Leah Rosenberg: To Open Eyes

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LEAH ROSENBERG: To Open Eyes 13 December 2019 to 31 January 2020

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Installation images by Lydia Bittner-Baird.


A devoted “color collector”, Leah Rosenberg’s use of painting creates a dialogue between viewer and artist, time and place. While many of Rosenberg’s prior projects involve public engagement or site-specific installation, the work presented at Hodges Taylor—spanning drawings, sculptures, and prints—stems from the artist’s instinct to return to a solitary studio practice, influenced by color theorist, teacher, and artist, Josef Albers (1888-1976). Through a residency in Tuscany, Italy, in 2019 Rosenberg set out to create a practice predicated on ritual and discipline. By following a predetermined plan, the works on paper and cultural objects speak to the process of making as a way to stop, and start to see from a different perspective. As such they enact Albers’ fundamental lesson: to teach his students to see beyond; to see what is overlooked; and to open their eyes in order to see the things we encounter in our everyday environment with new significance. While offering a refreshing commentary on recording through color and repetitive mark-making, the works on view form a record of the artist’s self-directed process, like journal entries, on her meditative journey. Rosenberg, like the ever-influential Albers, encourages us to slow down, unplug, open up, and trust the process more than the end result.


“Each day, while in residence in Italy, I colored in a sheet of paper with a single colored pencil. My process of color collecting is typically quite deliberate; going out into the landscape, with the intention of gathering colors of landmarks I encounter. The colors vary depending on time of day, the season, architecture, light, and conversations overheard. I had a system, but felt beholden to it. My time in Italy was a break from the norm, so I used it as an opportunity to approach my color collecting in a different way. I wanted more poetry to the process, to meander and happen upon the color. I worried less about an audience and thought more about my own intuition around color. I turn to it like some people might go to church. I filled the pages following a set of simple principles. The breaks in the drawings, like a wall with missing bricks, mark the moment when the pencil is sharpened. I saved the pencil stumps and shavings; a glimpse into the process. I worked horizontally left to right, then right to left, like a farmer planting her rows. Standing at a table, looking out the open window of my studio to the olive trees, my pencil markings in time with an incessant cicada song. I listened to Italian conversation as much as I could, thinking it could work its way into the titles. What resulted was Another Language.� Leah Rosenberg

PICTURED ON PAGES 8 to 25: LEAH ROSENBERG, Another Language, 2019, colored pencil on Italian paper, 19.5 x 27.5 inches each unframed, $1500 each framed.

Nocciola – Hazel brown

Blu oltremare – Ultramarine

Pesca (colore e frutta) – Peach (color and fruit)

Sei come il prezzemolo – You are like parsley (meaning that a person is everywhere)

Campi coperti di papaveri – Fields thick with poppies

Girasole – Sun-turner (sunflower)

Rosso di sera bel tempo si spera – Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight

Avere l’argento vivo addosso – To have mercury, that is silver that moves/ divides at the slightest touch

Verde Veronese – Paolo Veronese Green

Lime giallo - Yellow lime

Fiore di zucca raccolto al mattino presto – Squash blossom picked in early morning

Arrossire – To turn pink

Terra di Siena – Sienna

Verde acqua – Turquoise green

Non fare un cavolo per colazione – To not do a cabbage, to not do a thing

Fucsia (colori e fiore) – Fuchsia (color and flower)

Tra il dire e il fare c‘è di mezzo il mare – Between saying and doing is the sea

Olio d’oliva, sempre – Olive oil, always

Il profondo blu, la notte – The deepest blue, the night

Non avere sale in zucca – To not have salt in the pumpkin (to not be very bright)

E tutto rose e fiori – Everything is roses and flowers

Avere una fifa blu – To be in a blue funk

Mettere nero su bianco – To put into writing

Celeste – Italian Sky Blue (Bianchi Green)

Rosso corsa – Racing red

Il Giallo Mondadori – Mondadori Yellow (a series of crime-mystery pulp novels with yellow covers)

Grigio azzurro – Grey-blue, most often used to indicate the colour of eyes (SOLD)

Essere alla frutta – To be at one’s limit (or the fruit at the end of a meal)

“Un piccolo gelato all’albicocca, per favore” – “One small apricot gelato, please”

Numero verde – Toll-free number

Verde fosforescente – Phosphorescent green

Cronaca rosa – Pink news (gossip column) (SOLD)

Una giornata grigia – A gray day, a difficult day (SOLD)

Rosa Shocking (Grazie Elsa Schiaparelli!) – Hot pink (Thank you Elsa Schiaparelli!) (SOLD)

Azzurino – Pale light blue

Marrone rossiccio campi di grano – Wheatfields, golden brown

WINDOW BOX SERIES The artist created this series of objects with the idea that they could be kept at your front door or on your desk. Functioning as both container (for your phone while it is charging, so you don’t have to look at it) and pedestal (for something of meaning collected from your day out in the world...a flower, a seashell, a note). The hope is that when you go to retrieve your phone from the box, you are reminded of the meaningful moment. A simple gesture to pivot your attention in an effort to improve your day in a small way. The dimensions of the boxes are in reference to the negative spaces in the series of Another Language drawings. The breaks in the marks made on the boxes are moments when the artist was interrupted, by her own distractions and incoming notifications, which are recorded on the Certificate of Color accompanying each of the twenty eight boxes in the series.

LEAH ROSENBERG Window Boxes, 2019 colored pencil on birch 8.5 x 4.25 x 7.25 inches each $500 each

PROGRESSIVE INSTALLATION A progressive installation was created in the interior gallery at Hodges Taylor over seven days using colors inspired by the central Italian landscape, where the series Another Language was created. Each day, the artist selected a color pulled from the palette she encountered, leaving behind a section of the previous day’s hues. The artist painted a new layer of color on the walls and furniture (adding an object to the desk surface, suggesting the presence of the artist and evidence of work having been done) every day before leaving, one on top of the last, arriving the next day to a freshly painted studio. Over the course of a week, a site-specific low-relief mural took shape and created a space for a pair of stripe paintings titled One Week Painting (Inside) and One Week Painting (Outside), as well as a set of seven Walking Sticks.

LEAH ROSENBERG, One Week Painting (Inside), 2019, latex on wood panel, 48 x 60 inches, $5000. LEAH ROSENBERG, One Week Painting (Outside), 2019, latex on wood panel, 48 x 60 inches, $5000.

LEAH ROSENBERG, Walking Sticks, 2019, latex on wood dowel, 72 x 1.25 inches each, $500 each.


Based in San Francisco, Leah Rosenberg’s art spans painting, installation, sculpture, printmaking, and food, while focusing on the role of color in our lives and its emotional or psychological impact. Her work has been presented in solo and two-person exhibitions nationally and internationally. Past residencies include Recology in San Francisco, Vermont Studio Center, Project 387, Facebook Inc, Google, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, and McColl Center for Art & Innovation in Charlotte, NC, where she debuted Color for the People, her site-specific installation exploring color and flavor. Her commissioned mural, Everywhere a Color, which is permanently installed in the International Terminal of San Francisco Airport and her book, The Color Collector’s Handbook (Chronicle Books, 2018), invite people from all over the world to connect through color. Leah worked as Creative Director for Color Factory in San Francisco and New York City. Rosenberg received a BFA from Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, BC (2003) and an MFA from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA (2008).

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