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EUROPE SCOTLAND No other country has a richer or more wonderful hunting history than Scotland. Traditional methods of hill stalking and hunting game have not changed for centuries and are continued to this day. This offers guests some of the most inspiring and unique hunting experiences in the most breathtaking locations anywhere in the world.

Owner: Ardnamurchan Estates

West Highland Hunting provides the most premium hunting experiences available anywhere in Scotland. Utilising a number of the most spectacular sporting estates together with their traditional cottage or castle accommodation, a hunting trip to Scotland will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable of your life.

West Highland Hunting

One of the main estates West Highland Hunting manages is the world famous and remote Ardnamurchan. Located on the Scottish west coast, Ardnamurchan is a 50 square mile peninsula in Lochaber noted for being completely unspoilt and undisturbed by man. As Britain’s most westerly point nestled among dramatic coastal and mountain scenery, it offers unrivalled sporting opportunities and some of the largest wild red stags in Scotland. There are 13 self-catering dwellings to choose from, incorporating everything from traditional Highland cottages to the impressive and luxurious Glenborrodale Castle which sleeps 32 people. West Highland Hunting is run by Head Stalker and Sporting Manager Niall Rowantree who has over 30 years experience as a stalker and deer manager and has managed the Ardnamurchan herd for over 20 years. Niall is well known for welcoming clients and saying goodbye to great friends. Every year clients of West Highland Hunting successfully take many trophy class wild Scottish red stags of SCI record book quality. There are also opportunities to hunt feral goats, roebuck, sika, fallow and the exotic Père David deer. Due to hunting seasons in Scotland, it is possible to stalk at least one species all year round. All of the estates that West Highland Hunting manage are carefully balanced to maintain and enhance biodiversity in accordance with best practice and the deer’s welfare. For the more experienced hunter, unguided hunts are available. The thrill of guiding your own Scottish adventure in a clearly defined area is a challenge any hunter will relish. This sort of hunting is offered to individuals who have the necessary experience and hunting qualifications from their home country. West Highland Hunting also offers world-class wildfowling and rough shooting for species such as woodcock. The Scottish Highland’s saltings and coastline ring to the clamour of wild geese and the whistling of duck wings as they hurtle overhead.  In the glow of evening and at the first flush of dawn, these are experiences that will never be forgotten.

Manager: Niall Rowantree

Ardnamurchan Estates

Mingary Steading


Argyll, PH36 4LH

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Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017

MSL 2017  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2017