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working schema

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searching suggested for you

ever user can search for videos through keywords

social network

YouTube reminds user’s interests at furhter searches YouTube suggests to enrolled user some videos upon the searched keywords

search results


sharing possibility

sharing video shared on social network can be displayed (views counter increases), commented and voted by user’s friends

YouTube shows to user a string of titles and tags of videos


tag system


video every user can share the video on main social networks

each time a video is watched the view counter increases, making it more folk it is not possible to issue a video originated by another site

video embedding

embedded video

counter presence

embedding possibility

tags are useful for synthesize video contents, making them indexable

related videos

video uploading +n

video embedded on another site concurs to increase the number of video views and acts as a direct link to YouTube

every user can copy the html code to merge (embed) the You Tube video on another site

video is the main bargaining on YouTube each logged user may load his own videos with its descriptions and tags



channel enrollment lack of ‘like’ linked to facebook

going back to notifications is not so immediate

while a video is watched, You Tube automatically lists some videos, related by similar tags

voting every logged user can register himself to the channel which the video pertains, in order to be updated on new issues

user enrolled on a channel gets directly on his profile page notices on new issues

every logged user can vote any video with a positive or negative judgment


each logged user may comments videos (as text or video); comments with higher votes remain on first line

every logged user may save a video in his own favourites or insert it into a playlist comments may be voted, reported (in case of offensive material) and commented in turn

YouTube Working Schema  
YouTube Working Schema  

YouTube Working Schema