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Owner: Morozov Yuriy Chepiga Anna Manager: Alexeev Alexey Baranova Liudmila Our company was established in 2011 by the team of people devoted to Hunting, this formidable mixture of courage and grace, to this passion that is deeply implanted in the human breast.

Kharitonov Evgeniy

Stalker is specializing in hunting and fishing tourism in Russia and Asia. Our main operating principles are individual attention to every client and high quality service. Wild-life education, long-term experience in the field and responsibility of our team guarantee all your demands to be met accurately and well-timed.

3/1 Dobroluybova street

It is you, challenging routes and extreme trips enthusiast, the best and rear trophy collector, who shall find what you are looking for within our offers, whether Gorgeous Marco Polo Argali or Breathtaking Tur, Exciting Ibex or Graceful Chamois, Impressive Brown Bear or Awesome Moose.

Tel: +7(495) 755 48 52

You should turn the wheel and Stalker machine starts to work for you: visas, hotels, tickets, meeting at the airports, transfers on the earth, by water or by air, camps, professional field managers, interpreters, trophy field care, all necessary trophy export/ import documentation. And even when the hunt is finished and dream trophy is taken, what Stalker can do more for our hunters, but we really can. Stalker takes the full responsibility for your trophy until it is shipped to its new home. You can put on our shoulders all loads about the matter and we happily carry this responsibility.

STALKER GROUP Moscow, 127254 Russia

Fax: +7(495) 604 48 68

Our aim is to encourage your passion and help you to make the hunt of your dream. We do our best to make you achieve your goal and get the long-desired trophy. This will be the memory of your victory gained on the other part of the world or on your own continent; the great victory you gained with your weapon in time of peace. We are proud to help you to conquer new continents and new countries, to expand your horizons and to get the invaluable experience.

We are your point of support, move the World with US!


MSL 2017  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017

MSL 2017  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017