Harvey Mudd College Magazine summer 2014

Page 31

Aircraft Written by Ashley Festa Photos by Seth Affoumado

Aviation expert Ken Orloff ’66 reconstructs aircraft accidents The first time Ken Orloff ’66 took the stand, he was petrified. Now, after testifying with his expert opinion on aircraft accidents in nearly 100 trials, he’s more at ease. With 28 years of experience running Orloff Consulting, an aviation accident reconstruction firm, he’s confident that his analyses will withstand the scrutiny of cross-examination. But Orloff never expected to end up the center of attention in a courtroom when he began his career in aeronautics. He didn’t even expect his interest in building model airplanes at age 10 to become a career. Now with two physics degrees and a mechanical engineering PhD, Orloff has turned his childhood love of aircraft construction into a business.