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Note: All events are both Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise noted!

1. City Hall, 94 Washington Street         

2. 100 Bloomfield Street 

Bill Curran: Painter: oils and acrylics on canvas and watercolor on paper

3. Anastasia’s Accessories, 88 Garden Street  

Caitlin Nitz: Jewelry Design Estella Lackey: Sculptures and Paintings

4. 89 Park Avenue (Sunday only) 

Miriam Wills: Acrylic collage on canvas, Semi-abstract paintings, Etchings

5. William Howard Homes, 138 Park Avenue 

Lauren Ennist: Portrait Figurative oil paintings

6. 235 Garden Street hob’art Group Show  Liz Cohen: Painters and Mixed Media artists, reverse glass painting.  Ibou Ndoye: Ibou Ndoye will play djembe & talking drum on request.

7. Photo Express, 326 Washington Street (Saturday only) 

Lisa D’Imperio: Photo journalistic canvas prints with a 3-D effect

8. 310 Hudson Street 

Stan Lindwasser: Abstract Acrylic on paper and canvas

9. 631 Bloomfield Street, Apt.3 

Rayhana Dahbi: painting on canvas, acrylic

10. Community Church of Hoboken, 606 Garden Street   

Joe Greenberg: works on paper, monotypes, paintings Fire Dance Squad: from the STY Groupdance performance will perform at 2pm on both days. The Hudson School: Paintings,photographs and sculptures by students

11. 601 Park Avenue 

The Hudson School: Paintings, photographs and sculptures by students

Anna Ortiz-Neustrup: oil on linen on panel, surreal still life Carla Cubit: Mixed media pieces and assemblages using found objects James Collum: oil paintings & mixed media drawings; abstract landscapes using built up surfaces & brilliant colors to create impressionistic structural imagery Neri Orozco: abstract realism, acrylic on canvas Patricia L Banks: Abstract Collage w/watercolor Peter Ceccon: Acrylic Paintings, collages, Expressionism Stephanie Riggi: oil and acrylic expressionist paintings; bright bold sexy kitties Zion Smith: figurative paintings; portraits in oil & acrylics KittDesigns: photography and photo illustration Ninetta Nappi Watercolorist: Reaslism & Impressionism Sun, Nov 7 @ 2pm Ninetta will paint a Watercolor still-life

12. 600 Park Avenue  

Revival Vintage Boutique Natalia (Alina) Dos Santos: Brazilian oil and tempra naive paintings; reconstructed vintage clothing & accessories

13. M. Avery Designs, 266 7th Street 

Megan M. Avery: Fabric Sat: 12-2pm Handbag workshop 2:30-4:30pm Quilt Workshop Sun: TBD

14. D’s Soul Full Cafe, 918 Willow Avenue

  

“D’s Soul Full 3” Group Show o Fri: 6-8PM Preview Party o Sat & Sun: Noon-6PM Live Music & Reception. o Fri. & Sat.: D’s Late Night Grill midnight to 4am Corey DeLise: Paintings on canvas Sarah Atallah: Abstract Acrylic Art on Canvas Sarah Detweiler: Acrylic on canvas, pencil on cream rives paper

15. 7 Fine Arts, 922 Bloomfield Street 

Sheri Small: neo-classical painter, oils & acrylics, murals & portraits

16. BAMA Gallery, 946 Bloomfield Street 

Lloyd Hazel: Mandala style silk screens that are handpainted

17. Mackey Blue, 1200 Washington Street 

Teresa Kruszewski: Black and White fine art photography

18. Galatea Linens, 1218 Washington Street 

Diane M. Stiglich: Paintings on paper using acrylic paints and charcoal Art Reception Sat., Nov 6, 4pm6pm

19. Galatea Lingerie, 1224 Washington Street 

Diane M. Stiglich: Paintings on paper using acrylic paints and charcoal

20. Hoboken Historic Museum, 1301 Hudson Street 

Frank Hanavan: painter

21. Lib Art Gallery, 1317 Willow Avenue, #1           

Life Is Beautiful Art Show: Cid Mendez: Reclaimed functional art, tables, chairs, lamps, belt buckles Eliana Iturbe; Oil Paintings Rotating Galleries Group Show: Bread N Butter Photo: Photography and Skate Decks Jenna Lash: Acrylic Painter Lesley Siegel: Ceramics, photographs and tea stains Mey Veral: Oils, acrylics, mixed media Nena Tahil: Silk Paintings Rebecca Manson: Photographer Stephen Chopek: paint, glass and wood

22. Battaglias Home, 1414 Willow Avenue 

Steven Vizena: Fine Art/large scale prints

23. Water Music Recording Studio, 931 Madison Street        

24. Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street ARTISTS GROUP SHOW (SUNDAY ONLY):  The Eggplant Inc: knitwear featuring soft yarns and elaborate cables. Handbags from recycled felt and hand embroidered  Stephanie Swane: Acrylic and Oil paintings on canvas  Bernardo Corman: Artist  Cassandra Kate Escobar: Runs a Radio station  Chris Oricchio: Sculptor  Chris Robinson: Artist  Chris Young: Artist  Dan Rible: Photographer  David Huggins: Artist  Doris China: Oils and Acrylics inspired by Puerto Rican foliage  EddyD: Artist  Francis Valela: Artist  Harika Ozkaya: Jewelry Design with Mediterannean flare  Irene Kotinsky: Artist  Jessica Annunziata: Artist  Joyce Zielaznicki: Artist  Juana Corona: Artist  Kristin D’Angelis: Artist  Laura Morgenstern: Artist  Lynda Smith: Poet  La Ruche Art: Artist  Marcellus: Artist  Penelope Fox: Artist  Robyn Prezioso: Artist  Rosario D’Rivera: Artist  Scott Scarpelli: Artist  Sharon Sullivan: Photographer  Shavaun Pizar: Photographer  Sheldon Collins: Photographer  Toni: Artist  Vivienne Brown-O’Niell: Clothes & Jewelry  Hairy Hand: Artist  Gloria: artist  Annie Fox: sculptor  Amiel Gervers: Photographer

    

Ann Flaherty: paintings Sat & Sun. hob’art Group Show: A non-profit cooperative. Artists use all media to create work Donna Doherty: Impressionist using acrylic. Sunday only Gailene St.Amand: Visual Mixed Media and collages on canvas Laurel Brooks: acrylic on canvas and photography Liz Cohen & Ibou Ndoye: Painters and Mixed Media artists/ & Meredeth Turshen: Oil Painter Roslyn Rose: Artistic Photographer specializing in photographic montages of vintage prints and current images Starr Tucker-Ortega: B&W photography and watercolor abstacts Tom Urciuoli: Oils, Acrylics, Mixed Media Joe Gilmore: artist, acrylics on canvas and reverse glass painting Cheik Fall: will be drumming on Saturday Nov. 6th. Arona Ndiaye & Baka: will be drumming on Sunday Nov. 7th

24. Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street (CONTINUED…)

25. The Citadel, 450 - 7th Street, 2B 

Doug Auld: Realistic Oil Paintings

26. The Friary, 619 Jefferson Street         

REGULAR MONROE CENTER STUDIO ARTISTS:  Laura Alexander (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #E-401B. Large Scale paintings in Oil  Beyond the Photograph (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-501B, Digital Photography School. Raise a glass to celebrate the joy of photography @ 3pm on Sunday.  Leslie Rubman (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-205, Using found & recycled materials to create  Christina Andersen (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #E-506, floral designer, fresh & dried floral arrangements, European & contemporary styles using seasonal and imported flowers  Francine Demeulenaere (Open Sat & Sun): Suite E 408. Fine art paintings of NY & Hoboken  Martin Andersen (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #E-506, classical musician/Discussion with Martin Anderson of The NJ Symphony Orchestra about classical music, the violin and viola, instruction, etc.  Virginia Rolston Parrot (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-506, Photographer  Jason Jaskot (Open Sunday Only): Photo Studio #403A, Studio C, Photographer using film and digital Photography  Ed Tadiello (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #E411, Artist and musician exploring contemporary realism Sun: RYDE will perform a mix of Latin-jazz-swing @ 3pm  Hartshorn Portraiture (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-418, Fine Art portraiture  McKevin Shaughnessy (Open Sunday Only): Studio #C-411, Light sculpture, digital art and photography  The Theater Company (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #C-413, Live Theater o Sat 12pm to 5pm - Coffee House with vocal performance & spoken word; o Sat. 8pm - Pirates of Penzance; o Sun. 12pm to 2pm - Coffee House with vocal performance & spoken word; o Sun. 3pm - Pirates of Penzance  Cynthia Lammers (Open Sat & Sun): Studio #E-401A, handmade jewelry using silver & gold, diamonds, precious & semi precious stones/  Raymond Guzman (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-510, traditional old masters oil glazes covered with French oil sticks/  Sissi Siska (Open Sunday Only: Studio #E-510, Hand-painted Silk & Digital Exploration  Robert Policastro (Open Sunday Only): Studio #C-411, oil paints, The Year of the Tiger - 2010, a series offine art tiger paintings  Joseph Borzotta (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-503, oil painting  Astro Monkey (Open Sunday Only): Studio #E-503, mixed media

Joseph Lanzo: Digital prints and photo manupalation on canvas Adam Saynuk: Macro photography/special installation: Interactive‘Mood Book’ offering guests a tactile experience Bob Lampert: watercolor artist Elizabeth Walsh: pre-recorded interveiws and sound manipulation with an environmental installation involving fabric and foil Carl Baggerly: spoken word, music, film & environmental installation with fabric & foil Adam Budofsky: spoken word, music, film & environmental installation with fabric & foil Cecile Raley Designs: Jewelry Design/ Johanna Wood: jewelry, hand embroideries set in sterling silver jewelry, semi precious stones and vintage beads. Elysian Charter School (Sunday Only): Participatory installation - A wishing tree made of string and yarn strung to look like a forest

26. The Friary, 619 Jefferson Street (CONTINUED…)       

27. 517 Jefferson Street 

R.E.U.J. fine art paintings on canvas, wood, denim using enamel, latex, acrylic

28. 4th & Jackson Gallery, 332 Jackson Street

         

Lauren Purcell: mixed media, paintings, recycled magazines and acrylics Justin Donica: Artist painting in oil on canvas and found objects Margaret Chiaro: oil on canvas, figurative oil paintings Matthew Pritchard: fine art photography, digital prints with a strong emphasis on documentary style Kenneth Mueller, Environment Balance Services (Saturday Only): Balance stone sculptures Bill Kadish: watercolor and ink prints Ricardo Roig: Visual Artist, Printmaker, oil painter and mixed media on wood boards, linen and canvas, figurative sculpture. Sun, Nov. 7 @ 2pm: Watch Ricardo paint a portrait in 1 hour Michael Porcelli: paintings/oil on canvas Umbrella Arts Group Show: Betsy Ball: Handcrafted print box sets Fahey Bodell: Contemporary Photography, Oil Paintings Harvey Stein: silver gelatin prints Patricia O’Maille. Painting on paper Kana Kawanishi: wishing tree outdoor installation Tim Kirkpatrick: oil on wood Ambera Wellman: oil on wood panel Lorraine Mullins: Artist & Sculptor large and small scale sculptures using fibrous organic materials Live Music both days in the chapel and courtyard. Performers include: Dave Calamoneri, Julian Peterson, Lloyd Gold, Steve Teti, Jeremy Beck, Mark Giannotti, Jennifer Lampert, Las Vandelays Music curated by

Anticipation Group Show  Daniela Puliti: Abstract fine art  Hugo Juraez: crosses mediums & technology. Fri. Night reception for the artists; Celebration of Hoboken’s new underground art scene; Food Drive for Local Homeless Shelter  Nathalie Zaron: Photographer  Jordon De Liso: sculpture/musician: found metals and plastics, some glass, magnets, old electronics

29. Green Mountain Coffee, 302 Monroe Street       

Santiago Cohen: Oil Paintings on Canvas, colorful images of family life Anthony Dinallo: Painter, dreamscape, subconscious images The Benson Ridge Project: singer songwriter, original music Oscar Feldman: Jazz sax & combo Zone: original & contemporary jazz Sondra: Tango dancing Music & performance Saturday: o 12-3pm - Oscar Feldman Jazz Class; o 3-5pm - Tango lesson and Tango Class; Music & performance Sunday: o 12-2pm – Benson Ridge; o 2:30-3:15pm - The Locals; o 4:00 - 5:00pm - Zone; o 5:00 - 5:15pm - Tango Performance; o 5:15 - 6:00pm - The Benson Ridge Project

31. 211 Jefferson Street, Apt.1 

Vicky Benitez: Photographer. Fine art photos on canvas and paper, canvas prints painted with light

32. 201 Madison Street 

Hiro Takeshita: Origami paper art

33. ArteMosaique, 128 Monroe Street  

Starr Tucker-Ortega: B&W photography and watercolor abstacts Willie Baéz: Acrylics and mixed media, Paper Collage on canvas

33A. Northern Soul, 557 First Street 

Mr. Mustart: his work revolves around street art and collage

Habib Ayat: Acrylic or Oil paintings on canvas and Photographic prints

35A. 47 Harrison Street  

Revival Vintage Studio: Reconstructed vintage clothing & accessories Natalia (Alina) Dos Santos: Brazilian oil and tempra naive paintings

35B. Paul Vincent Gallery, 49 Harrison Street 

Orlando Reyes: Painter using enamal and acrylics asexperimental compostions

35C. 49 Harrison Street 

Laura Gravenstine: (LMG Studio)/ Life caster & Fine Artist, 1st floor

36. 650 Newark Street  

River Clark: Photographer & Filmmaker Seth Stewart: Dance/Choreography & Visual Arts

37A. 38 Jackson Street             

Brian Corbet: Stand-up comic Kat+Duck: Photographer Jonny Rose: Live Music Jessamyn Clark: Painter Karen Keith: Jewelry Designer and Painter Tanaya Henry: jewelry design. Lace by Tanaya Corey Daniels: Photographer Ocean Clark: Portrait artist & pop impressionist Phil Fung: Painter Jon Headlee: Photographer and video Rustam Devlitshin: drawing Jeanie Pebbles: Musician Michael Brown: Photographer

37B. 38 Jackson Street 

34. 51 Harrison Street, 3rd Floor

Lorraine Mullins: Artist Sculptor: hanging large and small scale sculptures made from fibrous organic materials

38. Conveyor Arts, 117 Grand Street Unusual Happiness Group Show  Haley Bueschlen: photography & installation  Jesse Chan: photography  Sylvia Hardy: photography & installation  Jason Burstein: photography  Christine Labey: photography Special artists’ reception Sat. from 6pm to 9pm; food & drink provided

39. The Drum Den, 333 Newark Street, 2E 

Logan Broussard: paintings, sculpture, and etchings inspired by the kabbalah, mixed media, oils.

40. Neumann Leather, 300 Observer Hwy. 

       

41. 66 Willow Avenue   

Venetian Design Group (Saturday Only): Venetian Plaster Artisan, contemporary art. Rosemary Gozalez: Hand-made art ranging from pillows to photographs/ Suite 66A Live DJ: Nov 6 Snakechild, Nov 7- Food Stamps/ Open Sat. & Sun./ Paterson Arts Council Group Show o Donata Anna: Artist o Happiness Akaniro: Artist o John Kasich: Artist o Kimberly Batti: Artist o Teresa DeFabrizio: Artist o Johan Palacio: Artist o Marriot Sheldon: Artist o Giovanni Cecchetti: Artist o Gianfranco Archimede: Artist o Tomaz Tomanek: Artist o John Muti: Artist o Charlee Swanson: artist o John Kasich: artist o Tami Crupi; artist o Keli Dogherty: artist

    

Sofia Bachvarova: Paintings, Sculpture and intallations, figurative, landscapes and abstracts with mixed media, recycled materials, lights.5th Floor. John A. Patterson: visual artist, ink gouache, pencil, acrylic on paper or canvas Logan Broussard: paintings, sculpture, and etchings inspired by the kabbalah Michelle Doll: Figurative Oil Painting Santiago Cohen: oil paintings on canvas, graphic story folk style Ann Marshall: mixed media, figure painting combining traditional and modern materials and methods. 5th Floor Roy Kinzer: acrylic and collage on wood panel or aluminum. Suite 5-H. Jean-Paul Picard & Mary Nicholas Picard: Photography and Handweaving combining both traditional and digital methods to create art. Mary Picard-Handweaving demonstrations both days. 4th Floor Chapeau Designs (Sunday Only): Furniture Maker, Artist. 4th Floor Jean Fowley: Painting, Drawing, Photography which is dismantled and reconstructed to create an abstract mosiac-like melding of art. 5th Floor. Mary Ann Farley: Acrylics, Pastels, watercolors. 5th Floor Tim Daly: Realist Paintings & drawings using acrylic, oil and charcoal.5th Floor. Tim Heins: Realist painter using oil and watercolors. 5th Floor. Liz Cohen & Ibou Ndoye: Painters and Mixed Media artists.6th Floor

42. 321 Newark Street, 3rd floor 

Stephanie Ashby: textural paintings, abstract collage & mixed media

43. 76 Bloomfield Street, Community Room, 1st Floor 

Peggy McGreary: Fiber Artist, Quilts.Will display the Hoboken Quilt, made for the City's 150th Anniversary.

44. 452 First Street, Apt. #2 

Raul F. Bustos: Artist/carpenters chalk line perspective drawings/charcoal drawings/pastels

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