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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it

Hockaday Magazine is A publication of the hockaday school / Summer 2012

Education Evolution

has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

Features 30 Education Evolution How changes in the classroom are positively Affecting our students 32 The Flipped Classroom Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head 34 Learning Beyond Hockaday’s Walls 36 A Modern Twist on Epic Stories 38 Online School for Girls On the Cover Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Ela Hockaday, Caroline Cotten (Form II), Ed Long (The Nancy Penn Penson ’41 & John G. Penson Distinguished Teacher in Fine Arts), Molly McPhail (First Grade), Anika Bandarpalle (Fourth Grade), Tymesia Smaw (Lower School Teacher), Charlsie Doan (Fifth Grade), Kief Tekle (Security), Grace Emanuelson (First Grade), Lily Okada (Sixth Grade), Dominique Cooper (Form II), Grace Hill Gentry ’55, Kevin Brady (Upper School Ceramics Teacher), Dawn Ford (Fifth Grade), Foley Robertson (Pre-K), and Kim Wargo (Eugene McDermott Headmistress)

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2012 Class Gift


A Message from Kim Wargo Eugene McDermott Headmistress


98th Hockaday Commencement

8 Class of 2012 College matriculation 9

2011–2012 Upper School Student Awards


2011–2012 Faculty Awards

12 Campus News 15

2012 Prentiss Grant Recipient

Development & Alumnae News 24

Hockaday Parents’ Association Benefit

26 Centennial Corner: Highlights from the Past 100 Years of Hockaday’s History 27

Hockaday Centennial Organizing Committee

28 What will Hockaday be like in 100 years? 29 Preserving Your Legacy: The 1913 Society A Conversation with Ann Hubbard McIntyre ’74

16 On the Playing Field

29 The Hockaday Centennial Alumnae Art Exhibition

18 Brushstrokes and Musical Notes


Alumnae Day 2012



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Anniversary Celebrations at the School

22 Hockaday Says Farewell to Cherished Faculty and Staff 23 Retiring Trustees Recognized for Service

Hockaday Magazine photography by Charlotte Hoskins unless otherwise noted.

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The Hockaday School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission and education policies, financial aid programs, athletic programs, and other administered activities. The communications and publications office of The Hockaday School retains the right to determine editorial content and manner of presentation. The opinions expressed in the Hockaday Magazine do not necessarily reflect official School policy.

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2012 Class Gift Parents of the Class of 2012, Thank you for your support of the class gift. Dr. and Mrs. John O. Agwunobi Mr. Wongu An and Mrs. Hyekyung Hong Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh Balan Mr. Michael Ballard Ms. Thalia Sarris Banowsky Mr. William S. Banowsky, Jr. Mr. Jian Bao and Ms. Alice Yang Ms. Debra Renee Barber Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Barger Ms. Raguet Bass Mr. and Mrs. Kushal Basu Mr. and Mrs. Mark Becker Mr. Blake L. Beckham, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Rhett D. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Blakey Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Bluedorn Dr. Scott L. Blumenthal Ms. Suzanne Blumenthal and Mr. Scott Birnbaum Mr. Lawrence Bock Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bovard Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Brito Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Budd Mr. and Mrs. James Buddrus Ms. Glenda Bulger Dr. Robert Bulger Dr. Zhuo Cai and Dr. Xiaohong Chu Dr. and Mrs. David Chen Dr. Hosoon Choi and Ms. Munok Hwang Ms. Hyo Sook Choi Mr. In Sung Chung Ms. Allyson Cockrum Mr. John Cockrum Dr. and Mrs. Evan L. Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cowger Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cyr Mr. Joseph E. Dannenmaier and Ms. Laura Starks Mrs. Holly Deason Mr. and Mrs. John Dennis Mrs. Sandra S. Diamond Mr. Matthew Diaz and Ms. Lara Guerra Mr. Jeremy W. Dickens Ms. Laura H. Dickens Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Eiseman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wicky el-Effendi Ms. Rosa Arely Esquivel Mr. and Mrs. Tod M. Fobare Mr. and Mrs. R. Steve Folsom Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Freeman

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 4

Mr. Richard A. Freling Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Fuller Dr. Joseph Garcia, Jr. and Dr. Christine Garcia Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Gow Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grayson Dr. and Mrs. Michael Gross Mr. David J. Haemisegger and Ms. Nancy A. Nasher Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Hall, Jr. Mr. Alan W. Harris Ms. Kate Harris Mr. and Mrs. K. Jeffrey Hayes Mr. William Heck Ms. Alexa Heck Mr. and Mrs. Ray Heydari Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Horton Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker Johnson Ms. Margaret Jones Williams Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Fehmi Karahan Dr. Seongkum Kim Mr.Youngil Kim and Ms. Jueungeun Lee Dr. B.V. Kumar and Dr. Sudha Kumar Mr. Donald J. Lamotthe Ms. Kim R. Lamotthe Dr. and Mrs. Mike M. Lee Mr. Jason Zhu and Ms. Jin Li Mr. Jianjun Li and Ms. Qiuxin Yao Dr. Jun-Sheng Li and Ms.Ying Hu Mr. Mindong Li and Ms.Yongbin Chen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Lilley Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Y. Lin Mr. and Mrs. Shaogang Lin Mr.Yan Lin and Ms. Hong Li Dr. Mitch Magee and Dr. Karen Magee Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Montgomery Mr. Keong Sub Moon and Ms. Soo Jin Cha Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Mosle III Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Mount Dr. Elisabeth-Christine Muelsch Mr. and Mrs. David C. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Neligan, Jr. Dr. Sean O’Brien and Dr. Jennifer O’Brien Dr. and Mrs. Akin Ogundipe Mr. and Mrs. Kirk R. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Obeng Opoku-Acheampong Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio E. Padilla

Mr. Michael Papalas Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Gonzalez Peña Dr. Leslie Porter and Dr. Susan Warden Mr. Chuan J. Qin and Ms. Jane Liu Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Quirk Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Renteria Dr. Clayton Roberts and Dr. Cristie Columbus Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Routman Mr. and Mrs. Massoud Safavi Mr. and Mrs. Amar R. Sawla Mr. John P. Shelton, Jr. Ms. Leslie Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Terry E. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. So Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Son Mr. and Mrs.Young S. Song Dr. and Mrs. Tarek Souryal Mr. and Mrs.Vance F. Sparks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Stites Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Straubel Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Stubbs Mr. and Mrs. Pedro M. Suarez Mr. Weidong Chen and Ms. Xiaofeng Sun Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sydney Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jay Tabor Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Dr. Mayra Thompson Ms. Judith Tran Turner Mr. Patrick F. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Uko E. Udom Mr. Joseph P. Urso Ms. Liza Urso Mr. Manuel Vasquez and Ms. Maria E. Zavala Mr. Jianqiang Xia and Ms. Lili Wang Mr. Lijun L. Wang and Ms. Jing J. Li Mr. Thomas J. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Seth M. Woodberry Dr. Masashi Yanagisawa and Dr. Hiromi Yanagisawa Mr. Bo Yang and Ms. Kui Wang Mr. Jiangang Zhang and Ms. Tian Yang Dr. Kneeland Youngblood and Dr. Sharon Youngblood

A Message from Kim Wargo Eugene McDermott Headmistress

Dear Members of the Hockaday Community: Reflections of a fortysomething on thirtysomething You may remember thirtysomething, a television show from the late 1980s that people either loved or hated. I am not much of a TV person, but (confession forthcoming): I loved this show. Some folks skewered it for focusing on a group of “yuppies” who whined too much. As a twentysomething, however, I loved it because the characters seemed like real people going through real things that I could imagine myself experiencing down the road. Years later, my husband and I often wondered why the show had not been released on DVD. We were one of a surprisingly large group of people who occasionally searched for the show on Amazon; we were delighted when it was finally released a few years ago. We immediately ordered our copy and set about reliving the show and its issues as soon as it arrived. The show holds up surprisingly well. As fortysomethings, our perspective on the issues of parenting, friendship, and career have shifted somewhat; however, the themes still resonate. And yet, as we watched, there was one thing that struck us in a profound way – the complete absence of today’s omnipresent technology in the lives of the characters. These thirtysomethings had no cell phones, Blackberries, or laptops. They didn’t Twitter; their “friends” were actual not virtual, and they rekindled old relationships by picking up the phone (and when they did this, they listened to busy signals or left messages on first-generation answering machines). As I watched, I was struck by the magnitude of the changes we’ve experienced in a period of roughly twenty years. In contrast to our lives today, none of these thirtysomethings were available 24/7; they didn’t “We can turn the iPhones off, worry about cyberbullying; and while they might have whined about their problems obsessively with shut down the laptops, unplug friends, none of them blogged in the public space of the Internet about the details of their private lives. the television, and put away I thought about how much more complicated parenting has become in those twenty years, and was the Wii. Summer offers the reminded of something that Rob Evans, author of Seven Secrets of the Savvy School Leader, once said to me: opportunity to experiment with how these simple changes “Today, it is harder, not easier, to be a confident parent. In order for parents to feel confident about their parenting might impact our ability to give skills, they need two things: the rate of change to be slow and the range of choices for kids to be few. If these two things our children what every healthy, are in place, the certainty for adults is high. Today, we are at a freakish point in human development where the rate of productive person needs: change is unprecedented. Opportunities are at an all-time high and predictability is at an all-time low.” PDF (Playtime, Downtime, and How can we, as parents and educators, recapture some confidence in our roles, particularly as it relates to Family Time).” the ubiquitous nature of technology in our lives and our children’s lives? I have just a few simple ideas. Kim Wargo First, we can set limits and boundaries for ourselves and our children. Every one of the technological Eugene McDermott Headmistress tools that dominate so much of our time and energy (and our children’s) has an on/off switch. We can turn the iPhones off, shut down the laptops, unplug the television, and put away the Wii. Summer offers the opportunity to experiment with how these simple changes might impact our ability to give our children what every healthy, productive person needs: PDF (Playtime, Downtime, and Family Time). Second, we can model responsible use of technology for our children. Even when we can’t turn off the iPhone, we can put family first at dinnertime. We can teach our children that reading is a legitimate form of family evening entertainment by curling up with a good book or magazine. We can talk openly and frankly with our children about the responsible use of the Internet and electronic communication, and the consequences when we neglect those responsibilities. Finally, as digital immigrants in a technological universe, we can be lifelong learners in the new frontier. Instead of just bemoaning the advent of new media and new ways of communicating, we can seek to learn about them – and to learn from our children. We can model what we say to our girls: that learning is truly a journey rather than a destination. Very truly yours,

Kim Wargo Eugene McDermott Headmistress

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 5

98th Hockaday Commencement

“Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility. Nothing adds such dignity to character as the recognition of one’s self-sovereignty.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 6

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 7

Class of 2012 – College Matriculation The 120 members of the Class of 2012 were admitted to 175 different institutions, and will be matriculating to the following 65. Amherst College Auburn University Bowdoin College Carnegie Mellon University Claremont McKenna College Columbia University Connecticut College Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Elon University Emory University Harvard University Harvey Mudd College Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo De México Johns Hopkins University Loyola Marymount University Loyola University New Orleans New York University Northeastern University Northwestern University Occidental College Parsons The New School for Design Pepperdine University Pomona College Princeton University

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 8

Rice University Saint Louis University Scripps College Smith College Southern Methodist University St. Edward’s University Stanford University Swarthmore College Texas Christian University Texas Tech University The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The University of Texas at Austin The University of Texas at Tyler Trinity University Tufts University Tulane University University of California at Los Angeles University of Chicago University of Colorado at Boulder University of Delaware University of Georgia University of Miami University of Michigan University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania

University of Richmond University of South Carolina University of Southern California University of St. Andrews (Scotland) University of Tulsa University of Virginia University of Washington Valley Forge Military College Vanderbilt University Washington University in St. Louis Wesleyan University Wheaton College University of Wisconsin, Madison Yale University

“College admission representatives tell us again and again that the applications they read from Hockaday are some of the best they read all year.” Carol Wasden Director of College Counseling

2011–2012 Upper School Student Awards Athletic Awards

English & Literature

The Batterson Award for Sportsmanship Haley Freeman

The Catherine Patrizi Poetry Award Isabella So

The Elizabeth Nan McGarr Spirit Award Emily Horton

Dallas Vassar Club Award For Excellence In Writing Kay Dannenmaier

The Heart and Hustle Award Erin Turner

Freshman Writing Award Katie Mimini

Joyce Rainwater Athletic Award Maggie Fobare

Robert M. Merritt, Jr. Award For Excellence in Upper School English Karen Lee, Katharine Lin

Red Barr Award for Swimming Mary Frances Harris

Thomas Walker Award Natalie Ng

Purchase Awards Ceramics: Emily Horton Photography: Danielle Lamotthe Studio Art: Olivia Karahan The Joan Folsom Award for Outstanding Contribution in Art Ceramics: Emily Horton Photography: Ashely Chen, Kristin Lin, Christin Urso, Nina Yanagisawa Visual Arts: Hannah Cyr, Caitlin Garcia Brandy Bowen Memorial Painting Award Megan Gross The Rhode Island School of Design Annual Art Award Katharine Lin

COmmunity Service History The Nancy and Richard Fisher Community Service Award Olivia Karahan Presidential Volunteer Service Award Gold Award: Katy Wyszynski Silver Award: Emily Marucci Bronze Award: Avery Youngblood Diversity and The World Candee Keen Fellows Form I: Whytne Stevens Form II: Grace Gilker, Emily Marucci, Divya Walia Form III: Mannhi Tran, Cassie Yuan Form IV: Emily Williams, Claire Zhang

Fine Arts The Bradley Voice Cup Kay Dannenmaier Whittle Music Company Award Zoey Tang The Jenny Elkin Music Trophy Cassie Yuan TMEA All-State Awards Caroline Magee, Lilian Ludford, Shirley Zhang The Orchestra Award Caroline Magee, Holly O’Brien, Tiffany Son, Annie Zhu National Forensic League – John Earl Bowman Memorial Spirit Award Christine Chen, Annie Zhu The Dramatic Club Award Kendall Barger, Regen Routman, Gricelda Suarez

Linda Hankinson History Research Paper Award Katie Bourek, Elizabeth Cathcart, Emily Nguyen, Lauren Pennington, Mannhi Tran, Hailey Winston The Nola Kenning History Award Laura Roberts Richard Lombardi – Magellan Award Kaavya Balan, Abigail Becker, Jessie Bluedorn, Mollie Cowger, Kate Mosle, Erin Turner SCHKRAM Geography Award Winners 1st place: Laura Roberts 2nd place: Ashley Rich 3rd place: Anna Schwarz Honorable Mention: Mollie Cowger, Kaavya Balan, Emily Helm, Linda Oh, Katie Payne, Rachel Sassella, Michelle Shang,Whytne Stevens, Lizzie Vamos

Nancy Loucks Memorial Award for Outstanding Musician Megan Neligan, Marisa Thompson The Dance Trophy Elli el-Effendi

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 9

2011–2012 Upper School Student Awards

H-Club Pins Form I Avery Baker Abby Beck Meredith Burke Madalene Danklef Alexis Espinosa Holly Haley Charlsea Lamb Ryan McBride Gabrielle Muñoz Camille Szelc Form II Augusta Aston Ali Aston Emily Bluedorn Eliza Cope Anna Dyer Kendall Ernst Allison Freeman Mary Margaret Hancock Nicole Joseph Jennifer Kwon Catherine McGeoch Katie Payne Marisa Salatino Maya Sawla Megan Silver Amy Tao Alexandra Villareal Emily Wechsler Katie William Emily Yehn

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 10

Form III Zoya Afridi Mollie Anderson Katherine Archer Anase Asom Sarah Bruyere Courtney Burke Jackie Choucair Ellen Crowe Hannah Crowe McKenna Gilliand Charlotte Gunn Laura Harvey Lexie Hood Farheen Jooma Malaika Lund Radhika Mohan Nguhi Muturi Laura-Brynn Neuhoff Emily Nguyen Megan Porter Ali Purnell Pascale Queralt Mason Strickland Julie Syken Hailey Tahk Hollis Tardy Chloe Warnberg Hailey Winston Marzia Zendali Form IV Giovanna Diaz Mackenzie Hall Olivia Karahan Kristin Lin Nina Quirk Caroline Sydney Emily Williams Claire Zhang

Mass Communications


Excellence In Communication Design Award Rachel Barber, Mackenzie Hall, JJ Hayes, Isabella So

The Southern Methodist University Engineering Award Eliza Cope

Excellence In Journalism Award Caroline Sydney

The Leslie Brennan Memorial Award in Biology Virginia Bentley, Ashley Chen


The Leslie Brennan Award Shreya Ahuja, Lexie Hood, Linda Oh

The SIGMA Mathematics Award Shelby Anderson, Emily Bao, Katherine Dau, Kaitlin Dorey, Allie Love,Tiffany Pon, Michelle Tsai, Didi Udom, Christin Urso The Esther B. Moody Trophy for Mathematics Suzy Kim The Richard Dubsky Excellence in Mathematics Award Kathy Qiu The American Math Competition (AMC10) Mary Zhang

The Science Department Book Awards Biology: Nikita Agarwal, Maya Deshpande, Tavia Gonzalez Peña, Michelle Tsai Chemistry: Courtney Burke, Melody Tong Physics: Mollie Cowger, Maille Radford Environmental Science: Christin Urso The Black Hole of Physics Award Alexis Johnson, Jennifer Qin The Erik Jonsson Prize Giovanna Diaz Master Science Prize Natalie Gow

The American Math Competition (AMC12) Danielle Kim, Kathy Qiu, Sarah Zhou

American Association of Physics Teachers’ Certificates Elizabeth Michel, Lakshmi Uppalapati, Maggie Whitaker

Outstanding Students The Hockaday School Service Award Kendall Barger, Kay Dannenmaier

The Central Science Award, Chemistry Anna Anderson, Shelby Anderson, Alexis Jones, Jennifer Kwon, Kaylee Wedderburn-Pugh, Na Young

The Idanelle McMurry Award Giovanna Diaz

Bausch and Lomb Award Yaji (Casey) Kim

Residence Department Awards

Rensselear Science and Mathematics Award Rebecca Fei Fang

Boarder’s Pin Helen He, Suzy Kim, Malaika Lund, Aanathi Reddi Miss Morgan Trophy for the Home Department Lower Trent Hall

Upper School Book Awards Brandeis Book Award Emily Nguyen Bryn Mawr College President’s Award Sarah Nesbitt Dartmouth Book Award Linda Oh Emory Book Award for Outstanding Service Mannhi Tran Harvard Book Award Courtney Burke Hendrix College Odyssey Book Award Anastasia Almyasheva Hollins University Creative Writing Book Award Lizzie Vamos Rhodes College Book Award Katy Wyszynski Rice University Book Award Katherine Hoffman Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing Christine Chen Smith College Book Award Hailey Winston Wellesley Book Award Natalie Johnson Yale Book Award Kathy Qiu

World Languages Marguerite B. Grow Latin Trophy Laura Roberts Vergil Prize Maille Radford DéRérun Naturá Award Alexis Jones The Orville Thorp Memorial Trophy for French Scholarship Courtney Burke

The Academic Excellence in Chinese Award Marisa Salatino The Most Esteemed Helen Lorenz World Language Award Maddi Gentry, Luise von Kügelgen Fourth International Chinese Bridge HS Language Competition Marisa Salatino

Claudine A. Shaner French Award Sarah Nesbitt The Dedication to French Award Katharine Lin Most Promising French Student Award Catherine McGeoch, Megan Silver Alison Blanchard Memorial Award Mollie Anderson, Meredith Burke, Camille Hunt, Katie Williams The Robbye Morrow Oram Spanish Cup Shelby Anderson, Kathy Qiu Benito Juarez Award Anna Herbelin, Katie Mimini Celia Cruz Spirit Award Ansley Carlisle, Emily Horton The Cervantes Prize Marisa Thompson, Lizzie Vamos

Most Promising Chinese Student Award Audrey Kim

2011–2012 Faculty Awards The Ackerman Award for Character Education

Orlando Greene Susan Ragsdale The Ackerman Award For Faculty Mentoring

Steve Kramer Carol Thumlert Ellen Higginbotham Rogers Award for Faculty and Staff

Jeri Sutton Diane Glaser, finalist Tracy Walder, finalist The John Killion Memorial Award

Murry Gans

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 11

Campus News

Hockaday students helped raise money for the Jubilee Center of Dallas by participating in “Chick-fil-A Day” on April 5.

Chick-fil-A for a Cause Thursday, April 5, Hockaday joined forces with St. Mark’s, Ursuline, Jesuit, and Cistercian to raise money for the Jubilee Center of Dallas, a community center and park that serves as a catalyst for community renewal and enrichment in the neighborhood surrounding Fair Park. The Walt Humann – T. Boone Pickens Community Center serves as a hub for a wide range of educational, recreational, and community improvement initiatives. Hockaday students walked to Chick-fil-A at Inwood and Forest during their lunch period to raise money for the local nonprofit. Fifteen percent of the proceeds at Chick-fil-A benefited the Jubilee Center.

Hockaday & St. Mark’s Communities Impacting Lives The Hockaday and St. Mark’s Schools came together just two days after tornadoes devastated parts of the Dallas area on Tuesday, April 3. In less than 24 hours the school communities donated thousands of items to Mission Arlington. Laura Day, Director of Community Service, delivered an entire busload of donations from Hockaday and St. Mark’s. Mission Arlington employees said, “The Hockaday/St. Mark’s donation was the largest donation we received to this point.” Mission Arlington worked with the police departments of DeSoto, Lancaster, and Arlington to distribute the Hockaday and St. Mark’s donations to people in need.

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 12

Fine Arts Spring Accomplishments In February, Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) Solo and Ensemble Regional Auditions were held at Legacy Christian Academy. Nineteen Hockadaisies auditioned: nine received gold medals, two received silver medals, and eight Upper School singers earned second place rankings. Three Concert Choir members were selected for the TPSMEA AllState Choir. Megan Neligan (Form IV) participated in the High School Division of the Classical Singer Magazine Competition for 2012. Singers prepare three contrasting classical selections (art songs or arias) in a minimum of two languages. Megan was judged by faculty of the TCU Music Department and was selected to represent the North Texas region in the final rounds in Chicago in May. After a long process of selective orchestra auditions beginning in Fall 2011, three Hockaday Upper School Orchestra members, Caroline Magee (Form IV – Cello), Lilian Ludford (Form III – Violin), and Shirley Zhang (Form III – Cello) were among the top one percent, earning positions in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State Orchestra.

Hockaday Dedicates Its Fifth Habitat for Humanity House The Hockaday School and St. Mark’s School of Texas joined together to build their fifth house for Habitat for Humanity, which is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that has helped to build over 500,000 decent, affordable houses and served 2.5 million people worldwide. After seven days, 70 hours, and over 250 volunteers, the Zamarripa family’s house is complete. In true Hockaday fashion, all grade levels participated in the house’s dedication Saturday, March 3. Lower School students wrote and drew welcome home cards for the family. Middle School students donated household items, and Upper School students actually built the house. The celebration included live music and hamburgers as the schools presented their gifts to the Zamarripa family.

Hockaday students helped build a Habitat for Humanity house.

The Hockaday School and St. Mark’s School of Texas dedicated their fifth Habitat for Humanity house on March 3.

Upper School Student Council Induction Ceremony Hockaday Upper School students had a changing of the guard as the outgoing Student Council Officers inducted the new leadership team in a traditional ceremony on February 28. Dean Meshea Matthews opened the ceremony quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.” Matthews also said, “The world needs dreamers who do. Hockaday girls do.” All Hockadaisies have leadership roles, and these girls are no exception.

The new leadership team of the Upper School Student Council was inducted on February 28.

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 13

Campus News Hockadaisies Inspire Sudie Williams Students On Saturday, February 4, a small group of artistic Hockadaisies met at Sudie Williams Elementary School, a local Dallas Independent School District (DISD) school that Hockaday has developed a relationship with this year. Throughout the year, Hockaday students have been tutoring students from Sudie Williams, many of whom are bused to the school from South Dallas and West Dallas communities. The Hockaday tutors and Director of Community Service, Laura Day, noticed the plain, dark walls at the school and began brainstorming with the principal about ways to brighten the halls. Taking charge of the project, senior Olivia Karahan worked with Sudie Williams Principal Lorena Hernandez to find quotes to paint on the walls and in the stairwells of the school. In total, Hockaday students provide over 11,000 hours of tutoring in DISD schools each year.

Hockaday hosted its first Make-It Challenge on January 24.

Make-It Challenge On January 24, Hockaday hosted its first Make-It Challenge. Five groups of Upper School students descended upon one science classroom where each student group was given a box of materials to create something “engaging.” The open-ended definition of engaging challenged the students to determine what engaging meant to them. Their boxes included items such as toy helicopters that had flashing LEDs, some electronic equipment, plastic cups, and balloons. There was also a common table where they could find items like tape and colored cellophane, and a tool table with pliers, wire cutters, a soldering iron, and other implements of creation. The winner received a parking spot of their choice for a month, to be divided among the group as they saw fit. All the projects were inventive. There was a replica of a helicopter with working rotors, a skeeball table, and a functioning sprinkler system. “All the projects were quite good and the girls had a great time, and I think they all learned a little bit. We are looking forward to the next challenge,” said Leon de Oliveira, Upper School science teacher.

Rock Star Writers Two Hockaday Upper School students won Scholastic Writing Awards at the regional level, which covers a 10-state area, from the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Katya Lopatko (Form II) won a Silver Key for one piece of writing, a flash fiction story entitled “The Show Goes On.” Audrey Cockrum (Form IV) won a Gold Key, two Silver Keys, and an Honorable Mention for four pieces of writing (flash fiction, short story, and poetry). Audrey’s Gold Key-winning piece, “How to Wake Up on a Sunday Morning,” will go on to compete at the national level.

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 14

Hockaday students painted inspirational quotes in the hallways at Sudie Williams School on February 4.

Breaking Barriers Fourth grade language arts students participated in a personal essay contest sponsored by Scholastic and Major League Baseball (MLB) titled the Breaking Barriers Essay Contest in February. Students learned how Jackie Robinson, the Major League Baseball player, broke the color barrier, and how he overcame the harsh reality of his circumstances. “The girls surpassed my expectations by sharing their own real personal barriers and explaining how they used one or more of Jackie Robinson’s nine values – courage, determination, teamwork, persistence, integrity, citizenship, justice, commitment, and excellence – to face this barrier in an essay,” said fourth grade language arts teacher Tresa Wilson. Lily Forbes won tickets for her class to attend a Texas Rangers baseball game.

2012 Prentiss Grant Recipient In 1999, Michael and Patricia Prentiss established a professional development endowment fund that was given in the names of their two daughters Paige Prentiss Coulman ’92 and Kennedy Prentiss ’99. This generous gift has become a part of Hockaday’s Endowment Fund and offers teachers the opportunity to enjoy summer travel experiences and education. The Prentiss Grant rotates among all three divisions – Upper, Middle, and Lower Schools. Victoria Spears Johnson, first grade teacher, has been awarded the 2012 Prentiss Grant. A 29-year career teacher, 18 of those years at Hockaday, Victoria has been interested in traveling outside of the United States. Frequently encouraging her first grade students to step out and take action on one’s goals,Victoria’s summer 2012 trip to England, Scotland,

Victoria Spears Johnson, first grade teacher, was awarded the 2012 Prentiss Grant.

Wales, and Ireland will be her own step-out and promises to be the “trip of a lifetime.” Victoria looks forward to an adventure that she “can’t even imagine,” and she is already envisioning creative ways to share her experiences when she returns to school in the fall. Hockaday is grateful for the generosity of the Prentisses and the possibilities this grant allows our dedicated teachers. Congratulations,Victoria!

HOCKAday VARSITY LACROSSE TAKES STATE TITLE The varsity lacrosse team takes state! Emily Wechsler (Form II) scored the winning goal in overtime for the 19-18 victory over Houston’s St. John’s in the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League’s Division I State Championship match on Sunday, May 13 in Austin.

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 15

On the Playing Field

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 16

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 17

Brushstrokes and Musical Notes

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 18

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 19

Anniversary Celebrations at the School The Hockaday School is privileged to have exceptional faculty and staff who have served the School loyally for 15 years or more. Students who attended the School during the last three decades have benefited immeasurably from these talented individuals. This year, we celebrate those with milestones at Hockaday. We thank and salute them for their contributions to the School.

35-Year Anniversary Pat Saxon

30-Year Anniversary Marcela Gerber

30-Year Anniversary Jose Lares

30-Year Anniversary John Powell

25-Year Anniversary Barbara Allen

25-Year Anniversary Arturo Martinez

25-Year Anniversary Espiridion Martinez

25-Year Anniversary Socorro Martinez

15-Year Anniversary Angel Duncan

15-Year Anniversary Mary Ramsey

15-Year Anniversary Foley Sosanya

15-Year Anniversary Sharon Wright

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 20

Anniversaries Over 15 Years Hockaday thanks the following faculty and staff members for their years of dedicated service: Eva Anderson, 46 Joyce Madkins, 46 Ed Long, 41 Telesforo Rodriguez, 34 Lisa Camp, 33 Rodrigo Parra, 33 Lana York, 33 Rod Blaydes, 32 Steve Kramer, 32 Benito Lares, 32 Jackie Girard, 31 Johnnie Powell, 31 Richard Bradley, 29 Kevin Brady, 28 Harriette Flachmeier, 28 Diane Glaser, 28 Isnarda Lares, 28 Dee Mayes, 28

Juan Retana, 28 Dorothy Dickman, 26 Beverly Harris, 26 Linda Kramer, 26 Beverly Lawson, 26 Kief Tekle, 26 Rolando Lares, 24 Susanne Broussard, 23 Barby Power, 23 Beth Wortley, 23 Wendy Branson, 22 Mary Pat Higgins, 22 Susan Ragsdale, 22 Justino Rodriguez, 22 Oscar Silva, 22 Brenda Bennett, 21 Peggy Bradley, 21 Bridget Cunningham, 21

Linda Elliott, 21 Jen Liggitt, 21 Josefina Manzanera, 21 Olga O’Reilly, 21 Glenys Quick, 21 Janet Reeves, 21 Steve Spencer, 21 Tim Yeaman, 21 Bobbie Barr, 19 Cynthia Fuentes, 19 Cathy Hall, 19 Susan Hubbard, 19 Jesus Lares, 19 Anna Medina, 19 Juliette McCullough, 19 Linda Nichols, 19 Robert Snook, 19 Vickey Thumlert, 19

Kathy Townsend, 19 Janet Bilhartz, 18 Mark Buschardt, 18 Lydia Gillespie, 18 Victoria Spears Johnson, 18 Juan Lares, 18 Ada Lockett, 18 Lisa Waugh, 18 Richard Abbondanzio, 17 Lee Haller, 17 Jose Rodriguez, 17 Anne Trenary, 17 Patti Black, 16 Susie Hawthorne, 16 Tina Maddux, 16 Amy Spence, 16

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 21

Hockaday Says Farewell to Cherished Faculty and Staff

PEGGY BRADLEY Interim Head of Lower School

Richard BRADLEY Director of Technology

After 21 years of service to the Hockaday community, Peggy Bradley will retire at the close of the 2011–12 academic year. After teaching in schools around the world, in 1991 Mrs. Bradley came to Hockaday as a Lower School mathematics and science teacher. Eventually, she moved into the Middle School, playing a key role in revising and implementing the Lower and Middle School math programs. Mrs. Bradley then served as Technology Integration Specialist, working with teachers, students, and parents to enhance our program. She was involved in the Bickel & Brewer Foundation’s Future Leaders Program for more than a decade. Mrs. Bradley has been a Middle School advisor, and sponsor of the Middle School Student Council, robotics club, computer club, and newspaper. She has chaperoned Hockaday student travel to Balcones Springs, Williamsburg, New Mexico, and San Antonio. She has been the Faculty Chair Representative to the Hockaday Board of Trustees, the Middle School Mathematics Coordinator, and a member of the Program Committee and the Admissions Committee. Most recently, she has returned to her Lower School roots as an inspirational Interim Head of the Lower School this year. Mrs. Bradley and her husband Richard are the parents of two Hockaday alumnae, Kristen ’99 and Wendy ’01.

Richard Bradley will retire at the close of the 2011–12 academic year. He began his tenure at Hockaday in 1983 as an Upper School teacher of mathematics and computer programming, having taught in California, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belgium, Germany, and Hawaii. As the technology program grew, so did his responsibilities for it, and he was eventually named the Director of Technology. At that time, Hockaday had three computer labs (one for each division) and a few computers in Lower School classrooms. Mr. Bradley was the only person in the technology “department.” Since that time, he has spearheaded and directed a leading-edge one-to-one laptop program, now managing a staff of eleven teachers and technicians. Mr. Bradley has been an advisor to every grade level in the Upper School, as well as to the Student Council. In 1997, Richard received the John Killion Memorial Award, an award which honors a Hockaday teacher who goes out of his or her way to help students in and out of the classroom making the learning atmosphere an exciting one. Richard has sponsored the Technology Board and the Video Yearbook, and has also organized the Mo-Ranch trip. While on an exchange in Germany through the International Schools Fellowship in 1989, the Bradley family was eyewitness to history as the Berlin Wall came down. Mr. Bradley also coached the varsity basketball team for six years, winning two SPC championships in 1986 and 1987.

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Dee Mayes Lower School Art Teacher

Janet Reeves Upper School Mathematics Teacher

After 28 years of service to the Hockaday community, Dee Mayes has decided to retire. Ms. Mayes has been an avid photographer, artist, and teacher for most of her life. She began her career at the Dallas Museum of Art, where she worked diligently to help create many of the museum’s outreach programs. She later came to Hockaday, and began developing curriculum for Lower School’s Visual Arts program. Ms. Mayes travels the world exploring other countries and their cultures. In 2000, she brought the first Kaki tree to the United States, a sapling grown from one of the five persimmon trees surviving the bombing at Nagasaki. She has been instrumental in bringing several international peace projects to The Hockaday School. She has organized the 1,000 Cranes Project four times for Hockaday, sending paper cranes to the Japanese Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima. Ms. Mayes introduced the peace pole, which stands next to the pond and was installed by a Hockaday Girl Scout Troop under Dee’s direction. Ms. Mayes taught thousands of students through her passion for the arts. She presented at numerous regional and national conferences on her curriculum, which integrated all Lower School studies with visual arts. During her tenure, she also gave students an appreciation for new cultures and an understanding of other lands.

After 21 years of engaging students in the world of mathematics, Janet Reeves will retire at the end of the 2011–12 school year. At Hockaday since 1991, Mrs. Reeves has taught Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Finite Mathematics and Statistics, courses that she redefined and perfected. The consummate math teacher, she has been first and foremost devoted to student success. Hockaday students know they can find her every morning at 7:00 a.m., without fail, in her room, ready for the day, and welcoming students for extra help and support. Unfailingly, Mrs. Reeves has spent her twenty Hockaday summer “breaks” reviewing and improving her curriculum and her pedagogy – committed to success in mathematics for every student and every learning style. Mrs. Reeves has been elected by her colleagues to serve on the Faculty Advisory Committee and been nominated by seniors to advise them as Senior Sponsor multiple years, including a year as Head Senior Sponsor. In 2008–09, Mrs. Reeves received the Ackerman Award for Character Education. Her devotion to her students is epitomized in her role as advisor. To be in the “Reeves Advisory” is indeed a coveted honor, and a lifelong one at that – Mrs. Reeves meets annually with advisories from past years during Winter Break, often hosting them for dinner in her home.

Retiring Trustees Recognized for Service At the annual Trustee Dinner on May 2, retiring trustees were recognized for their service to the School. Talley Dunn ’86 (second from left), Hockaday Board Chair, and Kim Wargo (fourth from right), Eugene McDermott Headmistress, introduced newly retired trustees (from left to right) Staci Williams ’77, Jeanne L. Phillips, Tiffany Borlaug Rubi ’88, Rebecca E. Szelc, Cindy McGeoch, Katherine Rogers Roberts ’89, and Kathryn King Marley ’83.

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HPA Benefit 2012

Thank You Note Chair Kaysie Montgomery and Benefit Committee member Bobby Villareal

Current Board of Trustees Chair and Honorary Benefit Chair Talley Dunn ’86 with Benefit Chair Zoé Hart and Eugene McDermott Headmistress Kim Wargo

Nearly 1,000 people attended this year’s Hockaday Parents’ Association gala, Deep in the Heart of Hockaday: Welcome to Texas Kim Wargo, held on March 3, 2012, featuring multiplatinum Country Music Star Clint Black. A Texas-sized thank you goes to all the volunteers, underwriters, auction item donors, and parents who made the Benefit such a great success. Special thanks to Honorary Chair Talley Dunn ’86, Benefit Chair Zoé Hart, and HPA President Cindy McGeoch. More than $375,000 was raised to support the Ela Hockaday Fund for Faculty Excellence through this year’s HPA Benefit events. Established in 2008, the Ela Hockaday Fund supports faculty excellence by funding professional development, graduate studies, faculty salaries, and other compensation. The fund gives Hockaday a competitive edge to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty. Learn about how the Ela Fund supports faculty excellence. Visit your phone’s app store to download a QR Code reader. Taeri and Jonathan Oh were the lucky winners of the Sewell Automotive Car Raffle.

HPA Benefit Photography by James Edward Photography hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 24

Nicole and Foster Blair

Carmen Gross, 2012–13 HPA President; Kim Wargo, Eugene McDermott Headmistress; and Cindy McGeoch, 2011–12 HPA President, show off the new smart phone bidding option which debuted at this year’s auction.

Special thanks to Black Hat Headliner Sponsors Brint and Amanda Ryan (Ryan LLC) pictured here with Clint Black (center) at the underwriter VIP reception.

Eugene McDermott Headmistress Kim Wargo rocked the house with her rendition of These Boots are Made for Walkin’ to kick off the Live Auction. Baskets Chair Rebecca McDaniel, Checkout Chair Amy Sanders Kerber ’86, Benefit Chair Zoé Hart, and Data Entry Chair Mona Graue

Kim Wargo with husband Mark Cortez and Upper School Head John Ashton

Pat Gum, Jennifer Levy, and Lisel Matheny Simmons ’92 Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 25

Centennial Corner Highlights from the past 100 years of Hockaday’s history HOCKADAY’s First Travel Class Hockaday students have been traveling abroad since the first class embarked for Europe in November 1928. That occasion was recalled in an excerpt from the Fourcast featured in the book, Hockaday: The Alumnae Association Observes the School’s TwentyFifth Anniversary, published in 1938. November 5, 1928 Hockaday’s first travel class was off for Europe, and what an occasion! A picture was snapped of the group just before the boat sailed. All were, of course, dressed in the height of fashion (and what fashion! Low waists, short skirts, and hats that completely hid all hair!) and each girl wore an orchid corsage. Miss McDermott and Miss Edwards were the chaperones, and Martha Moore, Roberta Miller, Mary Kincaid, Florence Cohn, Mary Mosher, Mary Jo Moore, Flora Mae Wagner, and Virginia Browder made up the rest of the party. The group spent seven months traveling and learning in Europe, spending time in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, and England. The travel classes continued until the outbreak of World War II. The travel program also included spring vacation trips to places such as Washington, D.C., New York, and Bermuda beginning in 1938. Hockaday’s first travel class embarked for Europe in November 1928 on the steamship Conte Biancomano.

According to an article in Hockaday Alumnae Magazine, Fall 1946, Miss Hockaday’s vision for the travel classes is as relevant today as it was in the wake of World War II.

Miss Hockaday has been re-evaluating the Travel Classes, and she has come to the conclusion that in the future we must make some provision for the girls to meet people of their own age in other countries and must gain some insight into the schools of other people. Perhaps some of the glamour of the big hotels and the superficial sight-seeing will be missed, but something much more worthwhile will take its place. The only hope of the world is in real international understanding. Such understanding is not gained just through seeing the architecture, topography, and art of a country, however important these factors are. It is gained by seeing how other people’s minds work, what they love, how they live, and what they believe.

Gertrude Windsor Richardson ’36 was a member of the 1936–37 travel class.

Today’s Hockaday travel program takes much the same approach, with students living like locals as much as possible. Through adventure and service, students open their eyes to new cultures and let the world truly become their classroom. Five students and two teachers traveled to Argentina during Spring Break 2012, working in an orphanage for a day, visiting an estancia to learn about gaucho culture, and attending classes at San Javier School. Other groups will visit Beijing and France during summer 2012.

about the travel program, visit Visit your phone’s app store to download a QR Code reader.


travel program takes much the same approach ... Through adventure and service, students open their eyes to

To learn more

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012

Today’s Hockaday

new cultures and let the world truly become their classroom.

Hockaday Centennial Organizing Committee Hockaday will celebrate its Centennial in 2013 and 2014. Under the able leadership of Centennial Planning Chair, Sara Melnick Albert ’73, we have an exceptional committee and leadership structure in place and have laid the groundwork for a twelve-month celebration spanning two academic years. As we move into 2012–13, our Centennial work continues under the dedicated leadership of Centennial Executive Chair Kathryn Walker Francis ’94. With immense gratitude to each person who has accepted a leadership role and to all who will volunteer their time and energy for this important celebration of our past, present, and future, we look forward to the joyous occasion of marking Hockaday’s Centennial. Centennial Leadership Centennial Planning Chair Sara Melnick Albert ’73 Centennial Executive Chair Kathryn Walker Francis ’94 Centennial Vice Chairs Priss Benbow ’79 Kathy Gudmundsson Peggy Black Meyer ’81 Lizzie Horchow Routman ’82 Centennial Historian Natalie “Schatzie” Henderson Lee ’55 Hockaday Alumnae Association 2012-13 President Maria Martineau Plankinton ’83 2013–14 President Carrie Moore Becker ’89 Hockaday Parents’ Association 2012–13 President Carmen Gross 2013–14 President Anne Whitley Wood ’82

Centennial Events Leadership Alumnae Day 2013 April 19, 2013 Co-Chairs Trudy Slater Best ’50 Betsy Best Cullum ’73 Sissy Best Cullum ’75 Liz Cullum Helfrich ’98 Brannon Cullum ’00 Margaret Cullum ’01

Centennial Events Leadership continued Centennial Kick-Off Weekend September 27–28, 2013 Kick-Off Festival Co-Chairs Kathy Crow Elly Sachs Holder ’82 Susan Kaminski Rajani Kapu ’90 Trustee Chair Jakki Thomas Faculty/Staff Chairs Linda and Steve Kramer Past Parent Chair Jennifer Mosle Student Chair 2012–13 Form III President Meredith Mihalopoulos Fall Alumnae Dinner Maria Martineau Plankinton ’83 HAARTS Amy Williams Monier ’73 Salute to Athletics Alumna Chair Kelly Johnston Middleton ’96 Parent Chair Caroline O’Brien Coach Chair Rod Skaife Faculty Chair Barbara Fishel Student Chairs 2012–13 Form III Athletic Board Representatives Evie Peña Dalton Youngblood

Centennial DAY OF SERVICE November 13, 2013 Co-Chairs Lisa Hurst Karen Sheinberg Pollock ’84 Student Chair 2012–13 Form III Community Service Board Representative Lucy Wilson Hockaday Centennial Weekend April 11–12, 2014 Alumnae Day April 11–12, 2014 Co-Chairs Susie Weber Munson ’63 Merry Munson Wyatt ’93 Katherine Munson Beach ’94 Meg Munson McGonigle ’96 Alumnae Family Picnic Co-Chairs Jennie Schoellkopf Emanuelson ’94 Samantha Ackerman Simons ’91 Hockaday Centennial Gala Parents Chair Kristi Hoyl Alumnae Parents Chair Peggy Sewell Alumnae Chair Jacquelin Sewell Taylor ’99 Alumnae Association Past Presidents Luncheon Co-Chairs Leslie Whittenburg el-Effendi ’83 Mary Ann Jackson Hyde ’49 ’51JC Hockaday Parents’ Association Past Presidents Luncheon Co-Chairs Marcia Rafkin Helene Rudberg

Centennial Projects Leadership Centennial Anthology Editorial Board Co-Chairs Natalie “Schatzie” Henderson Lee ’55 Betsy Best Cullum ’73 Committee Angela Ards ���87 Jani Hall Leuschel ’82 Moira Muldoon ’91 Centennial Exhibit Katherine Rogers Roberts ’89 Centennial Faculty and Staff Committee Stephanie Hazlewood Dees ’94

SAVE THE DATES Alumnae Day 2013 Friday, April 19, 2013 Centennial Kick-Off Weekend 2013 Friday and Saturday, September 27–28, 2013 Centennial Day of Service Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Alumnae Centennial Weekend 2014 Friday and Saturday, April 11–12, 2014 We are grateful to the many people who have volunteered to help with the Centennial events.

Join us for the Hockaday Centennial Celebrations!

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What will Hockaday be like in 100 years? We asked Hockaday students to imagine the School in 2112. Their responses were thoughtful, funny, and surprising. Here is a sampling of their ideas.

“In 100 years I think Hockaday will have a lot more girls and the classrooms will be bigger with more computers. My daughters will come to Hockaday, and they will wear the same uniform as me!” – Anna Bolden, Pre-Kindergarten

“In 100 years Hockaday will look fun, and I will still like it even more than the teachers. The classrooms will be really, really beautiful, filled with computers and girls. The girls will be wearing the beautiful green Hockaday dresses!” – Zoë Lelevich, Pre-Kindergarten

“I think in 100 years Hockaday will have a bunch of robots that will help you with your work and a giant science room with an aquarium and a jungle with tons of animals. There would also be super comfy chairs to sit in and desks that you get to pick the theme on, and to get from class to class there will be tunnels and slides.” – Emily Estes, Second Grade

“The intense spirit and determination of everyone at Hockaday will still be consistent throughout the School’s existence, we can be totally sure of that. But new ways to teach and new ways to learn that are being developed in minds everywhere will be implemented. This will help future generations of Hockadaisies become even more creative and intelligent teens and adults.” – Charlsie Doan, Fifth Grade

“In 100 years the girls at Hockaday will be arriving in flying cars.The girls will be learning how to ride horses in P.E. Instead of smartboards they’ll be ‘ginz’ boards that pop out in 3D. There will be shoes that with a kick of the heel and a whisper they will take you where you want. There will be everything for lunch.” – Mina Raj, Second Grade

“In 100 years, I think a Hockaday education will be completely based around technology. I envision our textbooks being online, our papers all being turned in and graded via email, and our classes taught through web-based programs. 100 years from now, I imagine that the value of the Hockaday education will remain the same as it is today. This past week we had our ‘Return to Your Roots’ program for the seniors that have been at Hockaday since Lower School, and already I can see how much the School has changed. The children in Lower School now already know so much more than I did at that time, and I can only imagine how this tradition of improvement will continue for the next 100 years.” – Katie Oliver, Form IV

“At Hockaday in 100 years, a group of students will have invented a car that runs on air, a challenge machine, and a Rubik’s Cube that spins in the air. The uniform will not have changed in the slightest way. For transportation they will use those cars I talked about, and all the subjects will be the same.” – Joni Hurley, Second Grade

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Preserving Your Legacy: The 1913 Society A Conversation with Ann Hubbard McIntyre ’74 To say that Ann Hubbard McIntyre ’74 has lived a full and colorful life is something of an understatement. After attending Hockaday from eighth grade through Form III, her family moved to Tokyo, Japan due to her father’s business. “It was so traumatic at the time. I really wanted to stay and finish at Hockaday and my parents really thought the opportunity to live in Tokyo was too great to pass up,” she said. “My parents were right! My life was completely opened up by the experience and the world has remained open.” Like many alumnae, McIntyre has remained connected to the school community. She served on the Alumnae Board, and she never misses a Hockaday Alumnae in the Arts (HAARTS) program. “I get a buzz every time I return to Hockaday,” McIntyre remarked. “I am always pepped up by the energy here, by what the girls are up to, and by the accomplishments of the alums.” Since leaving Hockaday, Ann built a successful career as a strategic account executive in the IT industry, co-authored The Complete Sales Letter Book, became an instructor in a Japanese school of flower arranging, traveled widely, and is now designing her own line of artist greeting cards as well as pursuing her passion for oil painting. But she still credits her Hockaday roots with forming the foundation of her life.

The 1913 Society: Your Legacy to Future Generations of Hockaday Girls The 1913 Society was chartered in 2007 to recognize the generosity and foresight of those who join the School’s founder in securing a future for Hockaday and its students, as built upon the original Four Cornerstones. These individuals have embraced the vision for that future by establishing a deferred gift that will benefit Hockaday, its students, and faculty in the future. To join this group of dedicated individuals who have provided future gifts for Hockaday, contact the Office of Planned Giving at 214.360.6587.

“When I think back on that time in my life, [it] was not an easy time,” she remembered.“I had a brother much older than me who was fighting in Vietnam; our family life was stress-filled. I felt embraced at school, like I was in an environment that cared about the development of me as an individual and [one that] taught me to believe in myself and my potential. I feel indebted to Hockaday for what it gave me at a very critical stage of life.” In recognition of Hockaday’s importance in her life, McIntyre decided to become a member of the 1913 Society by remembering Hockaday in her will. “I hope my gift can impact the future of Hockaday, and I want to make sure it continues along its progressive path for generations to come,” she said. “As a believer in the power of community, I can say that the community here is a rich one and one that I want to ensure continues to flourish.”

The Hockaday Centennial Alumnae Art Exhibition Save the Date!

Exhibit – Fall 2013 Share your vision and talent: Announcing a celebration of Visual Arts at Hockaday in honor of the Hockaday Centennial. Media will include two-dimensional, three-dimensional, mixed-media, works on paper, works on canvas, photography, film, and video. The Exhibition will feature Hockaday’s first online art show. Look for submission specifications and deadline requirements in the Fall 2012 Hockaday Magazine and on the Hockaday website later this year.

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“Online learning works because students come from all different backgrounds and learn in different ways. Online learning offers opportunities that have not been available in the past.” Tracy Walder Upper School History Teacher

“Teachers can take the concept of flipping a classroom and modify it to provide the best learning experience for students ... Flipping allows more written practice in the classroom where the student has access to the teacher for any necessary guidance.” Jeri Sutton Mathematics Department Chair

“Watching the girls collaborate is wonderful. I give them tidbits of information and they use their computers to research, making the project interactive and exciting.” Bridget Cunningham Middle School History Teacher

“In online learning, there is something for every level and every discipline. Without the limitations of travel, the world really can be our classroom.” Amy Banks Third Grade Science Teacher


echnology is helping teachers expand lessons beyond linear, text-based learning and is engaging students who learn in different ways. Its role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class” into a versatile learning tool that has changed how educators demonstrate concepts, assign projects, and assess progress. Traditional classroom instruction is now augmented by improved simulations and models, global learning opportunities, virtual manipulatives, real-time assessments, storytelling and multimedia, and e-books. At Hockaday, our faculty works to be collaborative and innovative, engaging students in new and exciting ways so they are ready to take their places as leaders in the twenty-first century.

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 31

Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head FLIPPED CLASSROOM A number of Hockaday faculty members are spending less time lecturing in class. Now, their students are watching lectures online prior to class and using their class time to gain further understanding of concepts introduced in the lectures. This concept is called the FLIPPED CLASSROOM and is a growing trend among educators. hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 32

• The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods,

delivering instruction online outside of the class and moving “homework”

into the classroom.

• Students watch lectures at home at their own pace, communicating with peers and teachers via online discussions.

• The classroom becomes a research environment, allowing students to build

on and develop a better understanding of the information introduced the previous evening.

• Overall interaction increases: teacher to student and student to student. • Teachers and students spend class time answering questions, working in small groups, and taking advantage of hands-on learning opportunities.

“Teachers can take the concept of flipping a classroom and “Senior Sarah Haemisegger opens Upper School science modify it to provide the best learning experience for students,” teacher Murry Gans’ webcast on Haiku for a final viewing before said Jeri Sutton, Mathematics Department Chair. “We want her AP Biology class with Dr. Barbara Fishel.The webcast is nine students to discover mathematics, so they develop a solid minutes long and all AP Biology students use Gans’ webcasts for understanding of it. Flipping allows more written practice in the material review. These videos allow Haemisegger and her peers classroom where the student has access to the teacher for any to learn the information and re-watch the webcasts anywhere necessary guidance.” and at anytime,” according to a story written by Megan Porter According to a report by, Jonathan Bergman (Form III) in the February 2012 edition of Fourcast. and Aaron Sams, teachers at Woodland Park High School The idea of the flipped classroom inverts traditional in Woodland Park, Colorado, initiated the concept of the teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class flipped classroom. Bergman and Sams noticed students missing and moving “homework” into the classroom. Students watch class for activities. These teachers found a way to deliver the lectures at home at their own pace, communicating with fellow lessons to students using technology. students and teachers via online discussions. This is revolutionizing the way students One of the greatest benefits of flipping is are learning and connecting with their that overall interaction increases: teacher to “My previous teachers and fellow students throughout student and student to student. system didn’t offer enough the country. The flipped classroom allows time to do Upper School history teacher Tracy teachers more time working with students everything. Walder has experienced many challenges on the material being learned. Teachers Switching in her teaching career, most notably when and students spend class time answering around she was asked to teach an online course questions, working in small groups, and the model for at-risk adolescents. She stated, “Online taking advantage of hands-on learning completely learning works because students come opportunities. freed up the from all different backgrounds and learn The classroom becomes a research class.” in different ways. Online learning offers environment, allowing students to build Janet Reeves opportunities that have not been available on and develop a better understanding of UPPEr school in the past.” the information introduced the previous Math Teacher Janet Reeves, Upper School mathematics evening. When students are working on teacher, began making preview videos of an assignment, and the teacher notices lecture content for the girls to watch each a group of students struggling with the night for homework and noticed an immediate change in the same concept, she can quickly refine and explain the material understanding of the introduced concepts. “My previous system to provide a better understanding of the material. Flipping the didn’t offer enough time to do everything. Switching around the classroom reserves class time for collaborative work and concept model completely freed up the class,” said Reeves. mastery exercises. Hockaday students have varied learning styles, and different types of learning opportunities – like the flipped classroom – improve each student’s ability to thrive in our continually To learn more about the history of the changing world. flipped classroom,


Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 33

Learning Beyond Hockaday’s Walls

Video conferencing technology opens up opportunities for Hockaday girls Amy Banks’ third grade science class is learning about the process of invention from an expert in Minnesota, but he is not a visiting scholar. Instead, he is leading students through a lesson from the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota, using Hockaday’s Tandberg video conferencing equipment. The students in Banks’ class begin to interact with the instructor after the first few minutes as if he were standing right in front of them. He calls the students by name and asks them to do tasks around the room to illustrate how engineers use the scientific method when creating a new invention. Students have reacted very favorably to the program. “I liked the whole thing, but especially when the teachers on the screen asked us to get up and act out the ‘invention scenarios’ like the creation of the first frozen pizza by Rose Totino,” said Katie Harmon, a third grade student. “It’s a field trip without the bus, box lunches, and permission slips,” said Banks of the experience.

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 34

Two years ago,Tom Johnson,Technology Integration Specialist, introduced Tandberg video conferencing equipment to the teachers at Hockaday. This state-of-the-art equipment allows all of the students in the classroom to be seen and heard by the teacher on the other end, and vice-versa. Tandberg equipment was also used to allow Anne Woods Patterson ’67, United States Ambassador to Egypt, to join the Hockaday Alumnae in the Arts (HAARTS) panel on “The Art of Diplomacy” live from Cairo in February 2012. She could be seen and heard just as clearly as the other panelists who were sitting in the Hicks Meeting Room at Hockaday. “I am amazed by the clarity of the transmission,” said Banks. “The mic picks up everyone in the class, yet there is no feedback from the presenter’s speakers, and the girls become so comfortable with the technology that they start talking to the presenter as if he or she is right in the room.” Last year, the Tandberg system was used by Banks’ fourth grade class for a lesson on the anatomy of the eye from the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum in Michigan. The museum provided all of the materials for the lesson, including cow eyeballs, goggles, gloves, and a full curriculum guide. With the wealth of video conferencing opportunities available, students can look forward to more learning experiences that extend beyond the walls of Hockaday. “There is something for every level and every discipline,” Banks added. “Without the limitations of travel, the world really can be our classroom.”

“Video conferencing, distance learning, and interacting with people via technology are 21st Century skills. Students need to be tech-savvy and comfortable learning through any medium.” AmY BANKS Third Grade Science Teacher

Fourth grade students studied the anatomy of the eye in one distance lecture.

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 35

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 36

A MODERN TWIST ON EPIC STORIES Motivating kids to learn about ancient wars can be challenging, but Middle School history teacher Bridget Cunningham is encouraging a deeper understanding of historical concepts using graphic novels. Rather than assigning her students a traditional essay on the Peloponnesian War, Cunningham’s eighth-graders create graphic novel-style comics using words and illustrations describing key points in the war. “Getting them past the books and into the visual realm inspires my students to engage in more in-depth learning,” said Cunningham of the project. More than simple cartoons, graphic novels typically tell a longer story through a series of illustrations accompanied by text. Many educators are finding a place for graphic depictions in their curriculum. They contain more advanced vocabulary than traditional books at the same age or grade level. Cunningham uses maps and visuals to introduce concepts to her students, enticing them with the visual and drawing them in to the subject matter. In turn, they read more about history and gain a better understanding of each lesson. With the introduction of graphics, segments of history must be explained in a short amount of space. Nouns and verbs are used much more than adjectives in graphic novels, according to Cunningham. “Watching the girls collaborate is wonderful. I give them tidbits of information and they use their computers to research, making the project interactive and exciting,” she said. Upper School English teacher Calli Birch uses the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi to engage her Upper School students in non-western literature. The book is an autobiography about Satrapi’s childhood and adolescence in Iran during the 1970s and 80s.

Birch said, “The girls empathize with some of the heaviest prejudices and misconceptions, as they enter into the story, to understand the character’s point of view.” This particular graphic novel is told from a child’s point of view, allowing students to understand the cultural differences without being judgmental. People tend to analyze the visual more than the written word, according to Birch. The book is illustrated in black and white and deals with serious content in a way that allows for individual interpretation. Before Birch’s class starts Persepolis, she teaches her students how to read and analyze text. Cartoons are the essence of concepts, leaving out the details that cause preconceived notions. “The more simplistic the image, the more universal the character, to the point of losing race and gender,” according to Birch, “It is a fabulous way to allow students to focus on issues without any preconceived notions.” Many educators have reported great success with the integration of graphic novels into their curriculum, especially in English, science, social studies, and art. Teachers are discovering that graphic novels – just like traditional forms of literature – can be useful tools for helping students critically examine tough issues.

“Getting them past the books and into the visual realm inspires my students to engage in more in-depth learning.” Bridget Cunningham Middle School History Teacher

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 37

“Among the many advantages that OSG has offered our students are the expanded course offerings, improved flexibility in scheduling, and increased opportunities for international connections.” Cathy Murphree Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs & Provost

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 38

ONLINE SCHOOL for girls The Online School for Girls (OSG) is both the first single-gender online school and the first independent online school in the world. Since Fall 2010, 28 Hockadaisies have taken advantage of classes such as AP Psychology, Differential Equations, and Japanese I offered online through OSG. More than 400 students worldwide have taken courses with OSG since its inception in 2009. Hockaday’s membership in The Online School for Girls has furthered a number of the goals of the School’s Long Range Plan: seeking out new programs and teaching ideas; developing innovative curriculum; leveraging technology to transform instruction; incorporating distance learning; and developing relationships with other schools, according to Cathy Murphree, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs & Provost. Murphree said, “Among the many advantages that OSG has offered our students are expanded course offerings, improved flexibility in scheduling, and increased opportunities for international connections.” According to the OSG website, “OSG is a consortium effort of over 60 of the best internationally known schools. These schools share a commitment to the education of girls and have proven expertise in creating educational environments for girls that, according to research, have resulted in higher academic achievement and self-confidence.” Much like face-to-face classes, the classes offered by OSG incorporate communication, collaboration, application, and creativity. Haiku, the learning management system used by OSG, allows teachers and students to access 140 tools including video, VoiceThread, SlideShare, group projects, discussion boards, and wikis. Students say that the technology is simple to use and that it is easy to follow the course.

The most popular courses among Hockaday students are currently AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, and Genetics, classes that often have a few interested students at each school but struggle to meet the minimum number of students needed to offer a course. “Girls in OSG collaborate regularly; online learning at OSG is not an individual, computer-centric pursuit. Our students apply what they learn to the real world and are encouraged to be creative,” said Brad Rathgeber, Director of the Online School for Girls. Hockaday teachers have also benefitted from the partnership by taking advantage of professional development opportunities. Many Hockaday faculty members from all subjects and divisions have enrolled in summer courses through OSG. Teachers have participated in courses that demonstrated online tools they can integrate into their standard curricula. According to Rathgeber, “The 2012 school year will be an exciting one for us. OSG is greatly expanding our summer programs. We have created courses to help students transition to college, and new courses in the arts, foreign language, science, and social science have been added.” “Hockaday’s association with Online School for Girls has extended the academic experience at Hockaday beyond our campus and has highlighted our school as a national leader in 21st century education,” Murphree said. Use this QR Code for a link to the classes offered by Online School for Girls. Visit your phone’s app store to download a QR Code reader.

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 39

Alumnae Day 2012

Bob Kaminski, Honorary Hockaday Alumnus, with his wife Susan, and their daughter Madison (Class of 2014)

The Hockaday Alumnae Association presented the following awards in a special ceremony on April 27, 2012. Hockaday Medal: Grace Hill Gentry ’55

Honorary Alumnus: Bob Kaminski

Established in 1977, the Hockaday Medal is the highest honor the Alumnae Association can bestow upon a graduate. Grace Hill Gentry ’55 is nationally-known as a trailblazer for women in the computer and data processing industry, and she has received three lifetime achievement awards from the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses. With her husband Richard, she founded Gentry, Inc., one of the first computer contracting businesses in the nation. She later developed a business model for independent contractors, developed numerous software products, and implemented hardware and software products for her clients. Mrs. Gentry also founded the Open Door Education Foundation, which awards scholarships to students who pursue education in computer technology.

An Honorary Alum is a member of the Hockaday community who has demonstrated true devotion to the School through his or her loyalty and support. Bob Kaminski has been a dedicated member of the Board of Trustees since 2001 and served as Chair from 2009–11. He has served on most of the committees of the board, and currently chairs the Board Governance and Leadership Committee. Mr. Kaminski’s wisdom and keen business acumen have been critical to Hockaday. He was instrumental in facilitating the sale of a piece of Hockaday’s land to Lamplighter, which gave that school a permanent home as our valued neighbor, and, in turn, positively impacted Hockaday’s endowment. He also served on the head search committees that brought both Jeanne Whitman and Kim Wargo to Hockaday. He is active in the Dallas arts community, serving on the boards of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Kaminski and his wife, Susan, are the parents of Madison, Class of 2014.

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Paul Storey, Honorary Hockaday Alumnus, with his daughters Jennifer Storey Irwin ’89 and Beth Storey ’86

Honorary Alumnus: Paul Storey

Paul Storey has volunteered countless hours behind the scenes at Hockaday since his wife Becky, former head of Lower School, began teaching in 1984. He has been a devoted father, cheerleader, chauffeur, and sounding board to his daughters Beth Storey ’86 and Jennifer Storey Irwin ’89. As Becky’s modest and unassuming right-hand man, Mr. Storey’s many unofficial duties included such glamorous tasks as laminating, painting red footprints leading the children to the rotunda, driving the bus for field trips, and hanging bulletin boards. As one nominator said, “Paul’s contributions were typically in the background and he never expected any thanks in return.” Outstanding Alumnae Volunteer: Erika Bruce ’88

Since taking a board position two years ago, Erika Bruce ’88 has been working diligently on behalf of the Alumnae Association. She has served on the long-range planning committee and was an ’80s decade chair. This year, as Decade Chair Liaison, she has been committed to strengthening the alumnae network by enhancing communications between the School and the alumnae and encouraging increased alumnae involvement. She is also a stalwart Connectathon volunteer, providing ideas and proposing solutions, all with a smile.

Bonner Mead Allen ’94, Hockaday Medal Chair, with Grace Hill Gentry ’55, Hockaday Medalist

Ellen Higginbotham Rogers Award for Faculty Excellence

The Rogers Award was established in 2006 in honor of a Hockaday alumna, sister, mother, grandmother and Life Trustee, Ellen Higginbotham Rogers ’59. It is given by the Alumnae Association annually to a faculty or staff member who has made an important impact on the students and on the education the School provides them. The goal of this award is to recognize these individuals for devoting their creative energy to Hockaday and to encourage others to do the same. This year’s winner was Jeri Sutton, Chair of the Mathematics Department. The two other finalists were Diane Glaser, Lyda Hill Distinguished Teacher of English and Middle School English Coordinator, and Tracy Walder, Upper School History Teacher.

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Alumnae Day 2012

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2012 Alumnae Day Reunion Photos

1952 1952JC Bottom Row: Lila Luckie McCall, Peggy Davis Greenstreet, Alice McCart Walters, Eva Jane Potter Morgan; Top Row: Ann Ferguson Williams, Sonia Wolf Wilson, Betty Taylor Cox

Bottom Row: Nancy Neill Law, Chandler Roosevelt Lindsley, Kay Carter Fortson, Ellen Roeser; Second Row: Ann Lewis Lawrence, Edith Allen Wheless; Third Row: Marjorie Winn Ford, Drane Kendall Haw, Patsy Huey Weiler, Kay Kennard McIlyar; Fourth Row: Ann Warner Velie, Carol Anderson Bywaters, Anna Noel Devanney Williams; Top Row: Annis Singleton Buell, Betsy Cullum Bolin, Louisa Shade Russell

1957 Bottom Row: Susan Sibbitt Lott, Myrtie Rawlins Rice, Barkley Adams Rice, Oteka Little Ball, Kathryn Manion Haider; Top Row: Wendy Faunce Johnson, Connie Constantin Cummins, Phyllis Bywaters Singer, Marietta Scurry Johnson, Jane Matthews Slater, Fran Harvey Russell, Caro Alexander Stalcup, Linda Ashby Crites, Helena Jackson, Nancy Foree, Carol Alexander Vesey; Not pictured: Marietta Payne Allmond

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1962 Bottom Row: Peggy Donaldson Bishop, Ann Sweeney Dunkin, Cathy Carr, Byrd Fuertes Teague, Karen Greene Greebon, Sally Bowser, Marylyn Marchman Patrick, Carole Hill Stone; Middle Row: Helen Sears Burton, Anna Brelsford Coiner, Diane Hardy, Kathy Harris Cook, Shelly Suggs Steele, Joan Goren Brannon, Elizabeth Robertson, Carrin Clark Katz, Barbara Dunbar Hailey, Lyn Waggoner Brower, Meg Boggess Twombly; Top Row: Shay Shelton Hoffman, June Hunt, Pam Schneider Bennett, Nancy Johnston Ferro, Jean Bateson Osher, Marian Higginbotham Niles, Anne Bartley, Rosemary Carleton Brown, Nedra Reed Williams, Stephanie Smith-Jarratt, Carmen Lawrence Tucker, Barbie Castleman Whipple, Sandra Schoolfield, Cecily “Jill” Henry

1967 Bottom Row: Hannah Davis Cutshall, Susan Wagner Gillette, Marty Johnson Mango, Shawnee Rathbone McCord, Ellen Lee Falls, Elizabeth Cavin Thomasson, Sally Yamini; Top Row: Sarah Wilson Andry, Helen LaKelly Hunt-Hendrix, Janie Castleman McNairy, Lucinda Perry Buce, Cynthia Harrell Young, Tina Schonfeld Simon, Susie Northway Phillips-Hergert, Beverly Ann Shanbaum Gannon, Carolyn Kemp Wittenbraker, Karla Wilcoxson McKenzie

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1972 Bottom Row: Markeeta McNatt Brown, Sugie Dotson Poteet, Connie Melrose, Elizabeth Callihan, Ines Echerverria Cabrera, Penny Tower Cook, Roberta Pearle Lamb, Delrie Hobbs; Middle Row: Linda Lloyd Quisenberry, Kaki Roberts, Pam Hudnall Quarterman, Blair Baldwin Hudson, Jan Braecklein Norris, Missy Gunn Falchi,Val Glitsch, Christie Kelton Leach,Vicki Vandeveer Moore, Trish Payne Parrish, Janie Strauss McGarr; Top Row: Kelly Robinson Caccia, Martha Fuller Edwards, Nabila Cronfel Kinghorn, Sister Loflin Parey, Rebecca Hayes-Newman, Dana Easter, Barbara Pitzer Thornton, Kathryn Browning Cook, Karen Fry-Weisbrich, Shelley Chapin Drake, Jalene Gibson Manske, Cathy Card Sterling

1977 Bottom Row: Cynthia Nix Savelli, Sarah Longinotti Rosenthal, Lydia Connally McClanahan, Sandra Flippo Hilliard, Lisa Roten Levitt, Staci Williams, Ellen Needham Winspear; Top Row: Marcia Regan Shannon, Helen Clayton Shingler, Jodi Hadsell, Kathy Blaylock McCarron, Traci Williams, Karen Sledge McLain, Leslie Philipson Krakow, Val Mack Yarbrough, Krystal Mahaney Zahniser, Angela Hedge Callaway

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1982 Bottom Row: Claudia Sandlin Harvie, Maia Boswell Penc, Julie Philipson Boren, Angelique Foster, Amy Williams Puckett, Karen Lastelick Higginbotham, Tania Regard Hardage, Renee Massey Fitzpatick; Middle Row: Presley Stokes Troyer, Kendall Burney Wilson, Cuqui Chiriboga, Lilian Berendoague Bruce, Kerry McHugh Breaux, Lisa Kyle, Nancy Purse Winston, Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff, Carol Keith, Jani Hall Lueschel; Top Row: Polly Dossett Whittle, Leslie Hyland Rodgers, Carol Marzuola, Karen Gilbertson Cowden, Thalia Sarris Banowsky, Lizzie Horchow Routman, Katy Miller Merriman, Ann Whitley Wood, Ava Swayze King

1987 Bottom Row: Lisa Schiffman, Sally Darden Hudspeth, Alexandria Nugent, Beth Brand Stromberg,Vicky McElhaney Benedict; Top Row: Beth Gayden Williams, Ashley Akin, Jamie Porter Gaunt, Cindy Swayze Smith, LeDee Kidd Sachs, Fran Engle Alford, Ariana Viroslav Held, Leigh Barnett Miller, Jill Heraty McKenna; Not pictured: Amy Spence

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1992 Bottom Row: Hina Husain Khan, Ashley Geller Greene, Dory Hawn Sjogren, Emily Loeb Love, Karen Soltero, Emilie Mennel Collins, Jessica Cohen; Middle Row: Cathy Carty Clutterbuck, Landy Elliot Fox, Anne Schwitters Smith, Jackie Lokey Kelley, Stuart Newsome, Leigh Burkholder-Dealey DeMarco, Ashley Hollweg Sibley, Caroline Briggle Hattemer, Bettina Hein, Lexi Hart, Heather Lawrence Hopper; Top Row: Nancy Fallen, Tracy Chia, Paige Prentiss Coulman, Stephanie Stokes Davis, Anne Shirley Underwood, Lynde Jones Schoellkopf, Lisa Hampton, Julie Flamant Hamilton, Carlyn Stewart Waldo, Rebecca Sherouse, Lisel Matheny Simmons, Marina Dunaeva Thelen

1997 Bottom Row: Allison Mittler Pape, Catherine Mead Brady, Courtney Jones Johnson, Alicia Carter, Randall Rauscher Rhodus; Top Row: Paige Adams, Tukisha Oden, Kristin Pittman Ortega, Brooke Robinson Howe, Worth Anne Stites Herrell, Sarah Coppin Edwards

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2002 Bottom Row: Sandy Barnett, Meg Bartos, Katie Ackerman Rhamey, Margaret Elizabeth Perry, Meredith Lewis Perry, Elizabeth Norris, Megan Gompf, Kristina Kiik, Callan Blount Fleming, Elizabeth Frost Benson; Middle Row: Meghan McDonald Michael, Mimi Lee, Margaret Ryburn, Maryam Khan, Leslie Moses, Megan Lacerte Barrie-Schwarz, Christal Boyd, Haley Acuff Todd, Stephanie Snell, Bo Joplin, Heather Winn, Kelli Garcia, Chandler Rice Winslow; Top Row: Courtney Petruska, Ashley Cox, Hannah Simpson, Kathryn Swygert Dempsey, Lauren Ornelas, Hannah Song, Dafna Salomon, Lesley Russell O’Leary, Anne Miller Morris, Margarett Coleman Hansen, Jill Migicovsky, Emily Tang, Laura Ginsburg, Robyn Sills

2007 Bottom Row: Erin Judge, Julie Smith, Sarah Satinsky, Olivia Trevino, Ellie Simpson, Caroline Robb, Kavitha Surana, Merritt Milliorn; Top Row: Leslie McCombs, Amanda Holubec, Lori Shah, Maggie Cowling, Brianna Nowlin, Abby Lichliter, Laurence Glasscock, Bailey Anderson, Danielle Oliver, Julia Jones, Mary Bryan

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Class Notes

1938JC Class Agent – Communications: Elizabeth Cupples Blessing,

1945JC Class Agent – Communications: Martha Woods Covert, 512.459.5576

1947JC Class Agent – Communications: Kay Murphy Fuller, 817.924.0260

1951JC Class Agent – Communications: Pat Faber Boike,

1952JC Class Agent – Communications: Betty Taylor Cox,

1948 Class Agents – Communications: Margot Holt Gill, Myth Dahlin Monnich, Mary Grafe Warren’s youngest of five daughters, Kitsie, was married to Vicente Ferrer in late September 2011, in Dallas. They live in San Antonio, Texas, where Kitsie teaches English in a community college and Vicente attends UTSA. Anne Toole Cottingham, Margot Holt Gill, Trudy Garrett Kennedy (arm in a cast from a painful wrist break), Carol O’Brien Nicoud ’47, and Marty McDaniel Ellsberry ’44 were among the guests at the lovely event. Yours truly (Margot) had a newsy phone-a-thon visit with Agnes Leachman Bittman, recipient of a Life Time Volunteer Award from the Bivins Foundation in recognition of the full worship service that she runs at the Bivins Home, a nursing home in Amarillo. Congratulations! Agnes and her husband have two daughters, 19 years apart. They have four grandchildren and, as of January 2011, they had their first great-grandchild who is only two years younger than their youngest grandchild. Agnes reminisced about her time at Hockaday with fondness and asked to be remembered to everyone, especially Marilyn Files Webb, Laura Hillhouse Cadwallader, and Myth Dahlin Monnich. Speaking of Myth, Trudy and I dropped by for a visit with her. She, Bob, and their big dogs are doing fine. I chatted with Marilyn Files Webb

recently and she is plugging along, considering learning to use a computer. Another wedding – Bruton Lynch, son of Nell Orand Lynch, tied the knot in November. Fran Parker Chapman ’49, technically a member of the Class of ’49 but really one of us, stays busy “commuting” between her lake house and her home in Fredericksburg, Virginia, tending her gardens, volunteering, and staying very active. Speaking of being “active,” I worked the phone-a-thon on a weekday and very few of you were at home. That’s a good sign – over 80 and we are still up and out! Let’s keep it that way for many years to come, OK? Maybe I should presume that everyone was at exercise class? Now, continue that exercise at home by pulling out a few buried boxes of memorabilia from your youth and sorting through them.Your children will be grateful. Make a pile of “stuff ” to send or take to Hockaday for its archives. Yes, we are the source of many mementos from the Greenville Avenue campus, and these items are needed for the Centennial Celebration of our Alma Mater in 2013–2014. Kick-off for a yearlong series of events will coincide with our 65th Reunion in April 2013 and we want lots of material from our Hockaday years! Senior girls were also in and out, participating in the phone-a-thon the day I was there, and making calls with them in the room certainly revved up the atmosphere! They were so excited when an alumna would agree to send a contribution to the Annual Fund. Their impeccable telephone manners would have made Miss Hockaday proud! If you receive a call from one of them, be sure to thank her for giving her lunch break time to help guarantee that Hockaday girls in the future will have the opportunity to obtain the superior education that is available today, and was available in our “olden days” as well. And, do not forget to send your own pledge or contribution this very minute – before it escapes your mind! The Alumnae Association has set its goal at 34% participation this year, so we need to do our part. Remember that it is the participation, not the amount given, that increases the percentage! Send news. Send money. Stay in touch! –M&M

1949 Class Agents – Communications: Darleene White DeLee, Mary Ann Hyde, Mary Prothro Stuart stays trim playing tennis

twice weekly, and keeping up with the activities of four children and two granddaughters. Her eldest, Stephanie Mummert, and son Dan Mummert, Jr. live close by in Dallas where Dan’s daughter, Madison, attends Highland Park Middle School. Stephanie’s daughter, Christina, a 2010 Symphony Ball debutante, attends The University of Texas at Austin. Mary’s daughter, Caroline Torbett, recently married and resides in Atlanta, Georgia, while the youngest daughter, Susan Lazar of Tyler, keeps busy raising miniature horses.

Queen Catherine Elizabeth Boyd of the House of Chlebowski: granddaughter of Sonia Wolf Wilson ’52JC

1952 Class Agent – Communications: Betty Taylor Cox,

It’s exciting to think we are about to be 60year girls! Marcia Hildrelth Thomas still lives in beautiful Denver and is married to the same wonderful guy Don. They have a daughter there and their son lives in Seattle – they are twins. Completing the family are four very special grandsons: twins who are 26, a 21-year-old college grandson, and a little guy who is 12. She wants us to call when we come to Denver! In September, Alessandra Comini lectured at the International Beethoven Festival in Chicago, and in October at the Dallas Museum of Art on the occasion of her gift to the museum of the life-size, marble statue by Anne Whitney of Lady Godiva (1861–1864). In November, she lectured at New York’s Neue Galerie Museum on The Decisive Decade, 1907–1917: German and Austrian Expressionism (with an eponymous essay in the accompanying lavish, 14-pound catalogue). On June 16, 2012, Alessandra will be in the Austrian town of Neulengbach, where in 1963 she discovered the prison cell of the artist Egon Schiele, who was incarcerated there in 1912. She will hold an international symposium entitled Alessandra Comini und Neulengbach. That’s a long but somehow logical jump from Miss Grow’s wonderful Latin class of so many years ago. Alessandra is a University Distinguished Professor of Art History Emerita at Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. From Marjorie Winn Ford we hear that she’s a proud great-grandmother! Barbara Burgher Alden tells us it’s hard to get news from a lazy person. Come now, Barbara, you hardly fit that description. Mary Tonetti Dorra is working on her third book, Demeter’s Choice. This one is a novel. It is historical fiction about American artists in the 19th century, hopefully to be published in 2012. Kay Carter Fortson, chairman of the board of the Kimball Museum in Fort Worth, is working on an addition to the museum. It is a separate

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 51

Class Notes building designed by Renzo Piano and will provide space for Special Exhibits. It should be completed in the fall of 2013. Betsy Cullum Bolen tells us she mostly spends time going to see her mother, who will be 99 in December. Anna Noel Devanney Williams spends a delightful five and a half months each year in Newport Beach. She’s in the phonebook and would love to hear from anyone who’s out there! Kay Kennard McIlyar is up to her neck in 10 grandchildren! Nancy Neill Law surely wins the prize for adventure. In December and January, she and her daughter are going to fly from London to Johannesburg, then to Botswana, and back to South Africa where they will have a glorious trip on the Rovos Rail. This will be Nancy’s 23rd trip to Africa! Your class agent Chandler Lindsley is going to publish her third book for the gift shop at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park in Canada. It will be a very small booklet, Cookies for Mrs. R. Chandler, her daughter, and two grandchildren went to Peru in November. Drane Kendall Haw is looking for a new publisher for her book, Joyous Pursuits. She is tired of the self-publishing route, which is not for the faint of heart! Thanks to everyone who participated in our 60th Reunion in April.

1953 Class Agent – Communications: Cynthia Lavender Weichsel,

1954 Class Agents – Communications: Margie Purnell, Nita Armstrong Adkins,

Margie and I would love to hear from you lovely ladies with your news. The most exciting item presently is that our beloved leader Margie Purnell is serving on the Centennial Committee for Hockaday. Hockaday will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2013–14. Margie said that everyone is very excited about our new Headmistress, Kim Wargo. The San Angelo group continues to supply us with news for our class notes, thank goodness. Lisa Meadows Di Leo cruised to South America in November. Nancy Showers Slaughter is adding an addition to her house in San Angelo. Nita Armstrong Adkins’ daughter Aimee and her husband Dudley Simms have recently opened a store called Highgate House at 1230 Dragon Street in the Design District in Dallas. They specialize in antiques, vintage, designer, estate, accessories, art, garden, and fabrics. It is really a delightful shop and location. Nita’s granddaughter Anabelle Adkins is spending the fall semester in Barcelona, Spain, as part of her course in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. Dana Haltom Feese and her husband Lee spent the summer in their lovely house in New Mexico. They had a hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 52

good visit with Nancy Showers Slaughter and Lon in Taos. Judy Walker Renick and Coleman spent Augusta in La Jolla, California. I guess that is all the news for now. Margie and I look forward to hearing from you always. Peace and joy. – Margie & Nita

1955 Class Agents – Communications: Schatzie Henderson Lee, Jo Fisher Tuck, Betsy Slater Dudley shared news of travels, writing in July 2011, “My daughter Betty and I are off to Calgary where we will take the train to Vancouver, stopping along the way at Lake Louise. Our destination is Gabriola Island for a studio visit with a marvelous wood sculptor, Elias Wakan. This is my birthday present from Betty – a week of mother-daughter time.” In September, Betsy had family news and more travels to report, “My granddaughter, Alex, is a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in psychology. She wants to work with disabled children, perhaps in the area of equine therapy, which she did in high school. We leave soon for Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) and then later for San Miguel around October 25–26.” Our talented friend Betsy had an exhibition of her sculpture in San Miguel and is also working on a book on her grandmother Aldredge’s floral arrangements and table settings. Sylvia Pace wrote in August 2011, “Lauralee, my granddaughter who attended our 50th reunion, is a recent graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, making Phi Beta Kappa. She will be entering law school in the fall. I spent most of July visiting Europe with family. We especially enjoyed Switzerland and watching Lauralee paraglide from one of the Alps, landing safely after several “spins” into a park in Interlaken.” Manny Bergan Tollefsen described the aftermath of the terrible events of July 22, 2011 in Norway – the murder of teenagers at a summer camp, “The whole nation has been in mourning. Three young girls from our town [Tønsberg] were killed.” Manny says that the Royal Family, the Prime Minister, and the Mayor of Oslo have been very effective in helping the nation through this tragedy. Manny had good news, as well, describing a wonderful trip to New York with a Norwegian tour group – her first visit to the Big Apple since she stopped there on her way to Dallas and Hockaday in 1954. Her activities on this trip included seeking out Vermeer paintings at the Frick and the Metropolitan, strolling through Central Park, hearing a gospel choir in Harlem, dining at Pier 17, shopping, and visiting a street fair complete with fortune tellers and vendors selling everything from French pancakes to Persian carpets. She also saw the New York Triathlon. Manny had the additional pleasure of catching up with her friend Dennis Masback, whose family she visited in Scarsdale, New York in 1954 before coming to Hockaday. Dennis is an artist and art professor who teaches at Pratt Institute and

Parsons School of Design, and exhibits at BerryHill Galleries. Grace Hill Gentry wrote in September that some health issues last spring for husband, Richard, barely slowed the Gentrys down. “We celebrated surviving all of the drama by going on a week-long biking trip (with four other women friends of mine – plus Richard) in Napa Valley (the Wine Country – beautiful biking area). He and I bike up there all the time, so we don’t need any biking company’s help to have a grand time. We continued our celebration by traveling for six weeks – one week visiting friends in Massachusetts and then four weeks in France (three of them in Paris) and then another week in Massachusetts. While in Paris, we stayed in a friend’s tiny studio in the 6th Arrondissement. We walked in every park in or on the outskirts of Paris – and, there are a lot of beautiful parks there. Our favorite continues to be the Parc Floral; and we were there just as the irises burst into bloom with many Parisians running around excitedly, exclaiming, ‘Très beau!’ Lots of museum crawling (visited Musée Carnavalet several times). We simply never tire of Paris, and are already asking for the studio for four or five weeks next spring. We generally walk four to eight miles a day while there, and the studio is on the fourth floor of a building from the early 1700s (no elevators), so, with going to or from the Metro, I lost 8 pounds (but have gained them back, sad to say). We returned home in time for a few family things and then traveled to Maui with Rich (our oldest) and his family for 10 days there.We did have a grand time in Maui, mainly because it was so great to spend a lot of together time with them. With grandson Rick (age 17) in his senior year and so close to leaving for college, we cherish each moment with them. Our oldest granddaughter left for Hillsdale College in Michigan. We’re so happy for her – but will miss her; and, of course, it will be an even bigger adjustment for them.We keep in touch with Carroll Estes and met her for dinner at her daughter’s restaurant, Zazu’s, last month.” Gloria Craugh Carroll’s husband Roger had rotator-cuff repair, and is retrieving his sense of humor. I did tell him he had run out of ‘sick days’ and I expect him to be at full force soon. In other news of children and grandchildren, Ann Young Cromwell’s son Hal married in the fall of 2010, and he and his wife are living in Austin, Texas. Tina Weichsel McBee’s granddaughter Delaney and one of her cousins – Jo Denton Fisher Tuck’s granddaughter also named Delaney – are both quite extraordinary. Delaney McBee is beyond busy with tennis, swimming, lacrosse, and cheerleading. Delaney Murchison is interested in theater and played the part of a French poodle in the Dallas Summer Musicals’ Academy of Performing Arts production of 101 Dalmatians. Delaney Murchison also shows remarkable talent for her age in care-giving. She loves to bring cheer to Jo’s husband, Dennis, who has suffered memory loss. Lynne Bailey Carl spoke for all who were in Dallas on September 20 for a gathering of twelve members of the Class of 1955: “Wasn’t Jo wonderful for organizing the day and luncheon? Everyone really seemed to enjoy visiting and catching up. It is amazing the bond we all have, thanks to Hockaday.”

1956 Class Agent – Communications: Betty Weichsel Compton,

In October 2011, Nancy Philen Thompson and her husband Peter were the honorees at the Faith in Practice Gala in Houston for their work in Guatemala for the last eight years. Peter, an OBGYN, and Nancy travel to Guatemala several times a year to work in rural parts of the country screening around a thousand women per trip for cervical cancer, which is the number one killer of young women there. They are also training local doctors and nurses to perform a “see and treat” method of screening, which is easier and less expensive than the PAP smear. So far, they have certified 120 doctors and nurses. Because of their work and that of other doctors in Faith in Practice, more than 60,000 Guatemalan women have been screened, and many lives have been saved. Nancy works as Peter’s interpreter as she is fluent in Spanish. Congratulations to Nancy and Peter for making a difference in this world. Marianne Miller Cassell’s new book was published in the late fall of 2011. It is titled Available Grace: True Short Stories of the Rewards of Intentional Living. Marianne wrote that it is a collection of short stories, “similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul, about times when God’s grace was poured out on my life or my family or friends. Sometimes it was for healing, other times for provision or encouragement.” Marianne has been emailing the stories once a week for years. Marianne has published two other books, which are no longer in print: Me, Reverence My Husband? (1981) and The Prodigal Wife (1976). Some of her articles have been published in Christ for the Nations magazine. Carolyn Higginbotham Schley seems to be stepping up her pace while others of us are slowing down. She is still enjoying Bible Study Fellowship, which requires time consuming homework every week. She is also volunteering at the Amarillo Botanical Garden. “I’ve worked in the gardens, started organizing the kitchen, and now I’m getting the Gift Nancy Philen Thompson ’56 Shop in shape,” she wrote with a twinkle and her husband Peter were the in her words. Hilde

honorees at the Faith in Practice Gala in


The family of Hilde Hartberger Odelga ’56 gathered in Austria during the summer of 2011.


was in India for two months in the spring Houston for their work in Guatemala for of 2011, producing a the last eight years. Batman movie sequel. She returned to Austria and worked on a Ridley Scott project in Vienna, then in November 2011, she went to the Philippines to work on her fourth Bourne production. She began working on Bourne productions in 2001 with the first movie, The Bourne Identity. Between globe hopping, she and Wolfgang hosted Madeline Utay Podorzer and Bill in Vienna in October. To the right you will find a picture of Hilde and Wolfgang, their three daughters, nine grandchildren and a cousin, taken the summer of 2011 in Austria, and also a picture of Madeline and Hilde. Madeline and Bill were

Grandchildren of the late Anne Conway Comstock ’56.

Madeline Utay Podorzer ’56 and Hilde Hartberger Odelga ’56 in Vienna, Austria, October 2011

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 53

Class Notes

Sandy Smith Laughlin ’59 and her husband with the men and women of the Naval Post-Graduate School whom they have “adopted.”

visiting Prague and Budapest as well as Vienna. Lockie Sue Griswold sent me a darling picture of Anne Conway Comstock’s three grandchildren, Sydney, Jack, and Madison. Collectively, they are the children of Anne’s sons, Stephen and Matt. Anne was taken from us too soon and much too young. A reunion never goes by that I don’t think of Anne. She was fun and full of life and was a much-loved classmate. She would be proud to see her grandchildren’s picture in this magazine. Holly Hill was honored in Chichester, West Sussex, England, in August 2011 at the Centennial of the birth of Terence Rattigan, a British playwright of the mid-twentieth century, about whom Holly wrote her doctoral dissertation. Holly titled it The Pioneering Terence Rattigan Scholar at this celebration, and she delivered two talks about him. Two plays of Rattigan’s which are familiar to American audiences are Separate Tables and The Winslow Boy. – Betty

1957 Class Agent – Communications: Myrtie Rawlins Rice,

I will start off with Wendy Johnson who has her own design shop for baths and kitchens. It was necessary for her to come to one of her clients in Texas, so instead of staying on point, her client and Wendy took off for Scottsdale to play La Diva. Wendy said the best part of the trip was the private jet. Nine of her classmates met her in Dallas so she had to come back down to earth. Susan Lott was present at the gathering; she continues her design work. She gaped at art and past treasures in China with other friends. You cannot have a gathering without Marietta Johnson, who continues to teach 5th grade at St. Mark’s and is teaching Nancy Foree’s grandson in one class. In the summer she works intently hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 54

at Camp Balcones Springs smothering four of her 10 grandkids. Caro Stalcup is taking off to Italy to finally learn how to cook under Paula Lambert’s tutelage. Barkley Rice traveled northeast to Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia this past spring visiting intriguing art collections and museums. Carol Vesey is busy training her terrier, but the most fun she had was visiting Jane Slater in Montana, who has now moved back to Dallas with her hubby Denys. Kathryn Haider made her reservations to join us at the class reunion and we all had a ball. Myrtie Rice can’t seem to get past Northwest Highway.

1958 Class Agents – Communications: Jane Woodward Elioseff, Nancy Greene, Ellengene Hodges Peterson wrote at New Year’s, “We are fine. Still doing science, but thinking about retirement before long. It is hard to believe that we have all passed another birthday divisible by ten! We are living quietly, with an occasional trip to D.C. to harass our daughter and her family, especially the grandkids.” Jane Woodward Elioseff is stepping down as a class agent after four years. Nancy Greene has volunteered to take over the responsibilities. Margaret Anne Cullum has agreed to form a reunion committee for 2013, when Hockaday begins to celebrate its 100th birthday and our class will hold its 55th reunion. The Class of 1958 also needs a fundraising agent living in or near Dallas. I’ve asked seven people to take on this responsibility, but everyone asked has declined to serve. A thorough search is underway to locate lost classmates. If you have the computer skills to help with this, please let me know. Also, please send photographs with individuals clearly identified.

1959 Class Agent – Communications: Allie Stemmons Simon,

Regretfully, a sad beginning as I report the death of our classmate Amy Worthington Davis, on November 13, 2011. Amy and her husband Dave lived in Kemp,Texas, on Cedar Creek Lake where they were enjoying their retirement. The Class of 1959 continues with 70th birthday celebrations. Several were described in our last Class Notes. Now comes a great description from Linda Turman Moore: “The highlight of my year has been my family’s celebration of my 70th birthday. My extended family, 18 in all, gathered at our summer place near where I now live in a small house on the Russian River near the Northern California coast. I spend hours watching the wildlife along the river from my porch. Included were my sister Carolyn; my daughter Francie, son Robert, and their families; and my sister Francie’s two daughters and their families. We had a picnic overlooking the river, lots of hot dogs, and untold numbers of s’mores for children of all ages! Our party continued for several weeks and I was greatly blessed by my time with my loved ones.” Ellen Kleinman Banner writes, “One of the most amusing things about turning 70 so far is that my 12-year-old grandson is studying Artifacts of the 20th Century and asked me to name some – I mentioned, the rotary phone, typewriters, pointand-shoot cameras and film, telephone booths, transistor radios, and grandparents.” Ellen notes another amusing thought about 70 is that “it’s not as old as it used to be!” Cindy Tally McDonald goes one better, stating, “The 80-year-olds seem more spirited than the 70-year-olds!” So there must be hope for us yet! Patsy Parkin Lipscomb celebrated her 70th last September with one-onone visits from her two adult children – her son took her dancing and she and her daughter spent

course on book making, this time producing a a weekend together in Ft. Lauderdale. Then for volume of charming stories she wrote for her their 50th wedding anniversary she and Charlie daughter Katherine when she was a child. And, went on safari in South Africa. Patsy writes, “It on a much lighter note, Nancy’s also learning was life changing for us – we adored watching to play the banjo! Collecting these notes is the affection among the lions – and the baby always a pleasure – it’s great fun to catch up elephant trying to throw grass in his mouth with with everyone – but this time something very his trunk and instead it landed on his back – interesting has happened. I have an email blast, he did a shimmy, shimmy trying to get it off which I’ve used for years to solicit contributions and I laughed so hard!” Patsy has a new career, with the replies coming just to me. This time designing jewelry, which was mentioned in our last notes. She has become very successful. If Marcia Fuller French sent a long and wonderful you’d like to see her creations search for Patsy synopsis of her life and copied it to the entire list, Lipscomb Designs on the Internet. Two years setting off a chain reaction of others doing the ago Anne McCord Miller survived two house sales, same. There’s been lots of enthusiasm about this and suggestions to keep it up. Three who replied two moves, but only one nervous breakdown to Marcia were Sandy Smith Laughlin, Constance and one “iffy” husband. She and Dick are now all settled in their new Hill, and Sue Ann Bryant digs in both Florida and Holland, and all their New Jersey and Anne news has been shared says, “All is well in 55+ with those on the email Marcia Fuller French ’59 housing,.” Constance Hill list but I’ll hit the high spots here for everyone has also moved to a 55+ is on the Board of Trustees of TCU else. Marcia writes of lifestyle community and and is spearheading a campaign her wonderful family, invites any traveling three sons, and three classmates to visit her for a new School of Music remarkable daughtersin Berry, New South in-law, one of whom is Wales, Australia. Betty facility at the University. Fulton and Betty Reagor and Reagor Murry Fulton have recently Murray’s daughter, and moved from Santa Fe eight grandchildren. to Aledo, Texas, near Fort Worth, to be near a Her husband, Bobby, unfortunately has number of their children and grandchildren. Alzheimer’s and Marcia is much taken up with his care. She says, and I agree, it is the cruelest Josie Cintron Olson and Truman live in Mercedes, and most brutal disease. Marcia is on the Board Texas where they lead busy lives helping with their 12 grandchildren. They also continue their of Trustees of TCU and is spearheading a missionary work in Mexico, even though it has campaign for a new School of Music facility become very dangerous. After Thanksgiving there. Sandy and Gary live in Pebble Beach, they will go to a primitive and isolated mountain California, and are very active with the Naval village in Nuevo Leon where they work with Post-Graduate School Foundation in Monterey. seven families and will play Santa to 14 small They act as “adopted parents and grandparents” children who never had Christmas or presents to the young officers. They have started a bike until the Olsons arrived.They also have a ministry club, complete with purchasing uniforms for in Nuevo Progresso, right across the border, everyone, and also host coffee hours so the helping to find sponsors for 133 children so they military families can enjoy getting together. can stay in school. Alison Taylor, now retired from Sandy sent along several pictures, one of which is included in this magazine. Sandy still plays golf teaching for two years, continues to tutor and and she and Gary are avid birdwatchers. Connie substitute at her former school, Georgetown Day School, and enjoys taking courses at American sent a funny recollection of when she and her University, most recently music, art, and Russian husband both worked in Sydney for Murdoch drama. Also involved in continuing education, papers, she in promotions, so she was known as the “Promotions Lady.” She says nothing illegal Nancy Kaplan Lubar recently completed a third

happened on their watch. Finally, Sue Ann told of happy retirement life with husband Jim, in a beautiful high-rise condo on the Gulf Coast at Sandestin, Florida. They overlook the world’s whitest beach, beautiful turquoise waters and absolutely amazing sunsets. They spend time each year with Sue Ann’s Hockaday roommate, Lauralea Peters Marley-McCrea ’58, and her husband David in New Mexico. Sue Ann says there were never two more homesick boarders at Hockaday but she and Lauralea both believe their years there were among the most important of their lives. And on that note I’ll finish up by sending greetings from Heinz and me (Allie Stemmons Simon), back in Texas for a very pleasant fall and the proud owners of a brand new and extremely energetic kitten we adopted from the Aspen Animal Shelter. Life is good.

1960 Class Agent – Communications: Marilyn Mason Jensen,

1961 Class Agents – Communications: Becky Beasley, Ann Addyman Lawrence,

1963 Class Agents – Communications: Penelope Yates Lary, Anne Jordan Logan,

1965 Class Agent – Communications: Susan Pierce Wilson,

1966 Class Agent – Communications: Becky Ingle,

Class Agents Needed Hockaday Class Agents act as a liaison between the alumnae and the School. They strive to keep each alumna connected to Hockaday. Please contact your Communications Class Agent with any news or updates. Contact information is listed with each Class Agent.

1967 Class Agents – Communications: Janie Castleman McNairy, Sally Yamini,

If there is not a Class Agent listed for your class and you are interested in volunteering, please call the Alumnae Office at 214.360.6530 or e-mail

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 55

Class Notes 1968 Class Agent – Communications: Angier Peavy,

1969 Class Agents – Communications: Carole Bond Jordan, Susan Skeeters Barnett, Catharine Cline Hamilton (Cathy) was a boarder for a couple of years at Hockaday. She is the founder and current President of the American Friends of Versailles. This organization hosts an elaborate ball in France every year. The next one will be held on June 15, 2013. It is called Le Grand Bal de Versailles and will be held at the Palace with surrounding events. For invitations, please contact her.The President of France and his wife, plus many other dignitaries will be attending. Cathy and David own a chateau outside of Paris, and they have been involved with this benefit ever since its inception.

1971 Class Agent – Communications: Christy King Sarosdy,

1972 Class Agents – Communications: Missy Gunn Falchi, Christi Kelton Leach, Vicki Vandeever Moore,

As a way of introduction, we would like to say that we are happy and proud to be the new Class Agents for the Class of ’72, and this is what has been going on in our lives: Missy Gunn Falchi lives and works with her husband Carlos Falchi in New York City. Missy designs evening bags that most recently were featured in the Neiman Marcus ENTREE magazine. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Audubon Society in New York and has been Co-Chair of their annual fundraising luncheon for the past two years. Missy’s oldest daughter, Kate, is the Senior Design Director of the Carlos Falchi division of Li and Fung and has been a guest host on HSN. Her younger daughter, Juliet, is the Assistant Manager of Global Product Development for Jo Malone and La Mer. The Falchi family travels frequently with Christie Kelton Leach’s family, and last Christmas the families had a magical holiday in London. And, in May, Carlos and Missy traveled with Christie and her husband, Charles, to Northern Italy. The group was united once more in August to celebrate with Janie Strauss McGarr’s family the “big birthday” of Janie’s husband, Cappy, in New York. The hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 56

Bride Sugie Dotson Poteet ’72 and husband Steven Poteet

day after a fun and glamorous party the happy our son Jay, a sophomore at Christchurch School, travelers spent a week in the Berkshire Mountains turned 16 (impossible), my husband Scotty (Senior of Massachusetts after which Missy and Christie Advisor to GSA) turned 60, and my wonderful made their nearly annual summer jaunt to Maine, dad, Annon Card, passed away October 27 at the which felt especially cool after our extra hot age of 92. As for me, I work for a Philly-based Texas summer. Christie and her husband Charles consulting firm that advises nonprofits across the still live in Arlington, which has been a bit of a country – strategic planning, communications, and surreal experience lately, from a sleepy suburb to development. Right now my major client is the the site of the Super Bowl and two World Series nascent National Women’s History Museum, soon in a row. They have maintained Christie’s parents’ to be on the Mall here in D.C. In between road home in Costa Rica and travel there often. Their trips to Christchurch (Northern Neck of Virginia son Adam, a Culinary Institute graduate, is a chef – oyster country) we work hard, play hard, and in Fort Worth after living in Napa, California give back. Despite the ongoing local entertainment working as a winemaker known as ‘Congress’ I for several years, and love Washington with their younger son Oliver its two airports, great Missy Gunn Falchi ’72 is in graduate school at museums, art, and only the San Francisco Art three and a half hours works with her husband Institute. Vicki Vandeveer to New York City.” Sugie Dotson Poteet Moore and her husband Carlos Falchi in New York City. Pete survived Hurricane writes, “I remarried She designs evening bags that Dolly a few years back, October 1, 2011 to but their beautiful longtime sweetheart were recently featured in penthouse condo on Steven Poteet. We South Padre Island did actually dated about a the Neiman Marcus not fare as well. Vicki decade during and after and Pete now live in college. Markeeta came ENTREE magazine. nearby Harlingen where to the wedding. It was Vicki runs a real estate at Northway Christian investment firm she and the reception was started and participates in many civic activities. at Park Plaza. Markeeta was kind enough to allow Vicki was actively involved in her family’s us to stay at her lovely, enchanting Taos house for Centennial Liquor business, which was sold last our honeymoon. It was delightful, and her house year.We owe Vicki and her family our gratitude for is everything you would think Markeeta’s house supplying our class with many donated “beverages” would be, only with a New Mexican flair: homey for our past reunions! As always, Vicki travels the and comfortable. We are forever indebted to her world. She was in Northern Italy the week before for her hospitality. Now we just have to find a Missy and Christie were there last spring, and she place for all of Steven’s stuff in the house.” Thanks also was in Germany where she has many friends to Markeeta McNatt Brown and Trish Payne Parrish from when she studied there for her master’s degree. for acting as Class Agents during the last decade. Vicki also cruised Central America including the We look forward to staying in touch and planning Panama Canal and Costa Rica. Cathy Card Sterling some more fun times for our class as we cruise toward our 50th! writes, “2011 has seen some major milestones –

Leslie Ann Crozier ’75, Ellen Glickman Leigh ’75, and Nancy Guerriero Sol ’75 at their class Christmas party

Cathy Card Sterling ’72 with her son Jay and husband Scott

Class of 1975 at their 2011 Christmas party hosted by Leslie Ann Crozier ’75

Missy Gunn Falchi ’72, Christie Kelton Leach ’72, and Vicki Vandeveer Moore ’72 on a road trip stop in Wiscasset, Maine

Lou Lamb Corones ’72 celebrating the 100th birthday of her mother, Rosa Richkie Lamb

Sara Speer Selber ’75, Ruth Lindsley ’75, and Debbie Buell Coonts ’75 at their class Christmas party

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 57

Class Notes 1973 Class Agent – Communications: Janet Shields Maloney,

1974 Class Agent – Communications: Sabrina “Brie” Sabin Triplett, Ellen Shuey Grasso Isreal’s homebuilding business is

booming. This spring, she was named as one of D Home’s “Best Builders” and named this summer as University Park’s “Contractor of the Quarter.” Both of her sons, Clay and Rob, are working with her, which is wonderful. I love seeing my grown kids at least five days a week! Ellen’s daughter, Laura, is a sophomore at TCU and made her debut this year as one of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Debs. Her husband Charles, an architect for 40 years in Dallas, had one of his designs on the cover of D Home as the number one WOW house in Dallas. Ellen and her daughter-in-law, Lauren, went to see Motherhood the Musical and got to visit with Caron Gitelman Grant, Val Bixler, and Vicki Bixler Gill while there. All in all, it’s been a fun and productive year. Holly Williams Harris has retired from retail and teaching swimming lessons to concentrate on marketing her family’s exotic game ranch in Aquilla, Texas. She and her husband raise whitetail deer, black buck antelope, Corsican rams, aoudads, and red deer. They offer housing and guided hunts on the weekends. Also, their lives are busy raising registered toy and miniature Australian shepherds. Her husband is completing another year as a Judge in Hill County. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, lives in Dallas and is in her last year of her doctoral program in physical therapy at TWU. Sarah, their youngest, is a freshman at Holly lives on the road on both sides of I-35.We would love to hear from you!

1975 Class Agents – Communications: Leslie Ann Crozier, Betty Barr Whitham,

1976 Class Agent – Communications: Sharron Hunt Munson,

1977 Class Agents – Communications: Sarah Longinotti Rosenthal, Lydia Connally McClanahan, Angie Thomas,

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 58

Hockadaisies gather for Caroline Moore ’11’s Hockaday graduation day. Back row: Ellen Harris Ballon ’78, Gina Woods ’79, Allison Foster ’79, Sharon Crutcher Yoh ’79, Lori Heape Sparks ’79, and Beth Morehead Schluckebier ’79 Front row: Marianna Verlage ’09, Caroline Moore ’11, and Mary McCarthy Moore ’79

Becky Seale De Loache ’78’s oldest daughter, Sarah Beth

1978 Class Agents – Communications: Karen Helms, Liza Orchard, Harriet Shutt Burrow’s daughter, Nancy, has joined

the Hockaday community and will graduate as a member of the Class of 2013, and has a request, “Neither her hat, nor Anne’s survived, and was wondering if a classmate who wore either a green hat, as she did, or a blue one, as Anne did, would loan it to her for Nancy’s graduation next year?” She also shared that her son Steele is a junior at Washington & Lee University and has spent a semester abroad in Paris. Nancy Kalow reports that her oldest, Katie, graduated from Stanford in June and now is working for Google. Molly is a senior at Harvard and Charlie is a high school junior, and Dan and Nancy have been living in North Carolina since 1986 and have slowly but surely become dedicated Duke fans. Becky Seale De Loache reported that her oldest

Kate Belknap Bruchak ’79

daughter, Sarah Beth, is a freshman studying equine management and elementary education, with a minor in voice, at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, and is about to begin a three-year program training a young colt to be sold as a police horse. Becky also shared that Allison Taylor Davidson just celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary...Congratulations Allison! Janet Aker has returned to the Washington, D.C. area after spending six years in Texas. She lived there before for 25 years. Janet is enjoying the fact there are actually four seasons on the east coast and that she now has a huge yard for the two dogs to run around in. If anybody lives in the D.C. area, she’d love to hear from you at or on Facebook. Galen Burnett Click shared a picture from her wedding to Larry this last September. Congratulations Galen! Karen Helms recently held her first estate sale in Canyon Creek and has discovered a new passion, and looks forward to building a new estate sale business. The rest of the class has been silent, but we expect news from them for the next magazine.

1979 Class Agents – Communications: Mary McCarthy Moore, Elizabeth Reid Moir, Elizabeth Reid Moir and Mary McCarthy Moore have stepped up to represent our class, and would love to write about you and your family, so please contact them with your news. Elizabeth has two Hockaday graduates: Elizabeth ’09 attends Washington University, and Annie ’11 attends Rhodes College. Mary’s daughter, Caroline ’11 is a freshman at The University of Texas at Austin living in the same dorm as did her mother. Her son, Thomas Moore is a junior at Sewanee in Tennessee. Tucker Ford Enthoven’s daughter, Julia ’11 has followed her mother’s footsteps to Stanford University. After 23 years in Mexico, Gina Woods has returned to Dallas. Follow her on Her daughter, Marianna Verlage ’09, is a junior at Harvard. Beth Morehead Schluckebier’s daughter, Laura, has achieved Pi Beta Kappa as a junior at Trinity University. Our love and prayers go out to Teresa Galvan de Martinez for the loss of her daughter Maria Fernanda and granddaughter in a tragic car accident in Monterrey, Mexico.We also send love to Barbara Burrell Atkeson who lost her husband Tim to cancer earlier this year. A big “happy birthday” to all of us. We have entered a new decade. Please keep in touch!

with the Serious Organized Crime Agency – Jim decided to take early retirement last year. Carol still travels to Venezuela to take care of family business affairs. Carol and Jim have a home they call Pomona in Brockworth, England, which they have been remodeling for the past year. Claire (Class of 2012), Thalia Sarris Banowsky’s daughter, was St. Mark’s Homecoming Queen last fall. Regen (Class of 2012), Lizzie Horchow Routman’s daughter, was also in the Homecoming Court. Claire also plays on the Varsity Basketball team with Jessica Savage (Class of 2015), daughter of Kendall Burney Wilson, at Hockaday. Sadly, Carol Keith’s father, Langford Keith, Jr., died on July 17. Carol spent the last several years taking care of her parents in Tuscon and she is now working with her brother to streamline the family business. Amy Sheinberg, Ph.D. is now practicing with Keith Bernardo, M.A., Ph.D. who specializes in adult, family, and couples therapy. Elizabeth Estess Hughes and her husband, Bob, introduced them. Thanks to the 2012 Reunion Committee for all their hard work in planning our 30th Class Reunion!

1983 Class Agent – Communications: Caroline Haynes Lopez,

1984 Class Agent – Communications: Sydney Hall,

1985 Class Agents – Communications: Tracy Bassman Kaye, Elise Black Parteli,

Thanks to everyone who shared their news for this publication. It took a few attempts, but y’all finally came through! Amy Springer Zinck writes that her and her family – Damien, Alexander (15 months), and Olivia (4 years) will be moving from Chicago to France for seven months at the end of October. They will live in Giverny and Amy will continue to direct the Paris office of the Terra Foundation. Damien will work from there as well. Olivia will be in school with four other kids in Giverny (talk about a small village school) and Alex probably won’t know where he is! She says, please let her know if anyone is in the area. She would love visitors. Linley Young reports that she was excited to see that the modem chip she worked on for the past three years finally went into production this summer in Samsung’s

1980 Class Agents – Communications: Carolyn Winans Morrisey, Cindy Lu Remington, Amy Rhodes Stephenson,

1981 Class Agent – Communications: Leigh Steere,


Anne Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff, Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff ’82, and Catherine’s mother Dr. Betty Baxter at the 2011 Fall Alumnae Dinner

Class Agents – Communications: Polly Dossett Whittle, Thalia Sarris Banowsky,

In the “old news” department Anne Sudlow Rais married Malek Rais on April 26, 2008 and they live in Winston Salem, North Carolina. In October of 2011, many of our classmates attended the Fall Alumnae Dinner where our very own Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff was awarded the 2011 Distinguished Alumnae Award. Catherine ranks among the top female Managing Directors on Wall Street. Carol Marzuola was married to her long-time beau James (Jim) Phillips on November 27, 2011 in Oklahoma. After 35 years in the service of the Queen – first with Her Majesty’s HM Customs and Excise, then

Sandra Standifer Fennell ’82, Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff ’82, Eugenia Hudson King ’83, Jani Hall Leuschel ’82, and Nancy Purse Winston ’82 at the 2011 Fall Alumnae Dinner

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 59

Class Notes Izzy Keen, daughter of Susan Maclay Keene ’85, and Margaret Collett, daughter of Elizabeth Oldham Collett ’85, at Camp Balcones Springs

connecting with the Hockaday network. Susan Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and Droid Charge phone. She also slacked off for a few months by practicing Maclay Keene says all is good! She is working her her clarinet while her daughter played the flute. tail off at Regions Mortgage. Sadly, her father died in June – he had served on the board of Natalie Spencer Lorio just saw Melinda Bell Nugent trustees years ago. Her son, Houston is the oldest and Wendy Prideaux Kumpf at lunch to catch up. and is 17, a junior at Highland Park. Miller is 14 They all have kids in high school and traded and in 8th grade at McCullough Middle School. high school notes. Natalie’s family just finished Izzy is 11 and at McCullough Intermediate. going to Europe, which she said was great fun and lots of planning! She managed to leave Laura Belknap Calley always comes through with passports in Venice once they arrived in Rome... some good updates. Her son Ralph is in 1st grade oops. Jamie Ginsberg Garrett has taken a job as at Hicks Elementary in Frisco, Texas. He also participates in Cub Scouts, Tae Kwon Do, and Managing Director at HighQuest Partners, LLC, plays soccer. For the last four years, he attended a Boston-based consulting firm focused on the the Spanish Schoolhouse agribusiness sector. She in Frisco, which is a full writes, “I am undertaking immersion program in a new challenge in a very Spanish. His Spanish is small, focused consultancy Amy Springer Zinck ’85 so cute she can hardly and will be running the stand it. She is trying corporate development is moving from Chicago to to finish her master’s and advisory practice. I degree in humanities at spent the last 10 years Giverny, France where the University of Dallas at large firms, and am she will continue to direct the with a focus on ancient excited to be part of literature. She takes her the emerging debate Paris office of the Terra Foundation comprehensive exams around food safety this semester. Her sister and security.” Her for American Art. two kids are thriving Kate Belknap Bruchak ’79 in northern Fairfield is happily married to County, Connecticut. Bill Bruchak of Mesa, Walter (6) is in 1st grade Colorado. Bill is a raft and is an athlete and Lego maniac, and Jillian guide on the Colorado and Salmon Rivers as (4) is in Pre-K and loves art. They had a great well as head of the Ski Patrol at Powderhorn summer, spending time on the Cape and at the Ski resort near Grand Junction, Colorado. Kate beach just hanging around.The end of the season is teaching mythology and writing full-time was capped off by Hurricane Irene, causing at Mesa State University, as well as working at widespread damage in their town as the eye of Powderhorn Ski Resort, where she has been the the storm passed directly over them. They lost head of the Powderhorn Ski School for many power for five days and a couple of trees came years. Go visit her and go ski Powderhorn! Kate down, but the damage was minor. She said it was and Bill have built a wonderful home in Mesa, certainly scary, but a learning opportunity about Colorado. The home has a 360-degree view of emergency preparedness and community. If you the mountains. No surprise there. Deidra Wilson are in her neck of the woods, or maybe just in Hubenak is happily married to Mark Hubenak. New York, don’t hesitate to call her – she loves They live in Houston where Deidra practices hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 60

law for Luper, Reed, and McGraw. She was recently in a televised one-minute debate on Fox News about whether CEO’s are paid too much. local/110624-are-ceos-paid-too-much. Deidra has also been elected to various state and national tax supervisories, as well as investigative boards. Deidra’s beautiful twins attend elementary school in Cinco Ranch, Houston. Her daughter Caty was accepted into the honors program at TWU and, like her mother, participates in a variety of honor societies and elected positions there. She is very much enjoying her freshman year at TWU and visits her godmother, Laura Belknap Calley, frequently. Elise Black Parteli has nothing earthshaking to report. I still love having both girls at Hockaday. Hayden is in 2nd grade and Landry is in Primer. The girls continue to amaze me with what they learn at school. Hayden is learning Microsoft Word and Excel, and Landry is gearing up for her first PowerPoint presentation in the spring. They both rave about science, which leaves me wondering if they are really mine. It’s fun to be an alumna although somehow I am the oldest out of all my friends, with a big showing from the classes of 1991 and 1994.They are very nice to this old lady and treat me as if I were young, too.

1986 Class Agents – Communications: Margaret E. Herndon, Carolyn Perot Rathjen, Kristin Kessler Schell,

Greetings, classmates! Your class notes author, Susan McGinnis McAllister, is finally retiring after nearly 26 years of serving as Class Agent. Well, she is kind of retiring, because she is now working at Hockaday in the Communications Department! She will be working with the website, magazine, and many other exciting new projects. She has found it strange, yet wonderful, to see Mr. Long and Mr. Kramer in the hallway. Elizabeth Ostrow-Smith, who has taught at Hockaday for some time, has helped ease her transition to working at the School. A hearty “thank you” to each of you for sharing your news, participating in reunions, and supporting Hockaday over the years. You will be in good hands with Carolyn, Margaret, and Kristin. I’ll keep you informed of the latest news from Hockaday, too. Yours in plaid, Susan

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Jillian (4) and Walter Garrett (6), children of Jamie Ginsberg Garrett ’85

The family of Natalie Spencer Lorio ’85 in Rome, Italy

Susan Maclay Keene ’85 with sons Houston Keene (17) and Miller Keene (14)

Laura Belknap Calley ’85 and her goddaughter Caty Frazier, daughter of Deidra Wilson Hubenak ’85

Ralph Calley, son of Laura Belknap Calley ’85, in Cliff Calley’s wedding

The family of Linley Young ’85 at the San Diego Zoo

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 61

Class Notes 1987 Class Agent – Communications: Kathy McLane Gersch,

Kimberly Haley-Coleman ’88, with daughters Haley and Maggie, and Shana Intille Wilcox ’88, with daughters Zoe and Amy, went to Hawaii last summer.

Our class suffered a sad loss with the passing of Marilyn Caldwell on December 16, 2011. Our thoughts are with Marilyn’s family. Katya Jestin’s three kids – Samuel (8), James and Madeleine (3 1/2) – are well and happy in New York City. Big news is that her mom, Susan Mead ’66, has just been accepted to the Century Club in NYC, which is a very exciting achievement for her. The Century Club is a club that focuses on contributions to the arts and letters, and she is delighted. I am happy to report that Lauren Romero is back in the fold! Lauren Romero (formerly Laura Romero) was part of the Class of 1987 for three years, but finished high school at Saint John’s School in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for family reasons. She received her MBA from The University of Texas at Austin in 2003, at the middle of her 17-year corporate marketing career with companies including The CocaCola-Company, Mars, Inc.,Whole Foods Market, and Publicis (client: Nestlé). She is mother to their house there until they had to go back to Lucy (7) and Zeke (5). She recently changed Seoul for school. The kids, Ben (10) and Gabby careers and has decided to pursue her passion (7), are doing great. Beth Brand Stromberg just for horticulture and landscape design. In 2010, finished remodeling her house. They could not she passed the certification exam that qualified bear to leave the neighborhood so they endured her as a Collin County Master Gardener as the remodel. Ariana Viroslav Held lives two houses part of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension down and their doggies have play dates together. volunteer corps. In that year, she also spent a few Beth’s son is in 7th grade at Greenhill and her months immersed in learning plant knowledge at daughter is in 9th grade at Hockaday. Beth is Covington’s Nursery in still teaching Spanish Rowlett, and later at Greenhill. Kathy entered an apprenticeship McLane Gersch is still with Elizabeth Smidt, out in Seattle with her Courtney Nichols ’88 a 20-year veteran of big brood of four kids, high-end residential Victoria (14), Colin and her husband, Gordon Gould, landscape architecture. (12), Annabelle (9), and She has now launched Cooper (7). Three are are co-founders of a water-wise landscape now playing premier design practice called soccer and the other Wild Things Ecoscaping. one is on a nationally which was featured in the Eve Terk-Holder is living competitive swim in the Dallas area. She team. Sports – soccer, November issue of Oprah. has two daughters – Tori swim, lacrosse, and (16) and Taylor (14), basketball mostly – are both at Bishop Lynch pretty much their lives High School. Tori is when she’s not at work. a sophomore and Taylor is a freshman. They are Kathy is still Chief Marketing Officer at Kotter wonderfully active in theatre and sports.Tori is on a International so that keeps her out of trouble Mock Trial team that just got back from competing the rest of the time. Amy Spence’s sister, Merrie in New York City at the International Empire City Nell Spence ’95, had her film accepted to the Los Tournament. Sharon Weed Cocco and Rocco had Angeles Women’s International Film Festival in several recent additions to their family. Katie March 2011. Merrie Nell was a producer on The Renee Cocco was born in 2010, and their son Face with her business partner and fellow alumna Christopher Rocco Cocco was born on June 3, Elizabeth Browning Shaheen ’73. We had a great 2011. Kelly McClenahan Barnett is getting some reunion committee for our 25th Reunion. A serious travel in. They spent Spring Break in special thanks to Kerri Holt, Beth Brand Stromberg, Bali on the Indian Ocean. She made the jaunt Lisa Schiffman, Amy Spence, Caroline Woodbury, from Seoul to Australia as well. She is still in and Michelle Morgan Lockhart who planned Seoul. Kelly and the kids went back to Texas last spectacular events for us! summer for June and July and happily stayed at

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 62

1988 Class Agent - Communications: Nicki Allen,

Hello, Ladies! I hope your holidays were warm and the New Year is bringing you all love and happiness. I am very pleased to report that things here on the ranch are going well. I found out in the fall that I am going to be a first-time aunt.Yea for me! Baby is due in June and I am so excited to spoil that kid rotten. I’ll have it riding a horse as soon as it can balance its head. Congratulations to Lauren Hudspeth who sent wonderful news that she got married to Steve Singer on October 23 and then honeymooned in Bali and Hong Kong. Courtney Nichols and her husband, Gordon Gould, are living in Venice Beach, California with her two amazing step kids Kylan (9) and Oliver (7). They are the co-founders of www., which they launched last year. Their company was just featured in the November issue of Oprah magazine and makes a matching one-for-one grant for every bottle sold with the goal of helping 1 million kids in five years. Courtney claims it is their third child, but she continues to work on the water issue with charity: water. I am humbled by your work, Courtney! She sees fellow Los Angelinos Carlyn Henry ’89 who’s doing great (her two boys Grey and Teddy are growing fast), and Sally Horchow McCauley frequently, as well as Mandy Ginsberg, who sits on her board of advisors whenever she is in town. Have you heard the news that Judy Hsu, while still a practicing OB-GYN in Plano, had a fourth child in March? She describes her and her husband, Rey’s, lives as both boring and hectic at the same time, while chasing four sons ages six and under. That is definitely not boring.

Cameron Malakoff (Class of 2015), daughter of Elizabeth Enloe Malakoff ’86 pictured with third grade teacher Mary Ellen Wilensky following her Eighth Grade Graduation ceremony.

Haley Coleman (7) and Maggie Coleman (5), daughters of Kimberly Haley-Coleman ’88 and her husband Mark

Ben and Gaby Barnett, children of Kelly McClennahan Barnett ’87, in Seoul

The children of Katya Jestin ’87

Loren Bassett ’88 is in New York teaching hot power yoga and selling residential real estate.

Beth Brand Stromberg ’87 with her husband Mark Stromberg and her daughter Ariella Brand Stromberg (Class of 2015)

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 63

Class Notes had a few things in my closet to help with their costumes!” writes Kathryn. Briggs and Sarah will be confirmed in their church this year. The Clines visited family in Dallas for Thanksgiving 2011. Megan Manser Wood and her family recently bought and renovated a mid-century modern house. She and her kids may now be found fishing on Bachman Creek in their backyard. “All are welcome to come fishing, just need to bring your own worms,” writes Megan. Tiffany Newsom Melvin’s son Wyatt turned three at the end of November. They finally moved into their new house that they built in a small, 15-home neighborhood. Tiffany was very surprised to find out that Jody Plotkin Rudman ’86 lives a few doors down and Richard Ellman (St. Mark’s ’89) is moving into the house across the street. Jenny Miercort Turkyilmaz is the school nurse at Spence Middle School in the Dallas Independent School District. She also has gotten back into acting and has been doing quite a few TV shows and indie Class Agent – Communications: films. Her girls are Maggie (8) and Willow (5) and Allison Campfield Taten, both are doing great in Montessori school. Her husband Can is branching out into more film Lisette Bonilla is still living in Paris and is enjoying work as well as still doing photography. Jenny and the beautiful city. She is taking advantage of the Can were runners-up in the Angelika 24-Hour ease of travel around Europe, the highlights so Video Race a few months ago for a film Jenny far being birthday trips to Rome and Venice this wrote and acted in, and Can directed and filmed. past May and wine tasting trips to Burgundy and Jenny is also teaching a Mastery of Consciousness Bordeaux over the summer and fall. Lisette says if class at the Dallas School of Metaphysics. She any Hockadaisies are ever “in the neighborhood,” teaches meditation, concentration, and dream she’d love to meet up with them while they’re interpretation, among other things. Amanda Kemp in town! Rogers Hartmann was honored with the Humanitarian Award at the November 2011 Waldmannstetter, her husband Christian, and Women in Film Dallas Topaz Awards, honoring their daughter Hannah moved to New York City distinguished Texas women and men, who in mid-November and they’d love to hear from through their own vision, have made outstanding NYC-area Hockadaisies. Eliza Thomas Quigley contributions to the film and television industry. took a new position as Executive Director for the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation. Beth Kathryn Cline has gone back to work as an R.N. at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta. She is working Bankhead finished her year of travels around on a cardiovascular step-down unit with heart the United States and has relocated to Denver failure patients. “Getting recently. Leslie Searcy back into hospital Hayes writes, “Before nursing was hard work, the death of my husband, Rogers Hartmann ’89 but I’ve missed it and he encouraged me to it’s been so good to be venture out and go into was honored with the Humanitarian back at it! My husband pharmaceutical sales. At has enjoyed stepping the time I interviewed Award at the Women in Film up and taking a bigger in February, God knew Dallas Topaz Awards, honoring role with our kids too,” what was to come and writes Kathryn. She is so thankfully I didn’t distinguished Texans who through working nights (3–12’s) get the job. It was only so she is still around five weeks later that he their vision have made outstanding for meetings, volunteer died. But Bristol-Myers work, performances, Squibb called me back contributions to the film and and after-school pickand so now I am heavytelevision industry. up and homework. hitting in oncology Her twins Briggs and with a company that is Sarah started middle amazing in the field. As school this year (6th grade). She has enjoyed a matter of fact, they have the drug we hoped watching their big transition into independence. Kevin could get on for his melanoma.” Leslie is “It’s as if they aged five years over the summer!” selling two oncology drugs in the Dallas area. Briggs plays football, the trumpet in the middle Leslie spoke at the Melanoma Walk in May in school band, and is an active Boy Scout. Sarah Kevin’s honor and looks forward to doing more plays volleyball, cheered for football, sings in public speaking. “He taught me a lot about life the middle school chorus, and still takes dance. through his (our) journey through cancer. He They had their first “social” last month and the was amazing and he left me a legacy to pass on,” theme was ’80s and neon. I have to admit that I Leslie writes. Suzanne Brown and Jeff Anderson

Speaking of busy people, Loren Bassett is in New York teaching hot power yoga and selling residential real estate. So we know who to call to get in shape. She recently created her own boot camp called “Bassett’s Boot Camp,” which was featured on the cover of Marie Claire’s October issue as “America’s Toughest Workout.” Also on the go are Kimberly Haley-Coleman and Shana Wilcox Intille.They took their girls to Hawaii this summer and hula danced, made leis, rode horses, and surfed for several weeks together. Kim reports that Shana’s kids bronzed beautifully in the sun, but the others got scorched (despite loads of sunscreen). It sounds like heaven in spite of the sunburns! Until next time, y’all! Peace and Love.


hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 64

were married in Charleston, South Carolina on October 2, 2011. Carrie Boren was the maid of honor. Jeff and Suzanne live in Cincinnati where Suzanne is the Director of Human Resources at Ernst & Young LLP and Jeff is the Professional Scientific Relations Manager for Procter and Gamble Professional, a division of the Procter and Gamble Company in Cincinnati.The couple spent their honeymoon in Maui in December. I (Allison Campfield Taten) am honored to serve as your Hockaday Alumnae Association President this year and am looking forward to hearing more from all of you as Class Agent. I enjoyed a trip to Chicago over Thanksgiving with my family to visit my sister Claire Campfield Storino ’93 and her family.

1990 Class Agent – Communications: Leigh Allbritton,

Hello ladies. I hope 2012 is treating you all well! Here are the latest updates from our classmates: Emily Herndon says, “I really enjoyed attending Headmistress Wargo’s installation. I sat with Lisa Miller ‘82 and saw Kate Hoak Power, Emily Cates from ESD ’90, and Talley Dunn ’86. On a somewhat unrelated note, in the last few months I have really enjoyed learning how to sew at the wonderful store City Craft behind the Inwood Theater, which is owned by Callie Works-Leary ’99. She has done a wonderful job of offering modern, beautiful fabrics in a warm, inviting setting with all kinds of classes for people with no experience even touching a sewing machine (like me), as well as for more experienced sewers, too. I mean seamstresses. It has been really fun and rewarding.” Courtney Comer Wunderlick reports that she and her husband Paul just got back from an awesome trip to Grand Cayman – it is so gorgeous there! Other than that, all is well with the family and their four-legged kids. Jennifer Altamura Namazy, her husband, David, and their twins Max and Sophia, welcomed a new daughter, Poppy Elpis Namazy. Congratulations to the Namazy family! Aimee Weaver Ertley had fun running into Jennifer Hazlewood Cronin in Orlando at Disney World in May when they were both there with their respective families. Very fun to catch up. Other than that, she works, chases Lawson, her husband, and her dog. Tracy Haymann Elliott writes, “I’ve been married for 12 years to BJ, who I met while at Tulane. We got married while I was in residency. I am now practicing as an OB-GYN in Frisco. I’ve been in practice for nine years, the last seven in Frisco. I have two kids: Alex (10) and Abby (7). In my free time, I coach Abby’s soccer team and love spending time with my family, including my two golden retrievers Zack and Zoey. We also love to travel as a family. We take a yearly trip to Aspen in the summer and are trading the seventh annual December in Mexico for a trip to Turks and Caicos this December. I enjoyed seeing so many classmates at our reunion last year and hope to see more of you around next time.” Melinda

Alice and Walter Dean, the children of Christi Thompson Dean ’90

Melinda Jean Hartnett ’90’s daughter Sienna and her husband Chris

Ronnetta Fagan ’90 with her family

William Lee, the son of Ronnetta Fagan ’90

Poppy Namazy, the daughter of David and Jennifer Altamura Namazy ’90

Max Mahlo, the son of Michelle Harvey Mahlo ’90

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 65

Class Notes Hartnett and her husband, Chris Ellis, are busy

trying to keep up with their kids – Sienna (7), Christopher (6),Tabitha (5), and Sophia (3).They took a trip to upstate New York to see Chris’ family this summer, and got to visit Lake Placid briefly, where Melinda and Chris met. Between three soccer teams, two Y Guides groups, dance and piano lessons, and other activities, it barely leaves Melinda time to work at The Hartnett Law Firm – but she does her best! Melissa Korby Fordyce writes, “There is nothing going on at my house! Abby is in 5th grade and is attending Duchesne Academy, which is an all-girls school here. I started at Hockaday in 5th grade, so her 5th grade year is bringing back a lot of my Hockaday memories. Sam is in 3rd grade, and I am relieved to report that football season is over – football takes a lot of mom time, and I am happy for basketball season. We visited Dallas for Thanksgiving, then went to New Orleans in December, and then we went on a no-kids trip with friends to Costa Rica to celebrate my 40th over the New Year’s holiday.” Elizabeth Hairston Keogh says that, “all three of my girls and I were in my little brother Walker’s wedding on November 12, 2011. Caroline and Emily were junior bridesmaids and Emily was a flower girl. Lots of fun for all. My oldest, Caroline, is now on an MIS basketball team with Beth Gayden Williams’ ’87 daughter, Sara Katherine, small world. She is also in class with John Love, son of Christian Anderson Love. I get to see Anna Underwood Small regularly as we do cafeteria duty at UP Elementary together – fun catching up over steaming food. Happy 40th to all of us this year!” Christi Thompson Dean writes, “40 isn’t so bad after all. I just spent a wonderful weekend in New York and Connecticut with Caroline Grady Platt celebrating her 40th birthday. She is making it look good! Her husband Waddy surprised her with me and two other friends! It was a special and memorable weekend to say the least. I’ve missed Caroline. I recently had a delightful brunch with Emily Herndon. She also looks great, and I loved catching up with her. I am doing

well and turned 40 in March! Still working as an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County. My kids, Walter and Alice, are eight and five. Walter just started 3rd grade at the Hillier School at Highland Park Presbyterian, and Alice started Kindergarten at Armstrong.” Ronnetta Fagan reports that her family moved in September, and that they are renovating a 75-year-old house. It’s been an adventure. She’s learning all about pipes, plaster, and roof shingles, and has her contractor and handyman on speed dial. Jessica Setnick says that all is well with her. Michelle Harvey Mahlo, her husband, Mark, and their son, Max, had dinner with Jennifer Hazlewood Cronin, Jennifer’s son Jack, and Leigh Allbritton in the fall. It was a great night! Tania Gardere Macleod tells me that April Adams Pertuis introduced her to lia sophia jewelry, and that April is one of the company’s top performers. Way to go, April! Elizabeth Smith Gray and I also ran into Alexis Connally Noack and her family at Taco Diner during Summer 2011, and it was great to catch up with her and to see her family. Her daughter looks just like Alexis did as a little girl. Leigh Allbritton moved to Atlanta for a new job with The Home Depot in October 2011. Tania Gardere Macleod was a lifesaver, helping me find a place to live on very short notice. Thanks, Tania. Leigh was glad to help Elizabeth Smith Gray celebrate her 40th birthday, along with Rebecca Eldredge and Jennifer Hazlewood Cronin. Elizabeth finally got her ears pierced for her birthday! Rebecca and I also caught up with Alisha Bell and Katherine Akbari when Katherine was in Dallas. Alisha Bell continues to work for Hewlett Packard and travel the world, while Katherine Akbari is newly married, working for Google, and living in New York City. Michelle Harvey Mahlo is still working at Children’s and has started a tutoring program for children in the cancer clinic. If you are on Facebook, make sure you join our class group, The Hockaday School Class of 1990, to keep up with all the latest class updates! I hope you all have a great 2012, and look forward to hearing from you for the next update!

Dory Hawn Sjogren ’92 with her husband Kurt, and their daughters Ella and Ava

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 66

1991 Class Agent – Communications: Anne Zimmerman Reich,

1992 Class Agent – Communications: Julie Flamant Hamilton,

Here is some of our latest news – Sarah Fry Close is a busy lady working on various marketing writing projects, along with some website and graphic design, and writing for, where she is a regular featured contributor. She spent a month this past summer in Breckenridge, Colorado, with her family and just recently took a trip to wine country in California without the kids. But, most exciting, was taking her daughter and some friends to their first concert in August – Selena Gomez. Congrats to Dory Hawn Sjogren and her husband Kurt who are celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary this year. They plan on heading to Connecticut with their daughters to see Kurt’s family this December. They are hoping for a white Christmas. Paige Prentiss Coulman just completed her first marathon in New York – congrats. Leigh Dealey DeMarco drove cross country from Massachusetts to Santa Fe with her mom and two children, Benjamin and Celia, this past summer. She also was able to spend Thanksgiving back in Dallas. Ashley Geller is happy to be back practicing corporate securities law at Vinson & Elkins in Dallas. It definitely keeps her sharp so she can keep up with her 2 1/2-year-old son, Griffin.Welcome back to Dallas. Meanwhile, Anne James Sayles and her family are leaving Dallas behind. They are off to Philadelphia for a new job. Congratulations. Steve and Ashley Hollweg Watson welcomed their second child, a little boy named Carson Lewis Watson, on September 1, 2011. In addition, her dad sold his company, Batrus Hollweg, so they are now officially employees of Kenexa, a global, publicly traded company. Anne Schwitters Smith is keeping busy with her two children and still managing the footwear business for L.L.Bean. Lisel Matheny Simmons and family welcomed their third child, Elizabeth Anne Simmons, on September 15, 2011 and she goes by “Ellie.” Maryam Toofaniam Morse has been meeting up from time to time for dinner with Cathy Fay Moss, Nancy Fallen, Landy Elliott Fox, and Caroline Briggle Haettemer. She shares that it is a great time and lots of laughs every time we get together. She also just went to dinner at Angela Runnel Andrade’s house with Landy Elliott Fox and her family. As for her, she is keeping busy with her boys, who love sports. She reports that this year Sam started playing tackle football, which has been tons of fun for Sam, but stressful for her. Bettina Hein Goeldi is enjoying her little baby girl, Louisa, and her company, Pixability, Inc., has grown by 15 people. She is also co-authoring

Leigh Dealey DeMarco ’92 with mom, Pamela Harris Busbee ’69, and children – Celia and Benjamin

Heather Lawrence Hopper ’92 with her son Bexley

Heather Lawrence Hopper ’92 with husband Kyle and son Bexley

Lynde Jones Schoellkopf ’92 and her daughter Willow

Sarah Fry Close ’92 with husband Matthew and their three children – Emma, Lissa, and Joe

Sarah Fry Close ’92 with husband Matthew

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 67

Class Notes the forthcoming Video Marketing For Dummies to be published by Wiley & Sons. Lynde Jones Shoellkopf is still fighting the good fight at EPA and celebrated her nine-year anniversary in October. She completed a year-long intensive leadership development program in September and hopes to apply some things she learned in and out of the workplace. Her daughter, Willow, now attends a little science-based school and that keeps them busy with parent meetings and school activities. Willow loves to spend every weekend with her aunt Laurie Jones ’91 and her cousin Gabriel. I cannot believe 20 years has passed since our graduation. Thanks to everyone who attended our 20th Class Reunion. It was great to catch up with old friends! – Julie

1993 Class Agents – Communications: Mary Clare Jalonick Cahlink, Rani Khamesra, Cindy Casey Brown, Merry Munson Wyatt,

Bridesmaids at the wedding of Michael Greenfield Enoch ’93

Sherman. Heather Bromfield Steelman gave birth Hello, everyone! Thanks for sending in your updates. If you are not hearing from us when it’s to Bowen Christian Steelman on September 28, time to gather news, please join the Hockaday 2011. Heather says Bowen is having a “blast” Class of 1993 Facebook page or send your email with big brother Barrett. Heather May Smith may to me at to get on our be the first among us to become a Hockaday email list. You will be hearing more from us as parent! (Let me know anyone else who has a little our 20th reunion approaches next year! Michael Hockadaisy.) Heather writes that her daughter Alexandra began her Hockaday journey this fall. Greenfield Enoch ’93 married Scott Edwin Enoch “She’s in Pre-K and absolutely loving it!” Her on May 1, 2010 at the Adolphus Hotel. Emily son Connor is in 2nd grade at Parish Episcopal Eldredge was a bridesmaid in the wedding. Many in Dallas. Emily Eldredge recently moved to Hockaday friends and parents were in attendance. The newlyweds had a great time on their Arizona. She writes, “I recently moved to Tucson, honeymoon in Costa Arizona, to be with my Rica. Professionally, sweetheart of two and a Michael had to leave half years (and friend of Nordstroms after five 13 years), Paco Torres. Miriam Awad ’93 years in September 2010 We’re living in the because all the buying lovely Catalina Foothills is in the Foreign Service, offices were moved to with a mountain in the Seattle headquarters. our backyard...quite a currently serving as deputy Michael had been in the change from Dallas. I economic counselor at the BP Shoe Buying office spend my days taking for the past two years. It clients through an U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. was an awesome job. She emotional healing won’t have to buy shoes technique I created for the next few years called The Drawing with all the free pairs Out Process (www. collected from vendors. A woman’s dream job! It and am working on took a little while to find a new job, but Michael a book about the process as well. Loving it!” has been with Avaya since February 2011 as the Melissa Dealey Rawlins writes that she is still U.S. Channel Marketing Operations person. It’s practicing law in Los Angeles and spending been a challenge learning telecom and marketing most of her free time with her four children, all at once, but she’s enjoying it. Next, baby Isabel (7), Asher Rose (5), Santiago (2), and news! Pippa Eltringham Zimmerman welcomed Marisol (1). Teel Jaffe Tishgart is still burning her second son, Aidan Thomas Zimmerman, up the running trails and finishing marathons. on May 6, 2011. Pryiya Swamy Zeikus welcomed She writes, “I ran the Philadelphia Marathon then started training for the Boston Marathon. her third child, Karthik, also in May 2011. The Boston Marathon is a big deal for women, She opened her second dermatology practice because women couldn’t officially register for in Dallas in Spring 2011 after practicing in

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 68

this prestigious race until 1972, 75 years after the race started. For many years, due to the high physical demands long distance running placed on the body, it was widely accepted that women were considered unfit and incapable of competing at these distances. I just thought that was pretty cool and empowering for women... attending an all-girls school shows us that not only in business can we overcome and prevail, but also in sports. I had to qualify for the Boston Marathon as well, so I worked very hard to get there.” Miriam Awad is in the Foreign Service, currently serving as deputy economic counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. Before that, she worked in the economic section at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Portia Elmer writes that she’s in her second year of studying to get her Master of Fine Arts in set and costume design at Yale School of Drama in New Haven, Connecticut. Portia, her husband Roderick, and daughter Avocet have been enjoying the Northeast, and spent Christmas 2011 with family in Nova Scotia, Canada. Carey Dodson is still living in Austin and building her business, Dodson Design. She writes, “My Dad survived a major stroke in May so I have been putting a lot of my energy there as he heals. I am also currently one year into a two-year intensive transformation program at the Hendricks Institute in Ojai, California that I am loving.” Pamela Jaffe is still traveling the world. She took a two-week trip to Europe in Summer 2011 and rented a villa with 10 friends in St.Tropez. She also spent a week in Berlin. She has a new job at IBM in New York City working as a managing consultant. Pamela says she caught up with several Hockadaisies at an alumnae lunch in New York. Thanks to all for the updates, keep them coming!

Bethany Elliott Holloway ’98, Courtney Elliott Itson ’94, Landy Elliott Fox ’92, and Linda Elliott (Hockaday fifth grade teacher) enjoying the vineyards in Los Olivos, California

Michael Greenfield Enoch ’93 married Scott Edwin Enoch on May 1, 2010.

Sara Jaffe ’94 with her husband David Ostroff and their daughter Hannah

Cindy Casey Brown ’93 with husband Ed and sons Frank (3) and George (1) in Destin, Florida

Greylin and Flora, the daughters of Jennifer Fetner Booth ’94

Samaira and Soren James, children of Yvette Pabilona Bhutani ’94

Mary Breithaupt Southard ’94 on vacation in Idaho with husband James and daughter Cheney

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 69

Class Notes 1994 Class Agent – Communications: Susannah Moore, Sara Jaffe reports she is enjoying her new position as Vice President of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia. She is balancing work with loving life as mother to her daughter Hannah, now 18 months old. Sara also shared, “I want to thank the many friends of Hockaday who made contributions to the School in my father’s memory. My sister Marisa and I miss our dad immensely, but the love and support from so many friends has brought us comfort. Thank you.” Alyssa Lugger Maisano and her husband welcomed their first baby girl, Jillian Alyse Maisano, on November 2, 2011, 8 lbs. 8 oz., 20 3/4 in. Kathryn Balink Fernandez and her husband Ron welcomed their new baby Mark Andrew Fernandez into the world on October 1, 2011. Their daughter, Mary, turned three on Halloween.The family lives in Denver, Colorado. In February 2012 Ailsa Heard Hurley opened Layette, an Infant and Children’s Boutique at The Shops of Highland Park on Oak Lawn. Fellow Class of 1994 Daisies have been heavily involved in the process. Elizabeth Norwood Fifield built the financial model and helped craft the financial plan. Emily Owens, of Emily Owens Design Group, designed and planned the store and its layout. Michelle Midyette will launch an exclusive jewelry line for christening gifts and fine jewelry for both the mother and child. The store will also showcase the exquisite clothing line Baby Bespoke by Kathryn Beach. Ailsa reports, “All my Class of ’94 friends have truly pitched in to make the store a reality. We have beautiful children’s clothes and accessories and would love to help fellow Daisies find the perfect child’s outfit or gift.” Allison Swayze Navitskas, husband Ted, and big sister Lily welcomed twin sisters, Abigail Lee and Mae Elizabeth, on August 1. Daley Haggar is still in Los Angeles, writing a pilot for NBC. Can’t wait to see it, Daley! Mary Breithaupt Southard lost her father-in-law earlier this year tragically, so the family has been healing and loving life as much as possible with their daughter Cheney, who is 21 months old. Yvette Pabilona Bhutani has a new addition to her family. Soren James was born June 6, 2011. Yvette’s daughter, Samaira, is enjoying being a big sister. Jennifer Fetner Booth welcomed baby Flora Steed Fetner Booth into the world on Oct 5; big sister Greylin is very proud. Abby Golden Ritman reports that Charlotte Irene Ritman was born on April 9th, 2011. Pierce is thrilled to be a big brother!

Mark, son of Kathryn Balink Fernandez ’94

Mary, daughter of Kathryn Balink Fernandez ’94

Pierce and Charlotte, children of Abby Golden Ritman ’94

1995 Class Agents – Communications: Karin Brown Shoffner, Sarah Stockton, Adrienne Wilson Wagner,

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 70

Maya Jadhav ’97 was married on November 11, 2011 to Martin Brown

Kelly Johnston Middleton ’96, with daughter Margaret (6), cousin Barrett (son of Devonie Johnston Coble ’99), and daughter Charlie (3) in Santa Fe

Allison Koury ’97 with her daughter Alexandra

Maureen McCarthy ’97 with her daughters

Mishty Deb ’98 and Raney LaSusa together after founding their law firm, LaSusa and Deb, PLLC

Abigail Crain, daughter of Louise Cottel Crain ’98 and Brandon Crain

Mandy Fisher Moore ’98 and son Fin at the Dallas Arboretum

Worth Anne Stites Herrell ’97 with her husband and their two sons, Mack and Houston

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 71

Class Notes 1996 Class Agents – Communications: Allison Hazlewood Olson, Jenniffer S. Self, Cynthia Sharon Spalding,

1997 Class Agents – Communications: Courtney Jones Johnson, Worth Anne Stites Herrell,

second year of teaching history at Hockaday. She teaches 7th grade American history and 8th grade world history, and finds working at Hockaday to be very fulfilling as well as pretty hilarious some times. Maureen McCarthy and her husband had another daughter, Julia, born October 6, 7 lbs. 11 oz. They live in Haddonfield, New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. Maureen is taking some time off from work as a lawyer for the Federal Communications Commission to be with the girls. Kate Brantley Hooper and her husband welcomed their fourth son, Reid William Hooper, on October 10, 2011. “Our boys Brantley (7), Brayden (5), and Ryder (2) are enjoying their new baby brother.”

Dena Fayad Guggenheim and her husband

welcomed their son, Leo Alexander Guggenheim, on November 14, 2011. He joins his big sister Penelope. Maya Jadhav got married on November 11, 2011 to Martin Brown. Emily Mayfield was in her bridal party. Maya and her husband are planning to move to England. Worth Anne Stites Herrell and her husband welcomed their second son, Houston Worth, into the world on September 20, 2011. Houston weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 19.5 in. long. Big brother Mack is so proud of his new little brother. Laura Douglas Dostert and her husband are still living in Hartsville, South Carolina. They recently welcomed their second daughter, Fiona Elizabeth Dostert, on November 1, 2011. Big sister Natalie is so thrilled to have her home. Leslie Parker Hinton and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Ann Caroline, on May 17, 2011. Big sister Audrey adores her little sister. Leslie went back to work at ExxonMobil Chemical Company as a global supply planner after her maternity leave. They are still enjoying living in Houston. Alicia Carter is enjoying her

1998 Class Agents – Communications Elizabeth Helfrich, Trude Goodman,

First, we have several marriages to report. Ashley Yates married Paul Gunther on May 10, 2010 at Cannon Memorial Chapel at the University of Richmond, their alma mater. Ashley and Paul had been dating since 2006. They live in New York, where Ashley is the Director of Government and Foundation Support for Housing Works, a nonprofit organization concerned with HIV/AIDS, homelessness healthcare, housing, and advocacy. Eleanor Stone married Lorenzo Falciani on July 23, 2011 in an intimate family ceremony in Tuscany. Eleanor remains in the Foreign Service and the couple will be moving from Washington, D.C. to New York, where Eleanor will begin a post at the United Nations in June 2012. Finally, Emily Ingle married David Kealey on October 22, 2011, at

Class Notes Photo Submissions We welcome your photo submissions for Class Notes. To submit photos electronically, please send them to Please keep the following technical requirements in mind: • Images need to be 3” X 5” or larger • Images need to be saved at 300 dpi high resolution • Images need to be saved as a jpeg file If you’d like to submit a hard copy of your photos, please mail them to: The Hockaday School c/o The Alumnae Office 11600 Welch Road Dallas, Texas 75229

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 72

Leigh Montgomery Sandwick ’98 with husband Adam and daughter Erin

the ArtHouse in Austin, Texas. Best wishes to you all! Second, we have many new babies to acknowledge – lots of girls! Leigh Montgomery Sandwick and her husband Adam Sandwick welcomed baby girl Erin Grainne Sandwick on February 11, 2011. Leigh is currently staying home with Erin; the family moved to Enid, Oklahoma in December 2011. Baby Anna Louis O’Connor joined mother Jenny Gass O’Connor and dad John O’Connor on July 1, 2011. On October 22, 2011, Sarah Walker Kinard, husband Matthew and big brother Noah welcomed Emma Elizabeth Kinard into their family. Just five days later on October 27, 2011, Louise Cottel Crain and husband Brandon had their first child, Abigail Grace Crain. Coincidentally, little Abigail was born on Louise’s father’s birthday! Congratulations to all of our new moms. In other class news, I have had fun catching up with the growing number of members of our class who are back here in Dallas. Kerri Geller Goldfarb and I both attended the Fall Alumnae Dinner, which was a wonderful evening. Mishty Deb is living here in Dallas and founded her own law firm, LaSusa and Deb, PLLC, last year. The firm specializes in start-ups, international business, litigation, taxes, and immigration. Mandy Moore is also practicing law in Dallas; she is still working part-time as a criminal defense attorney. The rest of the time she is busy with her young son, Fin; they enjoy having play dates with Erin Sudbury Ashby ’90 and her sons when they are in town. Bethany Elliott Holloway is another current Dallasite and is still working for Towers Watson. She gets to travel a great deal for her job and for pleasure. Over Labor Day 2011 Bethany, Isabell Novakov, and Lucy Billingsley Burns met up in Vail/Beaver Creek and enjoyed a river rafting trip. Further, Kavita Vyas Dharmarajan is still living in New York and continuing with her residency training in radiation oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Jenna Zouzelka Osborn, who lives in San Antonio, remains one of the most-traveled members of our class. Her most recent trip was to Masailand, Tanzania, in July 2011.

Anna O’Connor, daughter of Jenny Gass O’Connor ’98 and John O’Connor

Devonie Johnston Coble ’99 with son Hank Coble

Barrett and Hank, children of Devonie Johnston Coble ’99

Jenna Zouzelka Osborn ’98 in traditional Masai dress, July 2011

Christel Fulton Crigler ’99 with husband Jim Crigler and son James Carpenter Crigler IV

Sara Frankfurt Gail ’99 with her husband David and son Jacob in La Jolla, California

Lesley Phelan ’99, Robyn Schwartz Siegel ’99, Nicolas McCutchen, Lydia Sands McCutchen ’99, Ashley Pittman ’99, and Catherine Bogart Berglund ’99 at Lydia’s rehearsal dinner

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 73

Class Notes 1999 Class Agents – Communications: Meredith Stites, Kate Jeffrey Williamson, Sara Frankfurt Gail, Anne Hewitt Fischer, Charlotte Hudson,

It was great to hear from the Class of 1999, and we are happy to learn that our class keeps growing with lots of little ones! Katy Crawford Slade reports that Elizabeth Mackay Slade was born on July 10, 2011 weighing in at 8 lbs., 3 oz., and 20 in. long. Katy is back to work and says, “My sweet baby Mackay has lit up Jared’s and my life.” And to balance out the boy/girl ratio, Devonie Johnston Coble, her husband McLean, and big sister Barrett, welcomed Henry “Hank” Russell Coble on March 1, 2011. They are are moving to Fort Worth in the spring of 2012. And just a short 11 days before Hank, Christel Fulton Crigler and her husband Jim welcomed their first baby boy, James Carpenter Crigler IV, on February 18, 2011. Several Hockaday friends came to meet him as soon as he was born. Christel says, “He is the light of our lives and so much fun! We just finished renovating a house in Midway Hollow and I am still working as a sales representative for Citizens of Humanity.” She sees several Hockadaisies on a regular basis. Christel and Meredith Stites attended the LSU game in Dallas together. Christel says she “had tons of fun” in Aspen in August for Jacquelin Sewell Taylor’s wedding with lots of Hockaday friends. Ashley Pittman was one of the maids of honor, and Sara Frankfurt Gail and Vicki Genti were bridesmaids. Best wishes to the newlyweds! Also tying the knot, Lydia Sands McCutchen was married to Nicolas McCutchen in Montecito, California on September 24, 2011. Many Hockaday friends attended, including Lesley Phelan, Robyn Schwartz Siegel, Catherine Bogart Berglund, and Ashley Pittman. Lizzie Whitworth married Joe Mussoline, her college sweetheart, in October 2010 in Laredo, Texas. Meredith Casey Jarrett was in attendance. Lizzie and Joe relocated from Washington, D.C. to Denver in 2011 where Lizzie has been teaching 6th grade English at the Denver School of Science & Technology, a Bill and Melinda Gates funded charter school. Sara Frankfurt Gail joined Lateral Link as a legal recruiter handling associate, partner, and inhouse placement for the State of Texas. She continues to live in Dallas with her husband and son. Charlotte Hudson Carter was promoted to Group Media Director at Slingshot, LLC. She is now heading up all national media efforts for the Borden Dairy portfolio of products, all digital initiatives for the American Heart Association, multi-market planning for VeeV Spirits, and media planning and strategy for other agency accounts. Kate Jeffrey Williamson moved with her family from Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill across the river to Arlington, Virginia. After nine years on Capitol Hill, it was time for more hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 74

Lydia Sands McCutchen ’99 and husband Nick on their wedding day

space, and so now the Williamsons are enjoying life in the Commonwealth. She continues parttime political fundraising and consulting, and fills the rest of her time chasing after Hunter (4) and Eloise (2). Please don’t forget to join our Facebook group, Hockaday Class of 1999, and send updates to

2000 Class Agents – Communications: Sonya Mirbagheri, Lauren Rose Brown, Cassie Evans Decker, Mariana Pickering, IB Stanley-Ikhilioju,

It’s been a big year for our classmates with many weddings and new babies! A big congrats to Fiona Murphy Mazurenko and her husband of three years, Roman, who welcomed their first child, Lev Timothy, on June 8, 2011. Another big congratulations is in order for Tara Lynn Neubrand and her husband Tracey Allan Neubrand who are now the proud parents to Reily Paige! Reily was born on October 27, weighing 5 lbs. 3 oz. and was 18 in. long. The new family is doing

well and is very excited about the new addition. Congratulations to Vanessa Gerber Stickles who gave birth to a baby girl, Kara Paige, on July 29 in Manassas, Virginia. Kara weighed 9 lbs. and was 21.5 in. long. Both Ryan and Vanessa are so happy! We’d also like to congratulate Abby English Gregory who was married to Michael Gregory this past September! In job news, Erica Gioia Kuppin and her husband are now living in Dallas and Erica works at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s with her mother and Anne Goyer. Brannon Cullum launched a paper goods company, Happy Cactus Designs, in September 2011. The growing collection includes greeting cards, stationery, gift tags, and personalized notes. All of the designs are hand-drawn by Brannon! You can shop online at www.HappyCactusDesigns. com. Cassie Evans Decker is now the youngest board member on the Board of Directors for the SPCA of Texas. The SPCA of Texas is dedicated to providing every animal exceptional care and a loving home and is the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas. If you are interested in becoming involved with the SPCA, please contact Cassie at It’s so great to hear from everyone! Please continue to send us updates!

Francis Ryburn Barron ’04 and her Hockaday bridesmaids: Hannah English ’04, Claire Reid ’04, Hannah Hoffman ’04, Francis Ryburn Barron ’04, Eleanor Ryburn ’06, Alex Brooks ’04, Abby Tice ’04, and Natalie Dean ’04

Vanessa Gerber Stickles ’00

Rachel Conrad ’04 and Katy Crow Craig ’04 at Princeton University

Katie Ackerman Rhamey ’02 with husband Patrick and son Trey Rhamey

Reily Paige Neubrand, daughter of Tara Lynn Neubrand ’00 and her husband Tracey Allan Neubrand

Sandy Barnett ’02 with Lisa Loeb ’86 in Los Angeles

Margaret Elizabeth Perry ’02, Meghan McDonald Michael ’02, Elizabeth Norris ’02, Anne Miller Morris ’02, Megan Gompf ’02, and Jennifer Wallace ’02

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 75

Class Notes 2001 Class Agents – Communications: Mary Crain, Mallory Fosdick, Britain Bailey Peakes, Amy Meyer Stoneham, Kristin Thumlert,

2002 Class Agents – Communications: Heather White Linburg, Anne Miller, Margaret Elizabeth Perry, Katie Ackerman Rhamey and her husband Patrick Rhamey had a baby – Jon Patrick Rhamey III (“Trey”) on June 6, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona. He was born weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz. and was 20 in. long. Sandy Barnett lives in New York City and works in sales and marketing for HAPPYBABY, an organic baby and toddler food company. Callan Blount lives in New York City and works on the development team at Teach for America, working for kids in low-income communities across the nation. She ran the Chicago Marathon in October, and Molly Zale and Megan Gompf were her dedicated cheerleaders. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in biophysics, Rachel Burke spent four years as a marketing strategy consultant with Monitor Group in Boston and New York. She is currently in her second year of a masters degree in Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating, she’ll likely seek new opportunities that are also only tangentially related to her undergraduate degree. Ashley Cox lives in Boulder, Colorado, where she works as a Facebook Ad Specialist for the company Maximize Social Media. She also works for a jewelry, accessory, and home decor gifts company named Morgan Allen Designs. Elizabeth Frost Benson married Dan Benson in June and Callan Blount, Molly Zale, and Molly Frost ’03 were bridesmaids. Leslie Peña Collins has been living in New York City for almost five years now and moved there after graduating from law school in Mexico. She was a teacher for three years at an independent school in the West Village (Village Community School); then she worked at the United Nations for a year with Mexico’s Mission and with a Human Rights NGO, and now she works for the NYS Assembly, where she is the Director of Community Affairs for the 74th Assembly District in East Manhattan. She used to live with her sister Vanessa Peña ’96, who just got married this past October. Gigi Garmendia finished her MBA at Wharton Business School this May and is now a research analyst at Sabretooth Capital Management, a hedge fund in Manhattan. Olivia Jennings is practicing commercial litigation at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Dallas. Laura Jones Hansen is working on her MBA at Duke’s hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 76

New York City – Class of 2002

representation to people who can’t afford lawyers. Fuqua School of Business. Maryam Kahn married Meghan Titzer graduated from Harvard Business Alex Cope on Labor Day weekend and Leslie School in May. After traveling around Norway Moses, Hannah Simpson, and Laura Jones Hansen this summer, she joined a Cambridge-based were bridesmaids. Maryam works in the U.S. consulting firm that works with family-owned Senate advising members on technology policy. businesses. Meghan is also a violinist with several Her husband has moved to Dallas to work for Boston-area orchestras. By pure coincidence, she American Airlines, and they are commuting back lives in the same apartment building as Caroline and forth between D.C. and Dallas. Kristina Kiik Stevenson Brownworth and her husband Anders, is a judicial law clerk to a federal district judge and she cat-sits a lot for their cute black-andin Dallas, Texas. Anne Miller Morris married her white kitty, Theodora. Lesley Russell O’Leary husband Michael Morris in June 2010, and successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis and as of they live in Dallas. Elizabeth Norris and Margaret November 14 has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Elizabeth Perry were her bridesmaids. She is Rice University. Heather completing her Ph.D. Tobert Norden graduated in clinical psychology May 2011 from UNC at at SMU and successfully Chapel Hill and is now a defended her thesis Callan Blount ’02 family nurse practitioner and proposed her at a family practice in lives in New York City and works on dissertation this fall. Virginia. She has a son Elizabeth Norris teaches the development team at who was born in July kindergarten in Austin 2011. Lisa Whitaker and loves both the job Teach for America, working for lives in Manhattan as of and the city. During the August 2010, and works summer, she worked kids in low-income communities for a real estate sales as a director at Camp across the nation. and rentals firm called Longhorn. Kathleen Cooper & Cooper graduated Pederson Real Estate. She was from the HEC MBA promoted from an Associate to Assistant Manager program in June, and she’s currently working for this past May. Jessica Wong spent the summer Facebook in Dublin, Ireland. Margaret Elizabeth in Heidelberg, Germany on a Kearns Summer Perry lives in Dallas, and works as the Vice Fellowship. She received the North American Counsel for Government Relations at Buckner Doctoral Fellowship from the Fund for International. Through her work she travels to Theological Education. She is currently teaching Washington, D.C., and various countries such a course at Duke University as she pursues her as Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Ethiopia Ph.D. in Christian theology and ethics, and is advocating for children in need of loving scheduled to take her preliminary exams in the families. She ran the 2011 ING New York City spring. This summer, she hopes to start writing Marathon in November. Hannah Simpson works on the intersection of Christian icon theology at the Legal Aid Society as a staff attorney in the and the creation of the citizen. criminal defense practice. The Legal Aid Society is a non-profit organization that provides legal

2003 Class Agent – Communications: Casey Potter, Christen Redlich just returned from a photography

safari in South Africa and Zambia and some beach time in the Seychelles with her family. She is the treasurer of the SMU Tri Delta Capital Campaign. Katherine Brooks and Stephanie Swingle attend Harvard Business School together. Kathryn McGarr has written a biography of her great-uncle entitled The Whole Damned Deal: Robert Strauss and the Art of Politics (PublicAffairs 2011). Jennifer Hsieh is a first-year Ph.D. student in sociocultural anthropology at Stanford University. Following undergrad, she completed a masters in anthropology at Columbia and wrote her thesis on compensation, risk, and government accountability after 9/11. After spending two years as an audio engineer, her current research is in the anthropology of sound: how different cultures perceive and hear sound, as well as the fluidity between sound that contains meaning and sound that turns into noise. After graduating with a J.D./M.B.A. from SMU and after taking the bar exam, Jenny Branson moved to rural Illinois to begin work as Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for a small law school. Lynne Norris made the road trip with her and they spent a day in Chicago and visited Casey Potter. Casey is enjoying her last year of law school at The University of Chicago. She stayed with Maxi Sherman on a recent trip to New York and visited with Kathryn McGarr. Casey will be moving to Austin in August to clerk for Justice Dale Wainwright of the Texas Supreme Court. Susanna Bradley lives in the Hudson Valley and works for She also started her own business making tote bags out of sails that otherwise would have been thrown away. Her business can be found at bootsbradley. After three great years working on the Lexus brand, Blake Lown is now leading the social media strategy at Hulu. She lives in Venice, California.

Arsers (St. Mark’s Class of ’02) on November 11 in Austin, Texas. Priya Sureddi and Sujin Lee were bridesmaids. Gillian Barjon received her J.D. from Northwestern University Law School in May 2011. She is now a licensed Nevada lawyer and living in Las Vegas. Gillian is a Children’s Attorney at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada representing kids in the child welfare system. Megan Coleman currently lives in Dallas working at a marketing firm in Irving. Her main client is Sonic. Maria Bascom has two kids – Miriam who is three, and Paul who is one. She has so much fun staying home and going on adventures with them. Each of them has quite a personality. Her husband, James, is serving his fourth year in the Marine Corps. In the last year, they have moved from California to Texas to North Carolina, but expect to be stationed in North Carolina for the duration of his term of enlistment. The military life has been great, but she can’t wait to settle down in Dallas.

2005 Class Agents – Communications: Allison Richie, Amy Rush, Elizabeth Lintel, Michelle Fox, Molly Bierman, Abigail Hoak, Ellen Parkhurst, Morgan Manser,

2006 Class Agents – Communications: Natalie Pon, Jennifer Zavaleta,

2007 Class Agent – Communications: Anna Simon, Laurence Glasscock works at Fox Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles. Sarah Harris’s

environmental reporting about the cement industry was published by Slate, the Center for Public Integrity, and NPR as part of Poisoned Places, an investigative series about communities with toxic air pollution. Last fall she taught at the Transom Story Workshop, a seven-week radio production class in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She has since moved to Burlington, Vermont to work as a stringer for North Country Public Radio. Kelly Potter is an architectural blacksmith at the Millican Blacksmith Shop in Grapevine. She recently worked on a 30-foot chandelier for one of Dallas’ finest restaurants, the making of which was the subject of a documentary. Kelly writes, “I never thought blacksmithing would include making movies.” As part of the Teach for America program, Katherine Novinski is teaching Algebra II to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders in Baltimore City Public Schools. After graduating from Washington University with Nicole Bullock, Maggie Parker participated in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs in St. Louis. The fellowship offered nine months of experiential learning through five sectors of public affairs, including business, nonprofit, political campaigns, organized labor, and government placements. Maggie will be getting a master’s of community and regional planning in North Carolina in the fall. Caroline Robb completed her M.A. at the University of St. Andrews and is now pursuing a master’s of education under a Robert Noyce Scholarship. This spring she was asked to speak at a conference on encouraging science literacy and will be publishing an accompanying paper as well. This coming July, she will also be getting married to Christian Stone in St.

2004 Class Agent – Communications: Marissa Lau, Marissa Lau started the Texas Evening M.B.A. part-time program this fall. Rachel Conrad and Juliet Morgan are classmates at Baylor College of

Medicine in Houston. Rachel recently visited Katy Crow Craig in New Jersey where Katy is pursuing a Ph.D. in math at Rutgers. Evangeline Pittman Heppenstall got married and moved back to Dallas to join a law firm. Betsy Liu became an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA) this year. In addition to working for an insurance company and studying to complete the rest of the exam requirements to obtain her fellowship, Betsy traveled to Madrid and enjoyed many delicious cups of café con leche and plates of tapas. Emily Hébert was married to Michael

Maria Heyne Bascom ’04 with her family on the occasion of Miriam’s third birthday party at a farm

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 77

Class Notes Andrews, Scotland. Sarah Satinsky has returned to Hockaday where she works as the Assistant Director of Community Service with the new Hockaday/St.Mark’s Community Service Director, Laura Day. Sarah writes, “I’m really liking the job and am staying busy talking with girls, planning projects, organizing, adding to the program, and (of course) going to volunteer with the students.” Sarah is also involved with the Genesis Young Leaders Board for Genesis Women’s Shelter, and has started volunteering at Dwell with Dignity, a design-based nonprofit that designs and decorates homes for homeless clients. Kavitha Surana lives in New York City, where she works as an assistant film editor at the TV commercial production company Cause & Effect. Kavitha enjoys spending time with her husband and has seen lots of “Daisies” in the city. A special thank you to those of you who made it to our five-year reunion.

2008 Class Agents – Communications: Monica Israel, Adrien May, Sasha Nouri, Chandler (Channy) Ronchetti, Anne Smead, Kim Starfield, Heather Wolf, Stephanie McCall worked this summer in New York City for Citi doing investment banking. She graduated from Lehigh University in December, and will begin full-time work for Citi in July. Heather Wolf also worked in investment banking. She interned at Wells Fargo in Los Angeles this summer. She will join their full-time team after graduation in May. Megan Cassidy was also working in investment banking in Los Angeles this summer, but for Barclay Capital. She picked Los Angeles as her summer spot to be with her sisters Taylor Cassidy ’06 and Sarah Cassidy ’10. Megan did such great work in her maledominated office, they offered her a permanent analyst position after she graduates from Penn this spring. When Megan wasn’t working she was training for the Philadelphia marathon she ran November 20 in Philadelphia. Before she began work in Los Angeles she visited Katie Tice in London where Katie was studying abroad last spring. They then traveled together to the Cannes Film Festival in France. After graduating from TCU in May, Katie will join Lazard as an analyst focused on oil and gas M&A. Avery Ziblich traveled to Istanbul this fall, but also made several trips to Boston this summer as well as to London to visit Channy Ronchetti. Channy was in London this summer working for two fashion design houses, Tata Naka and Lot78. She looks forward to seeing both her men’s and women’s designs for Lot78’s autumn/winter 2012 collection! This fall Channy is finishing up her 13-month term as President of her chapter of Pi Beta Phi at Washington University in St. Louis. Channy made hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 78

Christine Kelsey Peterson ’08 and Channy Ronchetti ’08 at “The Grove” before the Ole Miss vs. Georgia football game in September

a trip to visit Christine Peterson in September for a football weekend at Ole Miss, where Christine is enjoying her senior year with two new dogs, Rose and Ryder. Mary Alex Smith studied abroad this summer in Sevilla, Spain. Having returned to Texas Tech this fall, she finished directing a letter writing campaign benefitting St. Jude’s Hospital called Up ’til Dawn. It was the most successful year the event has ever seen. Tracy Diers worked as an intern at a full-service advertising agency named Hill Holliday in Boston. She was working in account management for Liberty Mutual. Regina Cardenas was also in Boston this summer. She took classes at Boston University and interned for an advertising firm specializing in high-end luxury cars. She got to work on the Ferrari and Aston Martin team. Now back in Dallas at SMU, she is working at Edelman doing digital public relations for Blackberry Latin America. Brooke Jefferson interned in Washington, D.C. this summer at the American Bar Association, and moved into her new home above Georgetown Cupcake! Haley Huffines lived in Shanghai during the months of June and July while she interned for China Business Focus Magazine. Meaghan Watters interned at Greater Than One, a digital marketing firm specializing in healthcare, in addition to conducting research from Yoomi, Inc. this summer in San Francisco. Shannon Blakey is back at Chapel Hill finishing her senior year and working on her honors thesis.

2009 Class Agents – Communications: Kit (Betty) Lai, Seung Eun (Cinnamon) Lee, Katie Satinsky,

The Class of 2009 has been busy over the last five semesters of college. I can’t believe that we are already juniors, and I especially can’t believe the remarkable things that this grade has accomplished.

Still in Dallas, Elise McDonald is working on a bachelor’s in management science and a master’s in systems engineering at SMU. When not studying, she stays busy, serving as President of the Program Council, Vice President of the Student Affairs Advisory Board, and an active member of Alpha Chi Omega. Just east of Dallas, Lanie Milliorn, Catherine Ratelle, Caroline Gayler ’11, Katie Tice ’08, and Mary Susan McDowell met up at the Fort Worth Hockaday Alumnae reception with new Eugene McDermott Headmistress Kim Wargo. Across the country at Colgate, Alexis Manrodt recently won the Best Voice in Fashion Award from Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blogging Awards for her blog, Dolly Rocker Girl. When she’s not blogging about fashion, Alexis serves as the publicity director on the board of directors of Colgate University’s campus radio station. She is also the president of Peer Health Educators, which teaches other students about prevalent health and social issues on campus. Julia Powers, an English and religious studies major at the College of William & Mary, loves staying involved with the campus interfaith organization and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Also studying English, Erin Ku, attending Northwestern University, is currently abroad at King’s College London. Kathleen Murphy and Alex Queener are also enjoying spending their semester in London, but they miss the sunshine. Next semester, Katie Cummiskey, an economics major and active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Cornell, will be studying in Barcelona; she is excited to immerse herself in Spanish culture. Also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zohra Chahal, is currently participating in Northeastern’s Cooperative Education Program at The Salesmanship Club in Dallas. Zohra specifically works with the Therapeutic After-School and Summer Program that does experiential activities with kids and their families. Cyonna Holmes, majoring in bioengineering, is also working with children as the Co-Director of Tutoring for Community, which assists children

of Stanford’s residence and dining employees with tutoring and mentoring activities. Additionally, through the Phoenix Scholars Program, she mentors underprivileged youth to help them get into college. This upcoming winter, she is looking forward to reuniting with Erin Ku, Elizabeth Novinski, Alex Queener, Taylor Thornton, and Caroline Stephens in Chicago. Caroline Stephens stays busy with pre-med school work, riding her horse several times a week, and serving as academic chair for Delta Delta Delta sorority. She is looking forward to writing her senior thesis on hospital work in Uganda. At the University of Michigan, Claudia Lampert, also a member of Delta Delta Delta, is majoring in industrial and operations engineering within the College of Engineering. She has been a member of the Michigan Dance Team for her entire time at Michigan and is currently the CoCaptain of the squad. Rachel Compton supports the University of Virginia through the varsity cheerleading squad. As part of her responsibility as a cheerleader for football and basketball, she has traveled to Indiana and Florida; she loves being able to travel with the team. Betty Lai spent the past summer studying abroad in Europe. Betty lived as a Florentine, taking art history and absolutely loving it (thanks to Mr. Long for introducing her to this lovely subject), and taking Italian at Florence University of Art. Also, she danced in an old ballet studio. It was hard for her to leave her new life behind. She met up with Yin Chen when in Paris for two days, and it was great to see someone from Hockaday! She is studying fashion design in Paris now. As for me, (Katie Satinsky) I stay busy working as the Revenue Analyst for the Statler Hotel, a teaching assistant for Business Computing and Hotel Operations, and the Director of Human Resources for Hotel Ezra Cornell. I also had the honor of assisting a professor with writing a textbook called Business Communication: In Person, InPrint, Online. Have a great winter and an ever better spring semester!

Claudia Lampert ’09 is a Michigan University Dancer

2010 Class Agents – Communications Luyi Adesanya, Elizabeth (Liz) Cowle, Stephanie Gobran, Margot Konig, Grace Song,

Betty Lai ’09 at the Eiffel Tower

2011 Class Agents – Communications: Sarah Alexander, Katelyn Hall,, Erica Hsu, Michelle Marley,, Maggie Phillips,,

Betty Lai ’09 in Europe

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 79

Milestones MARRIAGES 1972

Sugie Dotson Poteet to Steven Poteet, October 1, 2011


Galen Burnett to Larry Click, September 2011


Carol Marzuola to James “Jim” Phillips, November 27, 2011


Anne Sudlow Rais to Malek Rais, April 26, 2008


Suzanne Brown to Jeff Anderson, October 2, 2011

Michael Greenfield Enoch to Scott Edwin Enoch, 1993 May 1, 2010

1994 Jennifer Fetner Booth, Flora Steed Fetner Booth, October 5, 2011 Kathryn Balink Fernandez, Mark Andrew Fernandez, 1994 October 1, 2011

1994 Alyssa Lugger Maisano, Jillian Alyse Maisano, November 2, 2011 Allison Swayze Navitskas, Abigail Lee Navitskas and 1994 Mae Elizabeth Navitskas, August 1, 2011 Abby Golden Ritman, Charlotte Irene Ritman, 1994 April 9, 2011


Olivia Jane Ellis to Isham Russell Randolph, April 7, 2012


Vanessa Peña to Jim Allert, October 1, 2011


Maya Jadhav to Martin Brown, November 11, 2011


Lauren Hudspeth to Steve Singer, October 23, 2011


Emily Ingle to David Kealey, October 22, 2011


Eleanor Stone to Lorenzo Falciani, July 23, 2011

Worth Anne Stites Herrell, Houston Worth Herrell, 1997 September 20, 2011


Ashley Yates to Paul Gunther, May 10, 2010


Leslie Parker Hinton, Ann Caroline Hinton, May 17, 2011


Lydia Sands to Nicolas McCutchen, September 24, 2011


Kate Brantley Hooper, Reid William Hooper, October 10, 2011


Jacquelin Sewell to Phillip Taylor, August 2011


Maureen McCarthy, Julia McCarthy, October 6, 2011


Abby English to Michael Gregory, September 2011


Kristin Pittman Ortega, Addison Ortega, November 30, 2011


Elizabeth Frost to Dan Benson, June 2011


Lyle Foster Scovell, Maren Foster Scovell, January 6, 2012


Maryam Kahn to Alex Cope, September 2011


Louise Cottel Crain, Abigail Grace Crain, October 27, 2011


Anne Miller to Michael Morris, June 2010


Emily Hébert to Michael Arsers, November 11, 2011

Elizabeth Helfrich, Katherine “Katie” Elizabeth Helfrich, 1998 July 9, 2011


Evangeline Pittman Heppenstall

Births 1987

Sharon Weed Cocco, Katie Renee Cocco, 2010

Sharon Weed Cocco, Christopher Rocco Cocco, 1987 June 3, 2011 Lisel Matheny Simmons, Elizabeth “Ellie” Anne Simmons, 1992 September 15, 2011 Ashley Hollweg Watson, Carson Lewis Watson, 1992 September 1, 2011

1993 Heather Bromfield Steelman, Bowen Christian Steelman, September 28, 2011 1993

Priya Swamy Zeikus, Karthik Zeikus, May 2011

Pippa Eltringham Zimmerman, Aidan Thomas Zimmerman, 1993 May 6, 2011 Kathryn Munson Beach, Kathryn “Katy” Merryman 1994 Munson Beach, August 2011


Yvette Pabilona Bhutani, Soren James, June 6, 2011

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 80

Laura Douglas Dostert, Fiona Elizabeth Dostert, 1997 November 1, 2011 Dena Fayad Guggenheim, Leo Alexander Guggenheim, 1997 November 14, 2011

Sarah Walker Kinard, Emma Elizabeth Kinard, 1998 October 22, 2011


Jennifer Altamura Namazy, Poppy Elpis Namazy


Jenny Gass O’Connor, Anna Louis O’Connor, July 1, 2011

Leigh Montgomery Sandwick, Erin Grainne Sandwick, 1998 February 11, 2011 Devonie Johnston Coble, Henry “Hank” Russell Coble, 1999 March 1, 2011 Christel Fulton Crigler, James Carpenter Crigler IV, 1999 February 18, 2011


Katy Crawford Slade, Elizabeth Mackay Slade, July 10, 2011

Fiona Murphy Mazurenko, Lev Timothy Mazurenko, 2000 June 8, 2011 Tara Lynn Neubrand, Reily Paige Neubrand, 2000 October 27, 2011


Vanessa Gerber Stickles, Kara Paige Stickles, July 29, 2011

2002 Katie Ackerman Rhamey, Jon Patrick Rhamey III “Trey”, June 6, 2011 2002

Heather Tobert Norden, son, July 2011

in Memoriam 1942JC Mary Louise McNeese Forteith, November 15, 2011 1943

Sara Grace Yarbrough Kennedy Herrmann, August 15, 2011

1945JC Nancy Stone Crowe, April 20, 2006 1945JC Gloria Benavides Gallagher, August 15, 2009 1945JC Mary Lee “Mickey” Prescott Heap, December 10, 2011 1945JC Helen Colpitt Murphy, April 25, 2011 Gloria Virginia Matthews Howard, mother of 1949 Julia Whiteside ’77, December 24, 2011

1950JC Sarah Janin Zerr, December 23, 2011 Katherine Holt Farmar, niece of Rosemary Thornton Brinegar ’42, 1951 November 13, 2011 Amy Worthington Davis, cousin of Susie Weber Munson ’63, 1959 Betty Olmsted Taylor ’54, Merry Munson Wyatt ’93, Kathryn Munson Beach ’94, Meg Munson McGonigle ’96, November 13, 2011


Marilyn Caldwell, December 9, 2011

In Memoriam – Friends & Family George Akin, son of Gloria Dahl Akin ’50 and brother of Laurel Akin DeWare ’73, Adrienne Akin Faulkner ’81, and Ashley Akin ’87, November 27, 2011

Maria Fernanda and her daughter, daughter and granddaughter of Teresa Galvan de Martinez ’79 Frank Barron Fletcher, Jr., husband of Elizabeth Ponder Fletcher ’59 (deceased), father-in-law of Rebecca Enloe Fletcher ’85, grandfather of Claire Fletcher ’16, and uncle of Stephanie Dickson Walker ’83, May 28, 2011 Kevin Hayes, husband of Leslie Searcy Hayes ’89, 2011 Richard R. Jaffe, father of Sara Jaffe ’94 and Marisa Jaffe ’91, July 13, 2011 Langford Keith, Jr., father of Kathleen Keith Lauinger ’75 and Carol Keith ’82, July 17, 2011 Rosa Richkie Lamb, mother of Lou Lamb Corones ’72, May 29, 2011 Ward Lay, brother of Dorothy Lay ’72, October 28, 2011 Ruth Revere Lutken, Hockaday Trustee (1969–1970) and mother of Emily Ray Lutken ’70, April 14, 2011 Doug Maclay, Hockaday Trustee (1969–1976); father of Leslie Maclay Washburn ’74, Martha Maclay Sweezey ’75, Mallory Creixell ’80, and Susan Maclay ’85; and grandfather of Sarah Washburne McMillan ’01 and Elena Creixell, Class of 2013, June 2011 Dr. Stanley Pearle, father of Roberta Pearle Lamb ’72, July 21, 2011

George Boswell, father of Kama Boswell Koudelka ’81, December 5, 2011

Israel Sheinberg, father of Amy Sheinberg ’82, Karen Sheinberg Pollock ’84, Paula Sheinberg Greenman ’90, grandfather of Katherine Pollock, Class of 2018, January 9, 2012

Annon Card, father of Cathy Card Sterling ’72, October 27, 2011

Father-in-law of Mary Breithaupt Southard ’94

Tim Atkeson, husband of Barbara Burrell Atkeson ’79, 2011

Governor William P. Clements, husband of Life Trustee Rita Crocker Clements ’49, May 29, 2011

Summer 2012 – hockaday magazine 81

The Hockaday School 2011 – 2012 Board of Trustees Jamiel Akhtar Angela Ards ’87 Peggy Simmons Dear ’58 Robert H. Dedman, Jr. Leslie Melnick Diers ’74 Talley Dunn ’86 Gregg L. Engles Tucker Ford Enthoven ’79 R. Steve Folsom Gerald J. Ford Kathryn Walker Francis ’94 David A. Gravelle Carmen Gross David J. Haemisegger Paul Harris Cinda Hicks Robert Kaminski Rajani Kapu ’90 Joyce Lacerte Schatzie Henderson Lee ’55 Kathryn King Marley ’83 Charlene Cline Marsh ’62 Cynthia E. McGeoch Maryann Sarris Mihalopoulos ’78 Jeanne L. Phillips Maria Martineau Plankinton ’83 Betty Simmons Regard ’55 Katherine Rogers Roberts ’89 Barbara Glazer Rosenblatt ’75 Tiffany Borlaug Rubi ’88 Nicole Ginsburg Small ’91 Judith Stewart Andre Stipanovic Rebecca E. Szelc Allison Campfield Taten ’89 Jacquelyn Thomas Courtney Wang Staci Williams ’77 Ann Whitley Wood ’82 Sharon Youngblood

Life Trustees Edward M. Ackerman Ruth Altshuler Rita Crocker Clements ’49 Margaret Doggett Crow ’37 Linda Custard James M. Hoak, Jr. Margaret McDermott Paula Mosle Edith Jones O’Donnell ’44 John G. Penson Margot Perot Kathryn Priddy Ellen Higginbotham Rogers ’59 Richard S. Rogoff Barney T.Young

hockaday magazine – Summer 2012 82

The Hockaday School STAFF Kim Wargo Eugene McDermott Headmistress

Melissa Thomas Allan ’90 Director of Communications

John Ashton Head of Upper School

Keturi DeLong Beatty Director of Annual Giving

Peggy Bradley Interim Head of Lower School

Holly Hook Centennial Director

Mary Pat Higgins Associate Head and Chief Financial Officer

Charlotte Hoskins Webmaster and Staff Photographer

Linda Kramer Head of Middle School

Susan McGinnis McAllister ’86 Associate Director of Communications

Jen Liggitt Assistant Head for Enrollment Management and Strategic Initiatives

Meagan McCracken Parent Benefit Liaison and Centennial Coordinator

Kathy Limmer Director of Development and External Affairs

Andi Pickle Associate Director of Communications

Cathy Murphree Assistant Head for Academic Affairs and Provost

Amy Spence ’87 Director of Alumnae Relations

Tina Slinker Director of Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics

11600 Welch Road, Dallas, Texas 75229 Tel 214.363.6311

“Hockaday will be pretty old in 100 years. Girls will learn to be patient and to write in cursive. In 100 years there will be new computers that will let the girls draw pictures on the computers. The uniforms will be just the same.� Claire Schilsky Pre-Kindergarten

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage 116OO Welch Road Dallas, Texas 75229–9OOO


Dallas, Texas Permit No. 3457

Centennial Celebration Save the Dates! Alumnae Day 2013 Friday, April 19, 2013 Centennial Kick-off Weekend 2013 Friday and Saturday, September 27–28, 2013 Centennial Day of service Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Alumnae Centennial Weekend 2014 Friday and Saturday, April 11–12, 2014 We are grateful to the many people who have volunteered to help with the Centennial events.

Join us for the Hockaday Centennial Celebrations!

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