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New Board Members

he annual HMI Board meeting was held in November prior to HMI’s 30th anniversary celebration as part of HMI’s 2014 Rendezvous. This meeting was an exciting time as board members from around the world came to continue work on HMI’s strategic plan as well as participate in the Rendezvous. Going off the board was Sallie Calhoun, Gail Hammack, Ron Chapman, and Zizi Fritz. We want to acknowledge their hard work to make HMI a better organization in support of our mission. Thank you all for you efforts! We also want to introduce our new board members. They were all able to attend the Rendezvous and get to know members of the HMI community. Kevin Boyer lives with his nine year-old son on a 1.5 acre homestead in Marin County, California. He works as a Program Associate in the Ecological Agriculture program of the 11th Hour Kevin Boyer Project of the Schmidt Family Foundation. As the lead for the foundation’s Regenerative Rangelands program Kevin understands what a powerful tool Holistic Management can be for land managers. In fact, many of his Regenerative Rangelands partners use Holistic Management to regenerate their land, restore healthy water cycles and sequester carbon in the soil where it is most helpful. Kevin is pleased to be invited to join the board of such an effective and historic organization and hopes he can support HMI in its national and international grassroots focus in the years to come. Walter Lynn, Jr is CPA from Springfield, Illinois. He has 2 children Abby and Chris. Abby lives in Columbus, Ohio; she Walter Lynn, Jr. works with high


school students with autism, focusing on teaching academic, social, and independent living skills. Chris works with a company in Nashville, Tennessee that provides data services to the financial sector. Walter owned his own CPA firm for over 30 years, concentrating on farm and ranch clients. The firm provided accounting and tax services. He sold his firm in January 2014 and he is presently consulting with his firm purchaser. His family is presently involved in central Illinois farming. Walter has a connection with HMI that is originally through a Stockman Grass Farmer conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Walter’s name was drawn for a free HRM seminar at that meeting. He has a keen interest in grazing livestock and the related positive impact on farm or ranch soils. Soils are a huge part of the triple bottom line that is part of HMI’s mission. Guy Glosson is a long-time Holistic Management practitioner and Certified Educator. He has been repeatedly recognized for outstanding land stewardship and livestock handling. He Guy Glossom has over 30 years of experience in Holistic Management, low-stress livestock handling and consulting to farmers and ranchers. Down to earth, with an engaging style, Guy has coached hundreds of people in his successful management methods. Under his holistic approach to land stewardship, he has enhanced the fertility and profitability of the ranch where he has been a manager for the past 26 years. In 2011, he was recognized for his success with the award for Outstanding Leadership in Ranching from the Quivira Coalition, an organization dedicated to bringing together ranchers, environmentalists, scientists and public land stewards in the American West. Mesquite Grove Ranch, under Guy’s management, received the prestigious Lone Star Land Steward Award from Texas Parks and Wildlife.

HMI FSA National Vendor

HMI is pleased to announce that we have been approved by The Farm Service Agency (FSA) as a national vendor for their borrower training courses. The FSA has a number of loan programs for farmers and ranchers that need to borrow money to start, expand, sustain, or make changes to their businesses. To better qualify for many of the FSA’s loan programs, applicants may need to take training courses in order gain skills necessary for farm/ranch production or financial management. If you reside in one of the following states, you can use HMI’s training to satisfy FSA borrower training: • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Maine • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • New Mexico • Oregon • Rhode Island • Texas • Vermont To learn more, go to HMI’s FSA webpage at:

Texas Quail Award

We are so proud of Holistic Management practitioners and HMI supporters Deborah Clark and Emry Birdwell of the Birdwell/Clark Ranch in Texas. They have been awarded the 2014 University of North Texas (UNT) Quail Keystone Ranch Award. The award honors ranchers who participate in UNT Quail research, implement quail management practices and demonstrate improvement in quail population numbers, and host UNT Quail field days or educational events for the North Texas region. As a matter of fact, Deborah and Emry hosted one of HMI’s Cows & Quail programs last year. Here’s an excerpt from an article Matt Kelton of the Pioneer Sentinel wrote. “Deborah Clark and Emry Birdwell manage the 14,200-acre Birdwell and Clark Ranch east of Henrietta. Clark and Birdwell focus on wildlife sustainability and sustainable grazing through holistic management practices, and have seen a 452% improvement in bobwhite quail populations on their land this fall.” Congratulations Deborah and Emry!!! CONTINUED ON PAGE 16

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