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Dear Friends and Neighbors: Last night’s council meeting was another grueling six hour marathon. Thank you to members of the public that hung in there to the end, it’s a true test of stamina. First, let me congratulate Eduardo Gonzalez as newly appointed Commissioner to the Hoboken Housing Authority. His interest in serving his community and the people of the Housing Authority, I believe, will make him a tremendous asset to the board. I wish to also congratulate community board appointees; Laura Burkhart, Michael Mas tropasqua, Mark Critides, Lutricia Alexander, Michael Chong and Cheryl Fallick to the Rent Leveling Board and Robert Phillips to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Thank you for your service to the city and the best of luck to you all. The resolution I initiated to review Michael Schaffer’s appointment to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority Board was moved forward by a unanimous vote. As the appointing body, it is the council’s responsibility to hold all members of community boards accountable and assure the utmost integrity. The council undertakes this procedure as a means to restore the public trust. I am pleased that the council took the first steps toward re-examination and updating of the Master Plan. I hope to see this completed quickly so we can move forward with initiatives on new parks, green building, transportation and the codification of new city-wide zoning. Based on some comments from the public last evening, I believe there has been some misinformation circulated with regard to the Rent Control & Affordable Housing Committee and the purpose of the upcoming hearings. This committee was established by Council President Zimmer who appointed me to chair the committee and Councilmen Bhalla and Russo as members. Initial review of the laws and per conversations with the Rent Control Office and board attorney, it is evident that Hoboken is subject to far more litigation than other like communities. The most frequently argued case is over interpretation of the law. 1

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It is the unified objective of the committee to undertake a comprehensive review of the current law, compare the Hoboken code to that of other communities, gather community input and then provide legislative recommendations to the council. There is no intent on the part of the committee to do away with rent control. It is however, the goal of the committee to recommend ways to update the law and sharpen the language to remove room for “interpretation.� Rent control is a difficult and emotional topic for many people on both sides of the argument. I hope that as many people as possible come and participate in these hearings. The first will be held on Monday, September 21st at 7:00 in City Hall. Sincerely,

Second Ward Councilwoman, Beth Mason


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Other community notes: A Community Safety Meeting is scheduled for 2nd Ward residents, Tuesday, September 21st from 7:00-9:00 PM in the Parish Hall at St. Matthew’s Church at the corner of 8th and Hudson. The Hoboken Police Department is hosting this meeting to share with the community new progra ms they are implementing and to get direct feed-back from residents on all manner of safety and policing issues. Please plan to join us on Tuesday. I am happy to report that Human Services Director, John Pope has informed me that a majority of lights in Elysian Park have been repaired and that remaining lights requiring addition work have been scheduled for service. He also reports that the city is in the process of procuring gravel for the dog run there. Mr. Pope did ask that I remind everyone to use the provided equipment and pick up after their dogs.


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