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SPRING 2014 VOLUME 12, NO. 2

Facebook, Jan. 31, 2014: Responses to our post about the Gaebler family article in the fall/winter magazine. We noted that the Gaebler family holds the record with six family members who've attended Harvey Mudd.

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So what, four more and they get the 11th free? Hi Dave! Hi Rob! –Eric Harley ’04 And I bet they all got in on their own merit instead of through some sort of wacky legacy admit policy. Yes, I’m looking at you Ivy Leagues! –Jen Lindsay ’02 Their mother is looking down on them with the satisfaction of a job well done. Loved this article! –Brenna McDonnell McNamara

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Opinions about the content of Harvey Mudd College Magazine are welcome. Letters for publication must be signed and may be edited for clarity and brevity. As with many older alumni, my vision is dimming, so that your magazines are hard to read. Please consider these changes to make your publication more user friendly. 1. A magazine the size of US News and World Report is easier to handle for those with arthritis, and it survives U.S. mail better than one the size of Life. 2. Please use a font size of at least 12-point type, preferably 14-point size. Please use a plain sansserif font, such as Arial or Helvetica. The ruffles and flourishes in other fonts may look pretty to younger eyes, but these add no value for impaired vision and are harder to read. 3. Please print black text against a white background. Please do not print dark text against a dark background or light text against a light background. Mark Goldstein ’65 Editor’s note: Thank you for your comments, Mark. We appreciate the constructive criticism and will be attentive to the readability issues you've noted.

I was just reading my Harvey Mudd Magazine, and I wanted to compliment you on it on many levels. First, it’s beautifully laid out, and has really great design. Second, the content is very compelling.  Third, the writing is really great, and the stories very interesting. All in all, it’s really, really great. Great enough to make me stop and write an email to compliment everyone who had a hand in making it. GREAT work. I get a ton of magazines like this and never has one caused to me to stop and say, “This is really great!” I’m so glad the first one that caused me to say that was yours. Bill Gross P08, Idealab Thank you so much for including Ben’s internship on the timeline in the HMC Magazine along with the article describing the Huppe and Strauss experiences last summer. It was heartwarming to read. We always appreciate receiving the magazine, but must admit it takes some time for us to get up the courage to open and read it since Ben died. We are so grateful for the ways that HMC has remembered and honored Ben. This is one more example of that and also helps to get out the word to students who might be interested in applying for internship funds. Maggie Lewis P14 and Bob Huppe P14

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Harvey Mudd College Magazine spring 2014  

Our alumni are world changers. Meet three who are impacting finance, design and medicine. Armed with strong technical experience and trainin...

Harvey Mudd College Magazine spring 2014  

Our alumni are world changers. Meet three who are impacting finance, design and medicine. Armed with strong technical experience and trainin...