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praise Ask ourselves?

1 Peter 2 : 1-5

When is the last time I use my mouth to PRAISE God? What does it mean to “praise” God? How do you do it? Write down as many words of praise to God you could in this column. You may refer to the book of Psalms for reference. After that, everyone take turns to read 1 or 2 lines from your glossary of praise.


Therefore, rid

yourselves of all malice

My praise glossary/vocabulary

and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 2 Like

Worshipper introduction (5 mins) Get into groups of 5-7 people and take turns to introduce yourselves to the group by completing the sentence below. Make sure that everyone has their turn to introduce themselves.

newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.

“My name is ………. 4

And I choose to here tonight because ………….”

Conclusion : prayer (5mins) Read together :

Father God, we praise and thank You for choosing us to be here to learn about your truth. Lord, we pray that You will continue to reveal to us and stir in our hearts a yearning for the “pure spiritual milk” so that we may grow up in your salvation and be able to have a personal experience of your goodness. We thank You Lord for giving us your precious Son to die for our sins and the sins of the whole world so that we can be like living stones, built into a spiritual house to be a generation of holy priesthood offering to you our spiritual sacrifices of our body, deeds, wealth and praises. We pray that you give us the courage and strength to live this lifestyle of spiritual sacrifices — to be a CHOSEN GENERATION of worshippers who worship You and You alone! Through Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

As you come to him,

Read from the bible & share (10mins)

the living Stone—rejected

Appoint someone in the group to read from your own bible,

by humans but chosen by

1 Peter 2:1-3. Appoint another person to read the following and then discuss the questions below :-







(example/comparison) of a baby. A baby craves (hungers for /deep wanting /longs for) milk and they crave it in a

rather serious way, as we all well know. And it's all they crave for. And as the baby craves for milk, we are to crave passionately for “pure spiritual milk”.

Share Do you ever have a craving (deep wanting / hunger / longing / yearning) for something? What is it? How does it feel like? Do you ever personally experience a craving for “spiritual” things? What are “spiritual” things? Share.

God and precious to him— 5

you also, like living

stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

WORD CHILL OUT ~ 18 MARCH 2011 Read & discuss : Spiritual milk… Nen~nen? (10 mins)

Four Spiritual Sacrifices

Appoint another person to read the following and then discuss the questions below :-

From the bible, we can derive four (4) spiritual sacrifices that is acceptable to God and which we are all encouraged to offer.

We must crave the pure spiritual milk like newborn infants (babies) crave milk. All children crave milk as infants. They would make an audible (clear) groaning sound until they finally receive the milk for which they are crying so loudly. Nothing can substitute. A pacifier (baby sucker) would quickly be spit out. Water is unacceptable. It must be milk and nothing else. That is the longing, the desire, and the craving that God has built into them. It's a very natural and normal thing. Same goes to each and every one of us. There is a natural craving deep inside us whether we choose to admit it or not. This craving is translated as a “deep longing for a relationship with our Creator” or in another words, “a deep longing for God’s love”. Just like a hungry baby yearns and cries out for milk, our spirit is yearning and crying out for the “spiritual milk and nourishment”, we need to grow.


Read Romans 12:1 Offer a sacrifice of our _______________________.


Read Hebrews 13:16 Offer sacrifices of ____________________ good.


Read Hebrews 13:16 Offer sacrifices of ______________________________ .


Read Hebrews 13:15 Offer sacrifices of ______________________________ .

Action (20 mins)


Discuss : 1. What do you think about the statement above? Do you agree/disagree with it? 2. In your opinion, what do you think is the “spiritual milk and nourishment”? Why? Appoint another person to read the following and then discuss the questions below :-

We need to have that same kind of focus upon the WORD OF GOD & LIFE it will generate within us. Once you tasted it, you will see that the life of a disciple that comes from the Word of God is good. You will see that it will give you growth. It will make your life better. You will see that the Lord is good even in the face of suffering and distress. 3. Have you ever tasted “the goodness of the Lord”? Share.

Read & study the bible (10mins) Appoint someone in the group to read from your own bible,

1 Peter 2:4-5

1. Who is the LIVING STONE referred to in vs. 4? _____________________ 2. What are the characteristics of this “Living Stone” as mentioned in vs. 4? •

__________________ by men.

__________________ by God.

__________________ to God.

3. In vs. 5, “you” here refers to who? _____________________ 4. What we as the “royal priesthood” were instructed to do? (see vs. 5) _________________________________________________________________

1 2 3

Ask ourselves?

Will I use my body for doing what is right, or what is wrong? Share with one another how can we offer our bodies as a spiritual sacrifice? What do you suggest?

Doing good / good deeds Ask ourselves?

What can I do or share with others who are in need? What is considered as a “good deed”? What is that one thing I can change in my life, in doing good to others?

Money / material possession Ask ourselves?

How much can I give to those in need? What does it mean to share our material possession/money? What is the act of alms-giving? Can I commit to give something this lent?

WCO March 18, 2011  
WCO March 18, 2011  

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