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desktop TV and hand TV

- channel contents and typology

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blogger music

thematic pods, implementing the blogger posts

ironic or unbelievable videos attaining millions of visit in few days

against information

carried out by webcam, deal with any topic musical videoclips or live videos of any performer

sport reality show



salient moments in sport

contents unavailable on classic channels

reality shows born exclusively for web

pods of journalistic services

web art

the user searches for specific contents


proactive posture (elbows on table)

visual arts, born and disclosed on web only

spots showing or describing products by experts

transposed flows

native flows

on demand editorials

pre-existing TV channels tranmitted on web

TV channels specifically designed for desktop TV

suggest contents on a definite editorial

User Generated Content

suggest contents processed by users

desktop TV hand TV  

desktop TV hand TV - channel contents and typology