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airlines and hotels do not allow animal. Just very few allow but with a lot of strict restriction on size, kinds, weight, quantity....Especially, they require dog and cat be kept in cage of by chain. Bird must be kept in cage. Pet like crocodile, reptile, snake...have no chance. In these cases, the best choice for you is a local dog boarding kennels. The services are available in most of state of The United States, for example, dog boarding new york, dog boarding los angeles, dog boarding brooklyn, dog boarding santa monica... The information of them are provided in details on the official websites of the kennels. Just a few click you can find out a lot of kennels for for location with address, information on facilities, cost... in details. But to get a good one with good facilities, you’d better spend little time on visiting the kennel one time. Take a overall view on the boarding,pay attention on the atmosphere, air, outdoor playground, sleeping area and sleeping room. Do not forget to check out if the boarding and pet sitter get certificate on skill and health.

Dog boarding brooklyn: How to find a dog boarding with good facilities in your region? . DogVacay is a community where dog lovers can connect with one another to find and provide saf...