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EUROPE FRANCE Owner: Guillaume Roques Rogery “When they say that first impressions last then we can say that this experience was achieved at Laplanque”; “exceptional trophies”; “a home away from home”; “their hospitality is unparalleled”; “what a wonderful team”; “incredible family Château with beautiful interiors and exteriors”; “a very fair chase hunt”. These are just a few examples of our favourite extracts from the Laplanque hunting estate’s visitors’ book, written by hunters who have stayed with us and left entirely satisfied.

Didier Roques Rogery Manager: Guillaume Roques Rogery FRANCE SAFARIS Laplanque

The Laplanque Hunting Estate is located in the south of France (an hour and a half from Toulouse Blagnac airport) at an altitude of 600 meters (1,950 feet) in a magnificent, unspoiled rural region rich in traditions, gastronomy and surrounded by charming villages that we are delighted to help our guests discover.

12240 Pradinas

Château de Laplanque has been in the Roques family since the 13th century and has been lovingly maintained ever since. The Château offers many comfortable reception rooms and bedrooms filled with original furnishings, all in a pleasant homelike environment.

Tel : +33 (0)6 76 85 48 19


The fully fenced 350-hectare (860-acre) estate has always been dedicated to hunting. The terrain is rough, the environment wild and the biotope highly varied. Our grassland areas alternate pine, chestnut and holly with birch forests and heathercovered cliffs which all combine to make for difficult and exciting hunting. France Safaris was founded by Didier and Guillaume Roques Rogery. Both Guillaume and Didier are large-game enthusiasts with an impressive portfolio of experience. They have put an enormous amount of time and effort into selecting the species Laplanque has to offer which includes red deer stag, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, sika deer and wild boar.

The trophies acquired at Château de Laplanque are classified amongst the biggest in the world. Our red deer stags have antlers that can exceed 18kg in weight and 42 points, our fallow deer have heavy, long and very wide palmate antlers while our most impressive mouflon sheep have thick and wide horns, often exceeding 90 cm in length.


The hunting season starts the beginning of September and finishes the beginning of February. We stalk and hunt from hides depending on the conditions. Château de Laplanque’s estate is exclusively reserved for one hunter and his or her companions. France Safaris is delighted to welcome hunters and their companions from all over the world to hunt exceptional trophies in a magnificent setting and show them the riches of a region overflowing with charm.

MSL 2018  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2018

MSL 2018  

Hunting guide, fishing guide, magic safari lodges, 2018