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Role of the Homeowners Association Services on Managing HOA communities The worth of a Home Owners Association is calculated based on how they are providing their services. Not all the day to day activities can be carried out by the HOA. In such circumstances they hire a HOA services to outsource their maintenance, administrative and financial services that are mandatory for the community. Such arrangements can help them on spending additional time on working out developing the standards of the community. If your HOA has a plan on hiring such HOA management services and if you are interested in what services they will provides then the below were some examples of the services which the HOA management services will provide commonly. These services can be divided into three divisions such as administrative management, financial management and maintenance services. 1) Administrative management Generally an HOA management should be capable of handling equal administrative resources for the required administrative services for the community based upon the numbers of tenants. But it was difficult to manage by the HOA board members alone. As a solution the HOA management services can be hired so that they can earn the benefits on the following administrative management services such as arranging board meetings, organizing and maintaining all the necessary HOA files, contracting vendors on required categories based on their bids, generating and distributing notices for the residents, management of temporary employees and also coordinating with the neighborhood review processes etc. While the administration management services were outsourced to the HOA management services, they will be a part of the community and they were also active members on attending the meetings and on helping the board members on developing the community by sharing their opinions. 2) Financial management. When it comes to financial management there are several necessary activities are there which to be carried out by the HOA board members. While carrying out all the financial management activities it is not possible to accomplish them all at the same time and it will results in lack of time and difficult to maintain the community’s management properly. But while hiring the HOA management services a well trained staff will be provided who is a expert on performing the day to day financial management activities of the community. In general, their process will includes collection of unpaid rental dues, monthly assessment fees, addressing homeowner billing inquiries, managing multiple vendor services including gardening and

cleaning, tax valuation and preparation and submission of the annual budget of the community etc. The main benefits on hiring these HOA management services for handling the finance management of the community were, it increases the trust on the board members and also it decreases the difficult work such as collecting late fees from the tenants. 3) Maintenance management Maintenance is the main factor that affects the standard of the community and the value of the property. If the maintenance part for a community is done well then there will be a good standard with amazing market value for the community. The following maintenance activities will be provided by the HOA management services commonly such as the regular property and building inspections, available throughout the day for responding the emergency calls from the residents, administration of the maintenance employees payroll process, generation of work orders for the maintenance activities regularly and periodically that required for the community, assigning projects for the vendors with the board members approval, monitoring the maintenance works in order to maintain the quality of the property etc. Not all the Home Owners Association keeps hold of a HOA management service company. But the association that hires and outsources their management activities to a HOA management services usually experiences a well organized and better quality management of the community. While having all the quality resources there also will be a considerable development of the community. There are huge chances exists for an HOA association on getting benefits on the administration, finance and maintenance activities of the community if they hire a HOA management services.

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