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==== ==== Who else wants to move forward through the grief of Pet Loss? If you loved your pet, this special guide is necessary... ==== ====

Are you wondering what you can do or say to comfort a friend or family member who has lost a pet? Are you afraid you might accidentally say the wrong thing? Just recognizing that the loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a family member will go a long way in your ability to provide your friend comfort at this emotional time. Pet Loss Comfort - Five Simple Ways To Show You Care Listen- Just be there for them. Do not judge them for feeling so badly about the loss of a pet, even if you may never have experienced this feeling. It is important for the person grieving their pet to be able to talk about their experience. Often, a pet owner may have had to make the decision to euthanize their pet, which can compound their feelings of loss and grief. Or maybe it helps to tell all the wonderful stories of the life they shared. Do not be surprised to experience tears and laughter all within the span of minutes. Be Sympathetic - Often people feel that others do not understand their grief. They may feel judged, or that they have to pretend like they are okay. For those in the workforce, it is often not even talked about for fear it will make them appear weak. The message can be, "just get over it." The best comfort you can provide is to let them know it is okay to feel this way. If you have gone through a similar experience you can be empathetic, but do not take over the conversation. If you knew their pet, share stories of how their pet made your smile. Keep the focus on their emotions. Silence is Okay - Sometimes the best comfort you can provide is silence. Do not be afraid to just sit with your friend and say nothing. Grief can make you feel numb, but that does not mean they want to be alone. Offer to Help - Let your friend know you are available to help them. One of the hardest aspects of losing a pet can be scheduled euthanasia. Be strong and offer to drive or wait in the lobby. You could offer to help clean their home, as reminders of their pet, such as toys, bedding or supplies, may be too hard to handle at first. Find out if they want these items saved or donated to a local shelter in honor of their pet. Extend Condolences - Just as in human loss, the comfort of letters, cards, gifts, flowers and/or a donation to a local shelter will mean the world to your friend. Spread the word to other friends who can also reach out. Often, these cards and notes of comfort will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. The patience, comfort and support your offer your friend during this time will go a long way in their

ability to process their grief successfully. You are a good friend. No two people will handle the loss of their pet exactly the same way, but all people looking for pet loss comfort will appreciate those friends who were there for them when they needed them the most.

If you feel your friend's pet loss grief has led to depression, the Pet Loss Grief Recovery [] Guide can provide instant support, guidance and tools. Annie Starr holds a BA degree in Psychology. She has a genuine passion for small dogs, nice people and good food. Annie publishes articles on a variety of topics that provide valuable information designed to connect people with information, products and services that will enhance their lives. Her small dog is her constant companion.

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==== ==== Who else wants to move forward through the grief of Pet Loss? If you loved your pet, this special guide is necessary... ==== ====

Recover from the Grief Of Pet Loss  

If you loved your pet, this special guide is get the help you need right now. Instantly.