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EUROPE UNITED KINGDOM English Premier Hunts – First for Hunting, Culture & Tradition Each hunting experience delivered by EPH is as individual as you are. We believe that as our client, you deserve the unique, individual attention that defines us from all other UK hunting providers. Working with some of the most exclusive sporting estates in the British Isles, EPH focus on delivering a range of bespoke hunting options and personalised packages to ensure your hunting trip not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them - from start to finish. You can be proud of the fact that through your hunting experience with EPH, you will be making a positive contribution to the welfare and conservation of the animals under our care, and the environments in which they live. We believe that the actions of hunters today will be judged by our children - the hunters of tomorrow, and therefore we have a moral imperative to ensure that all species under our management are afforded the humanity, compassion and care that are embedded in the English hunting tradition – epitomising our approach to sustainable hunting in the UK. As a company, we are defined by our commitment to providing world class bespoke hunting opportunities, whilst upholding the core values that have ensured the continued existence of some of our most revered creatures. When you book your hunting trip with EPH, you are signing up to a philosophy that runs deep in the veins of English Heritage, and one that we hope will not only give you pride, but a sense of achievement and belonging each time you recall your experience with us.

Owner: Classified Manager: Mike Allison ENGLISH PREMIER HUNTS Stockbridge Hampshire United Kingdom Tel: +44 (1) 264 811155

England has for centuries had a strong tradition of humane, ethical and sustainable hunting, and has long since supported the conservation of rare and endangered species. EPH wholeheartedly encourages controlled, sustainable hunting as a means of helping to safeguard the many threatened species of wildlife. This process has helped establish some of the finest wild and park deer collections anywhere in the world. Many of these parks have been instrumental in protecting some of the most vulnerable species from extinction. Exclusive Hunting Opportunities English Premier Hunts is in the fortunate position of having partnering arrangements with many estates and parks, and have exclusive access to the surplus animals in some of the best collections in the UK. Each year, as part of a carefully structured management process, we can provide you the exclusive opportunity to ‘harvest’ a limited selection of animals, and in doing so meeting the highest possible standards of animal welfare, and the unique management objectives for each species. Contact EPH today, and let us know exactly what you expect from your personalised hunting trip. You can then safely leave it to us to bring your dream hunt to reality.


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