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Cuaderno de ejercicios


Respuestas Examen 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

has to have to had to has to have to had to had to have to

Examen Final 6 -

Llene el cĂ­rculo correspondiente a la respuesta correcta. 1. The movie starts at 8:OO. You be on time. O a) has O b) don't O c) have to O d) didn't have to O e) has to





2. They wear coats because it was raining. O a) will O b) had to O c) hadn't O d) does not O e) has

3. 1 have to buy some bread at t h e . O a) laundry O b) library O c) 1234 Fourth Drive

O d) supermarket O e) Palm Avenue 4. She is very sick. Let 'S go to the-. O a) convenience store O b) hospital O c) office O d) post office O e) police station

5. O O O O O

Don't cross the street. The bank is -. a) far from b) between c) next to d) across e) on the left

6. O O O O O

Is the library -the school? a) next of b) between c) close at d) from e) far from

11. we get there? B y train. O a) How are O b) How is O c) Who will O d) How will O e) Where will

7. The recreatwn - Is close to my house. 0 a) station O b) parks O c) mal1 O d) center O e) buildings

12. It S cold i n here. O a) Let's open the door. O b) Let's s;udy hard. O c) Let's close the window. O d) Let's go shopping. O e) Let's go for a walk.

8. They be here at 6:OO. Marie has to worlc. O a) do O b) weren't O c) won't O d) wasn't O e) haven't


9. You're going to cross the street.


a) Look both ways. b) Don't talk. c) Be quiet. d) Look up. e) Please don't smoke.

10. Who called you?


a) Did she? b) Who? c) Kathy will. d) Angela did. e) 1 didn't know.


I'm lost. a) Pardon her? b) Excuse me. c) 1 can help. d) 0 f course. e) No problem.

14. Next year -study English. O a) they are going O b) 1 am O c) he will O d) isn't going to O e) she had to

15. We -visit Disneyland -October. O a) will, on O b) need to, for O c) are going to, in 0 d) aren't going to, at O e) won't, for

6 El Vecindario

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