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PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD Exclusive Interview:

Dave Roehrle

Creator of DaveTown and National Model Contest 2012 People's Champion

BASING ON THE GO Maintenance Tips for BASHERS


Team Associated SC10GT, Top 5 Summer Picks, Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street, Solar Powered Robots, Alhambra & more




outlook Editor-in-Chief Bryce Wergin

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Hello Hobbyists, Spring has run its course and soothed our winter blues, the school bells have sung their last songs and the days are still getting longer. What better conditions could the avid hobby enthusiast ask for? This is my first issue editing Hobby Outlook and I couldn’t be more excited. I find myself constantly inspired by the passion and positive feelings expressed by the hobbyists, store owners and employees I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with since beginning at HobbyTown. That’s what life is about after all; finding our own passions and aspirations, expressing them through the medium of our choice and taking pleasure in the entire process. We learn many lessons through our hobbies that can be applied to other aspects of our lives. Hobbies can teach us patience, precision, diligence—even something as simple as how to find enjoyment in our day-to-day activities and responsibilities. It’s funny how our hobbies, which some think to be distractions from our obligations, can show us how to better ourselves in so many ways. In this issue, we review some excellent new products, offer maintenance tips to R/C "Bashers" and talk with a scalemodel lifer who also happens to be the winner of our People’s Choice Award, revealed on page 3. I hope this issue of Outlook inspires you, the reader, to cultivate passion and happiness through your hobbies, whatever they may be. Hobby on, my friends. Bryce Wergin Editor-in-Chief



Outlook Summer 2012

18 Super Cub



COVER STORY 8 Davetown Exclusive Inteview: Dave Roehrle EXCLUSIVES 12 Winner's Circle 2012 National Model Contest Winners 14 Bashing on the Go E-Z Street Maintenance Tips for BASHERS 20 Team Associated SC10GT By Bachmann Nitro R/C at its Finest 26 Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street Urban Realism 28 Summer Top 5 Outlook's Staff Picks REGULARS 6 Hobby Talk People's Choice Top 5 7 Hobbies in the News Blue Angels 18 Craig’s Pick Any-Link Super Cub 32 HTUniversity ASSOCIATED Solar-Powered Robots


20 SC10GT


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"Davetown Salvage" Dave R.

"Respect the Larrymobile!" John P.

"359 Stretch Grapple Loader" Kristopher D.

"Napoleon's Imperial Guard" Michael G.

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"Ferrari 641/2 (F190)" Jay D.

National Model Contest People's Choice Award: 2012 marks the first People's Choice Champion in the history of the HobbyTown USA® National Model Contest. A huge round of applause to all those who entered. Competition was extremely fierce - over 90 entries were submitted. We are so excited to share these photos with you and are happy to announce we will be hosting another contest via Facebook in the fall. Cheers to everyone who participated!

Hobbies in the News



The noteable daredevils kick off their summer 2012 tour across the United States. Off they go into the wild, blue yonder! For 66 years the Blue Angels have flown the skies, serving as ambassadors of goodwill for the US Navy and Marine Corps. These skilled pilots also put on a spectacular air show that draws over 11 million spectators each year. To see if the Blue Angels are headed for a city near you, just check out their website by clicking here and stop by your local HobbyTown USA速, where you can find model and R/C planes to quench your thirst for aerial action until the big show!

BLUE ANGELS TOUR SCHEDULE JUNE 9-10 Mankato, MN JUNE 16-17 Baltimore, MD JUNE 23-24 Latrobe, PA JUNE 30- JUL 1 Portsmouth, NH JULY 4 Boston Harbor, MA JULY 7-8 Dayton, OH JULY 14 Pensacola Beach, FL JULY 21-22 Sioux Falls, SD JULY 28-29 Twin Falls, ID AUGUST 4-5 Seattle, WA *For more dates, click here



Above: Welcome to Davetown - The precision and attentionto-detail in the construction of Davetown are what give it such a life-like aura. The process of building these models can take months, but the end product shows that the extra time and effort pay off in giving the dioramas an element of realism only seen in work from expert modelers.

Exclusive Interview

DAVETOWN By Bryce Wergin

Picture yourself taking a leisurely stroll down the street of a small town on the east coast. What do you observe? Maybe you notice the sounds of your feet displacing gravel as you walk by the shipyard, or the low hum of conversations being had as glassware clinks together on the outdoor seating of the bar you’re passing. Perhaps you can smell saltwater on the cool breeze and hear seagulls wailing at one another in the distance, fervently searching for another scrap of unfinished food. And underneath it all is the soft, distant whoosh of the sea. These are the images and feelings that ran through my mind the first time I saw photos of Davetown, a set of HO scale (1:87) dioramas designed and constructed by Pennsylvania native David Roehrle, whose models have been gaining attention and praise via the web and modeling contests. One of Roehrle’s more recent works, Davetown Salvage Company, was selected by Hobby Outlook readers as the People’s Choice Award winner.

Left: The Big Winner - Davetown Salvage Company was selected as Hobby Outlook's People's Choice Award winner. The diorama is just one part of Davetown.

It’s easy to see how this particular piece stood out; from the electrical transformer on the back side of the building to the chipped paint on the wooden doors, everything about this diorama is perfectly scaled and astonishingly lifelike. It’s clear the modeler has put in hours of research and is vastly experienced with precise model-building at this scale. Roehrle started building models in 1960 and has been working on this particular series of dioramas for the last several years. He didn’t initially anticipate building them into an entire town. “My original intention was to build a couple of dioramas using whatever materials I had laying around and only buy paint

Meet Dave - Dave Roehrle started building models in 1960 and has been hooked ever since. Here he is at his workbench showing off his latest handiwork.



Exclusive Interview




- David Roehrle

( DAVETOWN SALVAGE COMPANY (Top left): The rear view of Davetown Salvage Company. It's easy to see why this particular piece was selected as Hobby Outlook's People's Choice Award winner. Behind the building lies the scrap yard, which is full of old run-down buses and other vehicles waiting to be stripped for parts.



THE OLD GUY'S HOUSE (Bottom left): The road leading up to The Old Guy's House is a bit unkempt, as is the rest of the yard. Antique vehicles and equipment are strewn about, but the old guy just can't bring himself to get rid of them. After all, he will probably end up needing that stuff the moment he gets it hauled off.

VICTORIAN HOUSES (Bottom right): Davetown residents enjoying the weather on the stoop of a Victorian house. Davetown has multiple houses built in this architectural style. Many Davetowners drive nice cars and show them off at the annual auto show, but for now this hotrod is just sitting in the driveway.

Exclusive Interview

and glue,” Roehrle says. “I planned to have each piece fit together to form a larger diorama. One kept leading to the next and eventually the idea of an entire community started to form.” The buildings, people and environment of Davetown are so accurately scaled that upon first glancing at the photos, I mistook them for real places. In a way, the dioramas of Davetown are real places. The originality and attention-to-detail of the models, including the stories behind them, are what intrigue viewers. The fictional town sits on the bank of the “Crymeya River” and has much of the same lore as many real townships along the east coast. The backstories of Davetown are compiled in Roehrle’s eBook, A Visit to Historic Davetown. The book explores the history and culture of Davetown, complete with images and descriptions. The architecture and layout of the town, as well as the history, are straight from Roehrle’s imagination rather than being models of actual places. “[The dioramas] are influenced by past experiences and places I’ve been, particularly the area where I grew up, but they aren’t based on anything specific.” If you look around Davetown, you’ll Right: Tugboats Along the Crymeya River - These rusted boats were run aground here years ago and are now a prominent landmark in Davetown.

even notice colorful birdhouses placed throughout the community. Roehrle says the birdhouses have become a sort of signature of his. “I’ve always liked birdhouses, and they seem to be all over the place in every town,” he explains. “So many of them are overlooked by most people, but I look at them as pieces of urban folk art. About 20 years ago I started building some at 1.5 inch to the foot scale. I started adding them to my dioramas just to see if people would notice. Their complete story will be revealed in my next book.” Davetown wasn't built in a day. Although the dioramas have undoubtedly taken hours and hours of trial-and-error assembly, Roehrle has made sure to keep the experience enjoyable. "I don't keep track of the hours," he says. "Some come together in a few weeks. Others seem to stretch out for months. I try to work on something every day, even if it's only for a few minutes." So take a trip to Davetown. See photos of the Davetown Salvage building process or check out Dave's eBook, A Visit To Historic Davetown. Once there, I'll bet you won't want to leave.

"The tugboats didn't give me many problems. Building the three of them went smoothly. The diorama base, on the other hand, was an absolute nightmare. Everything that I did was a problem and each problem made the next step even more complicated. I had problems with glue, plaster and incompatible materials. Other stuff wouldn't dry and started getting moldy. I finally started over on the base. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It looks like what I had pictured in my mind. I almost gave up on it and I'm glad that I stuck with it."



Below: Outlook interviews the Spring 2012 National Model Contest Winners. Check with your local HobbyTown USA速 to participate in the Fall National Model Contest.

Best Junior: Mike Kenez Model: 1948 Ford Pickup and Midget Racer Trailer HobbyTown Store: Stamford, CT How long have you been a modeler? Just over a year now How did you get started modeling? I got started in modeling when my dad said he saw this cool store on high ridge road in Stamford, CT. It also gave me something to do in the winter months. What are your favorite types of models to build? I like to build cars and trucks.

26 12


People's Choice: Dave Roehrle Model: Davetown Salvage HobbyTown Store: Whitehall, PA How long have you been a modeler? I started building models in 1960. How did you get started modeling? I built a few wood and tissue paper airplanes with my dad. My interest quickly turned to model cars. What are your favorite types of models to build? For most of my model building life I built 1:25 scale cars and trucks. About 10 years ago I started building 1:87 scale dioramas. That is now my favorite type of model. Dioramas allow me to model a very wide range of subjects.

Best Paint John (Jack) Fondy Model: Urban Assault HobbyTown Store: Newton, NJ How long have you been a modeler? I've been a modeler for 40 years. How did you get started modeling? I always liked cars as a kid, so that got me started on model cars. Then I moved onto planes, figures, tanks and dioramas. What are your favorite types of models to build? My favoritve models include armor, tanks and figures.

Best in Show: Marcus Jennings Model: City Bus HobbyTown Store: Asheville, NC How long have you been a modeler? I've been modeling for 32 years. How did you get started modeling? Both my parents were modelers. My mom helped me put together my very first model. What are your favorite types of models to build? I work on real cars, so automotive customs and drag cars are my favorite models to build. The bus was the first big vehicle I'd ever done. It took me a year to build.

The next National Model Contest is scheduled for Fall 2012. outlook

27 13

Guest Columnist

BASHING on the Y I D e j pro ct



Maintenance Tips for BASHERS


The experts at Big Squid RC share some simple pre-bashing checks. By Bill Stevens (aka Wrench) and Brian Smolik at Big Squid RC

As bashers, one thing we aren't really known for is taking ‘good care’ of our vehicles. We push them to the extreme, and normally when they break, we continue bashing until they can’t move anymore. Here are some simple checks you should do before going bashing that may save you some time or heartache later on. Nobody wants to plan a day of bashing only to find something that needs fixing a few minutes into the first run. Take a couple minutes to check these few important things, and hopefully your day of bashing will go much more smoothly. 14


Check all the hit a lot of ram you don’t wan because this m to remove. Al are holding to to come loose sometimes us option.

If you are run lines. Look fo the connectio cheap and us Air leaks can Why spend th


Clean your ch around it. If y vehicle, pull o Mud and rock up gears quic covered with able to dissip the toothbrush


Do a quick ch the shafts are Make sure yo doesn't have t top-off is bett

Guest Columnist

e screws on your chassis. Bashers mps and other objects, and nt to sheer off a screw head makes them incredibly difficult lso, you don’t want what they o the chassis on the other side e. If the screw hole is stripped, sing a slightly larger screw is an

nning nitro, check all your fuel or wear or cuts, and make sure ons are all tight. Fuel line is sually pretty simple to replace. cause a multitude of issues. he day tuning?


Check any wiring, make sure there are no cuts or loose solder connections. Exposed wire can cause glitches and headaches you don’t want.

hassis and all the moving parts you are running a waterproof out the hose and spray it down. ks in the drive train can chew ckly. Motors, ESC’s and engines dirt will run hot, and won't be pate the heat as needed. Get out h and clean it off.

heck of the shocks. Make sure en't bent and move smoothly. ou have oil in the shocks. It to be perfectly filled, but a quick ter than no oil at all!


Check your a-arms for cracks or severe wear. If you don’t have a spare with you (all bashers should!), breaking an a-arm early in the day can be a real bummer. outlook


Guest Columnist


Check the tires and rims for wear. Tossing a little glue on the tire to keep it attached to the rim can be a quick fix. We're bashing, we don’t care how it looks, we just want to make sure it stays attached. Bash vehicles get driven on all sorts of surfaces. Pavement and parking lots are not kind to tires, so keep an eye on that tread.


9 Check to make sure anything connected to the hinge pins is moving freely. Bent pins are hard to spot, and having an a-arm that can’t move freely can take some fun out of your jumping and landing. Make sure your e-clips are there if that’s what your vehicle uses.

If you have time, clean your bearings. I know this one is a stretch and I rarely do it, but it’s one of those things that’s necessary once in a while. A smooth rolling/running vehicle is always a good thing.

11 Check any braces or bulk heads for cracks and wear. Any place where the chassis meets a plastic part can get seriously stressed and break.



Guest Columnist


Tighten your wheel nuts! It takes 10 seconds to make sure all four are tight. Losing a wheel while running is ALWAYS funny, but you don’t want to lose a pin or nut and be stuck unable to run.

That’s it for our quick basher maintenance tips! Most of these can be done or checked in only a few minutes, but can save your day of bashing and make it much more enjoyable!




The AnyLink Super Cub from Flyzone By Craig Trachten HobbyTown USA® New Milford, CT

Although this is a review of Flyzone’s Super Cub, it must be prefaced with an explanation of AnyLink. How many times have companies released a RTF (Ready To Fly) aircraft and, as much as you want it, your first thought is; another transmitter, I have to carry another transmitter. For those of us who have multi-model memory transmitters, the last thing we want to carry is another transmitter. You've got three options: carry another transmitter, purchase and install a compatible receiver to your transmitter, or pass on the aircraft altogether. Luckily, the good people at Hobbico give us another option: the AnyLink. What is an AnyLink? It is a little black box that will make almost all transmitters compatible with the installed receiver. A receiver for each aircraft will run $50.00-$90.00, or you can pay $29.99 for the AnyLink. Some transmitters will require an additional adapter but the combined cost is still less than 1 receiver. 18


Presently, there are 11 aircraft available transmitter-ready. I got to play with the Super Cub. This same airframe was already in their lineup, but now it comes without the transmitter. In fact, their documentation still shows the transmitter in the kit contents photo. The parts count is low and assembly time is minimal. I nearly had the aircraft assembled by the time the battery was charged. Typical of Flyzone, the documentation and assembly photos are excellent. Start with assembling the landing gear. READ completely before you start as some things aren’t fully tightened until a later step. The landing gear looks scale, and its spring action gives the landings a realistic bouncing look. The vertical and horizontal stabs slide and lock into place, but before you place them, you have to insert the pushrods. The rudder rods are easy; but the elevator


Click here to see the Super Cub in action and to learn more!

took me a few pokes. The rudder pushrod chases are exposed and the elevator chase runs through the center of the fuse. Old eyes may require a flashlight to see the end of the chase inside the fuse. Skinny fingers will be a plus for the next step, but needle-nose pliers will do just fine. Before you center the servos, slide the pushrods into the keepers. You will have to manually rotate the servos to get the rods into them. Once they are in, fire up the electronics and center the elevator/rudder trims on your transmitter, then tighten the keeper screws. Before you mount the wing, mark the CG (center of gravity) points on the bottom side. The aileron servo gets plugged into the aileron extension in the cabin. The aft end of the wing slides into the mounting bracket and is held down with a single screw up front. Flip the aircraft on its back and attach the wing struts. Once she’s back on her feet, attach the propeller. The final steps are checking for proper CG and checking control throws. It’s time to fly! Flying over a grass field, the first flight started with a hand launch. I was unsure how well the small wheels would work so I played it safe. After my first scale-perfect landing, there were no problems with the

size of the wheels on the grass. All future flights were from the ground. The initial flight required some trimming. I had to give her a few clicks of down elevator to achieve straight and level flight. Rudder trim was not needed. Tooling around the sky, the Super Cub remained stable to the point of stalling. When she stalled, the nose dropped without dropping a wing. Throttle up and off you go. You won’t be able to roll the Cub (no ailerons), but she will loop. I jerked her around the sky and even went inverted. Why? Why not! The landings were slow and realistic as I lined up with the runway and controlled descent with the throttle. The Super Cub sported a little flair before touching down and rolling to a stop. I taxied her off the runway, changed out the battery and she was ready for her next flight. Flyzone offers a variety of aircraft listed as transmitter-ready in various sizes and configurations. Not that I’m in need of another aircraft, but I've been thinking I must own their F-86. Father’s Day is around the corner and I just might have to treat myself. There's no such thing as having too many aircraft - trust me. Have fun, fly safe. outlook


R/C Gear-Up



By Cody Carlson Taking the Team Associated SC10GT out of its box, the first thing I noticed was the machine’s solidity. Equipped with sturdy one-piece blue anodized aluminum chassis and shocks, the SC10GT was obviously built to take a beating while maintaining stability. In the rear of the truck, the Associated .18X engine powers a robust drivetrain that contains their V2 slipper clutch and transmission as well as a ball differential and its outdrives. A tough, metal-geared steering servo backs up the hardware in the rear of the truck with more than enough power and response to send the SC10GT 20


R/C Gear-Up

Beyond speed and acceleration, this truck has great suspension and durability for the track or driveway. Check it out here. REPORT CARD: SC10 GT GOOD






R/C Gear-Up

precisely where you want it to go. After admiring it indoors, it was time to take the SC10GT outside and start it up. Following Team Associated’s recommended break-in procedure was simple. The truck has a pull start, so I was able to find a good starting point for the break-in with some trial and error to get the right mix on the carb. We ran the truck through several tanks of fuel while only needing to trade out a single glowplug. As soon as the break-in was complete, I was able to lean out the motor and zip off down the parking lot. It's very important to remember the break-in process. If you don't get the engine warmed up properly before taking it out, you will make your vehicle vulnerable to irreversable

Official R/C Car of the

damage. The procedure only takes a few minutes and can save you hours of stress and heartache, so it's very important you don't overlook this step. After all, you wouldn't run a marathon without training beforehand, would you? I was impressed right off the bat by the acceleration that the SC10GT could crank out, even in such a small parking lot. Taking the truck out on the street, I decided to get some speed runs in, driving down to the end of the road and coming back at top speed. This is an area where the SC10GT really shines; many comparable vehicles have trouble with their stability and control when maxed out, but the SC10GT’s steering servo and suspension handle top speed beautifully. Putting the

R/C Gear-Up

truck through its paces, I noticed that the tires and suspension were able to hold their grip on the road very well, even in tight turns. I had to try very hard to roll the vehicle, which is another bonus, as many other nitro vehicles tend to be top-heavy and roll easily. After the road work it was time to get out to the park and get some off-road driving in. Since most short course races are done on dirt tracks, I started by running the SC10GT through the packed dirt. The suspension once again stood out, taking bumps and jolts in stride. The durability of the truck was really showcased here—it handled several hard flips and even ran head-first into a tree. Despite the punishment, the sole causality of the entire testing process

was the single glowplug used up during the motor’s break-in process. It didn’t seem to matter which way we bashed it, the SC10GT just didn’t want to break. This is exactly what one hopes to see in an off-road racer. After all of the driving we put it through, the single greatest feature was how exceptionally the vehicle handled. With its tough shocks and low center of gravity, the SC10GT was able to absorb punishment while maintaining control through tight turns and obstacles. In the end, I would recommend the SC10GT to anyone looking to get in on the nitro R/C hobby as a speedy, tough and easy-to-control vehicle.

Find the HobbyTown USA速 location nearest to you. With over 150 franchises nationwide, you can find us just about anywhere.




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Williams by Bachmann E-Z Street

Bring your urban layout to life with this easy-to-assemble track system! By Gary Phillips HobbyTown USAÂŽ Knoxville, TN

The E-Z Street by Williams concept is quite interesting as it brings movement to otherwise static city streets on your O-Gauge layout. Originally produced by K-Line, it has been out-of-production for many years until just now. I used a simple oval-track plan for the review with 21" diameter curves. Williams smartly uses 16" diameter curves that fit inside the 21's so you can have two-way traffic if desired. The black plastic sections of roadway go together very easily, much like Bachmann's EZ Track. By the way- they come apart just as easily as the go together. Once I completed the small layout, it looked much like a slot track which is essentially what it is. The wiring is pretty straightforward- connect the red power line to an underside connector on the centerrail and then to the variable terminal of an AC transformer, then connect the black ground wire to the outside connector again underneath the track and then to the ground terminal of your transformer. It's just like wiring a three-rail train set. Any AC train transformer can be used to supply the power. However, I do strongly 26


Above: There are several vehicle options for E-Z Street, including this construction company van.

recommend a separate transformer for this. I used the the Plasticville Construction Company van as my vehicle. It is scalesized, looks great and worked perfectly. The track work was smooth, giving the van a nice easy ride. The van's acceleration was good, although if used on a train layout, I would recommend the slowest speed for the most realism. Williams has four vehicles (all vans) to choose from and lots of different types of track- including a 90 degree crossing for intersections. I think E-Z Street would work nicely on any "O" size layout with an urban setting . Or, for that matter, I could see this being used on a nice stretch of county highway.

FEATURES + + + + + + +


summer FUN

HOBBY OUTLOOK STAFF SUMMER PICKS: These Top 5 Summer Fun items are our recommendations to help you squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of your summer. Whether you're spending a day at the park or just hanging out at a friend's house, these items are sure to keep your good times rolling all season long. After all, you've been working hard all year. You deserve some time to kick back and see if you can land your new R/C heli on your buddy's head. Let the summer of hobbying begin!

#1: Animus 18TR 4X4 Electric Truggy RTR BIO: The Helion Animus 18 Truggy is the next generation of 1/18th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. Helion R/C design engineers optimized the Animus platform for the latest generation of bashers and enthusiasts. The use of the gear differentials and a robust shaftbased, ball-bearing-supported gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements and improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. With the advent and inclusion of crystal-less 2.4 GZ radio technology in the Animus, R/C bashers and enthusiasts can now enjoy using their cars alongside one another instead of worrying about changing or having to buy extra crystals. Bash on, my friends. PERFECT FOR: Bashers and non-bashers alike

Outdoor Hobby

#2: Chronos CX 75 Nano-Micro RTF BIO: The incredible stability and unbelievable durability of the Ares™ [air-eez] Chronos CX 75 make it easy and fun for ANYONE to fly an R/C helicopter. The coaxial, counter-rotating blade design offers unsurpassed stability that will have any pilot hovering like a pro in no time while fully proportional controls deliver excellent maneuverability and precise control. The Chronos CX 75’s small size and low weight make it possible to fly indoors just about anytime and anywhere. Its durability is second-to-none, so don't worry if you're not the most eloquent chopper pilot out there. Unlike other similar class models, a full line of replacement parts is available in the rare instance you find yourself in need of them. Everything needed to fly is in the box, so get to the chopper and start flying! PERFECT FOR: Your first R/C Heli (or second, or third, etc.)

#3: Dominus 10SC 4X4 SC Electric Truck BIO: The Helion Dominus 10SC is the next generation of 4x4 1/10th scale performance with an unprecedented set of features and value. The Dominus is designed for the lastest generation of bashers and R/C enthusiasts. The use of gear differentials and a robust shaft-based, ball-bearingsupported steel differential gear drivetrain reduces maintenance requirements, improves efficiency and performance without compromising value. Like the Animus, the inclusion of a crystal-less 2.4 GHz radio technology means that you can now enjoy running the Dominus alongside another without worrying about buying or changing crystals. With a 550 size High Torque brushed motor and high perfomance 7-cell NiMh battery included, the Dominus is equipped to satisfy your need for speed. PERFECT FOR: R/C enthusiasts

Outdoor Hobby

#4: Ares Ultra-Micro MD 500D CX 100 RTF Heli BIO: The Ares™ [air-eez] Ultra-Micro MD 500D CX 100 is perfect for both first-time and experienced pilots looking for an ultra-scale and ultra-stable heli they can fly indoors. The highly-detailed MD 500D body is equipped with LED lights and comes in two attractive trim schemes. The included decals allow for quick and easy customization as a News, Rescue, Fire or Police helicopter. The MD 500D CX 100’s coaxial, counter-rotating blade design offers excellent control and unsurpassed stability that will have any first-time pilot hovering like a pro in no time. The ultra-micro size and low weight make it possible to fly in just about any bedroom, living room or office. Best of all, the heli is 100% factory-assembled and ready-to-fly right out of the box! Ares does it again. PERFECT FOR: R/C pilots of any age or experience level.

#5 (TIE!): RamRocket with Turbo Air Launcher BIO: The POOF ramrocket is the original highpowered, air-launched foam rocket and it flies with unbelievable power. The aerodynamic design makes the rocket spin, glide and float for hours of longdistance high-flying fun. This baby will soar up to 100 feet, so an indoor launch is probably a bad idea. Break this out at a BBQ and watch the faces light up. PERFECT FOR: Familes, beginner rocket enthusiasts OR #5 (TIE!): N-Strike Maverick Blaster BIO: The blaster features a six-dart rotating barrel with easy flip loading so you don't have to waste any time while blasting enemy targets! Other features include a pullback mechanism and auto-advancing barrel. Blaster comes with six darts and instructions. The blaster is a part of the N-STRIKE team, so you can snap it onto the UNITY POWER SYSTEM (sold separately) and ratchet the NERF action up another notch! PERFECT FOR: Your nerf war side arm.




summer FUN

October 11 & 12 [ Trade ] October 13 & 14 [ Trade & Consumer ] The I-X Center Cleveland, OH

Dealers and Manufacturers are missing out. Those of us that make the trip every year want to see manufacturer’s new products, touch them and maybe even speak with representatives.

As a dealer I learn new ways to grow my business by returning year in and year out. Making friends and partners along the way! —THEODORE CAPTANIS, PACIFIC COAST HOBBIES

iHobby Expo™…AT‚A‚GLANCE » OVER‚‰ŠŠ‚DISPLAYS of “new” radio control, model railroad, plastics & die cast, toy, robotic, and general hobby products. » Source products for CHILDREN‚AND‚ ADULTS of all ages and skill levels. » A˜end valuable EDUCATIONAL‚ SEMINARS to help you increase sales » NETWORK with your industry peers » Meet future hobby enthusiasts—OVER‚ ‰ŠžŠŠŠ‚IN ‰Š¡¡

To receive attendee registration information call

877-To-Hobby or visit

“This is my first trade show. I’m impressed and glad I came.” —Bob Kampe, Island Train and Hobby, Venice, Florida

Endorsed by

Sponsored by

“iHobby Expo™ is a great showpiece

for the hobby industry and I feel it is worth my while traveling from Ireland to attend.” —Mark Cuffe, Mark’s Models, Dublin, Ireland

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niversity est. 1986

HTUniversity RobotiKits Ken Versaw studies the power of the sun with the help of other qualified HTUniversity scientists in this issue’s HTUniveristy. By Ken Versaw

The OWI 6-in-1 Solar Mini Kit is a great introductory tool to get kids thinking about the power of the Sun and the ways it can be harnessed in real-life application. If you are familiar with the popular line of OWI Science Kits, you will feel right at home with this Solar Mini Kit. Like the other Science Kits, it includes snap-together models that are easy to put together and serves as a great introduction for young children, but this particular kit has one huge advantage over many of the other science kits we have reviewed in HTUniversity: Modularity. 32


OWI takes a very effectual step in separating the engine and battery from the model itself. This is a nice way of showing that the way something is powered doesn’t necessarily have to do with form of the item itself. The same engine that powers the car can also be used to propel the boat or plane. Many other Science Kits build the power source into the form, which can restrict imagination and ingenuity. When I buy a kit like this for my children, I want them to walk away wondering what else they could use the materials for. Modularizing the kit opens up


possibilities to other applications not included in the set, allowing children to think "outside the box." The nice thing about having a 6-in1 science kit is that many children can work on it at the same time. Each child was able to choose what they wanted to make and get started constructing it. When they were finished with their individual models, we simply snapped the engine into place and watched them go. Some patience was required, as each child wanted to use the engine and solar panel at the same time, but we quickly came up with a workable solution. In the end it was decided the engine would stay in the car- it was the most fun to watch zip around. All in all, a fun time was had by everyone involved. Each child found something they could do, from the 5 year-old who wanted to make a puppy to the 13 year-old who put together the complex revolving plane. This project is the perfect excuse to get outside and learn about the hidden power of a sunny day.

Above, Right: HTU's finest constructing solarpowered robots. To view the product online, click here.



ALHAMBRA game "suite"

By: Dave Nolte Board games created in what has been called the “German style” have been increasing in popularity recently, and along with Settlers of Catan and Carcassone, with their many expansions and variants, the Alhambra series of games are among the most popular in the world. The original Alhambra, a product of Queen Games, was German “Game of the Year” in 2003, and it now boasts 5 expansions in addition to the two stand-alone/variant versions. The original Alhambra is a tile-building game, where each player tries to construct the largest and most varied Moorish palace, or Alhambra, out of a selection of available 34


tiles. There are six building types that can be added to your Alhambra: Towers, Gardens, Chambers, Arcades, Seraglios (a kind of “guest house”) and Pavilions. These buildings are central to all of the Alhambra games. Tiles are drawn from a bag, and are available for one of four different currencies, which represent the international builders contributing to construction. Players draw hands of cards that have a value of one of the four money types, buying and placing the tiles in their Alhambras each turn. There are three scoring rounds during the game, and the player with the largest number of each type of building scores points. The player with the second or third most will also score in the second and third rounds. The tiles may have one or more walls along their edges, and points are also

GAME breakdown

Game Time: Gardens 20 min. and a little over an hour for Alhambra with some expansions added. Perfect For: Gaming groups of 2-6 from 10 years and up for original “Alhambra” and “Dice Game”. Best with 4 players (although 2-3 work), 8 yrs. and up for “Gardens”. If you like Alhambra, you’ll like: Carcassone, Agricola, Atlantis

scored for the longest connected wall you can trace around your Alhambra. Game play is very quick, with each player either taking a money card or buying and adding a tile on each turn (You get an “extra go” if you pay with exact change). You want to try to score points for each type of building while trying to be sure to lead in at least one or two. In each of the 5 expansion sets for the original game, there are four new rules that can be used along with the basic set, making 20 possible variant rules that can be added in any combination. You can add City Gates that allow you to build around wall restrictions, Diamonds (a form of money that can purchase any tile), Merchants, Treasure Chambers, Master Builders, and many more. They can make the game easier, more difficult, or substantially change game play depending on your choices. There is an Alhambra Big Box set that contains the original game and all 5 expansions! The two stand-alone games are Alhambra Dice Game and The Gardens of the Alhambra. In the dice game, there is a set of 8 dice with each of the familiar building types on one side. You have 3


rolls in each turn to try to come up with as many of a single building as possible. Markers are placed on scoring tracks, and as with the original game, there are three scoring rounds, where the players with the most points for each building type score the most. This can be played as a standalone game, but can also be played as an Alhambra variant, where the dice are used to obtain building tiles rather than using the money cards. The dice game is very quick and easy to learn, and requires some good strategy to position yourself to score well. In the “Gardens” stand-alone game, the focus changes to constructing gardens rather than buildings. A grid of tiles from the other 5 building types is set up on a board, and players place garden tiles around them. Each player plays one type of tree; orange, lemon, lavender and palm, and each tile has from 1 to 6 of each tree type. When a given building is surrounded by gardens, the player whose trees number the highest scores points for that building. But, you multiply the score by the number of different types of trees, so you want to have the most trees, but you’d like the other players to have at least some to increase your score, which requires some unique strategy and makes for an interesting game balance. All of the Alhambra games can be enjoyed by gamers of a wide range of skills, and are fun for new players as well as those with lots of experience because of the amount of chance involved. Gardens might be the simplest, and does not require experience with the other games to play, and the original Alhambra, with its multitude of expansions, can please those players who like some depth and varied rules. All are highly recommended for family game night! outlook


Product Numbers: AZSH1150Y, AZSH1150R



An incredibly stable and unbelievably durable R/C heli that’s easy and fun for ANYONE to y!

•Nothing extra to buy, fully factor y assembled and ready-to--y right out of the box •Nano-micro size and weight for smooth and easy ying even in smaller indoor spaces •Ultra-stable coaxial, counter-rotating blade design makes it possible for anyone to y •Propor tional controls and computerized gyro for maximum stability and maneuverability •3-channel transmitter with 2.4GHz technology and convenient built-in LiPo batter y charger

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