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Media Kit Welcome to HobNob College Station. If you are seeking the perfect format to reach consumers, businesses and community members of College Station, READ ON! Do you have a beautiful web site that you paid a fortune for yet no one can find it? READ ON! HobNob College Station draws on years of experience effectively marketing and interactively communicating with local communities on every level. If you have a service or product to offer, searching for a new home, new job, need professional services or products, have an event or non-profit organization that needs exposure or just want to know what is going on in College Station, HobNob College Station is the answer! According to Jupiter Research, the American consumer now spends equal time each week on the internet and watching TV. The average person in the US will spend an estimated 31.6 hours online each month. (US Census/Neilsen Net Ratings) The traditional forms of advertising are quickly becoming outdated as our society continues to become "paperless". Newspapers, magazines, and directories are all available online; many newspapers have ceased printing Stock Market stats since consumers can find real-time updates on the internet easier and quicker. As people have increased the time spent online, advertising is being purchased at a rapidly growing rate. Online advertising offers the greatest exposure at the lowest cost than any other form of advertising. Businesses can target an audience more effectively than ever before and the internet never closes. Your advertising is working for you 24/7, 365 days a year. The internet is always convenient and always open, advertising for and about your business.

Advertisement Options Premium Local Ad: Below is an example of a Premium Local Ad, which is placed at the top of every page throughout HobNob College Station. This ad is 728 x 90 pixels in size. Contracts for this ad are 6, 12, 24 months in length. Price is $400 per month per city ($2400semiannual, $4800 annual). $100 one time set up fee.

Featured Local Ad: Below is an example of a Featured Local Ad, which is placed on the home page (only) on the right side of Hobnob College Station. Ad is 300 x 250 pixels in size. Pricing is $300.00 per month per city ($3600 annual). Discounts provided for multiple city contracts. $50 one time set up fee.

Premier Local Ad: Below is an example of a Premier Local Ad, which rotates at the bottom of every page on the site in groups of three and is 180 x 150 pixels in size. Pricing is $200.00 per month per city. Discounts provided for multiple city contracts. $50 one time set up fee.

Premier Local Package: Premier Local Package includes a Premier Local Ad, Video commercial placed on the Home page as Featured Business for 1 week then cycled, Content Page including iFrame of your site. Premier Local Package pricing is $300 per month per city. $50 one time set up fee.

Included for all clients AdServer Access: Live Ad statistics including views, clicks, actions, etc. Basic Directory Placement Search Engine Optimization to maximize your search-ability.

HobNobCollege Station can offer advertisers assistance... • • •

24/7 Web Presence and Advertising Increasing Brand Awareness on a local, regional or national scale Search Engine Optimization - drive traffic to your web site

• • • • •

Target Market advertising Interactivity with the community and your potential clients Calendars, Message Boards, Photo Galleries, Blogs and much more! Reach new untapped markets Assistance with online selling, marketing and affiliate programs

Marketing Opportunities and Options Hobnob (hob nob) verb - to associate on very friendly terms noun - a friendly, informal chat ( The purest definition of our name defines our business principle... HobNob College Station is an effective media for reaching your target audience in a targeted geographic area. In every community represented online by HobNob College Station, we strive to become the advertising and resource venue of choice. We intentionally market to members of the community and give them reasons to visit the site daily. The interaction and submission of information by the community is what drives HobNob College Station. Our sites are built by and for the people who ARE THE COMMUNITY. Everyday life happens on our sites, including photos of College Station events, sports, news, weather, entertainment and other events that shape the life of the community. Schools, government agencies, nonprofits organizations, clubs and churches are given free space to provide announcements and calendars to the public. We build our sites from the core of the community. HobNob College Station will customize your online advertising and marketing campaign to fit your needs. We have several packages available including, but not limited to: • •

• • • • • •

Banner Ads- local, regional, or national static ads that rotate at the top of each page Section Sponsor - static banner in the top center of a Section Home Page. Targeted audience for a general topic (ie. Homes & Garden or Real Estate sections). $50 per month per Section. $50 set up fee. Publishing Pages (content pages) - $35 per month, $50 one time set up fee Contest Sponsors – pricing negotiable Food Court Sponsor - printable coupons or menus Promotions and Coupons College Station Biz Search - geo-targeted to College Station zip codes & IP addresses Find-It-Quick Links (Non-local business directory)

Who is online and Why Market Online? US population, age 15 and older that are online: 219,755, 291 Total Adults Online: 71% and growing • •

71% of all women are online 70% of all men are online

Age Groups Online: •

Ages 18-29: 87%

• • •

Ages 30-49: 83% Ages 50-64: 65% Ages 65+ : 32%

The number of online searches has grown very rapidly. According to the Neilsen Net Ratings: • • • •

January 2005 - 4.1 billion searches January 2006 - 5.7 billion searches January 2007 - 7.5 billion searches January 2010 - estimated to be 13 billion searches (Neilsen Net Ratings)

30% of all online searches are "Local" in nature. A local search is defined as someone searching the internet for a source, resource or service provided in their community. HobNob Local was created in response to that particular need. Our community portals are geo-targeted to specific zip codes and IP addresses. In addition, our advertisers' campaigns are built with techniques specifically tailored to expose their product, business or service to their audience-specific market. We make sure that your business is found!

HobNob College Station Media Kit  
HobNob College Station Media Kit  

HobNob College Station Media Kit,If you are seeking the perfect format to reach consumers, businesses and community members of College Stati...