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Attention Residents:

Muni Waste Garage to be Relocated to Your Street!  This Wednesday’s (May 19, 7pm – 10pm located at 94 Washington St) City  Council agenda includes a public hearing and final vote on the relocation of a  municipal waste garage to the open plot of land on Jackson and Monroe between  6th and 7th streets.  This will affect a 3 block radius with:     > Significant increase in noise (overnight & weekends) & traffic    > Dangerous conditions for young children    > Decrease in rental prices & lower property values 

 You can read the full story at but in sum:   

“Zimmer plans to move the city’s garbage trucks, open dumpsters of waste,  snowplows and road salt piles into the shadow of new condos, apartments and  the Jubilee Center.  Though the administration has refused to reveal the location  – even under City Council urging, they plan to use to use the open plot of land on  Jackson and Monroe”   

Please attend the meeting to protest the relocation of this municipal waste  garage to our neighborhood.  In the interim you can contact the city council to  voice your outrage.    

Michael Russo: COUNCILMANRUSSO@AOL.COM, 201 401 9687  Carol Marsh: CMARSH@HOBOKENNJ.ORG, 201 736 5130  David Mello: DMELLO@HOBOKENNJ.ORG, 917 699 1312  Lisa Mason: BETH@MASONCITYCOUNCIL.ORG, 201 916 8244  Mike Lenz:, 201 725 9151  Nino Giacchi: MGIACCHI@JUNO.COM, 201 420 2071  Peter Cunningham: CUNNINGHAMFORHOBOKEN@GMAIL.COM, 201 420 2071  Ravinder Bhalla: RBHALLA@RSBLAWFIRM.COM, 201 647 6090  Theresa Castellano: EMAIL@CASTELLANOFORHOBOKEN.COM, 201 420 2071

Hoboken411 has learned the secret location Mayor Dawn Zimmer plans to relocate the Municipal Garage is in the heart of a developing residential area. Zimmer plans to move the city’s garbage trucks, open dumpsters of waste, snowplows and road salt piles into the shadow of new condos, apartments and the Jubilee Center. Though the administration has refused to reveal the location – even under City Council urging – 411 can report Zimmer will place it onJackson and Monroe between 6th and 7th streets.

This Wednesday’s City Council agenda (5/19) includes a public hearing and final vote on a $2 million bond issue to build a “temporary” city garage at an undisclosed location. Zimmer’s council majority intended to pass the bond before letting the public know where they planned to build it. They’re trying to get it done before the neighborhood learns what they’re up to. 411’s investigation led to sources who confirm four contiguous properties owned by Theresa Pino are the subject of city negotiations. The site is largely abandoned after once serving as part of the city’s towing and impound lots, but the surrounding area has recently been developed with residential housing. Right across the street is the“Julianna” apartments. On the Monroe Street side of the block new condos have been built. Some are so new they haven’t been sold yet. All their bedroom windows will overlook the 24/7 operations of the city garage if Zimmer’s secret plan is approved.