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12U Lady Blues Cleveland Championship


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October 18, 2013




body, then both feet 90 degrees to the forward direction. Use the inside edge on one skate, outside edge on the other one to come to a complete stop. Parallel stops are the most difficult stops for a by John Shorey, Author-“ Hockey Made Easy” Canada’s Best Hockey Instruction Manual. beginner to accomplish. ( Strides The first few starting steps use short Learning to skate is a lot like learning skate sharpening can mean the difference choppy strides then lengthen your stride between a great game or a not so great/ to ride a bicycle. to get a smooth and fluid skating motion It takes a good sense of balance and poor game. after about 4-5 strides. You should react top Edges understanding your center of gravity to stay Each skate blade has 2 edges, an inside speed after 5-6 strides. in an up-right position whether on 2 wheels Backward Skating or on 2 very thin skate blades. But once edge and an outside edge by way of it’s u Stance, feet should be shoulder width you’ve accomplished it, it is never forgotten. shaped cut. apart for better balance and stability. Different edges are used for stops, starts, Practice at home, by standing on one leg Knees always flexed, and they protrude in with your shoes on and your knees flexed, turns, to generate speed, and will help prothen shift your weight to your other leg and vide balance and stability to keep you in a front over your toes. Seat/bum in a semi sitting position. try to keep your balance and standing in a standing up right position. Cut the letter C using the inside edge If you loose an edge, get a nick or burr on semi up right position. Practice this every few seconds for a couple of minutes to get the blade get them sharpened asap or you and push outward and backward to create backward motion in one skate and the other the idea of skating, balance and shifting will fall. skate (glide skate) will move backward. Rockering your weight from one leg to the other withPush through the ball of your foot. Skate blades are not flat but are slightly out falling. Rotate your hips inward in a semi circular Skating is basically shifting your weight rockered or rounded like a rocking chair motion, left then right. Only between 1 and 3 inches of blade is from one leg to the other while taking short Stroke and glide, stroke and glide alteractually in contact with the ice while skator long strides or steps. nating each skate quickly for speed. Push one skate outward and backward ing. Backward Stops More rocker or rounding = less blade on while the other skate glides forward. One foot 45 degree snow-plow stop to It’s this stroke and glide movement that the ice for sharper turns. Many Bantam and backward direction using your inside edge. Midget players might get their skates rockcreates forward or backward motion. 2 skates, place heels inward about 45 Practice and experience will help your ered by their skate sharpening pro. Less rocker = more blade on the ice for degrees for a snowplow stop to backward stops, starts, strides, turns, 180 degree pivots and speed, but should you fall and most faster straight away speed. All Beginners, direction using both inside edges. Use the inside edges to shave the top beginners do, shake it off and get right up Atom/Squirt and Peewee players should layer of ice to come to a complete stop. stick with what the skate manufacturer proand start over again. Lean the body slightly forward and flex You should wear a hockey helmet and vided. both knees to keep your balance. After Skatinggloves for added safety. Backward Angling Remove the snow off the blades with a dry Skating is considered to be the single A defenceman must be able to angle the most important skill to learn and master for cloth to prevent them from rusting. Stance, feet are shoulder width apart to puck carrying forward toward the boards all young and older hockey players.

SKATING TIPS for Young Players

Fit Skates must fit snug/tight but not cramp your toes and you must have good ankle support. They must have stiff ankle support so they don’t bend side to side but they will flex forward. Skate sizes are usually1/2 to 1 to size smaller than your street/running shoe size. Socks, wear only 1 pair of thin100% breathable cotton socks while skating, not 2 or 3 pair. Lacing of the skates-use the criss-cross, X method as this provides even comfort and support. The bottom 3 eyelets are generally loose to allow blood circulation so your toes won’t freeze. The middle 3 eyelets are semi-tight to allow the top part of your foot to move up and down when flexing the foot in the stopping and starting position. The top 3 eyelets are tight to provide good ankle support and prevent bending inside or outside. Don’t wrap the laces around your ankle as this restricts your forward flex motion when striding. Tie your skates with a bow knot at the front of your skates not on the side of your ankle. Sharpening A medium hollow ground u shaped sharpening is all that is required. Not razor sharp or the blades will dig into the ice and you won’t be able to stop or turn easily. Not too dull or you won’t have any grip to dig into the ice and you will slip and fall when starting and stopping. Sharpen about every 10-12 hours of use or as required if you get a nick or burr on the blade edge. Once you find a good skate sharpener stick with him because a good

provide better balance and stability. Knees are always slightly bent and flexed forward, in front of your toes. Never lock your knees or skate straight legged. Bend at the waist and lean slightly forward as if pushing a chair. Stroke 45 degrees to outside and backward with one skate, glide straight ahead forward with the other skate. Push outward with the inside edge of your stroke skate through the ball of your foot. The leg is bent close to 90 degrees at the knee in the starting position and is pushed to its full extension 180 degrees then recoiled to become the glide skate. The glide skate will move forward then it is it’s turn to become the stroke/pushing skate. Rhythm of Skating Stroke and Glide, Stroke and Glide, the faster your foot speed the faster you skate. Alternate each skate and leg quickly at the start then lengthen your stride and glide over the ice. Starts Push outward and backward as close to 90 degrees to the direction you wish to go using the inside edge of your stroke skate. There are various start positions and they include: (1)-Inverted T start, (2) -Power V start, the first 4 steps are critical for power and speed. Knees must be flexed and close to 90 degrees during all starts! Stops To stop, try to shave a thin layer of ice using either 1 or 2 skate blades. 1- Snow plow stop with 1 or 2 feet, turn skate at a 45 degree angle using your inside edges. 2- Inverted T stop, back foot turns 90 degrees to forward direction using it’s outside edge. 3- Parallel stop with 2 feet, turn upper

October 18, 2013


while skating backwards. S/he must be able to lift one foot and turn 135 degrees and quickly go from backward skating to forward skating and angle the player into the corner or boards. 180 Degree Pivots Players must be able to go from forward to backward, and backward to forward skating many times during the game, turning 180 degree pivots to change their direction quickly. Crossovers For quick starts and to go left or right quickly, players will have to cross one foot over top of the other. Change of Pace Just like a baseball pitcher, players will have to change speeds and go from medium(coast speed) to fast in a split second to get to open ice for a pass or to beat a defenceman while carrying the puck to the outside. Aerobic Conditioning So you can play a full game without tiring. Jogging, biking, swimming, or skipping rope, non stop for 20 to 30 minutes every 2nd day will improve your aerobic conditioning. Anaerobic Conditioning So you can go all out, for a 1 or 2 minute shift without tiring. Sprinting for 1 minute, then walking for 2 minutes, then sprint again for 1 minute for a duration of 30 – 40 minutes every 2nd day will improve your anaerobic condition. For more Learn to Play Hockey Tips go to Yours in hockey, John Shorey Author- Hockey Made Easy

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4 October 18, 2013



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Ages 3 to Adult


by Tom Woolf - USA Hockey’s Local Supervisor Of Officials Missouri and Missouri Hockey’s Supervisor of Officials

During U S A Hockey’s A n n u a l Congress held in June of 2013, there were several changes made to the playing rules as voted by the USA Hockey Board of Directors. I would like to go over one of those rule changes that is causing much confusion for parents, players and coaches and how it is going to effect the game and it participants. It is Rule 304 c note. It talks about the HECC certification of player’s helmets and an expiration sticker that has been placed on helmets. The USA Hockey Officiating Program has recently posted a memorandum concerning the intent and purpose of the rule and an outline that they are encouraging all officials to use to determine the eligibility of a helmet to be used in an USAH sanctioned game should the situation arise where an on ice official has to make that type of decision. If after reading the memo from the USA Hockey Officiating Program you

have any questions, feel free to contact me via email (twoolf@missourihockey. org) and I will attempt to clarify your concern or question. MEMORANDUM September 26, 2013 RULE 304(c) Protective Equipment Enforcement Guidelines In June 2013, the USA Hockey Board of Directors passed rule changes that will evolve our game through the 2013-17 seasons. Among the changes is a strong theme of player safety and prevention of injuries. One such change was a NOTE added to Rule 304(c) related to helmets that acknowledges that HECC stickers now include an expiration date that de-certifies the helmet if the date has passed. This added language has created additional confusion in regards to the mandate that all youth players are wearing a properly certified HECC helmet -- the following information will clarify the expectations as it relates to enforcement. USA Hockey has mandated for over 30 years that youth players wear a HECC approved helmet and the added NOTE to Rule 304(c) does not change the rule. However, the NOTE does draw attention to, and create awareness, that HECC

has recently added an expiration date to the sticker and designates that any helmet that has outlasted this date is no longer considered HECC certified and is ineligible for use in USA Hockey sanctioned games where HECC approved helmets are required. The purpose of the expiration date is to acknowledge that time and use may have an effect on the protective qualities of the helmet that would prevent it from continuing to meet the minimum standards of protection. HECC has established the 6 and 1/2 year lifespan of the certification to coincide with the length of time that the helmet maintains its necessary protective qualities. While the HECC standards are critical to player safety, the spirit and intent of the rule has not changed in regards to enforcement by officials. A player’s participation in a game should not depend on whether the HECC Sticker is in place or missing from his/her helmet. The guidelines the USA Hockey Officiating Program encourages its officials to follow are outlined in the Officials Rules and Casebook in addition to the following key points: • Are all the components of the helmet in place (ear pieces, face-mask J-clips, etc.)?

• Is the helmet free of excessive wear and in good condition? • Does the helmet look similar to models worn by other players? • Is the helmet worn properly (fit, chinstrap buckled, etc.)? If the official can answer these questions with a “yes” then the helmet is likely safe and legal for play and the game does not need a long delay to complete this check. If in doubt, the presence of the current HECC sticker, with valid expiration date, along with the good condition of the helmet, will be the final indicator as to the eligibility for use in USA Hockey sanctioned games. Provided the official(s) have performed this due diligence, it is important to acknowledge that USA Hockey firmly places the responsibility on the individual player to wear the proper protective equipment in the manner in which it was intended. The USA Hockey Playing Rules will always promote fair play, skill development, and above all player safety. A firm understanding and application of the “spirit and intent” of all the playing rules by all on-ice officials will assist in creating a positive environment for all participants.


October 18, 2013




October 18, 2013

by Pat Markham

12U Lady Blues Are Ignite Tourney Champs by Bill Hester - ‘Hockey Stop’ Correspondent’ The goal for the 12U AAA Lady Blues in their first tournament of the 2013-14 season was to make it to “Championship Sunday” at the Ignite The Ice Tournament in Cleveland. They met their goal, with one second to spare, and then exceeded their goal by not only making it to the title game but winning it on Sept. 29. It was quite an eventful start to the season for the Lady Blues in their four-team bracket, which began with three round-robin contests. The Lady Blues opened with an impressive 9-2 victory over Honeybaked and followed that with a 5-4 victory over Compuware. Despite the two wins, the team needed a tie or victory, in their final round-robin game against Milwaukee Saturday night (Sept. 28) to make it to “Championship Sunday”. Things looked bleak indeed when Milwaukee took a 3-2 lead with about six minutes left in the game. Milwaukee would hold that lead until three seconds remained. Carmen Merlo, who had been an offensive threat throughout the weekend, would score directly off a faceoff as the scoreboard ticked off to one second remaining. What followed was what is sure to be the biggest celebration for a tie. “The girls knew coming into the game that they needed a tie or win to get to play Sunday,” said Sarah Wilkinson, who coached the team in Cleveland. “Carmen, who had made her presence felt in all of the games, made a tremendous play to score from the faceoff. The girls were definitely excited.” They had a night to sleep on the exciting victory but carried over their momentum in the title game, which was a rematch with Compuware. The drama would continue as the Lady Blues had to come back from two deficits in the championship game. Makenna Webster answered a first period Compuware goal with one of her own in the second period. The game remained tied at 1-1 going into the third period when Compuware would take its second lead of the game. Sydney Poisson followed with her first AAA goal with 9:25 to play. Webster would eventually get the game-winning and championship-

Have you ever wondered how much hockey influences your life? We all know how much time it takes. We all are well aware of the financial drain of this sport. Surely each of us has been forced to make sacrifices in order to accommodate our youngster’s schedule. And, don’t you find it odd that you are the only woman attending a business conference who carries among her supply of Kleenex and lipstick, a supply of helmet screws, and a roll of hockey tape? Have you ever purchased a Swiss Army knife just to have a screw driver handy in case last minute equipment repairs are needed? Have you turned down social engagements because they conflict with your youngster’s game schedule? Do you attempt to schedule your time off from your job to coincide with out-of-town tournaments? Is your wardrobe abundant with sweatshirts advertising your local hockey organization, or pro teams? Did you notice the last time you did laundry that all the tee shirts your youngster wore this week had only one theme - hockey?! If you were able to answer “yes” to a majority of these questions, you too are a “hockey mom,” and while we have never met, I am sure we have quite a bit in common. As hockey is still primarily a male-dominated sport, we Hockey Moms may be the last in line when folks think of the hockey community, but we are the ones to whom they look as “equipment managers” for the youngest skaters, the keepers of the sched-

ule, and of course, the sewer of the nameplates. The depth of our role in this hockey community, however, is vast. We are so much more than chauffeurs and cheerleaders. Many moms are team managers, fitting the scheduling for the team into their already busy days. Many are called upon to bake and organize fundraisers. Some find themselves ranked among the Board of Directors of their local organizations. We may be called upon to design the menu that insures our children have adequate meals before games/practices. And, for many of us, even if the hockey dad is doing the driving, it’s the hockey mom who has made all the calls, calculated how many children and hockey bags will fit in the car, and lined up the schedule of who gets picked up where for that 6:00 p.m. Friday night game in one of the far western suburbs. Our role in the lives of our young hockey enthusiasts is special, even though it may seem to go unnoticed or, perhaps, unappreciated. In the big picture, our sons and daughters will touch our lives in this way for only a very short time and then we will have many years to reflect upon how wonderful these days truly have been. We play this “hockey mom” role for the very same reason we put dinner on the table or play a game of Monopoly with our youngster. We let hockey influence our lives in this manner because these are our children, and . . . if they love hockey, we love it too.

winning goal with 5:32 left in the game. The Lady Blues played solidly on defense the rest of the way and were able to hold off Compuware in the final moments after it pulled its goalie. “The girls really did a good job once they got the lead,” Wilkinson said. “They did a good job of skating and keeping the puck deep.” Goaltenders Shelby Noelscher and Kate Moffat, who like Poisson is a first-year Tier I player, were solid in the nets all weekend. They shared time in four games. “It was a great first tournament and I am sure will be a big confidence-booster for the BLACK CONFERENCE ORANGE CONFERENCE girls,” Wilkinson said. “They were determined to get to TAILS DIVISION BOW TIE DIVISION CANE DIVISION TUX DIVISION Sunday.” CBC Chaminade DeSmet Eureka If nothing else, the Lady Lindbergh Kirkwood Lutheran South SLUH Blues showed that they have Rockwood Summit Seckman Oakville Vianney the sense for the dramatic with their last second tie or go (SCHEDULE – HOME TEAM IS LISTED FIRST) home game in the last round robin game and their coming Wednesday, Oct 2 Thursday, Oct 3 Tuesday, Oct 1 from behind twice in the title SLUH 7 – L.South 1 DeSmet 7 – Eureka 1 Kirkwood 7 - R.Summit 1 game. Vianney 1 – Oakville 2 CBC 8 – Seckman 0 Chaminade 3 – Lindbergh 3 “It was very much a team effort all weekend long,” Wednesday, Oct 9 Thursday, Oct 10 Tuesday, Oct 8 Wilkinson said. “We try to keep Kirkwood 2 – CBC 3 L.South 1 – Eureka 3 Oakville 3 – SLUH 5 things fun and it is nice to see Vianney 0 – DeSmet 6 Chaminade 6 – R.Summit 3 Seckman 3 – Lindbergh 2 them shape into a team. We have some very good athletes Wednesday, Oct 16 Thursday, Oct 17 Tuesday, Oct 15 on the team and they are an Lindbergh 4 – Kirkwood 2 R.Summit 8 – Seckman 8 7:00pm – SLUH vs. DeSmet amazing group of girls.” Eureka 3 – Oakville 5 L.South 3 – Vianney 0 8:45pm – Chaminade vs. CBC The 12U Lady Blues are Chloe Casey, Kora Day, Megan Dulay, Josey Dunn, Emma Gerwitz, Wednesday, Oct 23 (Consolation) Thursday, Oct 24 (Quarters) Tuesday, Oct 22 (Quarters) Isabel Gippo, Mackenzie 7:00pm – B1 vs. O4 (A) 7:10pm – B5 vs. O5 7:00pm – O1 vs. B4 (C) Hull, Carmen Merlo, Kate 8:45pm – O2 vs. B3 (B) 8:50pm – B6 vs. O6 8:45pm – B2 vs. O3 (D) Moffat, Peyton Nagy, Shelby Noelscher, Mattie Norton, Wednesday, Oct. 30 (Championship) Monday, Oct 28 (Semi-finals) Riley Oliver, Sydney Poisson, 7:00pm Winner of A vs. Winner of B 7:00pm – TBD Callie Rowbottom, Samantha 8:45pm Winner of C vs. Winner of D Stimson, Anyi Sun, Madison Turley, Mackenna Webster and Amber Yarbrough. The team All games at Webster Groves Ice Arena is coached by Patrick Quinn, Admission: Adults - $4 / Under 10 - $1 Sarah Wilkinson and Managed by Kim Oliver.



October 18, 2013



October 18, 2013


Affton Bantams Top Columbus In Tournament Championship by Bill Hester - ‘Hockey Stop’ Correspondent’

The ultimate goals for the Affton Bantam Major Central States Developmental Hockey League team are well down the road. But Affton got off the blocks well, winning its first official tournament of the 2013-14 season in Indianapolis Oct. 4-6. The Americans won all five of their games at the Firestorm Tournament.

“Our big goal is to win a national championship and everything we do during the season is preparation for that,” Affton coach Matt Ocello said. “But it was good to see us get off to the start that we did. We want to just continue to get better and better with each game and tournament.” Affton got better as the tournament went on as was most evident in its two games against the Columbus (Ohio) Capitals. The Americans opened up the six-team tournament with three round-robin games. The first came against the Capitals with Affton prevailing 2-1. “That game was played on a Friday afternoon and we really came out slow,” Ocello said. “Their goalie played well and we did not do a good job of taking advantage of our scoring chances.” Offense continued to be an issue in the second game against the Nashville Jr. Predators. Affton scored just once but that proved to be enough as Kyle McClellan recorded

the shutout in a 1-0 triumph. “We played much better in that game,” Ocello said. “Nashville was a AAA team and they were very good.” Affton had clinched a spot in the semifinals with its first two wins but the Americans showed that they were capable of putting the puck in the net with a 9-1 pounding of Hockey Club Dallas in the final round-robin game. “We finally started to finish our scoring opportunities,” Ocello said. “We knew we were advancing to the semifinals but we wanted to take some good momentum into the semifinals and we wanted to be the number one seed.” Affton was indeed the number one seed but it needed a shootout win to advance to the championship game. The Americans scored the game’s first two goals against the Indianapolis Junior Ice but the game finished 3-3 in regulation. Both teams had great scoring chances in a five-minute four-on-four and five-minute three-on-three. But no goals were scored which brought about the shootout. McClellan, who stood out in the two overtime sessions, stopped all four Indy tries in the shootout while Affton scored twice in four tries to advance to the finals against Columbus, which also won in a shootout in the other semifinal. “We work on the shootout once a week in practice because we know that is used in some of the tournaments we play,” Ocello said. The drama was all in the semifinals as Affton jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first period of the title game and breezed to a 7-1 victory. “The guys were fired up to be playing in their first tournament championship game and they were ready to claim victory,” Ocello said. “We got the big lead early and did a good job of protecting it.” Tyler Schaeffer led Affton in scoring during the weekend and was named the Tournament’s Most Valuable Player. “Tyler had a breakout weekend for us,” Ocello said. “He has a lot of size and is more of a power forward who likes to battle in the corners. He showed in the tournament that he can also do a good job of finishing.”

Chesterfield Bantams Top Affton In Rolling Thunder Elite Championship by Bill Hester - ‘Hockey Stop’ Correspondent’

Despite having a birth year of 1999, the Chesterfield and Affton Central States Bantam hockey teams have already developed a healthy competitive rivalry. That was renewed recently in the Bantam Elite Division of the Rolling Thunder Tournament which was played at several local sites. The two teams went through the round-robin portion of the tournament with undefeated records in their first four games. They had thus already qualified for the championship game when they met in the fifth and final round-robin game at 8:40 on a Sunday morning. Affton’s Central States team won that game in the final moments 6-5. But it was Chesterfield which brought home the championship trophy in a hard-fought title game, winning 3-1 later Sunday afternoon. “The result of the final game in round-robin did not matter in getting to the championship game but these kids know each other and I know we wanted to win,” Chesterfield coach Ed Campbell said. “That game was a wide open game and they got the goal in the final seconds to win.” Campbell did not feel the outcome of that game had anything to do when the teams met up hours later and the championship game was a much tighter checking contest. Chesterfield scored first but Affton came back to tie the game 1-1 before Chesterfield scored the game’s final two goals. Will Chase had two goals in the championship game. “It was a well-played, hard-fought game by both teams but there were so many penalties and power plays,” Campbell said. “It ruined the flow of the game.” Special teams thus played a crucial factor in determining the winner and Chesterfield was able to perform well on both the power play and penalty killing units. Goaltender Jack Caruso, who had to play all six games in the tournament because of an injury to Chesterfield’s

other goalie, Will Oliver, played especially well in the title game. Defense was the key to the championship for Chesterfield, which allowed only five goals in the five games other than the final round-robin contest. They had a pair of shutouts, defeating the Louisiana Ice Jets 4-0 and the Kansas City Stars 7-0. The other roundrobin wins by Chesterfield came against the St. Peters Select (4-2) and the Affton AA team (5-2). “I thought the competition in the tournament was great,” said Campbell, whose team had made it to the semifinals of its season-opening tournament in Detroit. “The game against Kansas City got to be a bit lopsided at the end but the other games were close. Jack played especially well in the game against Louisiana.” Captain Brendan Blair and John Serafin spearheaded the stingy defense while Chase and Cole Cutler, who played on

a line together, led the way offensively. Forwards Logan Ritchie and Nathan Sargeant also played well in the tournament. “The team seems to be coming together well and getting better every day,” Campbell said. “They did a good job of doing the little things like blocking shots and finishing hits that lead to big things.” And this big thing resulted in a tournament championship for the Chesterfield Bantam Major Central States Developmental Hockey League team.


NA3HL Announces Divisional Stars Of The Week OCTOBER 8, 2013 (

The North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL) today announced the Divisional Stars of the Week presented by Easton for the week ending October 6, 2013. The divisional stars of the week is an award given each week of the regular season to the top performing players in each of the four divisions of the NA3HL as nominated by their head coaches. Central Division Star of the Week: Billy Hindle, goaltender, St. Louis Jr. Blues Although he played in just one game during the weekend, St. Louis goaltender Billy Hindle, 18, made it count. The native of Wildwood, Missouri, started and played in Saturday’s 4-3 overtime win in Wisconsin against the Whalers. Hindle (6’2/175) ended up facing 53 shots in the game and made a total of 50 saves. His 93.8% save per-

centage ranks tied for 3rd in the NA3HL to date and he also has a 2-0 record this season. “Saturday night Billy stole two points for our team,” said Jr. Blues head coach Chris Flaugher. “He made several key/point black saves throughout the game and gave his team an opportunity to win. When the team was having trouble finding their groove, Billy made the big saves to keep us in the game.” 2nd Star: Adam Alcott, forward, Wisconsin Whalers Honorable Mention (alphabetical): Devin Fracassi, defenseman, Cincinnati Swords – Tommy Heinzman, forward, St. Louis Jr. Blues – Connor Hyde, forward, Wisconsin Whalers – Emil Sundstrom, defenseman, Cincinnati Swords

United States Hockey League Jr. A Tier I Standings

North American 3 Hockey League Tier III Jr. A Standings

Standings as of 10/16/13 Eastern Conference TEAM GP W L OTL PTS PCT GF GA Team USA 8 6 2 0 12 0.75 41 25 Green Bay 7 4 1 2 10 0.714 22 20 Muskegon 7 4 2 1 9 0.643 20 18 Dubuque 4 4 0 0 8 1 13 3 Youngstown 8 3 4 1 7 0.438 28 35 Cedar Rapids 3 2 1 0 4 0.667 14 11 Indiana 6 1 3 2 4 0.333 19 23 Chicago 6 0 6 0 0 0 6 25 Western Conference TEAM GP W L OTL PTS PCT GF GA Omaha 5 5 0 0 10 1 22 0 Sioux Falls 7 5 2 0 10 0.714 23 23 Waterloo 5 4 1 0 8 0.8 19 11 Fargo 5 3 2 0 6 0.6 8 12 Tri-City 5 2 1 2 6 0.6 7 12 Sioux City 5 2 2 1 5 0.5 11 11 Des Moines 6 1 4 1 3 0.25 10 24 Lincoln 5 0 2 3 3 0.3 11 21

North American Hockey League Jr. A Tier II Standings

Standings as of 10/16/13 Central Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Austin 9 8 1 0 16 42 19 Aberdeen 10 7 2 1 15 27 16 Bismarck 9 7 2 0 14 30 21 Minot 10 2 7 1 5 16 29 Brookings 10 0 7 3 3 18 51 Midwest Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Fairbanks 13 9 4 0 18 42 28 Kenai River 12 9 3 0 18 38 31 Coulee Region 11 7 4 0 14 31 25 MN Wilderness 10 5 2 3 13 26 17 MN Magicians 10 5 4 1 11 22 28 Wenatchee 10 5 5 0 10 26 24 North Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Port Huron 13 9 2 2 20 43 31 Johnstown 13 7 5 1 15 35 38 Springfield 10 6 3 1 13 32 27 Michigan 11 5 4 2 12 34 36 Soo 11 3 5 3 9 24 32 Janesville 8 3 4 1 7 23 29 South Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Wichita Falls 14 9 2 3 21 44 32 Rio Grande Valley 14 7 3 4 18 35 33 Amarillo 10 7 2 1 15 36 24 Topeka 13 6 5 2 14 38 36 Corpus Christi 12 4 5 3 11 30 32 Lone Star 12 2 9 1 5 27 51 Odessa 13 2 11 0 4 22 51

Standings as of 10/17/13 Central Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Cincinnati 10 7 3 0 14 38 29 Peoria 10 6 4 0 12 52 30 St. Louis 8 6 2 0 12 41 24 Wisconsin 8 5 1 2 12 30 30 Chicago 8 3 4 1 7 36 33 Battle Creek 9 0 9 0 0 6 65 East Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Flint 11 10 0 1 21 60 18 Pittsburgh 13 6 5 2 14 50 34 Toledo 10 6 2 2 14 24 23 Cleveland 11 5 3 3 13 35 36 Metro 12 5 6 1 11 32 45 Michigan 8 2 6 0 4 13 37 South Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Topeka 2 2 0 0 4 11 1 Dallas 4 1 3 0 2 16 21 Sugar Land 2 1 1 0 2 10 15 McKinney 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 West Team GP W L OTL PTS GF GA Granite City 9 7 2 0 14 52 18 North Iowa 4 4 0 0 8 29 5 Alexandria 6 4 2 0 8 26 21 Breezy Point 10 2 7 1 5 25 56 Minnesota 7 2 5 0 4 16 31 Twin City 8 1 6 1 3 21 51

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October 18, 2013

New Look Jr. Blues Out to Quick Start


by Reggie Dunlop - ‘Hockey Stop’ Correspondent’ When the puck dropped to start the 2013-14 campaign a new era in St Louis Junior Blues hockey officially begun. Chris Flaugher, the teams General Manager, was elevated to the head coaches position joining an experienced staff which remained intact in the transition. “My goal this season is to improve the players currently on our roster and move as many players forward as we possibly can,’’ said Flaugher, a former captain of the Junior Blues and assistant coach from 2004-06. Alongside Flaugher the coaching staff is experienced and eager to work with the new head mentor. Mike Hazelton is the senior member of the staff beginning his 13 season on the Junior Blues bench. Goaltending coach Mark Staub is in his sixth season and assistants Ken Daleo and Greg Anderson are starting their fourth seasons to round out a staff that help guide the squad to a 46-70 record last year and a division title. Flaugher, Daleo, and Anderson were teammates on the 2000 Junior Blues team that won a league title and played for a National Championship. “”That was a fun year and I hope this team can duplicate some of the success the program has had in the past”” said Flaugher, who played his college hockey at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN. A successful season for the St Louis Junior Blues last year- by many programs standards-ended abruptly by two stinging losses in the Junior Blues final two games in the league’s championship series. Gone are former standouts Trey Dodd (Austin Bruins NAHL), Brycon Johnson (Aberdeen Wings NAHL), Trace Jablin (Odessa Jackalopes NAHL), Kerry McGlynn (Steinbach Pistons MJHL Tier One), and several others who helped the Blues to the best regular season record in the league. This years’ team is experienced and several newcomers add to the optimism of the young coach. The Junior Blues last national title came during the 2009-10 campaign and a return to national prominence is the main goal for both the coaches and players. “The younger players are adapting to the speed and physical play while the team is improving. But being on the road early a bunch has been a challenge,” said assistant coach Mike Hazelton, as he has watched his team take to the road in eight of the team’s


first 10 games. But the road weary Junior Blues have survived the early grind thanks to some stellar goaltending. Veteran netminder Clint Steinmeyer (‘95) returns to head the goaltending trio. A three year member of the Junior Blues Steinmeyer has shared duties with Billy Hindle (‘95) and Texas native Cooper Cothran (‘94). All three have played well and should be the backbone of a stout Junior Blues defense.

Speaking of defense the team is blessed with good size and skill on the blueline with four players returning to bolster Flaughers’ defensive corps. Kyle Meeh (6-2,180), Chris Brown (6-0, 185), Lucas Stewart (6-1, 180) and Jake Wynd (6-0,180) all return and are joined by Adam Roeder, Jacob Debus, and Cam McAtee to form a big, yet mobile unit. Defense has been a team strength in an early test on the road. Up front team captain Mike Lozano (‘93), centers Christian Argyros (‘94) a holdover from last years team and Sweeden import Alexander Carlsson (‘94) on the left side. Youngsters Andy McGlynn (‘97) and Zane O’Brien (‘97) head up the second line with returning left winger Tommy Heinzman (‘94) joining the talented youngsters. Andrew Kovacich (‘95) is another speedy forward Flaugher can call upon and Alex Turin (‘94) who played for Peoria a year ago also brings along veteran leadership. “The veterans so far have provided the leadership and scoring a team needs to be successful. We only have to wait and see if this team has the same goals and ambition the coaching staff has set forth,” said Flaugher as the Junior Blues have started off 6-2 in the young season. The Junior Blues return to action next Saturday and Sunday in home games with the Metro Jets.

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October 18, 2013

Disabled Athlete Sports Association To Host USA National Sled Hockey Training Camp (St. Peters, MO) -- The Disabled Athlete Sports Association, home of the St Louis Blues Sled Hockey program will be hosting the USA National Sled Hockey Team at Lindenwood University Ice Arena in Wentzville, MO. The USA National Sled Team will have their next training camp stop in St. Louis. The camp at the Lindenwood University Ice

Arena is November 7 – 9. This is a great opportunity to see the defending 2010 Vancouver Gold Medal Team in action. All practices are open to the public. Nov. 7 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm Nov. 8 – 9:00am to 10:30am 3:30pm to 5:00pm Nov. 9 3:30pm to 5:00pm The USA National Team features two local St. Louis Blues Sled Hockey Players. Steve Cash is the returning goalie from the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic

Team. In Vancouver, Steve Cash set a Paralympic record by recording five straight shutouts. Following the games Steve won the 2010 ESPN ESPY Award as Best Male Athlete with a Disability. Josh Pauls, a defenseman is considered to be one of the most dominate players in the sled hockey world. The twenty year old will be looking for his second Gold Medal in Sochi. Come out and see why he is considered one of the top sled hockey players in the world. Admission to all practices is Free. For more information about the DASA – St. Louis Blues Sled Hockey Program or the USA National Team Training Camp, please call the DASA Office at 636.477.0716


2/15 – 2/17 - WJC Classic in Dallas, TX at Polar Ice Arena. – (Sat. thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

1/24- 1/26- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, GIRLS: AA, A, B, and House.

MAY 2014

For all Big Bear Tournament information go to

2/15 – 2/17 - Lincoln Memorial in Cleveland, OH at Mentor Civic Arena. – (Sat. thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A

1/31- 2/2- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House.

5/23- 5/25- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO – Mite, Squirt, PW, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House.

or call 248.399.1694

2/28 – 3/1 - The Big Thaw in Ann Arbor, MI at Arctic Coliseum & Yost. – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA NOVEMBER 2013

11/1 – 11/3 - Cold Fusion in Grand Rapids, MI at Georgetown & Southside Arenas. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA 11/29 – 12/1 - The Bear in Cleveland, OH at Mentor Civic Arena. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A 11/29 – 12/1 - The Firebird in Dallas, TX at Polar Ice Arena. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA. NHL Tickets available – Stars Blackhawks

MARCH 2014

3/7- 3/9 - Killer Bees in Grand Rapids, MI at Georgetown Arena. – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V., Competitive Half Ice – 05 & 06: B, BB only 3/14 – 3/16 - Luck of the Irish in St. Louis, MO at Hardee’s Iceplex & Lindenwood Arena. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

APRIL 2014

11/29 – 12/1 - The Wild Turkey in St. Louis, MO at Hardee’s Iceplex & Lindenwood Arena. Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

4/11 – 4/13 - Winged Warrior in St. Louis, MO at Hardee’s Iceplex. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA


4/25 – 4/27 - The Thunderbird in Detroit, MI at Suburban Detroit Arenas. – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

12/6 – 12/8 - The FireBolt in Ann Arbor, MI at Arctic Coliseum & Yost Arena. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget: B, A, AA. NHL Tickets available – Red Wings - Panthers


1/17 – 1/20 - The Cross Roads in Chicago, IL at Darien Sportsplex. – (Saturday thru Monday - Local teams start Friday) – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget/H.S.: B, A, AA, plus Girls U12 & U14 1/18 – 1/20 - The Big Chill in Ann Arbor / Detroit, MI at Arctic Coliseum,Yost & Suburban Detroit Arenas. (Saturday thru Monday) Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA – NHL Tickets available Red Wings - Kings & Red Wings – St. Louis Blues 1/18 – 1/20 - The Brickyard in Indianapolis, IN at Carmel Ice Skatium & Arctic Zone. – (Saturday thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget. High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

MAY 2014

5/9 – 5/11 - The Ring of Fire in Ann Arbor, MI at Arctic Coliseum. – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget/HS: B, A, AA 5/16 – 5/18 - The Dragon’s Lair in Chicago, IL at Darien Sportsplex. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA 5/16 – 5/18 - The Last Dance in Detroit, MI at Suburban Detroit Arenas. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA plus Girls U12, U14, U16 & U19

ULTIMATE TOURNAMENTS For all Ultimate Tournament information go to

1/17 – 1/20 - Smokey Mt. Shootout in Nashville, TN at Centennial Arena. – (Friday thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget/H.S.: A, AA – NHL Tickets available – Predators – Avalanche and Predators - Stars

1/18 – 1/20 - The Mountain King in Dallas, TX at Polar Ice Arena. – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA


1/18 – 1/20 - The Avalanche in Grand Rapids, MI at Southside Arena. – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA – Competitive Half Ice – 05 & 06


2/15 – 2/17 - Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis, IN at Carmel Ice Skatium & Arctic Zone. – (Sat. thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA 2/15 – 2/17 - The Gateway in St. Louis, MO at Hardee’s Iceplex and Lindenwood Arena. (Sat. thru Monday) – Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA 2/14 – 2/17 - The Palms in Tampa, FL at Ice Sports Forum & Ellenton. – (Friday thru Monday) Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget / HS: A, AA 2/15 – 2/17 - The Ursa Minor in Ann Arbor, MI at Arctic Coliseum & Yost. – (Sat. thru Monday) Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget High School Varsity & J.V.: B, A, AA

or contact John at 630.336.6160

11/15- 11/17- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House. 11/22- 11/24- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House. 11/22- 11/24- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO Squirt, Peewee, Bantam: AA, A, B, House.


1/17- 1/19- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Peewee, High School, Midget: AA, A, B, and House. 1/18- 1/20- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House. 1/17- 1/19- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO – Peewee, High School, Midget: AA, A, B, and House. 1/18- 1/20- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO – Mite, Squirt, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House.


2/14- 2/16- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Peewee, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House. 2/15- 2/17- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt: AA, A, B, and House.

MARCH 2014

3/14- 3/16- Dells Waterpark Classic in Wisconsin Dells, WI – Mite, Squirt, PW, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House. 3/14- 3/16- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO – Mite, Squirt, PW, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House.

5/2- 5/4- St. Louis Ice Blast in St. Louis, MO – Mite, Squirt, PW, Bantam: AA, A, B, and House.


October 18, 2013



October 18, 2013


The Hardee’s Iceplex, home of the NAHL’s St. Louis AAA Blues and Chesterfield Falcons, would like to wish everyone a great 2013-14 Season.

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