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NEWS RELEASE -- Mason Endorses Governor Jon Corzine for Re-Election

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For Immediate Release

October 27th, 2009

Contact: Phil Swibinski 201-864-0600

Mason Endorses Governor Jon Corzine for Re-Election (Hoboken, N.J.) - Mayoral candidate and Second Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason has endorsed Governor Jon Corzine for re-election. Mason is the only candidate for Mayor to endorse Corzine. Below is a statement from Mason: "Today, I have decided to officially endorse the re-election of Governor Jon Corzine. This is not a decision I have reached lightly -- but I feel that leadership is about making decisions, and it's vitally important to make my voice heard and do what is best for the city of Hoboken. As a resident of the second ward, Jon is a constituent of mine and I know him well. It's clear that he's the best choice for the future of Hoboken. The key issues that he has fought for in Trenton are deeply meaningful to myself and many others in the city. Jon has taken on the health insurance lobby to guarantee coverage for mammograms and appropriate hospital stays for new mothers. He has made education a top priority, by funding new school development and vitally important early childhood education programs, and fought for tax relief for senior citizens. Meanwhile, he has done it all while reducing the size and cost of state government. That's a lesson we can take to heart here in Hoboken -- that you can find ways to be fiscally responsible while providing the government services and programs that people depend on. Jon Corzine is a true friend of Hoboken. Like myself and thousands of our residents, he chose to live here because he recognized our city's beauty and vibrancy. He always has his adopted home town and all of Hudson County in mind when he's making the key decisions that affect us all. It is truly a luxury to have such a great partner in the governor's office -- and it is one that we should fight to keep. Among all the reasons to support the governor, one may have been overlooked in this campaign: judicial appointments. The next governor could appoint several justices to the State Supreme Court, and with Jon Corzine in office we can be sure that they will be progressive and fair people who will keep our state moving forward, not backward. Thank you, and I hope to see you at the polls on Tuesday."

10/28/2009 04:26