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ARGENTINA PATAGONIA Owner: Liliana & Alberto Fernandez Alicura Lodge / Calcatre Lodge

Manager: Mariano Fernandez

The majestic Red Stag is the most sought after trophy in our area and we are proud to say we offer the unique “Monster” red stags, which roam free and are found in abundance. We also offer Fallow deer, Axis deer, Pere David’s deer (gold medal), Mouflon sheep, Black Jacob’s ram, Patagonian Dall, Patagonian Ram, Multi-horned sheep, Wild goat, Juan Fernández goat (Balearean boc), Puma, Russian Boar and blackbuck antelope.

Algar Safaris Av. Amancio Alcorta 2939 C1437HTE Buenos Aires Argentina

Hunts can be conducted on horseback or 4WD vehicles, depending on the hunter’s preference, horsemanship and physical ability. Final approach is done on foot. Hunters may expect to stalk around 10-12 km. per day which implies light hiking on relatively flat terrain.

Mobile: +54 9 11 3115 0028

We encourage bow hunters to hunt at Algar as they will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vantage points. The hunting field and the hilly terrain is really broken with ravines and streams all around the scene where the animals come down looking for water to drink and pasture the valley which runs about 20 km through the center of the property. The tall grasses and bushes make the perfect camouflage for bow hunters’ activity. Bow hunters can shoot from 30 to 70 meters distance.

Although Algar Safaris is very well known as a big game hunting company, we are pleased to introduce the best wingshooting programs, which are easy to combine with the finest big game hunting. We offer dove shooting and also the amazing mixed bag shooting (Dove, perdiz & duck hunting) near Gualeguay, in Entre Ríos province, just 240 km. north east from Buenos Aires. Hunters will experience the world-famous mixed bag: great duck hunting early in the morning, followed by a fantastic perdiz hunt with dogs and the possibility to shoot as many doves as they want in the afternoon or just shooting doves all day long. This unique opportunity to hunt 3 species during the same hunting day; every day, is fantastic. Finally, it’s important to mention that Algar Safaris has been supporting many important hunting associations across the U.S. and the world, in order to contribute to protect the freedom to hunt and promote wildlife conservation programs worldwide.


MSL 2017  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017

MSL 2017  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017