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Holiday Gift Guide 2013


Snap Circuits Light Build over 175 exciting experiments focused on “light.” Ages 8+ ELESCL175

$74.99 Zoom Microscope Set Includes 9” microscope with Huygens’ eyepiece and color filters, 12 blank slides, 12 cover glasses, Petri dish with Magnifier®, instruction manual and much more.

Snap Circuits®, Jr.



200-in-1 Electronic Project Lab

Build over 100 projects that make sound effects and feature different types of alarms, touch circuits and games.


Learn and build 200 exciting electronic projects! Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). Ages 14+ ELEMX907



Mechanical Science Forces, Energy, Motion

Learn to Solder Kit For beginners. Assemble this European siren with flashing LED’s. Includes a soldering iron and wire cutters.

Discover the secrets of motion and momentum and explore the worlds of energy. Ages 9+ ELEENGM11




MP-1 Tumbler 2 lb. capacity barrel, making it ideal for smaller stones and beginners.

Kendama Pro Swing and catch the ball onto the larger cup, smaller cup, then handle. If you’re really good, try catching the ball on the spike. Colors may vary.




Dash Yo-Yo


This elite metal yo-yo is capable of the most advanced tricks you can imagine. It spins super-fast and super long. Small size makes it perfect for pocketing. YOM880W


Spectrum Light Up Yo-Yo Model T Kit Rock Tumbler For the beginner: 3 lb. capacity tumbler, one rubber barrel and 115V continuous-duty motor. THU100

$124.99 2

Model A-R2 Kit Rock Tumbler Versatile two-barrel, 6 lb. capacity long-life molded rubber barrels. Heavy continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor. Overload protected. THU115


LED lights make for explosive colors and instant entertainment. Transaxle and starburst response systems are great for all skill levels. YOM226


Maverick Yo-Yo High performance ball bearing yo-yo made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum. The Maverick delivers an amazing performance in a compact design. YOM875W


X-Wing Starfighter™ Featuring wings that fold into attack mode, proton torpedoes, retractable landing gear and opening cockpit. LEG9493

$59.99 AT-RT™ Recreate your favorite scenes from the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated TV series! LEG75002


Millennium Falcon™ Features stunning details, like hull plates that open to reveal a detailed interior, and much more. LEG7965

$149.99 Police Pursuit

Dirt Bike Transporter Let’s race! Unload the dirt bikes, tune them to perfection and ride to victory. LEG4433

$19.99 Thunder Wings Swept-back wings and large air intakes send this super jet soaring into the clouds! Rebuild it into a robust robot or a futuristic concept car. LEG31008


Help! Chase a robber down and catch him with the forest policeman on the ATV. LEG4437


Number Train With LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and 3 wagons, young builders will learn math skills while creating and constructing. LEG10558


Monster Trucks This colorful LEGO® set of 197 elements provides hours of fast-paced building fun! LEG10655


LEGO® Brick Box A great selection of LEGO bricks, including a farmer minifigure, wheels, windows and door. Includes easy-to-follow instructions. LEG4626


HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013


Shrinky Dinks® - Jewelry Includes 41 precut shapes, 8 colored pencils, beads, earring hoops, barrettes, instructions and more. ALX397J


Duct Tape Messenger Bag™ Rip, wrap and make your own sturdy messenger bag! Large enough to fit books and school supplies. Includes 8 rolls of tape, pre-sewn pouch and strap, instructions and more. ALX765D


Friendship Wheel™ Make 10 friendship bracelets with 2 reusable foam wheels! Includes easy instructions, 10 colors of embroidery floss and 2 wheels. ALX137W


Fold ‘N Fly™ Make 18 paper airplanes with cool designs and stickers. Includes 18 double-sided printed papers, stickers, folding tool and easy instruction book. ALX192W

Ready, Set, Stilts™ Fully adjustable stilts with soft grip handles. Fits kids up to 110 lbs. Easy assembly: no tools required. ALX771W




Super Sand Digger™

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

Features dual controls with molded hand grips, contoured seat and sturdy metal construction. For kids up to 110 lbs. Adult assembly required. ALX783D


Earphone Couture Decorate your headphones and turn them into a hip accessory. High-quality earbuds work with iPod, iPhone, iPad and MP3 players. ALX748A


! Kid Concoctions Mini science experiments perfect for fun learning. ALX950




WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

Color & Cuddle™ - Pony Machine-washable pony includes 4 washable markers. Measures 12” wide. Not for children under 3 years. ALX69WH


Warning – Many of these items may contain small parts and may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Please check the box before opening.

Pound and Tap Bench Colorful balls can be pounded through the holes with a hammer, playing notes as they bounce down the xylophone bars. Child-safe finishing. Ages 1+ HAPE0305

$29.99 Quadrilla Vertigo Comes with straightaway rails, three spiral funnels and a seesaw. Can be combined with other Quadrilla marble run sets. Ages 4+ HAPE6009



Made from FCS-certified wood and finished with child-safe paint. Comes in convenient tote. Ages 1+ HAPE0905 HAPE0910 HAPE0904 HAPE0903 HAPE0902 HAPE0901 HAPE0900

Bamboo Mini Vehicles Don’t worry about the gas bill, these stylish Eco cars run on imagination. Collect all 8 to complete your collection. Assortment may vary. Ages 3+ HAPHP897775


Lacing Vehicles (shown) Roaming Dinosaurs (shown) City Planner Blocks Jungle Parade Under the Sea Farm Animals Numbers and Colors

$9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99

Nanoblock® Amazingly microsized building blocks used to create detailed, 3D models.

! Christmas Designer TOOB® Christmas tree, candy cane and more. SAF677404

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

OHA58150 Air Force One $26.99 OHA58195 Locomotive $69.99 OHA58196 Mustang $44.99


New York City TOOB® Subway, taxi, Empire State Building and more. SAF682204

Etch A Sketch


Backyard Birds TOOB® Woodpecker, Indigo Bunting and more. SAF678304

$11.49 !


WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

Enjoy this timeless classic with a simple twist of its knobs. When you’re through, shake the magic screen to start all over again. OHA50505


Warning – Many of these items may contain small parts and may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Please check the box before opening.

HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013


Dinosaur Fossil Excavation Kit Excavate 3 genuine dinosaur fossil specimens just like a real paleontologist. DWDDIGDINO

Geode Kits

Shark Teeth Excavation Kit

Break open these premium geodes to discover the incredible crystal formations hidden inside. DWDGEO7– Explorer Science Kit $29.95 DWDGEO7 DWDGEO4 – Starter Science Kit $19.95

Excavate 3 genuine shark teeth just like a real paleontologist. DWDDIGSHARK



The Ultimate Volcano Kit Experiment with the ultimate hands on volcano experience! Activity booklet includes 10 additional puzzles, games and challenges. DWDVOLCANO

Gemstone Excavation Kit Excavate 3 real gemstone specimens with this incredible hands-on excavation kit. DWDDIGGEM



Primary Science Magnet Set Pretend & Play Fishing Set ®

Primary Science Lab Set Sized for little hands, this 20 piece set includes 10 activity cards for parents to work with children on experiments. Made of durable plastic. Age 3+ LGRLER2784


Gears Lights & Action Building Set

Plastic pieces include fishing pole with magnetic hook, 3 different sized fish, worms, net, fishing vest and a tackle box. Fishing themed activity book also included. Ages 3+ LGRLER9055





Dazzling motion takes construction creativity to a higher level. Includes 121 pieces with flashing lights and glow-in-the-dark stickers. Button-cell batteries for flashing lights included. Motor requires 3AA batteries. Includes durable storage tub. Age 5+ LGRLER9209


Discover the wonders of magnets. Magnets come in a variety of shapes to use with the 10 activity cards and guide. Ages 5+ LGRLER3784


Pretend & Play® Work Belt Tool Set

WARNING - CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 years.

The 20 piece set includes a tool belt, plastic board for drilling, battery-operated drill and sturdy carrying case. Drill requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Ages 3+ LGRLER9130


Warning – Many of these items may contain small parts and may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Please check the box before opening.

Air + Water Power Plus Build 30 models powered by air pressure and water to learn about the laws of physics. THK628413


Air-Stream Machines Electronics: Learning Circuits Children 8 and up can conduct 70 fun and safe circuit-building experiments. THK615819


Build a working hovercraft that glides across smooth floors or flat water. THK620912


A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner

Electronics: Advanced Circuits

Electricity & Magnetism

Scope Constructor

Explore the world of electronics with this advanced system of snap together electric building blocks. THK615918


Build your own microscopes, telescopes and binoculars with this optical construction kit. Includes assembly instructions for 28 models. THK555050


Conduct more than 60 experiments with circuits and magnetic devices to learn about electricity, magnetism and how they are related. THK620417


Helicopter Crane Truck EBM868200E






$59.99 ATV EBM865210E


Tow Truck EBM867200E


Celebrate 100 years of Erector Sets with the newest releases. Each set builds 2 models (only 1 model can be built at a time), and has many functional, moving parts. Includes stickers, tools and building instructions. ®


Warning – Many of these items may contain small parts and may not be suitable for children under 3 years. Please check the box before opening.

HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013


ACE 250 Features electronic pinpointing and 5 search modes. Lightweight, simple to operate and ideal for almost any type of treasure hunting. GAR1139070


AT Pro™ All terrain hunting! Fully waterproof in up to 10 feet of water. Digital Target ID and features to easily identify and avoid iron trash items. Superior target separation and detection depth for those seeking coins, jewelry and relics. GAR1140460


ACE 150 (not shown) Features One-Touch™ treasure hunting operation, 3 search modes and a Graphic Target ID screen which indicates coin depth. Ideal for coin and jewelry hunting. GAR1138070


Pro-Pointer Pinpointer Audible and vibrating alarms increase in intensity based on target proximity. Features pinpointing tip and side-scan capability, LED light and side scraping blade for sifting through soil. GAR1166000


Super International with 2 Tri-Power Packs Build at least 18 different tracks. Includes 2 Tri-Power Packs. Lets everyone learn at their own pace – perfect for families with different skill levels! AFX21003


Giant Raceway with Digital lap Counter Largest slot car track available. Contains more track than any other set: 68 track pieces (including lap counters and terminal track). AFX21005


Infinity Set Great for beginners. With the exclusive Tri-Power Pack, everyone can keep the car on the track. AFX70290

’69 Shootout Set Stunning Mustang Boss 302 and Camaro Z28 bodies. Tri-Power Pack allows everyone to learn at their own pace. AFX21015




SkyProdigy 130 Computerized Telescope “Looks” up at the sky to get its bearings. Navigate over 4,000 celestial objects. CSN31153


NexStar 130SLT Computerized Telescope High quality 130 mm reflector. StarPointer finderscope helps with alignment and location. 2 eyepieces. CSN31145

PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope 60mm refractor. Slow motion controls for smooth tracking. Easy no-tool set up. CSN21041



Science Kit (Telescope & Microscope Bundle)

114 LCM Computerized Telescope Automatically locates the wonders of the universe. High quality 114mm Newtonian reflector. CSN31150


PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope 127mm German Equatorial reflector. Includes pre-assembled aluminum tripod and accessory tray. CSN21049


Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope

50mm Refractor telescope with full height steel tripod. CSN22013

$79.95 Digital Microscope Kit

Includes zoom eyepiece from 10x to 20x, 4x. CSN44320

$79.99 PowerSeeker 50AZ TT

Great for first-time telescope users. Includes 2x barlow lens and carry case. CSN21010


2MP digital camera built-in for snapshot images and videos. CSN44302A

Eyepiece and Filter Kit 1.25”

28 Piece Microscope Kit



Beginner set with metal bodied biological microscope and 3 objective lenses for high power viewing. CSN44120


Five superior grade plössl eyepieces, six colored eyepiece filters and more. CSN94303

Infiniview LCD Digital Microscope Infiniview comes with a 3.5” LCD screen and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will last 2 hours in the field. CSN44360

$174.99 PowerSeeker 114EQ Telescope 114 mm Newtonian reflector. Quick and easy no-tool set up. Slow motion controls for smooth tracking. CSN21045


PowerSeeker Accessory Kit Designed to enhance the functionality and pleasure of using your Celestron telescope. CSN94306

$44.99 LCD Digital II Microscope

Handheld Digital Microscope Pro View small objects at magnifications up to 200x. CSN44308



Prepared Microscope Slides (25 piece set) CSN44410 $27.99 Blank Concave Microscope Slides (50 piece set) CSN44417 $15.99 The World of the Microscope Book Designed to enhance the functionality and pleasure of using your Celestron telescope. CSN44402

$13.95 HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013

The large 3.5” color LCD screen display rotates 180 degrees. CSN44341


Thunder Chief Digital Sound HO Train Set Features a DCC sound-equipped F7-A with a diesel sound package that includes prototypical prime mover, three air horns and bell–all in polyphonic 16-bit sound that you control with our E-Z Command® digital control system (included). BAC00826


Desert Flyer HO Train Set

130-Piece Rail Chief HO Train Set Includes an EMD GP40 diesel locomotive with operating headlight, open quad hopper, gondola, reefer, off-center caboose, body-mounted E-Z Mate® couplers, 47” x 38” oval of snap-fit E-Z Track®, signal bridge, figures, telephone poles, signs, power pack and speed controller. BAC00706


Includes a 0-6-0 steam locomotive with operating headlight and slope back tender, stock car, gondola, caboose, body mounted E-Z Mate® couplers, 36” circle of snap-fit E-Z Track®, power pack and speed controller. BAC00720


155-Piece Chattanooga HO Train Set Includes a 0-6-0 steam locomotive with operating smoke and headlight, tender, plug-door box car, open quad hopper, single-dome tank car, off-center caboose, 47” x 38” oval of snap-fit E-Z Track®, suburban station, signal bridge, signs, telephone poles, figures, power pack and speed controller. BAC00626


Pacific Flyer HO Train Set Includes a 0-6-0 steam locomotive with operating headlight, tender, gondola, boxcar, off-center caboose, body mounted E-Z Mate® couplers, 36” circle of snap-fit E-Z Track®, power pack and speed controller. BAC00692


E-Z Track® 12-Piece Layout Expander Set Steel Alloy BAC44494


Thoroughbred HO Train Set Includes an F7 diesel locomotive with operating headlight, hopper, gondola, caboose, body-mounted E-Z Mate® couplers, 47” x 38” oval of snap-fit E-Z Track®, power pack and speed controller. BAC00691


World’s Great Hobby® First 45-Piece Railroad Track Pack Steel Alloy BAC44497



Empire Builder N Scale Train Set Includes a Northern 4-8-4 steam locomotive with operating headlight and tender, wood reefer, single-dome tank car, center-flow hopper, plug-door box car, wood stock car, wood-braced gondola, open quad offset hopper, off-center caboose, 44” x 24” oval of nickel silver E-Z Track®, telephone poles, signs, power pack and speed controller. BAC24009


Thunder Valley N Scale Train Set

Super Chief N Scale Train Set Includes F7-A Diesel locomotive with operating headlight, steel gondola, box car, off-center caboose, 24” circle of nickel silver E-Z Track®, power pack and speed controller. BAC24021

Includes an EMD GP40 diesel locomotive with operating headlight, steel reefer, three-dome tank car, wide-vision caboose, 24” circle of nickel silver E-Z Track®, power pack and speed controller. BAC24013



Christmas Special O-Gauge Train Set Features a Baldwin 4-6-0 steam locomotive and tender with operating headlight, smoke, flywheel-equipped motor, and digital True Blast II® whistle and bell sounds plus three Christmas freight cars, 60” x 40” oval of snap-fit track with roadbed and a powerful 80-watt AC transformer. BAC00323


North Pole Express Large G Scale Train Set Includes a steam locomotive with operating headlight and tender, two festive freight cars, hook-and-loop couplers on all cars, 4’3” circle of steel alloy track, power pack and speed controller. BAC90198


White Christmas® Express Large G Scale Train Set Includes a 4-6-0 steam locomotive (with operating headlight, smoke and speed synchronized sound), tender with wood load, combine with operating door and lighted interior, coach car with lighted interior, 8’2” x 4’3” oval of track, power pack, speed controller and DVD-format video instructions. BAC90076

$309.99 HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013


Lionel Little Lines Train Playset Snap-together track and a simple remote controller makes it easy to operate. Ages 2.5+ LNL711370


The Polar Express® G-Gauge Train Set Can run on rechargeable battery technology. Set also comes with easy-to-operate R/C remote controller (two AA batteries included). LNL711022


The Polar Express™ LionChief™ Remote Train Set

The Polar Express™ O-Gauge Train Set Features die-cast metal Berkshire steam locomotive, two lighted coach cars and observation car. Includes 4 articulated movie characters, oval of FasTrack® and CW-80 transformer. LNL631960


Set includes: Locomotive and tender, two coach cars, one observation car, Polar Express™ character figures, oval FasTrack®, remote and power supply. LNL630218


FasTrack® Figure 8 Add-On Pack includes; four O-36 Curves, four 5” straights and one 90° crossover. LNL612030


Thomas and Friends™ Remote Set


Set includes Thomas the Tank Engine™, Annie, Clarabel, track, remote control and a wall-pack power supply. LNL630190


‘Lil Smokey Express Track includes 22 curves, a special uncoupler track and 8 straight sections. Measures 65 x 38” when assembled. Requires 10 AA batteries. LIF8854


Christmas Battery Starter Set A steam locomotive leads a tipple and passenger car around on an oval of easy-connect track. It comes with an infrared controller, batteries and an instruction manual. LGB90203

$259.99 Racing Showdown

My World Battery-Operated Starter Set Track includes 2 engines and 3 cars, connected with simple magnetic couplers. Suitable for children 3+. Includes two AA and four AAA batteries. MRK29200


Featuring the Amp #88 and Farmers Insurance #5 cars of Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Kasey Kahne. Includes 31.5’ of track, set-up size is 60 x 36”. LIF9065


Christmas Zephyr Train Set Horsepower! High Iron & Burnin’ Rubber Complete train and racing sets. LIF9142


Steer’n Race 8.5’ of colorful track. Two steering wheel controllers with easy to use speed (requires six AAA batteries). LIF9026


Two authentic 2010 Ford Mustang GT® cars. Set up size: 48 x 36.5”. LIF9088


Time Trial Challenge Two Impala SS Fast Trackers™ cars roar around and down this 8.5’ figure-8 track. LIF9148


HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013

Huge 38 x 54” oval of snap-together Bachmann E-Z Track® with steel rail. Powered diesel locomotive with working headlight, three freight cars: 50’ Boxcar, 50’ Flatcar and 50’ Gondola. 931-875

$129.99 $xx.xx

RailTech Diesel Train Set Set includes durable quality cars, a locomotive, track and a 60-minute DVD on building your first model railroad. Compatible with other Digitrax throttles and controllers. 931-891 931-890 931-892

CN (shown) $199.99 $199.99 BNSF $199.99 NS


Dominus 10TR This Ready-To-Run 4WD R/C outdoor off-road truck is easy to drive and fast! Excellent for beginners. Comes equipped with the LiPo compatible all-weather Radient Reaktor Brushless system. HLNA0184 RTR

All Helion products are exclusively sold at HobbyTown


Animus 18SC Comes Ready-To-Run and equipped with 4WD. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Fast and easy to drive. Ideal for beginners. HLNA0001 RTR


Dominus 10SC This Ready-To-Run 4WD R/C outdoor off-road truck is easy to drive and a great choice for beginners. Comes equipped with LiPo compatible all weather electronics. HLNA0053 RTR

Animus 18TR


18th scale Ready-To-Run with 4WD. Great for indoor and outdoor use. Reaches speeds up to 20 mph. Upgrade parts available. Ideal for beginner. HLNA0038 RTR


Criterion 10B A 10th scale Ready-To-Run 2WD off-road buggy with more speed and a high power battery. A fast car perfect for any beginner. Comes equipped with LiPo compatible all weather electronics. HLNA0301 RTR


Lagos Sport Includes everything you need to be on the water in minutes. Features water-sealed electronics and unique self-righting capability. HLNB0001 RTR

$59.99 14

Invictus 10MT This Ready-to-Run 4WD R/C outdoor off-road truck is easy to drive, fast and the most powerful in the Helion line! Comes equipped with the LiPo compatible all-weather Radient Reaktor Brushless system. HLNA0248 RTR


Ethos QX 130 Ultra-Micro Quadcopter

All Ares products are exclusively sold at HobbyTown

Nano-Micro Ethos QX 75 Quadcopter This Ready-to-Fly heli is stable, aerobatic and flyable indoors and outdoors. It also offers an innovative automatic flip mode. AZSH1200 RTF


The Ready-To-Fly QX 130 is easy to fly and offers automatic flip mode. Optional bubble machine, camera, water blaster, missile launcher and winch available. AZSH1300 RTF


Ultra-Micro Chronos CX 100 w Camera The 3 channel Ready-To-Fly indoors CX 100 is easy enough for anyone to fly. Includes camera capable of pictures and video. AZSH1350 RTF


Ultra-Micro MD500 CX 100 Ultra-Micro size allows you to fly indoors in nearly any space. Coaxial, counter-rotating blade design offers excellent control and unsurpassed stability. Comes Ready-To-Fly. AZSH1100 RTF


The Ready-To-Fly FP 110 is stable, aerobatic and can be flown indoors and outdoors. AZSH1250 RTF


The 3 channel Ready-To-Fly indoors CX 75 is great for beginners. AZSH1150 RTF


Nano-Micro Tiger Moth 75 Weighing just 14 grams, its nano-micro size and low weight provide for slow and easy flying in smaller indoor and outdoor spaces. Available Ready-To-Fly or without transmitter. AZS1300 RTF $79.99 AZS1301 WOT $64.99

Taylorcraft 130

Gamma 370 Offers smooth and stable flight perfect for a first time pilot. This plane uses Plug N’ Play upgrades and is available in both Ready-To-Fly or Ready-ForReceiver versions. AZS1200 RTF AZS1202 RFR

Ultra-Micro Chronos FP 110

Nano-Micro Chronos CX 75

$129.99 $79.99

Expect a smooth and stable flight performance. Perfect for sport flying or learning how to fly. The Taylorcraft offers Plug N’ Play upgrades and is available in both Ready-To-Fly or without transmitter versions. AZS1350 RTF $99.99 AZS1351 WOT $84.99 HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013

Gamma 370 Pro Smooth and stable flight performance that’s perfect for sport and aerobatic flying. Available in both Ready-To-Fly and ReadyFor-Receiver versions. AZS1250 RTF $199.99 AZS1252 RFR $99.99


All Ares Advantage, IFT and Radient products are exclusively sold at HobbyTown

IFT Evolve 300 CX Exera 130 CX MD 500E The Ready-To-Fly 130 CX is a scale MD 500E that can be flown indoors and outdoors. The 130 CX is equipped with Ares Advantage exclusive Altitude Assist Technology (AAT) making it easy for the first time pilot to hover. AZSZ2000 RTF


The 300 CX is a larger coxail heli equipped with innovative Collision Avoidance Technology (CAT). Perfect for the first time heli pilot wanting to fly indoors and outdoors. Available in Ready-To-Fly or Ready-For-Receiver. IFLH1300 RTF $219.99 IFLH1302 RFR $149.99

Reaktor Brushless Motor Combo

Radient Primal Charger

The Reaktor combo is a powerful 3500kV brushless motor. It is fully programmable, LiPo compatible and offers waterproof electronics. RDNA0023

The Primal charger is AC powered. It can charge 1-7 cell NiCd/ NiMh and 2-3 cell LiPo batteries. RDNA0001



Radient Origin Charger The Origin charger is AC/DC powered and can charge 1-8 cell NiCd/NiMH batteries. RDNA0014


Radient Ascend Charger The Ascend charger is AC/DC powered with a digital readout that can charge 1-8 cell NiCd/ NiMh and 2-3 cell LiPo batteries. RDNA0002



Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V4.0 The stunning graphics and incredibly realistic physics are among the best of any desktop flight simulation. The revolutionary InfinityScape 3D landscape generator lets you fly beyond the horizon and over beautiful, ever-changing terrain. Choose from hundreds of aircraft. RTM4000 Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V4.0 $129.99 RTM40R5510 Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V.40 w/DX5e $174.99

Ultra Micro Spitfire Mk IX This irresistibly cool, ultra micro version of the ParkZone® Spitfire Mk IX comes equipped with the AS3X® System, giving it the ability to smooth out the effects of light wind or turbulence when flying outside. PKZU2180 BNF


VisionAire® The ParkZone® VisionAire® park flyer is specifically designed for sport pilots by 3D pioneer Quique Somenzini. Includes a powerful 10-size, 1250Kv brushless motor that delivers the vertical performance you need for an exhilarating 3D flying experience. PKZ6580 BNF


Focke-Wulf Fw190 The ParkZone® Focke-Wulf 190A-8 park flyer is a gorgeous recreation of the legendary aircraft. Equipped with a 15-size, 950Kv brushless motor. PKZ6250 BNF BASIC

$199.99 17

HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013

mCX The Blade® mCX heli is an ultra micro-size version of the Blade CX/CX2 heli, offering first-time pilots the ability to learn how to fly and experienced heli pilots the ability to fly anytime, anywhere indoors. mCX is 100% factory-assembled, flight-tested and Ready-To-Fly right out of the box. EFLH2200 RTF


mCX2 Easy to fly and small enough to fly anywhere. Features a coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design, user-selectable swash sensitivity and flashing LED lights built into the body. A Ready-To-Fly version with 2.4GHz DSM2® transmitter and a Bind-N-Fly® version without transmitter, for those who already own a DSM2 aircraft transmitter, are available. EFLH2400 RTF (shown) $99.99 EFLH2480 BNF $69.99

120 SR The Blade® 120 SR heli has a fixed pitch that will give you the confidence to master the basics of single-rotor flight. A Ready-To-Fly version with 2.4GHz DSM2® transmitter and a Bind-N-Fly® version without transmitter, for those who already own a DSM2 aircraft transmitter, are available. BLH3180 BNF


Scout CX™ RTF 3-Ch Heli The amazing Blade® Scout CX™ heli features a state-of-theart 2.4GHz radio control with advanced Blade® engineering and electronics. Great for beginners. BLH2700 RTF


mSR The Blade® mSR Ready-To-Fly is the next step for a coaxial heli pilot ready for single-rotor machines. Its fixed-pitch, modified Bell-Hiller rotor head was designed to provide speed maneuverability while retaining the hands-off stability of a coaxial helicopter. BLH3000 RTF


Nano QX


The Nano QX weighs little more than half an ounce and is small enough to fly in tight spaces. The Nano QX uses the SAFE™ technology system. A Ready-To-Fly version with a MLP4DSM 4-channel DSMX® transmitter and a Bind-N-Fly® version without transmitter, for those who already own a DSM2® or DSMX aircraft transmitter, are available. BLH7600 RTF $89.99 BLH7680 BNF $69.99

Glasair® Sportsman® The HobbyZone® Glasair® Sportsman® airplane is a 4-channel model that anyone can learn to fly. Virtual Instructor™ technology makes R/C flight simple and fun. HBZ7600 RTF


Firebird Stratos™ With the revolutionary Virtual Instructor™ technology, even if you’ve never been at the controls of an R/C aircraft, this beginner-tough model makes the dream of flight a successful experience. HBZ7700 RTF


Champ It weighs barely over an ounce and is small enough to fly just about anywhere. A Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX® transmitter, battery and charger are included. HBZ4900 RTF


Apprentice S 15e SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology allows multiple levels of flight envelope protection that can be reduced or removed as your skills progress, yet the “panic” feature is always there to instantly return the model to level flight if you ever lose orientation. EFL3100 RTF


19 HobbyTown Gift Guide 2013

Miss GEICO 17 The Pro Boat® 17-inch Miss GEICO model comes fully Ready-To-Run and includes a pistol grip style transmitter using 2.4GHz technology, a Dynamite® 2.0A peak charger and a 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack™ battery. PRB0300 RTR


Blackjack™ 9 The flash of the red and black trim scheme means the Blackjack™ 9 catamaran has hit the water. Performance, style and fun are the staples of the Blackjack™ 9. PRB08001 RTR


Impulse™ 9 The Impulse™ 9 deep-V features surf-slicing speed and performance, and is easily transportable so you can take it with you wherever you go. PRB08000 RTR


Boost 1/10th Buggy Features a potent Dynamite® 20T motor and nylon composite race-friendly chassis. The included Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4GHz transmitter and SR201 receiver provide extended range and interference-free operation. Waterproof electronics. ECX03004 RTR White/Red (shown) $149.99 ECX03005 RTR Black/Green $149.99

Torment 1/10th 2WD SCT Packed with features including Dynamite waterproof electronics and a nylon composite chassis construction. The Torment was built to withstand abuse as well as dish it out. ECX03007 RTR Black/Green (shown) $169.99 ECX03006 RTR Blue/Silver $169.99


Circuit 1/10th Stadium Truck The Circuit™ Stadium Truck was designed to deliver maximum fun with minimal effort - it is fully customizable and upgradeable. Includes a Dynamite® 1800mAh Ni-MH battery and 2.0A peak charger pre-wired with high-current EC3™ connectors. ECX03000 RTR Black/Blue (shown) $149.99 ECX03001 RTR Black/Silver $149.99

Ruckus 1/10th Monster Truck The included Spektrum™ 2.4GHz transmitter and SR201 receiver provides extended range and interference-free operation, while the potent 15T Dynamite® motor gets the truck up to speed quickly. ECX03002 RTR Charcoal/Silver (shown) $169.99 ECX03003 RTR Green/Black $169.99

1/18 Mini Desert Truck Installed mini-280 motor provides torque for rough, off-road terrain as well as straight-line speed on smooth surfaces. LOSB0202T3 RTR Green (shown) LOSB0202T2 RTR Blue LOSB0202T1 RTR Red


1/24 Micro Rally Brushless You can run it practically anywhere, inside or out. The included Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM® radio system offers a bulletproof link. LOSB0243T2 RTR Silver (shown) LOSB0243T1 RTR Blue


1/24 Micro Truggy This truck is based on the 1/8-scale 8IGHT-T™ Truggy. Includes a a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack. LOSB0244T1 RTR Black (shown) LOSB0244T2 RTR Blue


1/24 Micro Rally

1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck

Features scale details, including a rally-inspired body shape, micro all-terrain tires and detailed wheels. LOSB0241T1 RTR Grey/White LOSB0241T2 RTR Orange/White LOSB0241T3 RTR Blue Splatter (shown) LOSB0241T4 RTR Red Splatter

The smallest produced Losi R/C vehicle features a NiMH battery pack and independent suspension. LOSB0230T3 RTR Green (shown) LOSB0230T1 RTR Red LOSB0230T2 RTR Blue



1/36 Micro Desert Truck

1/24 4WD Short Course Truck

Comes Ready-To-Run with a pre-installed NiMH battery and fully independent suspension with friction dampers. LOSB0233T1 RTR Red (shown) LOSB0233T2 RTR Blue LOSB0233T3 RTR Grey

An agile 4WD drivetrain, with a powerful micro motor. LOSB0240T1 RTR White/Red/Black LOSB0240T2 RTR White/Grey/Black LOSB0240T3 RTR Grey/Black/Red (shown) LOSB0240T4 RTR Black/Grey



1/24 Micro SCT Brushless Equipped with interference-free Losi 2.4GHz DSM® radio system. LOSB0242T1 RTR Blue (shown) LOSB0242T2 RTR Silver

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Twin Hammers® 1.9 Rock Racer Never choose between a 1.9 crawler and an off-road buggy again. With the Twin Hammers® rock racer, you get the best of both worlds in one bone-crushing vehicle. VTR03000 RTR


Kemora™ 4WD Rallycross 1/14th Enjoy the total R/C rallycross experience with the incredibly detailed 4WD, waterproof Kemora™. VTR01000 RTR


Kalahari 4WD Desert Raider 1/14th Features a rugged, 4WD chassis and an abundance of power that reaches up to 45 mph. Its chassis dust cover and waterproof electronics make it possible to run in all kinds of conditions. VTR01001 RTR


2012 Nissan GT-R GT3 V100-C 1/10th Comes just as you see here with an officially-licensed GT3 body in place. Handling is neutral out of the box, but the chassis offers all kinds of tuning options. VTR03005 RTR

2012 Nissan GT-R V100-S 1/10th

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1 V100-S 1/10th

1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS V100-S 1/10th

Its powerful Dynamite® motor system and 4WD V100-S chassis let you live it up at full throttle with superb handling, just like the real thing. VTR03007 RTR

V100-S chassis. Its potent Dynamite® power system and shaft-driven 4WD deliver all the speed, traction and control you need to earn serious street cred right out of the box. VTR03006 RTR



Its 4WD V100-S chassis, low-profile tires and Dynamite® motor system let you drive fast and corner hard with incredible control. VTR03004 RTR





Slash Slash 4X4

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Grave Digger

1/16 E-Revo

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JATO 3.3


Nitro Stampede

Nitro Rustler

Nitro Slash


T-MAXX 3.3 T-MAXX Classic

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Be sure to check out the 5 electric vehicles not featured here under $200 from Traxxas. Electric vehicle features include: • Up to 60+mph top speeds • Waterproof electronics • TQ 2.4GHz radio system • Ready-To-Race® with Power Cell battery and free charger

Stampede 4X4 Be sure to check out the 30 nitro vehicles not featured here under $300 from Traxxas. Nitro vehicle features include: • Up to 70+mph top speeds • Powerful TRX racing engines • EZ-Start push-button engine starting • TQ 2.4GHz radio system • Ready-To-Drive® with included running accessories

Nitro 4-Tec Be sure to check out the 70 monster trucks not featured here under $525 from Traxxas. Monster Truck features include: • Up to 65+mph top speeds • TQ 2.4GHz radio system • Nitro or electric power • Unstoppable all-terrain durability




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