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Police shoot Hammer Logan on a street in

Oakland Times

Oakland .

In the shootout of October 17, 1967, Oakland police officer John Frey was shot to death in a disagreement with Huey Newton.

What Happened? In the very early hours of the  morning of October 28, 1967, officer  John Frey radioed the Oakland police  dispatcher for backup. He had saw a  beige Volkswagen, which he told the  dispatcher looked like it matched the  description of a vehicle used by the  Black Panther Party for Self Defense  (BPP). Officer Frey checked the license  number and pulled the car over at the  corner of Seventh and Willow streets in  West Oakland. Frey moved toward the  driver's side window and spoke for a few  moments with the driver, Huey P.  Newton, the Minister of Defense for the  Panther party. Hammer Logan, who sat  quietly, without speaking in the  passenger seat, accompanied Newton. 

Revenge Hammer Logan set out in  the late hours of the night on the  first of November in 1967. He held  a loaded shotgun in one hand and  set out into the dark, unforgiving  night. He followed the men that  sent one of his best friends to jail  and waited. At two o’clock in the  morning, four shots rang out.  Four  men fell to the ground. One man  was hit in the leg, another in the  shoulder, and the other two were  shot in the abdomen. All four of  the men survived the attempted  murders. Hammer fled the scene 

Herbert Heanes arrived and  found Frey dead.  He was shot and  wounded and Newton was under  arrest with murder while in the  hospital with gunshot wounds being  treated to the leg and abdomen.  Hammer Logan had fled but lay in a  bush watching the scene as police  escorted Huey P. Logan out of  Kaiser Hospital.  Hammer Logan later arrived  at Newton’s trial for the murder. He  sat in the courtroom listening  carefully. He went over every option  he could think of in order to get  revenge on the police and for what  they are making his friend go  through. after he shot the four Oakland  Police officers. Hammer Logan  wasn’t caught and he kept the  incident to himself.  He later  went to meet with Huey P.  Newton again. They had some  disagreements on “putting the  gun down,” and decided to  split. Huey wanted to become a  little bit more peaceful while  Hammer outrage was just  getting started. He had already  let everything out when he  went out and shot the police  officers. He soon realized thing  were getting out of hand too  quickly.

Huey P. Newton

“I do not expect the white media to create positive black male images.”-Huey Newton

The After Math While four people were injured, they all survived. Hammer was extremely lucky that he had not been caught or he could have spent the next ten years in jail for assault. He went to jail after for assault on a New York City policeman. Hammer. He decided to change his violent, no mercy ways. He had finally realized that he was getting himself into more in more trouble by using violent methods of revenge and ways to get out his anger. Hammer began to look at life peacefully and protest with Martin Luther King Jr.

They worked along each other before going separate ways. However, Hammer learned an important lesson the night h shot the officers. He promised himself to never hurt anyone again.

Hammer Logan  

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