give you to have them on your side?

The answer to both of these questions is “LOTS“ • As a population put a lot of trust on what other people say about a company, business, service or product and this trust/trend is only increasing. You have to ask yourself – If there are a lot of people potentially already talking about my business or service why not take advantage of it? • Google is constantly changing and over the last few months had some major changes in respect to marketing a business. After all their main aim is to display the best results as well as trusted companies so their clients can get good service/results. This is why they are putting so much emphases on a companies Reputation. As a company you can take advantage of this change and ensure you have a strong Reputation Marketing Strategy and follow it.

• This Game Changer will ensure you can never fly under the radar, meaning if you think you can get away with providing poor service you will be found out and exposed. This is not a threat it is reality and this is the sort of power Google now has provided to your customers.

• You see 80% of ALL transactions either involve the internet or start on the internet these days. This means that if you are not online and conducting some form of Reputation Marketing you will see most of the customers who could have been your customers go to your competitor. Simply put your Reputation Marketing will make your phone ring not your competitions, if you have a strong trusted reputation.

Do you have a Reputation Marketing Strategy, which works?  
Do you have a Reputation Marketing Strategy, which works?  

These days we are seeing listings in 3rd and even 4th spot getting more calls compared to the company listed as number 1 due to ensuring the...