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Every new semester at SUGs begins with a flurry of excitement. Before the school re-opens for the start of classes we are hard at work planning the semester’s events, touching up our bright pink title walls, and working with our first exhibitors to install their shows. This January that flurry has been on a larger scale as SUGs gears up for a record eight exhibitions in the Spring 2011 season!

EXHIBITION DISCUSSION PANELS In order to allow exhibitors the opportunity to receive feedback on their exhibitions, every SUGs show features a discussion panel. In conversation with the exhibitors, SUGs invites mentors, colleagues and esteemed professionals from across the art world to engage in critical conversation hosted in the gallery

Student Union Galleries 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 220 Chicago, IL 60603 312.899.5131

This semester our gallery spaces will host quiet conversations mediated by objects; memories of performances unseen; meditations on perception, identity and heritage; interrogations of corporate space; and a temporary student lounge constructed from the walls of Gallery X. These eight exhibitions simultaneously reflect the diversity of SAIC’s student work and an overarching concern with how we communicate in intimate and public contexts.

space. Students, faculty and visitors are encouraged to participate.

PROJECT TALKS Project Talks is an open forum for students in all disciplines to present work in process to their peers. In addition to receiving feedback on your own work, Project Talks encourages collaboration amongst students in different departments and increases the visibility of student work in all of its forms. This program is open to any member of the SAIC community who comes equipped with a flash drive (or other media) and enough material to speak for 3–5 minutes.

In addition to our program of exhibitions and events this season, we are proud to announce the launch of SUGs’ new website www.saic.edu/sugs. This online platform is dedicated to promoting and showcasing the student exhibitors’ work and keeping patrons up-to-date with the latest news, events and opportunities offered by SUGs. As student directors, we work hard to create a supportive space that responds to the needs of the SAIC student body and represents the breadth of work being produced by our peers. We look forward to having you join us in LG Space and Gallery X for these exhibitions, panel discussions with faculty and other members of the Chicago art community, and social events designed to bring the SAIC student body together to share their work and ideas.

For time and location information on SUGs sponsored programs, events and opportunities please visit www.saic.edu/sugs

SAIC students attend the opening reception for Matthew Schlagbaum’s Surface Tension in Gallery X. Photo by SUGs Volunteer Committee Member, Sam Nahas (BFA 2013)

With best wishes for an exciting Spring, Ariel L. Pittman, Bonnie O’Donoghue, Joseph G. Cruz, Joe Mault

Volunteer Committee Meetings

SUGs Directors

At the heart of the Student Union Galleries is the active participation of SAIC students. Committed members of the SUGs Volunteer Committee sit on the exhibition selection panel and play a vital role in the continuing success of the organization. Volunteers can participate in a broad range of SUGs-related activities or focus on

Ariel L. Pittman Administrative Director apittm@saic.edu Bonnie O’Donoghue Communications Director bodono@saic.edu

one aspect such as installation or marketing.

February 3 (12:15 – 12:45) February 24 (12:15 – 12:45) March 10 (12:15 – 12:45) March 31 (12:15 – 12:45)

Joseph G. Cruz Installation Director joseph@josephgcruz.com Joe Mault Installation Director jmault@saic.edu

April 14 (12:15 – 12:45) April 28 (12:15 – 12:45)

Peter Perez Graphic Designer pperez1@saic.edu Faculty Advisor Michael x. Ryan mryan3@saic.edu


Back Image: Joseph G. Cruz, Everafter, 2010

Spring 2011 | Programs + Events

A Note from the Directors

Student Union Galleries



Andrew Norman Wilson, Workers Leaving the GooglePlex, 2010 (detail)

Georgia Wall, Unseen Performance: January 2010, 2010, (detail)

Kitty Huffman, Bona Fide, 2008, (detail)

Wang Yefeng, A Formula, 2010, (detail)

Scott Carter (MFA 2011) will stage an architectural intervention that deconstructs the form of the white cube by converting Gallery X into a temporary student lounge in Less is More. Carter has developed patterns for constructing iconic pieces of modernist furniture from cut drywall. In Less is More, he will slice into the walls of Gallery X, radically altering both the physical space and the use value of the gallery. In conversation with modernism and relational aesthetics, Less is More poses whether or not the gallery space

In Rooted, Kitty Huffman (MFA 2012) examines the discomfort, vulnerability and insecurity produced from her experience of immigrating from Eastern Europe to America. Huffman’s performance pieces, video projections and sculptural practice reinterprets elements from Hungarian mythology and folklore to fit them to an “American” context. Rooted interrogates the notion of home and responds to the artist’s need to reestablish cultural roots.

Workers Leaving the GooglePlex investigates a top secret, marginalized class of workers at Google’s international corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. As Andrew Norman Wilson (MFA 2011) documents the mysterious “yellow badge” Google workers, he simultaneously chronicles the complex events surrounding his own dismissal from the company. Workers Leaving the GooglePlex is a multi-channel, narrative video installation that sparks critical thought around issues of labor, capital and information in a time of global and corporate expansion.

April 28 – May 20 LG Space Opening reception Thursday May 20 | 4-6pm


Christina Long, COACH, 2010 (detail)

Between Us activates physical and psychological space to explore the multi-layered power dynamics within Wesley Wilson’s (MFA 2011) and Nancy Tien’s (MFA 2011) artistic collaboration and romantic relationship. Wilson and Tien create interactive animation, video and photo documentation to examine the symbiotic and parasitic implications that are inherent in their partnership. Exploring concepts of emotional balance, argument and compromise, Between Us

Performance art is frequently defined by its ephemeral nature and the presence of the artist’s or a surrogate’s body. In Unseen Performances (November 2009 – November 2010), Georgia Wall (MFA 2011) explores the role of memory and documentation in the experience of performative work. The exhibition consists of accounts provided by viewers compiled by Wall following her live performances. In Wall’s work, documentation of the event is replaced by records of the perceptions of those who have seen the work, transmitting the responsibility or communicative nature of the work to the viewer.

March 22 - April 7 Gallery X Opening reception Tuesday March 22 | 4-6pm

March 31 - April 20 LG Space Opening reception Thursday March 31 | 4-6pm

Christina Long’s (MFA 2012) graffiti inspired wall paintings reflect the artist’s experience growing up as a young, black woman. Her paintings caricature stereotypical images of ‘black community’ and ‘black culture.’ Miseducation takes on the influences of pop culture on the experiences of young, AfricanAmericans trying to forge their own identities in a highly mediated world. Long will paint complex improvisational murals directly on Gallery X walls, encouraging the viewer to reflect on their own experiences of forming identity during childhood.

May 5 - May 20 Gallery X Opening reception Thursday May 5 | 4-6pm


seeks to define what it means to be “together.”



Wesley Wilson and Nancy Tien, Banana Kiss, 2010 (detail)

March 1 - March 17 Gallery X Opening reception Tuesday March 1 | 4-6pm

February 24 - March 17 LG Space Opening reception Thursday February 24 | 4-6pm

can support meaningful social activity.



Scott Carter, A Temporary Engagement, 2010, (detail)

In Call and Response, Kristin Nason (MFA 2011) and Gwynne Johnson (MFA 2011) will engage in a silent conversation to create a site-specific, durational assemblage using discarded materials sourced from Chicago’s alleyways. Inspired by Dada, the artists use objects to re-interpret the Exquisite Corpse. The artists will alternate bringing in and rearranging found materials in Gallery X throughout the exhibition. In their collaboration, Nason and Johnson explore the limitless

In Passive Wave, Wang Yefeng (MFA 2012) and MZL (BFA 2013) investigate the ontological and phenomenological conditions of space and time using science, philosophy and mathematics to guide their explorations. Using Yefeng’s video installation, Passive Wave attempts to define existence through the transcendental realm of mathematics. The body is transformed into a metaphysical digression, where there are infinite possibilities and no single solution. Curator and artist MZL, uses light projections to create an interactive installation that challenges the normative perception of spatial relationships. Passive Wave seeks to mediate the integrated experience of space and time.

possibilities of interpersonal relationships.

February 1 - February 17 Gallery X Opening reception Tuesday February 1 | 4-6pm

Kristin Nason and Gwynne Johnson, Call and Response, 2010

CALL AND RESPONSE January 27 - February 17 LG Space Opening reception Thursday January 27 | 4-6pm

280 South Columbus Drive, room 113

37 South Wabash Avenue, room 220 PASSIVE WAVE

Gallery X

312.857.7140 280 South Columbus Drive, room 113 Chicago, IL 60603 TUES-FRI: 12:30–5:30 pm SAT: 10:30 a.m.–3:00 pm

LG Space

Gallery X

312.899.5131 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 220 Chicago, IL 60603 TUES-FRI: 12:30–5:30 pm SAT: BY APPOINTMENT

Friday, March 18 (12:15 – 12:45)

Wednesday, March 16 (4:15 – 4:45)

Wednesday, March 9 (12:15 – 12:45)

Wednesday, March 2 (4:15 – 4:45)

Friday, February 25 (12:15 – 12:45)

Wednesday, February 16 (4:15 – 4:45)

Friday, February 11 (12:15 – 12:45)

Avenue, room 220 B.

their proposal to exhibit with SUGs. All workshops are held at 37 S. Wabash

All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a workshop before submitting

Proposal Workshops

workshop before the deadline.

All students submitting an exhibition proposal should plan to attend a proposal

exhibitions. Instructions on how to apply can be found at www.saic.edu/sugs

All degree seeking students are invited to submit proposals for individual and group

Deadline for Fall 2011 Exhibition Proposals Monday, March 21, 2011 | 5:30pm

LG Space

The Student Union Galleries (SUGs) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago were founded in 1994. Over the last sixteen years, SUGs has established itself as a cornerstone of SAIC’s student life; a space where student artists and curators can experiment, test, and challenge their work in a public space. SUGs operates two professional galleries, LG Space and Gallery X and is run by four to five student directors under the guidance of Faculty Advisor, Michael x. Ryan. In addition to presenting 12-14 exhibitions of student work each year, SUGs facilitates programs that connect students across disciplines, departments and to members of Chicago’s art community. Many former exhibitors and directors now have successful careers as artists, gallerists, and curators in Chicago and beyond. For more information please visit our website www.saic.edu/sugs.


Cover Image: Benjamin Chaffee, Blue Wall, 2010 (detail)

Profile for Peter Perez

SUGs Spring Exhibition Brochure  

Student Union Galleries spring 2011 exhibition brochure for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SUGs Spring Exhibition Brochure  

Student Union Galleries spring 2011 exhibition brochure for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago