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ARG EN TIN A CO RDO BA Owner: Tomas Frontera Montaraz Lodge Córdoba, Argentina Pigeon Shooting


Montaraz Lodge is the most exclusive pigeon-shooting lodge in Cordoba. It is an architectural treasure characterized by its exquisite colonial style. The premises were built in the second half of the 17th century. Completely renovated in 2007, Montaraz provides luxury and comfort with beautiful surroundings.

La Santina,

Located between the “Sierras Chicas” and the “Sierras Grandes”, this elegantly restored 17th century Estancia is decorated with the ease of a friendly colonial style and surrounded by wide verandas overlooking lovely gardens and orchards, even a lake. It offers 8 en suite bedrooms, a comfortable living room and a spacious, fully stocked wine cellar and complimentary bar. It has a large dining room designed for great relaxation, wine tasting and dining.


With the best Argentine beef and quality ingredients, the chef creates an array of delicious traditional specialties and international dishes. The wine is produced with carefully selected grapes from our own vineyards.

Cordoba CP 5014

Toll free (From USA) : 1 888 236 1033 Mobile: +54 9 351 531 4506

Attention is paid to every detail and the service is personalized from the start to make this pigeon program hard to beat.

The Shooting

Cordoba is considered the pigeon shooting capital of the world. The 50 square mile radius around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 5 million pigeons. The lodge enjoys around 20 shooting fields all within a scenic drive through the region. The program generally starts at 8:00 AM with a hearty breakfast and a short drive to the shoot. In the field you will be assigned a bird-boy, who will provide you with shot shells, refreshments, direct you to your shooting stand and load your gun. Depending on the time of the year, you will shoot until noon when you will be treated to an incredible traditional barbeque lunch at the lodge, tasting some of Argentina’s wonderful beef and the exclusive wine. Afternoon begins at around 2 or 2.30, and continues until 5 or 6 when you will return to the lodge for cocktails at the wine cellar and an early dinner. We ensure one freshly built blind for each hunter. Decoys are strategically deployed around the blinds and at a suitable distance. Wild pigeons are large and fast, which makes calculating speed a little bit deceptive. Staying hidden and still in a good blind is the key to success.


MSL 2018  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2018

MSL 2018  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2018