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Alan Hobday Photography

About the Photographer Alan Hobday is an experienced photographer with a wealth of clients to his name. He has shot for magazines, catalogues, websites, and general commercial use. He has been in the business for over 20 years, and therefore knows the tricks of the trade. He is dedicated to his job and will no doubt leave the customer happy.

This brochure has been produced to showcase some of his work. The photography has been split into categories (for example; sport, gifts, and furniture). There is also text within this categories explaining the skills that are needed to create effective photographs.









Products 12-13

Glass Shooting glass products is probably one of the hardest things to do. Everything depends on the light and positioning. I have a range of different shoots in my portfolio which range from decoration to wine glasses. The reason I have decided to feature


glass in my brochure is because of the skill that it takes to create wonderful pictures – using glass. The two images, below and to the side, demonstrate the colours and light that are needed for this type of shoot.

Sport Whether it is shooting sports equipment, or stills of sportsmen, I’ve got it covered. The trick is to make sure that everything is included in the shoot. For example, the image to the right shows everything that a cricketer would need – the company would have wanted to sell these products and therefore


having the model in this stance, with everything on show, would aid this. When it comes to running shoes, people like to see not only the sole, by the way the shoe looks. This is why the trainers below have been carefully positioned to show off everything. The slight sheen on the floor adds elegance.

Products A lot of the work that I produce has been done for clients. These clients vary from cosmectics to fashion, furniture, and DIY products. To the right is an example of a shoot that I did for ‘Shoon’. They are an indepdant company based in Wells, Somerset, who


specialise in well-made, well-designed shoes. This shot was taken in a studio for their Autumn range. It was really imporant to set the scene and have a variety of products on show. Shooting products means I get to experiment with set design as well.

Furniture Not only do I shoot homes, but also furnature within homes (for example; tables and chairs). These are just two examples of images that


have been used to show a vast amount of space. They have also been shot at different angles, and have an array of colour and light differences.

Gifts When shooting flowers it is really important that you capture the colour effectively. This is really important for online florists who need to sell their products - no one wants to buy dull looking flowers. It is also really important that everything


in the bouquet is captured (for example the right hand image displays everything in the bouquet). The image below is an example of a single flower. The positioning of this flower was chosen carefully as it needs to look attractive and graceful.

Produced by Natasha Field

Alan Hobday  

Digital Photography

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