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Picture 1 shows the P1 Mass i2 Can Dance in the hall

Picture 3: Look, I can dance too!

Picture 2: Look at how we do the movements of the Chinese Dance!

Picture 4: Now stretch to your right, next stretch to your left!

The Primary One pupils had their i2 Can Dance presentation on Tuesday, 26 March. They were taught the 4 ethnic dance- Modern Dance, Indian Dance, Chinese Dance & Malay Dance by our CCA instructors in Term 1 during their Music lessons. This is a talent identification program that will help the school to identify budding dancers at a young age so as to channel them to the appropriate performing arts groups, to nurture their talents. BPPS has 4 performance arts groups on dance, namely Mirage Troupe (Chinese Dance), Modern Dance, Aspirasi Dancers (Malay Dance) and Vasantham Dancers (Indian Dance). This modular programme aims to identify talented pupils who are gifted in dance. Pupils who are selected through this talent identification platform will be channelled into the 4 performing arts group - Mirage Troupe, Modern Dance, Aspirasi Dancers & Vasantham Dancers accordingly. The pupils will be learning the dance of the 4 ethnic groups - Chinese, Malay, Indian & Modern dance, which will be taught by our CCA dance instructors. At the end of the programme, they will put up a mass dance performance in the hall to showcase what they have learnt to their teachers and school mates.

This programme not only helps to identify our talents for the different performing arts groups, but also provides an opportunity for everyone to learn how to dance; hence, the title of the programme, i2 Can Dance because dance should not be an exquisite art form, just for the talented few ď Š

i2 Can Dance  

P1 Music programme