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Turbomachinery services We keep you up to speed

We set the standard Across a wide spectrum of turbomachinery types and applications, HOERBIGER sets the standard for reliable servicing and repair. For many years, HOERBIGER has sup-

Now we have extended our service of-

Our service experience in rotating equip-

ported its European customers with

fering to cover turbomachinery. You can

ment covers industries of all kinds,

overhauls of reciprocating compressors.

turn to HOERBIGER for help with:


Our expertise in materials and engineering allows us to come up with innovative

Steam turbines

Refining, chemical and petrochemical

upgrades to existing equipment.

Centrifugal compressors

Oil and natural gas

Screw compressors

Food and beverage


Steel, paper, glass, industrial gases


Power and water treatment


From better to best HOERBIGER now has the engineering expertise, manufacturing capability and trained personnel to help you maintain and improve the operation of your turbomachinery. HOERBIGER has started its new turbo-

For turbomachinery projects, our in-

machinery service business with the

depth engineering skills include:

acquisition of REVAK Turbo Machinery Services, a world-class independent

service company in Texas, USA.

Engineering, design and retrofit of rotating equipment

Retrofit and design of parts

Along with major changes to our other

Turbine governors and upgrades

workshops worldwide, this has put

Finite element analysis of parts

HOERBIGER in a very strong position


to provide broad support for all your

Computer assisted design and drafting

turbomachinery and rotating equipment

3D modeling

service needs.

Diagnostics using dedicated tools

Through its decentralised yet consistent

HOERBIGER with REVAK provides a

service organisation HOERBIGER offers:

further range of skills and know-how:

Shop overhauls

Rotor dynamic analysis

Reverse engineering

Torsional analysis

Parts manufacturing

Steam turbine thermodynamic analysis


Engineering analysis

Bearing design and manufacture

Field service

Seal upgrades

Turnkey projects

Coupling retrofits

Complete steam turbine and centrifu-

and design

gal compressor rotor manufacture ■

Supply of refurbished, re-rated and guaranteed equipment packages

HOERBIGER turbomachinery service The benefits to you Operators need service suppliers of proven competence. With HOERBIGER as your turbomachinery service partner, you benefit from:

A single service supplier for all brands of rotating equipment

Fully-equipped workshops staffed by highly-trained technicians

Large stocks of parts ready to ship

Certified repair quality, with all shops certified to ISO 9001:2000

Closeness on a global scale

True responsiveness, flexibility and speed of service


for all types and makes of turbomachinery

HOERBIGER Compression Technology is a business unit of HOERBIGER Holding AG, Zug / Switzerland. HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. In 2009, its 6,500 employees achieved sales of 772 million Euro. The focal points of its business activities include key components and services for compressors, gas engines and turbomachines, hydraulic systems and piezo technology for vehicles and machine tools, as well as components and systems for shift and clutch operations in vehicle drive trains of all kinds. Through innovations in attractive technological niche markets, the HOERBIGER Group sets standards and delivers cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of its customers.

EN - Hoerbiger Turbomachinery Services  
EN - Hoerbiger Turbomachinery Services  

Turbomachinery services We keep you up to speed