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All innovation is basically derived from one thing: a question. A question that provokes thought and engages the imagination. One that pushes us to progress; to create new and smarter solutions. One that challenges convention, especially in unconventional times. With 70 years of award-winning design experience, we still approach each new project with one simple, yet powerful question: ‘What if?’ Innovation Begins with a Question

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There is a purpose of design that goes beyond brick and mortar, where the end product is not merely a building, but rather a learned child, a healed patient, or a service of community and culture. All creative efforts should hold this idea in mind, for great architecture must answer this larger cause. Designing for Our Client’s Client

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Much has changed. Much hasn’t. In today’s economy, everyone is talking about doing more with less. About smarter space, not necessarily more space. Adaptive, multi-functional space that moves with your needs. If they’re not, they should be—for there is an economy to such innovation. At HMC, we’ve always approached architecture this way—some things don’t change.

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Sharp Wellness Center Proposal, San Diego, CA

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All convention was once unconventional. Today’s conventional wisdom was yesterday’s innovation. As architects, we work to stretch the thinking of the day, providing new benefits and paths for our clients to realize their goals. In business, you really have only two basic choices: lead or follow. We like to think we’re leading tomorrow’s convention.

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The First Architects People’s Hospital, Shunde District, China 8 / HMC

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The First People’s Hospital, Shunde District, China

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Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA

A leader in healthcare planning and design.

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Designing how patients and process connect. Master planning, space planning, workflow modeling, and evidence-based design all contribute to an increase in quality of patient care, a decrease in wait times and related stress, and an improved overall healthcare experience. This efficiency of design also optimizes working conditions for the healthcare providers, directly contributing to patient comfort and safety.

The Patient/Process Connection

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Planning for Success RIM / LAD Programming


DESIGN Site Planning Blocking & Stacking Single line Plan Zoning Plant Expansion Parking

DESIGN Site Grading Green Aspects Utilities Refine Plans Massing

Operational Committee Response

KICK OFF Issue Questionnaire to Operational Committee

Work Session #1

Work Session #2

Ops. Committee/ LAD/RIM

Ops. Committee/ LAD/RIM

Ops. Committee/ LAD/RIM Confirm Operational Assumption

Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Sustainability ED Meeting Key Service Mtg.

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Key Service Mtg.

Prepare Design Review

DESIGN Refine Planning Exterior Design/ Materials Landscape Design Interior Architecture/ Materials

DELIVERABLES Site Plans Master Plan Floor Plans w/ Single Line Dept. Plan Landscape Design Exterior M/E, Structural



Prepare for Design Review

Work Session #3 Ops. Committee/ LAD/RIM

Steering Committee

Community Open House

Design Review

Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Sign off / Authorize

Sign off / Authorize

Key Service Mtg. Cost Estimate

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Master Planning Our collaborative approach inspires innovative solutions to meet shortand long-term programming and development goals. Planning for Our Client’s Future

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Loma Linda University Medical Healing Center, Centered LomaDesign Linda , /CA 21

We approach design from a unique perspective—

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Banner Health / Brown Hand Center / Carson Taho Cedars-Sinai Medical Center / City of Hope / Contra San Bernardino / Daughters of Charity / Department Health Center / Hemet Heart Hospital / Kaiser Perma Beach Memorial Medical Center: Miller Children’s Hosp Center / Providence Health & Services / Rady Children Health / Ridgecrest Regional Hospital / Riverside Com / San Mateo Medical Center / Santa Clara Valley Medical / St. Agnes Medical Center / St. Bernardine Medical C / Torrance Memorial Medical Center / Universal Healt

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oe Regional Healthcare / Catholic Healthcare West / a Costa County / County of Los Angeles / County of of Veterans Affairs / Glendale Memorial Hospital and anente / Loma Linda University Medical Center / Long pital / Nevada Health Centers / Pacific Alliance Medical n’s Hospital / Redlands Community Hospital / Renown mmunity Hospital / San Antonio Community Hospital Center / Scripps Health / Shunde First People’s Hospital Center / Stanford Hospitals and Clinics / Sutter Health th Services / University of California, San Diego / USC

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Thinking beyond architecture A building is a means to an end, yet there is more to achieving that end than architecture alone. As a leader in healthcare design, we draw from decades of experience. From needs-assessment to master planning, project development to funding and finance, BIM design to workflow modeling, interiors to branding, and branded environments our industry veterans provide concept-to-completion services tailored to each client.

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Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 28 / HMC Architects

Lean design doesn’t mean less design. In fact, quite the opposite is true. It connects powerful and innovative ideas and optimal processes through architecture. It connects form to function. Today to tomorrow. Some say ‘less is more,’ we say ‘lean is more.’

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Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, CA

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Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Fontana, CA

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SOMETHING ELSE Catholic Healthcare West, Design Competition, West Valley, CA

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Beyond Architecture Services Strategic Planning + Market Analysis Advise our clients and assist them to focus their overall purpose and desired results, provide analysis and recommendations on how to compete in selected markets, and provide a roadmap to achieve their desired state. Clinical Innovation + Effectiveness Improve clinical and operational effectiveness for our clients through the evaluation and application of industry best practices. Facility Planning Advise clients on the implications of clinical and industry trends on facility projects, develop and evaluate facility solutions, establish priorities among capital projects, and oversee transition or activation plans.

We are dedicated to creating facilities that provide high quality healthcare services to your patients and great places to work for your doctors and staff. 34 / HMC Architects

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Good design is clear thinking made visual. Whether you envision an entirely new facility or new uses for existing ones, we work to inspire creative design potentials for your built environment. Responsive and responsible designs are born from such clarity. And while there may be more than one solution—one so-called right answer, we find there is ultimately one best fit.

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Renown Health South Meadows Diagnostic and Treatment Healing Centered Pavilion,Design Reno, /NV 37

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Torrance Memorial Medical Healing Center, Centered Torrance, Design /CA 39

40 / HMC Architects

We’re putting the evidence in evidence-based design. Teaming with the University of California, San Diego, we’re developing software and technology that objectively measures the human response as individuals interact within full-scale, 3D, virtual reality building models. This groundbreaking research demonstrates the relationship and connection between an individual and their surroundings and provides us with an opportunity to elevate the architectural experience.

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42 / HMC Architects

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, CA

(ROI) Return on Innovation ROI typically stands for return on investment. We feel it stands for return on innovation—from our perspective, innovation is an investment. And we think our clients feel the same way too. Innovating design, operations, process, sustainability, finance, development, and branding can pay significant dividends. Another way we’re thinking beyond architecture.

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Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

Ecological Ecological Value Value

Sustainable Sustainable Materials Materials


Health&& Health Wellness Wellness

Passive Passive Strategies Strategies

Transport Transport

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4 Weeks

Whole Life Life Whole Costs Costs

Sometimes, the biggest impact is making no impact HMC Architects’ delivery of high performance architecture serves as an invitation to our clients to explore sustainable design and inspires our communities through the belief that design can change the world. With a passion for our environment and respect for the economy, HMC is redefining and discovering new design approaches for the built environment.

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Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Moreno Valley, CA 46 / HMC Architects

Healing Centered Design To us, the success of a project goes beyond aesthetics. We understand the connection between the environment and a patient’s ability to heal. We know from research that access to natural light, colors reflective of what nature provides us, acoustic sensitivity, and the care model have a real impact on patient outcomes and length of stay. Using these components we strive to create facilities that meet your current needs, accommodate tomorrow’s growth, augment the way you provide health services, and inspire your patients and their families to wellness.

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Catholic Healthcare West, Women’s Clinic, Los Angeles, CA

48 / HMC Architects

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, CA

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VA Diego Medical Center, La Jolla, CA 50 /San HMC Architects

Planetree Visionary Design Network HMC is one of five firms to become an inaugural Certified Member of the Planetree Visionary Design Network. This certification reflects our commitment to a patient-centered care and design philosophy. This means we understand the effect design has on the healing process and incorporate relevant research to achieve positive patient outcomes. Human touch, arts and entertainment, information and education, and healthy work spaces for staff are just some of the Planetree concepts we employ. These concepts are used to then create a patientand family-centered care environment with the goal of personalizing, humanizing, and demystifying healthcare.

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Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, CA

52 / HMC Architects

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54 / HMC Architects

Providence Holy Cross Medical Healing Center, Centered Mission Design Hills, /CA 55

56 / HMC Architects

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Moreno Valley, CA

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Renown Imaging Center, Reno, NV

58 / HMC Architects

Kaiser San Jose Nuclear Medicine, San Jose, CA

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Cedars-Sinai Medical Center OCU/CCU, Los Angeles, CA

60 / HMC Architects

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Marcos, CA

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Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Downey, CA

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Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, CA

64 / HMC Architects

Mammoth Hospital, Mammoth, CA

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Medi-City of Hemet, Hemet, CA

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Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA 68 / HMC Architects

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Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

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Frontier Project, LEED Platinum, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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G.I. Consultants Ambulatory Surgery Center, Carson City, NV

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VA San Diego Medical Center, La Jolla, CA

74 / HMC Architects

Catholic Healthcare West, Design Competition, West Valley, CA

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76 / HMC Architects

Why do clients partner with HMC again and again? It’s simple: we listen intently, think creatively, work passionately, and create architectural works that serve their larger cause. We partner with our clients, creating highly collaborative and lasting relationships. We believe it is this passion we bring to our projects that keeps our clients returning to us decade after decade.

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The First People’s Hospital, Shunde District, China 78 / HMC Architects

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