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Banners at Airport in Mumbai

Global Advertisers links over 75 per cent of Indian airports to influential air travelers from all parts of the world Global Advertisers has successfully developed and maintained the most comprehensive network of major airport OOH properties in India which fairly influence targets worldwide Global Advertisers markets an effective combination of international hub airports as well as targeted local origin and destination airports which creates opportunities for powerful national or regional campaigns of all sizes The experience of an airline traveler is unique. An advertiser’s message is with the passenger through every step of their journey – as they enter through ticketing, proceed through concourses, wait in gate areas and pass through jet bridges. Upon landing, baggage claim and ground transportation provide additional exposure.

On an average, travelers spend about two hours at the airport before departure. This dwell time can be utilized for capturing the attention of business travelers. For attractive package deals contact us now Mr. Amit Gupta 9820797773 Follow us on -

Airport advertising agency global advertisers  
Airport advertising agency global advertisers