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THE STEREOTYPE OF THE INSUFFERABLE STAGE DIRECTOR The stereotype of the insufferable stage director is just that, a stereotype and each and every person who faces the task of directing a play, has to make sure to adhere to the utmost standard of politeness and display of respect. There is nothing more annoying than a grown-up treating other adults with disrespect under the guise of “this is how artists behave”. Theatre is the same as any given field, if a product manager does not display common decency, the product will not be developed, period. If a person is on a powertrip, there are usually mechanisms in place, to make for a more professional environment. The objective is to facilitate polite interaction and if someone in a position of power does not adhere to principals of common decency and acts like a kinder garden bully, all in the name of “the end allows certain means”, a run-of-the-mill Machiavellian approach, the person in power basically shoots herself in the foot, the end product will reflect the poor interpersonal qualities of the “person in charge”. Gone are the days when sheer intimidation will further a project, the “let’s just look the other way” approach does not work. Yes, obviously, you have to pick your fights, but, believe you me, some fights are worth fighting for. Very politely, very respectfully, because the BULLY is not even aware of her scaring tactics. Far be it from me to be an expert in interpersonal relationships, but I definitely think that one should try to persuade a person, why she is such a liability to her own work. Just my two cents.

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