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By Sando Jaso -

If you've been using a two-way radio for quite a while now. You might be enjoying its inexpensive yet handy features, but you can easily add more value to your radio by purchasing different accessories.

What Is Walky Talky Accessories

The most popular and essential walkie talkie accessory is a spare battery. The radio will not work without a battery so you should always have an extra one on hand if you're going to be using the walkie talkie a lot. Most models have up to 20 hours of battery life (depending on the frequency of use). You can get slim line or larger batteries, which will of course affect the weight of the actual radio set. Other types of accessories are adjustable microphones and headsets. These are commonly used in busy, noisy environments. 2-way radios naturally pick up more background noise compared to mobile phones, and a microphone or headset help to eliminate the noise for the radio operator. What makes these accessories useful is that they can be placed around the neck or clipped into the collar.

If you need the radio to have a clearer transmission, there are heavy duty speakers mics that can be added to your two-way radio. These come with swivel belt clips and are very convenient for longer conversations. To eliminate having to carry around the radio, earpieces are also available for use. Some earpiece models have lapel clips so that you can listen to group dispatch messages while doing other stuff like walking and driving.

Two-way radios are popular with campers and while fishing and other doing outdoor activities. They are a great way to keep a group together and are often carried by team leaders during hikes and so forth.

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