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Setting up a CNC milling machine Whenever we buy machines, there is always an instruction manual with it. These pamphlets are not accessories. They are very necessary pages that we should take time to read and understand. They are free and as such no one should claim lack of ignorance with regard to the machine purchased for whatever reason. In most cases, the instruction manuals come in more than one language. The most common languages included being English, Japanese, Chinese and French. Of great advantage to most users is the fact that the manuals also usually include pictures for better clarity of the instructions given. A CNC mill is no exception. It also comes with instructions manuals. Below are the most basic (not all inclusive) procedures to follow while setting up this machine:

 Clear space In most cases, when we decide to get started with a task, we are usually in a hurry to get it done that we ignore the most basic steps to follow while employing the machine. Having a clear space is very advantageous when working with a CNC machine. Be sure to have enough space on which to work as well as to ensure that the surface is clean. Other than the surface, the CNC mill itself needs to be cleaned. Its various parts like the vise jaws should be wiped using a cloth free of lint.  Tool loading Get all the tools that will be needed when working with the CNC mill. This is a simple precaution to ensure that there is no going back in search of something once the work is done. It also ensures that a project does not have to stop before its completion since a tool is missing or so. Carry all the necessary tools in a toolbox with you to the particular site where the work will be carried out.  Setting tool length It is important to set the length of each of the tools by loading them in spindle, the first tool first. This is a kind of programming procedure to ensure accuracy is maintained in the work done, without having to enter such data after the work has begun. Always do this before starting on any project with a CNC machine.  Adjusting coolant lines This procedure is important when it comes to the maintenance of the CNC mill. The machine has an in built coolant that is supposed to cool the tools properly. At the same time, the coolant also washes the chips away. Be sure to give time to the machine to cool so that it is able to function properly.

Once the CNC machine is put to work, take care to put it in slow rapid, single block before pressing cycle starts. Then, be keen to watch the machine and the movements that it makes. Be ready to stop it in case there are any issues that were overlooked, especially those concerning the programming. Such errors could result in a poorly done project or an unfinished one altogether. Good luck!

Setting up a cnc milling machine  

The most common languages included being English, Japanese, Chinese and French. Of great advantage to most users is the fact that the manual...

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