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Library Staff Jennifer Alevy, Librarian

Debbie Springer, Media Clerk

Power Library We remained a Power Library for the 2010-11 school year as the incoming librarian came from a High Performing Power Library. NGHS will have to reapply for Power Library Status for the 2011-12 school year due the next incoming librarian not currently having that designation.

Library Mission

To empower students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.


Patron Statistics 2010-11 

   

Days Open: 164 Classes: 656 (806 for 2009-10) Students in Classes: 14,678 Walk-in‟s: 67,365 (63,646 for 2009-10) Total Students: 82,043

Circulation Statistics 2010-11 

 

 

Fiction books circulated - 6800 Nonfiction books circulated - 4679 Total books circulated – 11,479 (8133 for 200910) Number of books in the collection – 17,229 Number of titles in the collection – 15,066

Top 10 Books of 2010-11           

1. High School Debut v. 1* 2. Fullmetal Alchemist v. 5* 3. Death Note v. 1* 4. The Walking Dead v. 5* 5. Renaissance (Reference) v. 1 6. Mockingjay (v. 3 Hunger Games series) 7. The New Grolier Encyclopedia of WWII 8. Monster: Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member 9. .hack//G.U. v. 1* 10. The Walking Dead v. 2* *Graphic Novel

Mackin Collection Analysis Results – 4/12/11 

 

Average copyright age of the collection – 1998 (or 13 years old) Average age is 3 years older than recommended There are 9 books/student, the ALA recommends 12 books/student There are 17,229 titles in the collection

Average Publication Year Per Classification

Classification Percentages

Changes 

The Great Book Migration – we moved all nonfiction to the north side of the library and fiction to the south side. New student seating area – we took the furniture from the back room and created a nice, comfy seating area for students. We also removed a set of shelves so we could see that section better. Interfiling of Biography and Biography Collections, the 92s and 920s for better student access of these materials

Changes 2 

Cleaned out of all closets and cabinets in the library office and back area of all junk from the last who-knows-how-many years. A/V Room Cleanup, Debbie sent back all unused and outdated equipment so we could have more space for new stuff. The New library website was created by Jenn as a teaching and learning tool for students and staff.

Changes 3 

New posters, signage and rugs were bought to „smarten‟ up the library and make it look more professional. The students noticed and are appreciative. An online calendar was created and embedded into the library website so staff could see when the library was available The Pencil/Notebook Machine was brought in for students to be able to purchase school supplies

Programs/Events/Displays/etc. 

The library hosted two bookmark contests, one for Teen Read Week and one for our Valentine‟s Day “Book Love” theme. Winners had their designs made into book marks that were handed out in the library The library also hosted a bookmark making day in celebration of “Read Across America” Day The library celebrated Valentine‟s Day with Valentine Card making for everyone

Programs/Events/Displays/etc. 2 

We had many book displays in the library celebrating: New Books  Foreign Language Books  Women‟s History Month  Black History Month  Poetry/Spine Poetry  Inspired by the Classics  Winter/Snow  Graphic Novels  Are You Board??? (Board Games) 

Programs/Events/Displays/etc. 3 

Bulletin Board Displays included themes on: Spring Sports  Book Love  Let it Snow, Cozy Up to a Good Book this Winter  Thanks & Giving  Scary Books for Halloween  What NGHS is Reading? 

Book Bundles – we bundled together 3 books, students could check them out in a „bundle‟ using various themes. They were displayed so students could see them.

Programs/Events/Displays/etc. 4 

Book Club – started strong first semester but graduating seniors, intervention and competing clubs left it student-less by March. International Club – collaborated with Vanda Simpson, the club started strong first semester but dwindling enrollment and competing clubs ended it for second semester Ms. Stats “Night at the Museum” was a huge success with her students each displaying their own exhibit for all to see Project Citizen Presentations

Programs/Events/Displays/etc. 5 

 

Richie Castro, Storyteller, brought in for “Read Across America” Day. He told the story of Kokopelli. He was so amazing, the kids were rapt. Comments on the way out included, “I wish he was my uncle”, “That was sooooo cool!”, “Miss, he was like us” (meaning Hispanic), “When is he coming back?”, “That was the best assembly, ever!” and “He was hot!” :-D Free Rice/Free Poverty-A-Thon Northglenn Collaboration Award for teachers

Levels of Instructional Partnership

Number of classes = 539 (thru May 13)





Levels of Instructional Partnership 2

Collaboration Cooperation Coordination Data Driven Collaboration

Teachers/Classes 

  

Vessely – Booktalks and checkout, Death Penalty, To Kill a Mockingbird Photostory Statz – Power Points, Photostory, research, book checkout, Night at the Museum Greening – Booktalks, checkouts, library skills Bull – We the People, World History Makarechian/Nunn – AP World History Clinton – Speak/teen issues, mythological creatures, book trailors, Photostory

Teachers/Classes 2 

  

 

Landgren – Obama letter, world foods Pratt – Song lyrics, Edmodo, book trailors Bricker – Story time, kids/children‟s books Johnson – Photostory, Google skills, RADCAB, Podcasting, biomes Hollingsworth – Home gardening, children‟s books, Photostory, water biomes, sustainability Sales – Key-wording, critter research Perkins – Works cited, research, WebQuests

Teachers/Classes 3 

 

 

 

Ewald – Interior design, herbs & spices Link – Creative foods, catering McGraw – Greek myths, Renaissance Suitcase, Project Citizen Kral-Kueter – Works cited, choice reading, poetry Simpson – Wordle, country presentations, migrant workers, literature devices Dumas – We the People, New Deal Grounds – research, reading

Teachers/Classes 4 

  

  

Knudson – Career research Clawson – Plagiarism Hufford – ACT Prep Lavigne – Hatchet, Curious Incident, gods & goddesses Carlson – Athletic training, Photostory Teske/Simpson – Europe, Photostory, 1920s Braun – Cryptography, Boolean Logic, Dream Act/SB 126

Teachers/Classes 5 

  

   

Hulbert – Photostory Franklin – Boolean Logic Smith – Poetry, booktalks, choice novels Boulden – Poetry, author study, booktalks, choice novels Hupps – Hypothesis Beveridge – Book checkout Oehlert – Project Citizen Glenn – Bibliographic instruction

Teachers/Classes 6 

   

  

Sampson – Issues & Controversies, APA/Research Herod (Peterson) – Online graphing Lopez – Spanish Kidder – French Mulcahy – Powerful paragraphs, stylistic writing, book checkout Gaddis – Argument paper Singer/Croteau – Civil War Hilliard – Book trailors, Photostory

***Sorry if I Ieft anyone out, it was unintentional***

Web 2.0 tools used 

      

Photostory Edmodo Facebook Glogster Databases eBooks Window Media Player Wordle

Collection 

Graphic Novels – we quadrupled our graphic novel selection and it continues to be the most popular section in the library Fiction – we continued to add to the fiction collection and purchased multiple copies of our most checked out titles eBooks - we added 23 new eBooks on a variety of topics Magazines – continue to be as popular as ever

Databases 

EBSCO Student Research Center*  

 

 

 

Biography Reference Center Literature Reference Center Points of View

J-Stor Global Issues in Context Teen Health & Wellness


Science Reference Center History Reference Center Newspaper Source NoveList and NoveList K-8

EBSCO Add on Suite 

 

 

American Government American History World Geography World History Ancient World History Modern

World Book Online Suite*      

World Book Advanced Living Green Early Peoples Inventions and Discoveries Discover Halllazgos

*Paid for by the district

Destiny Catalog 

Resources Lists – created for various classes and subjects (Libros en Español, Orca, We the People, Graphic Novels, etc.) Logging in – some students learned how to do this kept track of their books, created lists, put books on hold, created a works cited page of books used, etc. New Arrivals – top 15 latest books purchased are listed on the main Destiny Catalog page Top 10 Books checked out by NGHS students are listed on the main Destiny Catalog page

Website 

      

Destiny Catalog Link Databases – Links to all databases eBooks – about 25 available Citations – MLA, APA, Chicago, research process Web 2.0 tools – links to many cool web 2.0 tools Class Links – websites for subject areas Events – library photos, bookmark contest winners Calendar – embedded Google Apps calendar

Behind the Scenes 

     

Inventory – during CSAP Book ordering Shelving books Shelf reading Cleaning/organizing Lesson planning Budget

Budget Breakdown 2010-11 Supplies/Copies Periodicals Events/Instructional Databases/eBooks Books


Supplies/Copies = 1,800 Periodicals = 900 Events/Instructional = 750

Databases/eBooks = 6,100 Books = 10,500 Equipment = 800

Budget Recommendation for 2011-12 

Proposed budget: 17,713 (as of 5/26/11)  Books/eBooks:

$9865.00  Databases (NOT paid by district) – $7000.00  Magazines – $765.00  Hosting fees – $175.00  Supplies – $1000.00  Copies – $250.00  Equipment replacement – $250.00  Instruction/events – $425.00

Goal Suggestions for 2011-2012 

 

Weed nonfiction sections based on recommendations from Mackin Collection Analysis Reapply for Power Library Status Learning norms, routines and rituals of NGHS and high school librarianship Restart Book Club

Librarian Extras 

 

   

CEA Delegate Assembly Representative District Technology Standards Committee Secondary Librarians Book Club – A multi-district book club Monthly Librarian Meetings District Tech ReFresh Committee Northglenn IL Committee State AIRS Committee School Librarian Representative (Acquisition of Internet Resources Statewide)

Effects of District Budget Cuts 

Loss of Book Club second semester, did not have the time to recruit new members or read the books Less time to devote to library programs for students (had to cut programming for Banned Books Week, Teen Tech Week, International Library Day, Teen Read Week, Poetry Café, etc.) Less time and fewer really meaningful collaborations with staff and students (more cooperation and coordination) Not as many classes scheduled for the library due to one librarian not two Rely more on our student assistants and student secretaries to do daily tasks

Debbie‟s Time 

   

 

Copying (non-library duty) AV (non-library duty) Copy billing (non-library duty) Overdue books and billing (library duty) Student assistants/secretaries training (library and non-library duty) Magazines (library duty) Processing books (library duty)

Student Assistants & Secretaries 

  

  

 

Tosha Shale – Yearlong Assistant Christian Shale – 1st Semester Alex Escalera – 1st Semester Carina Gallegos – 1st Semester Samantha Dennis – 2nd Semester Joe Fleming – 2nd Semester Katara Hayes – 2nd Semester Maichong Cha – Yearlong Student Secretary Patao Cha – Yearlong Student Secretary

NGHS Library EOY Report 2010-2011  
NGHS Library EOY Report 2010-2011  

EOY Report