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Food Caddy &Vacuum Container

Final year project from university centred aroundreducing food waste.

An animation I made on keyshot displaying the functions and components of the products can be found here. - https://youtu.be/1uXIpaG_AAg


Insights & Drivers

One third of all food purchased is wasted. Three quarters of all food wasted happens in households. People are often unable to use foods before they go off. Separating waste in vital to reducing it.


A compact container, that can keep food fresh for much longer and provide easy storage. An ergonomic food caddy for separating waste and motivating people to recycle food.


In order to give the project more direction I selected two persona’s that can relate to the objective and give me more insight about the required functions.

Susan 47 Part time nurse

Susan is always in a hurry in the morning when preparing lunches for her kids. She finds keeping the kitchen tidy is difficult at this time. She enjoys cooking and loves finding new recipes to try.

Susan likes to save time by cooking for future meals or saving leftovers. She wants something that will keep her meals fresh for longer.

Shared interests

Environmental | Busy lifestyle | Loves cooking

Chan 21 Student

Chan often finds the kitchen in a complete mess and struggles to keep up with it. He would like something that would make this task easier.

Chan only cooks for himself and so he often finds that food has gone off because he hasn’t eaten it quick enough. Living in a shared house, a lot of food waste is produced resulting in an overfilled food bin.


I created a mood board in which to inspire the style of theproducts.





I concluded a specification and brief for the two products, outliningwhich features would be most useful for the users.

‘To prolong the use of foods through a vacuum-sealed container and provide a suitable, clean and hands free way of disposing any unavoidable waste’.


Using the specification and mood board I began to come up with some initial ideas, looking at a wide variety of options before narrowing them down.


From the ideation phase I developed a series of models in whichto test ergonomics and scale.



I trialled the scale models with numerous people to find out any errors and ways it could be improved.

Food Caddy

This is the first of two products for this project. This food bin is aimed at improving the normal food caddy that most homes use. It has been designed for better ergonomics and ease of operation.

The main attribute is the tilting mechanism, allowing the user to easily manoeuvre the bin with little force.

Another aspect that adds to thesimplicity is the button function whichcloses the bin when pressed.

Emptying the bin also another essential part in which to make more ergonomic. This is why the separate inside component can be removed from the back to be emptied and cleaned.

Another function which can not be seen is the ability have the bin close immediately after opening as it will only stay open after reaching a certain length.

Vacuum Container

For the second product I aimed more at preventing the food from going off. This led me to design a vacuum sealed container as it keeps foods fresh for up to 4 times longer.

Pump is contained in lid as to not get lost.

Pump twist locks inside the lid.

Air release button has ridges to allow the air to escape.

Chosen material is safe for use in microwave, oven andfreezer, it is also BPA free.

Ready for manufacture

At Coventry University the design process is very inclusive, they teach you all the way through from research to pricing. In this ending part we were required to create drawings and to show dimensions and assembly methods. I also learnt a lot about manufacturing and how tooling is made for injection mouldings.