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Greetings to all my IPSF Friends around the globe!  Greetings from the friendliest land in Indonesia, Bandung! Here it is, a little story from HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB during our PPAC Project in ITB Fair 2012! Enjoy reading everyone! ITB Fair is the most prestigious event that held every two year by Bandung Institute of Technology. The collaboration of all the majors in ITB for the community service and development can be seen here, during 3.4.5 February 2012. HMF ‘AP’ ITB as the Pharmacy Students’ Union was took part in this event to demonstrate our profession as pharmacists to the community. Since we are divided into two majors, Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (STF) and ClinicalCommunity Pharmacy (FKK)—then we made it in separate booth. Equipped with posters, weight and height scale, pharmaceutical excipients and compounding equipment from the laboratory, also Drug Information books, about 20 students from the two majors took role as demonstrators or counselors in this project.  STF Booth: “How to make pharmaceutical products in only 10 minutes” Our first concept was introducing the community the pharmacists’ role in Industrial field and Pharmaceutical products. Our aim was to teach the community how to make some simple pharmaceutical products such as Aromatherapy, Repellant, and also Balsam. The target at the 1st day was about 20 visitors, but then it did beyond our expectation, around 35 curious visitors went to our booth, all the visitors made their own chosen product as we demonstrate it before and brought it home just after they’ve finished.

FKK Booth: “FREE Body Mass Index measuring, Blood Tension measuring, and Counseling” Clinical and Community Pharmacy major has been known as their role in the patient counseling and drug information. In this project, we gather these two main roles and make it more applicable and general for the community. Not to be engrossed, but this booth was really steal the show and the most crowded booth in ITB Fair this year! All the FKK students were working really hard in helping people measuring their BMI and Blood Tension and gave a simple non-pharmacological counseling. Also in this booth, people could see Drug Use Information, animated by the FKK students—couldn’t be more interesting!

This is the end of the PPAC Project Report, I hope this report will be useful and interesting for you all, have a good day everyone!

Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign  

During 3,4,5 February, HMF 'Ars Praeparandi' ITB Indonesia did the PPAC Project at ITB Fair. Let's check our activity inside the report!

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