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“I NEVER SAY “NEVER” TO ANYTHING….” Throughout her career she's been successful in many areas of the entertainment industry. Living her dreams, the life that most of us aspiring entertainers would die for. With several highlights and big moments in her career including her big role as WWE Diva, starring in the movie Pumpkin Karver or dozens of other TV and movie roles. Despite it all, still she remains down to earth and good hearted. She has been on many big national and international magazine covers. She is the most powerful independent celebrity HNS has ever come across. This is not just an honor but the absolute most memorable moment for HNS Magazine history. The exclusive interview with billboard artist, actress, model, host and producer Amy Weber. As a child, did you picture yourself being in the entertainment industry?

intimate moments with such a big audience?

“I think I always knew in the back of my head that entertainment was where my heart was but it wasn't something that was fostered in me as a child. I didn't have the support so I kept it to myself.”

“It was nice to know that a memory so special will forever be etched in TV history. They didn't really cover anything that our close friends and family didn't see so I don't really feel like I shared super "intimate" moments with the world. Our wedding was fun and the ceremony was purposely short and entertaining. Nothing drives me more crazy than sitting at a ceremony while people drone on and on. I wanted to get to the point and get to the party to celebrate.”

We know that this industry isn't all what it's made out to be sometimes. Being in the entertainment industry has there ever been a time when you felt something was going be different than it actually was? “All the time, there are too many times to count. Once I figured out that it wasn't something that I could "control" it made it a little easier to accept the deception and BS that sometimes comes with trying to pursue a career in the industry. I finally realized that I should just control the part that I could and that was me, being trained, prepared and ready.” Once you became so well known, how were you able to balance your personal life with your business life?

You have really made your mark in the music industry, your song "Something Kinda Ooh" was named in the top 100 songs of 2010. Have you always wanted to get into the music scene? “Music has always been in my heart. I got super busy pursuing my acting career and modeling as a way to pay for my life as an actress that I just sort of pushed it aside for many years. I think I am living proof that it is never "too late" to do something that is tugging at your heart.”

“I think I am still trying to find that balancewe all are. Some days are easier than others. There were many years that I was and felt like I had to be truly selfish and it was easier to be alone than to not give someone in your life the time that they want and deserve. Each day is a new challenge and you just do your best.” You've in starred many TV shows and films and your wedding was also filmed for We Channel's "Platinum Weddings". What’s it like to be in the spotlight and share those


Your single "Let it Rain" featured on the Billboard Breakout charts in the US at #4, describe the moment when you found out that your song made the Billboards. “It just didn't seem real. Music is so personal to me and I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could reach that type of success with it. I wasn't doing it to get the accolades or recognition. I was just putting out what was in my heart and giving back to something that kept me going in really difficult times in my life and that's music.” What are you currently working on as far as music goes? “I just released the Music Video to "Dance of Life". I have been writing and recording with some amazing guys- "The Jackie Boyz" who are Grammy winning producers and we have a ton of singles that are yet to be released. I am also releasing the Music Video for my single "Warrior" this month. I co-wrote a song called "Hero" that was released alongside a Music Video that was dedicated to all the men and women in uniform and all of the download proceeds go to…….


The Hottest Unsigned Talent Worldwide. Special Celebrity Issue with J-Hood, Amy Weber, Miss New Mexico, and more


The Hottest Unsigned Talent Worldwide. Special Celebrity Issue with J-Hood, Amy Weber, Miss New Mexico, and more