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  Official Press Release from the Hoboken Hospitality Association FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chris Onieal (201) 653-1492


After a series of meetings with Hoboken Director of Public Safety, Bill Bergin, the Hoboken Hospitality Association is committed to strictly enforce quality of life measures related to Hoboken’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Saturday, March 1st. The Hospitality Association assures that all laws regarding distribution and consumption of alcohol will be strictly enforced to enable all participants of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and have an enjoyable, festive and safe day. In accordance with this policy, the Hoboken’s hospitality industry has voluntarily agreed to a comprehensive ten point plan of action: 1. Voluntary 11:00 A.M. opening. 2. Advertisements outlining the zero tolerance policy. 3. Display posters in each establishment to outline the zero tolerance policy 4. Maintaining the cleanliness of the exterior of each establishment as well as any adjacent residences & businesses. 5. Clean Trash & debris during parade day & the day following in front of each establishment and the areas around those establishments including adjacent residences & businesses. 6. Monitoring & maintaining order of patrons waiting in lines outside each establishment-- Open containers & disorderly conduct will not be tolerated on line, these guests will be asked to exit the line. 7. Provide additional security and staff for the entire day/night in order to provide proper exterior/interior control of the line and management of each establishment. 8. Each establishment will have an all staff meeting prior to the parade to increase awareness and ensure proper alcohol service is strictly enforced. 9. Each establishment will maintain their legal fire/building code occupancy and keep all exits and hallways clear. 10. Distribute a letter to neighbors regarding the parade and a contact name and phone number to call if there were to be any problems. “Hoboken’s restaurants and bars have always been vigilant in their enforcement of municipal laws regarding the serving of alcohol and maintaining the quality of life in our community. We have a vested interest, 365 days a year, in properly maintaining our establishments and Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day will be no different,” said, the members and spokesman for the Hoboken Hospitality Association. ###



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