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CITY OF HOBOKEN 2010 ANNUAL BUDGET REQUEST TRANSMITTAL LETTER AND BUDGET NARRATIVE DEPARTMENT: Purchasing Mission: The Purchasing Division of the City of Hoboken is responsible for the control and accountability for any and all purchases made by any agent (employee) of the City. Using the pre-established requisition/purchase order system, Purchasing contracts and insures delivery of goods/services and recommends payment to all vendors who have dealings with the City. Purchasing provides periodic financial reports to Department Directors informing them of their divisions’ current financial position with regard to approved budgeted “Other Expense” encumbrances/expenditures. The Division maintains records which support any/all “Other Expense” expenditures made by the City. Moreover, the City has placed a reliance on the Purchasing Division to monitor the maintenance and service provided by communication companies to the City. The Purchasing Division co-ordinates the repair, movement, removal, and installation of all telephones within the City. And, the City has charged the Division with the responsibility to act as the “point” on all liability claims against the City. Purchasing controls the public advertising and receipt of bids for those goods/services which are required under the “Public Contract” law of New Jersey.