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Menu u SAND DWICHE ES/PLAT TTERS Classic Falafel F - Crisp py fried falafell balls served d in pita with o our signature white bean hummus, picklled white cabbage, Israeli salad, tahini & chimichurri. Sandwich h $5.5 / Platter – $9 Lemon Coriander Chicken Skewe er – Chicken breast b marina ated with lemo on zest and fr fresh toasted coriander, r, grilled to perrfection and served s in a pita with tzatzikki, tahini, lettu uce & Israeli S Salad. (We usse free-range e, all-natural , hormone-fre ee locally raise ed chickens ffrom Goffle Fa arms in Wyckkoff, NJ) Sandwich h $7 – Platter $10.5 Greek-Ins spired Pork Brochette B - Pork P loin mariinated in red wine and fressh oregano se erved in a pita a with tzatziki , le ettuce & Israe eli salad. Sandwich h $7 – Platter $10.5 Lamb Kefta Kabob – Freshly groun nd lamb seas soned with ou ur own unique e zatar spice b blend, served d in a pita with tzatziki, t tahinii, red onions & Israeli Salad d. Sandwich h $8.5 – Platte er $12 Platter – includes fresh h salad of the e day, an extra a helping of o our signature white bean h hummus, a wa arm pita and 3 fresh topping gs. Sides -an ny fresh-made e salad of the day or our white w bean hum mmus $4 Tzatziki – $4 Warm pita a bread – $1 Fresh top ppings bar in ncludes: • Zucchinii dill pickles • Curried carrots with to oasted cumin n • Jalapeño o ginger chutney • Minted le emon beets • Israeli sa alad (tomato, cucumber, parsley) • Pickled white w cabbage • Feta Cheese or Olive es – $1

FRITE ES Classic Frites F – Hand d-cut and twice e-fried Yukon n Golds, seassoned to perfe ection and serrved hot and fresh with your choice of dipp ping sauce. $2.5 $ Truffled Frites F – Our classic c frites laced l with truffle oil. $4 Pod Frite es – Our class sic frites tosse ed with garlic,, parsley, lem mon zest and ffeta. $3.5

DRINKS Bottled Water W $1 – Ass sorted Bevera ages $2-3